Asian Lettuce Wraps with Hoisin Dipping Sauce

Asian Lettuce Wraps with Hoisin Dipping Sauce

These fantastic lettuce wraps rival those found in any restaurant. Just because they’re delicious doesn’t mean they are labor intensive either. You can whip up this crowd-pleasing recipe in a snap and wow everyone at your table. No need to tell them how easy it was to prepare!
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4 servings

Serving size:
3 wraps

Combine hoisin sauce, pomegranate juice, sugar, and orange peel in small bowl; set aside.

Combine coleslaw, edamame, carrots, cilantro, and jalapeño in medium bowl. Add chicken and peanuts; toss gently.

Arrange lettuce leaves on large plate. Spoon about 1/3 cup mixture on top of each lettuce leaf and drizzle with 1 teaspoon sauce.

*Note: Jalapeño peppers can sting and irritate the skin, so wear rubber gloves when handling peppers and do not touch your eyes.

Nutrition Information:

Calories: 198 calories, Carbohydrates: 20 g, Protein: 14 g, Fat: 8 g, Saturated Fat: 1 g, Cholesterol: 25 mg, Sodium: 176 mg, Fiber: 4 g

Exchanges per serving: 1 Bread/Starch, 1 Fat, 1 Meat.

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