What Is a Normal Blood Sugar Level?



What is a normal blood sugar level?

Normal blood sugar levels are as follows:

Fasting blood sugar
Normal for person without diabetes: 70–99 mg/dl (3.9–5.5 mmol/L)
Official ADA recommendation for someone with diabetes: 80–130 mg/dl (4.4–7.2 mmol/L)

Blood sugar 2 hours after meals
Normal for person without diabetes: Less than 140 mg/dl (7.8 mmol/L)
Official ADA recommendation for someone with diabetes: Less than 180 mg/dl (10.0 mmol/L)

Normal for person without diabetes: Less than 5.7%
Official ADA recommendation for someone with diabetes: Less than 7.0%

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  • sppd

    At 80 I experience low blood sugar symptoms.

    • BobbiAnn Barnett

      That because you are not used to your sugar being low once your body adjust to lower blood sugar you will begin to feel normal
      So you want to try not to eat a ton when it gets into normal range although it’s sucks to feel that way try little things like a small drink of soda or bite off candy til you get used to it being within normal range

      It’s simple once you think about it if your normal has been 150 for some time then dropping that number dramatically your body feels as if your sugar is low when it really is not
      It takes time but eventually staying on track you will feel normal/good.

  • Cyan Cachuela

    I got 245 glucose count.. good luck!!

  • Bijan X

    I have been diabetic type 2 for 14 yrs. ,when my blood sugar goes under or proximate about 120, I experience a feel of “hypoglycemia” ( I am 50 years ,155lb )

    • Otto Rapp

      similar with me.

    • Ma

      I am also type 2 diagnosed for 15 months. I am taking Metformin 500mg twice a day. I have 5 episodes of hypotension at midday and going on for more than a day. I suspected that I my BG might be too low “hypoglycemia” so I took reading last week. It was only 85 and an hour later it went down to 73. So I took glucose powder and dissolved in water the BG came back to 114. But the low blood pressure is still low although I drank a lot of water and tried coffee. I skipped MF that night and the next morning.
      I think the MF dosage is a bit high. I will be visiting my doctor to morrow and I think we will have to discus a lot. Hope that I have a good solution. Cheers!!

      • Bijan X

        Although I am very active with my daily walks and yet I take one 500 mitformin with a 5 mili Glibenchlamide twice in 24 hurs. with a good reading result

  • Dan Jeffrey Gonzales

    on my first test, i got 127, maybe due to lack of sleep, but now, after having post meal sugar test, it went down to 89

  • Mike Anderson


  • Jay Khan

    hi…i am non-diabetic guy , 64 years old…..Lately i have started monitoring my sugar level first thing in the morning after 8 to 9 hour fasting and it comes up to 105 to 109….but after eating healthy meal, it shows between 116 to 125(this is after two hour eating but after four hour of the meal it comes down to 100 to 116….am i safe or should i be worried about being prediabetic???? thanks

    • Molly Myers

      You are safe according to the guide line above.. Very Safe..

    • Noname

      No, you are NOT safe. You must know the truth and the truth is – your blood glucose is too high. I suspect you are overweighted and still using the fast carbs. I would highly recommend to all type 2 diabetics and prediabetics to read and follow the Dr.Bernstein diet. https://www.drbdiet.com The diet and physical activity are those two ways out back to the healthy life.

    • Jay, your numbers do qualify you as prediabetic, just barely. I wouldn’t “worry” about it, just take it as a signal to become more active and eat fewer carbs.

  • buck king

    i am 64 yrs old, my levels started out at 355 came down 245 189 173 164 then shot back up to 245, and this after eating NO sugar and carefully watching what i eat, whats wrong

    • Mr Right

      Avoid starchy carb rich foods … avoid too much protein. Leafy non starchy veggies , fibres and healthy fats are best. Kale and spinach are particularly good due to their potassium content . Healthy fats like avocado some nuts and coconut are great as are eggs and butter. Watch the carb content . Not just sugars but all carbs wI’ll get converted to blood sugar

  • nitin kulkarni

    That is such a misconception. Just search the internet and you will find lot of examples where people have reversed it with proper diet and exercise. The only catch is you need to know that you are a diabetic as soon as possible. Longer you take more difficult it becomes

    • Molly Myers

      I am not saying that you can not control it just saying that it never goes away.. If you think it is done and stop watching your diet and continue to exercise it will be back.. I have had control for 6 years. Stopped exercising and watching my diet and it came back with a vengeance.. You can have control but not CURED..

