Chef LaLa’s Goodness Platter

For more than a decade, Laura Diaz (aka Chef LaLa) has been cooking up delicious, healthy recipes as a celebrity chef. Try this delicious offering from her menu.


Estofado de Bistec con Papas

Hearty beef, potatoes, tomatoes, and spicy peppers combine for a flavor that can’t be beat in Chef LaLa’s Estafado de Bistec con Papas.

Caldo de Res

Add some Latino flavor to your meal plan.  Traditionally served with Spanish rice, this savory soup is a nutritious and diabetes-friendly recipe.

Holiday Stuffed Beef Tenderloin

Looking for a diabetes-friendly meal for the holidays? Luckily, we have a family-friendly alternative: low-carb Beef Tenderloin. 

Ackee and Salt Fish

“I love making this recipe when I go home for the holidays,” says celebrity chef Charles Mattocks.

Big Brined Herby Turkey

Looking for the perfect turkey recipe for Thanksgiving? You can’t go wrong with this recipe by chef Anne Burrell.

South-of-the-Border Lunch Express

Why settle for fast food? This low-fat, homemade Mexican bowl is full of fresh ingredients and packed with flavor.