  • Anita Messer Blake

    Is 71 too low for a type 2 diabetic?

    • The American Diabetes Association says a glucose below 70 is too low (hypoglycemia.) If you feel OK at 71, it’s OK. If you feel weak or shaky or sweaty there, it’s too low.

  • John Masih Believer

    My mom is 64 years and she is not adiabatic however many times her suger level goes low but today her before breakfast sugar level was 111 and after was 169 please help me to understand her condition.

    • I wouldn’t worry too much, John. If your mother was 111 fasting, that qualifies as prediabetes. Was she fasting? 169 right after a meal is not too high. Why is she testing her sugar so much? Her numbers aren’t that far off.

      • John Masih Believer

        I am worried because most of times her sugar level goes too low.

  • Tammy

    I found out three weeks ago that I have type 2 diabetes. I was constantly thirsty and didn’t know why, for two months. I was scared to find out what was wrong with me. Then one night I almost collapsed on the floor. My friend told me to check my blood sugar. I had no idea you could buy this moderator at the store. My blood sugar was over 600… I couldn’t believe it. I now have my numbers between 80 and 140… It took about two weeks to get my numbers down. My question is if I get my number high by eating the wrong thing for me (I am still learning ), will it two weeks to get that number back down?

    • Tammy, your sugar didn’t get to 600 by eating one wrong thing. It’s probably been going up for years. Take your time; learn all you can. Living with diabetes is a major challenge, but you will get better.

  • Ankit

    My wife’s is 25 year’s old and her sugar is 130 fasting and 162 pp .give some views about this plz

    • Mr Right

      Those levels are elevated. I suggest she changes her diet . You can get her to do that gradually. Normal fasting levels are upto around 100 . No need to panic and take things one step at a time. Learn about foods that are less refined and processed . Whole natural foods are best. Non starchy foods low in carbs high in fibre and healthy fats are the best for keeping full . Otherwise just cutting carbs will be difficult . Try not to mix high carbs and high fat in the same meal. Avoid constant snacking too.

  • Robyn

    I checked my blood sugar first thing this morning after not eating anything since dinner last night around 6pm. My reading 2 hours after dinner was 97. This morning at 8 am my blood sugar was 141. Is this normal? Can the effects from last night dinner show up this morning m

  • kim Smith

    I have been having problems not being able to stay awake after eating lunch..which is usually my first real meal besides coffee.I’m not really tired…just get a little dizzy and find myself nodding off.I started drinking orange juice after lunch instead of water and it didn’t happen for a few days..today I had a 6inch subway and orange juice for lunch and still had oj after and started feeling that way again about 30 minutes after lunch…checked my sugar with a friends kit and it was 101…is this normal?Just trying to figure out what is making me feel this way.

    • Kim, your glucose level is normal. I don’t know what’s causing the sleepiness. You might need to get checked out.

  • VPJ

    My blood glucose level are fasting 125 and 2 hrs after meal is 130. do i need to start any medicine.

    • VPJ, a fasting glucose of 125 is right at the border of a diabetes diagnosis. I would suggest starting with food, activity, and stress reduction approaches, not medicine. But you might want to see a doctor about it.

  • David

    I’m 28 year’s old, few days ago i checked myself in a friends place and i was 8.6%…I was told there that my sugar level is up…Please what can i do (am new to this)?

    • David, if you mean 8.6 mmol/l, which is the Canadian and European way of measuring, that is a bit high. If it was fasting, then it’s very high, but after meals just a bit. You should probably see a doctor and get a diagnosis.

  • Rebecca

    Hi, I am 28 year’s old. For the past 14 years, I have hypoglycemic episodes. For the sake of accuracy, I looked back on all of my bloodwork for the past 3 years and my Glucose level has consistently been 77. I am normally a 70s BG girl. On the 31st of May, approximately 2 hours after eating a very good lunch, I started experiencing sweating, shaky, blurry vision, nausea, and a really bad headache. This all came on extremely fast, with little to no warning. By the time I finished with my patient, I got some change to walk to the vending machine and could no longer walk straight or formulate sentences. I ended up laid out on my office floor trying to shove a Snicker bar into my mouth. On my way home from work about 2 hours later, I stopped and bought a glucose meter. My result was 107. An hour later, it was 108. An hour after that, 89. I saw my PCP the next day, and he suggested that I start monitoring my BG and set up a Glucose Tolerance Test. I completed the GTT this past Friday. I tested before I left home and got 97. The test started at 8:30 and the last blood draw was at 11:30. I tested at home again at about 12:30 and was at 110. Since the event on May 31st, my levels have ranged between 72 – 122. I do not eat breakfast and have consistently been in the high 90 – 122 range while fasting. My GTT results were given today and all bloodwork appears normal. The nurse did say that I am not producing something, but I did not catch it and when asked later (the nurse is my mother in law), she could not remember, but said it starts with a G. This morning, I was 106 upon wakening. At the 2 hour mark after lunch (baked chicken, zuchinni, squash, asparagus, and eggplant), I started with the bad headache, sweating, and shaking. I tested and got 89. I grabbed a Coke and started sipping and an hour later, it was 98. I ate dinner (spaghetti and corn) 2 hours ago and am currently at 108. Can anyone shed some light on what it going on? The 70s use to be my normal, but now if I get under 90, I feel like I’m going to pass out. I also feel like I should mention that I eat healthy (for the most part) and have lost 55 pounds, with 35 pounds being since November. I have also noticed an increase in thirst, urination, and of all things, really dry lips. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • John

      I’m no doc and don’t have a lot of experience with blood glucose levels. Also, I almost never leave comments on blogs etc, but in this case I wanted to add a comment in the hope that it may help. Your symptoms sound almost exactly what happened to the nanny my wife and I employ to help with our four young children – loss of weight (35 lbs), dizzy, passing out, etc. After going to the emergency 3 times and 4 doctors visits looking at many things, they finally found it was her Thyroid (T3 levels too high) that was causing all the problems. All normal sometimes, overactive the next day causing all the problems. The weight loss and the crazy blood sugar levels were the biggest signs. I would hate to point you in the wrong direction and again, I have no medical training, so please remember this when considering my suggestion. I wrote because it took a number of doctors a while to figure it out in our nanny’s case and it was very unpleasant and worrisome for all of us. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon! John

      • Rebecca

        Thank you John! I have made an appointment with an endocrinologist to follow up. Several doctors have tested my thyroid over the years, but I’m wondering if they tested the right thing? I will follow up on this for sure. I really want to feel better soon!

    • Hi Rebecca, it sounds like you may have what is called reactive hypoglycemia. It can be managed, although you should follow up with your PCP. Your fasting numbers are prediabetic, so some medicine, bitter melon tea, or vinegar at bedtime might help.

      • Rebecca

        Hi David! I was thinking the same thing. I am going to see an endocrinologist on July 8th to follow up and get more information. It has also been suggested that I am producing too much insulin given that my glucose levels decrease as I eating instead of increase. I have been testing before eating, 15 minutes in, and 2 hours after and my numbers are always lower 15 minutes and 2 hours later then they were before eating. Thoughts on this? Thank you!

  • Ronald Smith

    Try gymnema sylvestre and remember sugar is your problem and all false sugar

  • Sheraz Qamar

    My A1C is 7.5 but when ever i checked the blood sugar it was normal e.g fasting BS range is 71-96 and after 2 hour of meal is 96-120 . i was infected with h.pylori 3 months back .now it’s negative . what’s my health position now , am i a type2 diabetes or normal .Please advice me .

    • Sheraz, it’s strange to have an A1C of 7.5 when your fasting and your after meal glucose is normal. You may be running high at other times, or the A1C could be wrong, or your meter could be wrong. Try checking at other times of the day (and night), and if you don’t get any high numbers, ask your doctor or a diabetes educator.

    • MERAB

      Please check your Glucometer. I was facing the same problem. Error was in my Glucomer. Also check your A1C test from some other lab….and match the results.

    • Sheraz, Sorry to have missed your question. An HbA1c of 7.5 is definitely diabetes, but I wonder if that result is correct. Your fasting and after-meal sugars are normal, so your HbA1c shouldn’t be high. Is there a diabetes educator or doctor you can work with?

  • Hi Monica, A fasting sugar of 138 would be high, but if it’s after meals, I would not worry about it. Stevia does not raise blood sugar levels.

  • Hi Adarsh, Bitter fruit will probably help her diabetes a lot. We’ve written about it on this site. I am not familiar with neem, but there are a lot of anecdotal reports of it helping. You want to get her numbers down farther, and those are good places to start.

  • Hi Biccipital, It sounds like your mother needs stronger medicine. Call her doctor; it’s probably best not to go out in this heat. You might also buy some bitter melon / karela / bitter gourd capsules or tea and start her on that while you’re waiting to connect with your doctor.

  • Joey

    I am 37, my suger level befor breakfast is 12, can u please tell me if its normal or not.

  • Jessica Wooten

    I’m 26. Last Wednesday I came into work at 6 A.M. and felt funny, i lost vision in my left eye then started feeling even more weird. i started crying for no reason. no one at work had a blood sugar tester but they figured it was my sugar, well after giving me a glucose tablet they checked my sugar and it was 70. after that i started getting clammy and broke out into a sweat, then had a major headache, my left arm started tingling and went numb for a little bit. We checked my sugar throughout the day and it stayed about 70. im under a lot of stress im going through a divorce, just wondering if this was normal and what was wrong with my sugar.

    • sammy

      Looks like your sugar was perfect. Perhaps stress or emotional related.

    • harry

      Stress is a natural thing when sugar level is disturb. 70 is low after meal. May be you are vit b12 deficient, if you are pure vegetarian.

    • Vickie Behrends Bittner

      Have you ever suffered a migraine? I lose vision in one or both eyes prior to a migraine.

    • Anita Bellefeuille

      those are the exact symptoms of a low blood sugar reaction. When your blood sugar drops your body will produce adrenaline to keep you alive. Adrenalin will cause you to have headache and body aches a clammy feeling sweating tingling and numbness.

  • Harry

    1 or 1/2 tea spoon fenugreek seed with water in a morning (empty stomach) will help in lowering her sugar level. Bitter gourd Juice will help but regular use of neem and bitter gourd juice will disturb her stomach (Personal experience). Diet control is a good thing but please consult with your doctor her sugar level will be easily managed with a single tablet per day.

  • none

    She can do some indoor exercise it will help. Secondly 1 tsp fenugreek seed/methi dana with water help in lowering her sugar level. Try to relax her may be she is in stressed condition. Stress disturb glucose levels. I hope you are controlling her diet. Insha’Allah she will be alright.

  • Shantha

    I’m 45 male my sugar level fasting 112mg/dl , PPBS 182mg/dl Blood pressure morning 125/85mmhg, evening 145/95mmhg can u please tell me its normal or not

    • Erica

      Yes that is a normal reading. The evening BP is a little elevated but not high. With regular diet and exercise you will be good.

  • Megan

    I’m female 24 I have 4 children and prediabetes. I’ve been stressed with court issues and I’m unsure of what my levels should be at. I tested this morning and was at 72 I just tested myself and I’m at 38.. Is that bad. I’m not feeling too well either

    • Megan, there may be something wrong with your meter. At a blood sugar of 38, you wouldn’t be sitting up writing messages; you’d be flat out in bed, probably unconscious.

  • Hi Santha and Amol, both of you have numbers that class you as “prediabetic,” which is another way of saying a mild case of diabetes. You could work on getting those numbers down with diet, exercise, bitter melon, or metformin if your doctor prescribes it. Shantha, your BP is a little high at night. Exercise, relax, ask your doctor about medication.

  • Jakob Quisenberry

    I am 15 with no known diabetic issues, although it does run in the family. I hadn’t eaten in about 24 hours, and this morning I woke up to some really scary symptoms. I was violently shaking, sweating, and my arms had the pins and needles feeling. I had really dry mouth, and had my dad test my blood sugar, which read 39, I still had no appetite, and had to force food to stay down, as I was vomiting profusely last night. What’s going on with me?

    • Hi Jakob, obviously can’t be sure, but it sounds as if you are sick — as in some kind of food poisoning or intestinal infection. If you’re not better by now, see a doctor. Next time, keep sipping fluids with a bit of sugar to keep from getting so dry and so low.

  • Nagendra

    My dad is identified with diabetes 3 months back. He is 69 years old now. He is on tablet , Diamicron XR60Mg before breakfast and Cetaphin XR 1gram after breakfast everyday. Today PPBS reading is 87. Is it too low? Should the Cetaphin tablet’s volume to be decreased? FBS is ranging from 75-80.

  • mshutt

    I had been insulin resistant since 1985 and was always in the 40-50 range or lower. If I could get it and keep it in the 70’s-80’s I was lucky. Now this year my numbers have been getting high. 90 lowest – 145 highest. I had a fasting blood draw and it was 130 but they then told me that my A1C was 5.3. I have been thirsty all the time and then urinating like seabiscuit and major sweating like I’m burning up. I have been testing my sugar for the past week when I start feeling this way and I have noticed that I get the headaches and feeling tired when my sugar is in the 90’s and have the major thirst, urination and sweating when my sugar is high. The doc states that since my A1C was only 5.3 that I’m not diabetic. But my sugar seems to run high in the morning 120-130 then dropping to 90-111 during the afternoon then back up 120 – 145 at night. I should also mention that my mother is the only one of her brothers & sisters that has never had an issue with sugar, hypo or hyper. Her mom ( my gran) was a ” brittle” until she passed away in the early 70’s because of issues with insulin I believe back then she was taking the pork or beef insulin that they had back then and the docs couldn’t control it and she had a stroke from it.I got the Dx of insulin resistance at age 13 when I passed out on the school bus. I had gotten really sick the night before and skipped breakfast as I was running late. My blood sugar was in the low 30’s. I’m wondering if I should press the issue with my doc more or just take his word that I’m not pre diabetic or type 2. What tests should I ask that he run to find out what’s going on?

    • Seems you have an unusual set of problems there — your normal blood sugars seem much lower than most people’s normal. You have diabetes symptoms with normal blood sugars. I would ask for a referral to an endocrinologist and bring all the labs you have from the last 30 years.

    • Marleen Thomas

      There are a few people for whom the A!C is just not accurate. so maybe you need better records for Glucose tolerance test, and check after each meal with glucometer after 1 hr. Keep records and show your doctor.

  • roger mullins

    I was told i have low platelet levels this morning and was also told my sugar was less than 7%. I also have purple spots on my arms . I am diabetic and stopped drinking after 16 years of nonstop daily heavy drinking (20 or more a day). Here lately i have been taking LARGE amounts of advil and aspirin for chronic back pain and a bad tooth.I stopped drinking over a month ago. will my levels go back up if i stop abusing the OTC painkillers. Also i am obese with an under active thyroid and they upped my medication on that from 100mcg to 150 today. my edema isnt as bad since i stopped drinking but they want to do an ultra sound on my heart (again) to check for problems. My BP was 117/72.

    • Roger, good for you for stopping the drinking. Yes, Advil and aspirin may be lowering your platelets and causing the purple spots. Your low thyroid contributes to the obesity. Hopefully everything will get better on your increased dose and if you can stop overdoing the painkillers. Read online about ways to manage back pain and toothache.

      • roger mullins

        still not drinking and stopped taking painkillers completly. legs still swell after i get up in morning bad. spots remain i started walking daily and have lost alot of weight. was around 360 now 315 in last 2 mos. ty for your input i appreciate it much

        • Fantastic about stopping the pain killers and alcohol, and the walking. This will take time, but you are on a good path.

  • Mac Richards

    So I’m a 28 year old, femal endurance athlete (training for triathlon) and have gotten my blood sugar tested a couple times. It’s always right around 90. I always get concerned because, although 90% of the time I eat healthy, I go off the rails that other 10% of the time. One cookie turns into 6, or one donut into 2. What does the number really say? If I’m at that level, I don’t have diabetes? I asked my Dr for an hba1c and he just laughed at me saying there is no way I have diabetes. But I’m a hypochondriac I guess! I also drink and urinate a lot but that may be a byproduct of exercising about 15 hours a week. Anyway, should I bug my Dr about it more or am I freaking out too much?

    • Hi Mac,
      It does sound like you’re worrying a bit too much, but you can test your A1C at home with a kit that costs about $34 for two tests. They’re available online, and you might find some cheaper.

  • Kishan Singh

    Hi i am 31 years old healthy never had any problem until on 5th June during a preventive health checkup my random blood sugar was 336. I was told that i am diabetic later all other tests confirmed me diabetic, fasting blood sugar reported 324. After following proper diet, exercise and medicine my current random blood sugar level is ~94 but fasting still remains from 123 to 135 on average. my question is what can i do to bring the fasting blood sugar back to normal? some change in my dinner or shall i eat in midnight? if that helps…as my liver might be releasing glucose due to empty stomach.

    • Hi Kirshan,
      Good job getting your numbers down. Can’t say what would bring your fasting down more — could help to change medication times or evening snack, or try vinegar at bedtime, or many other possibilities. You will have to try some things and see what works. I hope you also check after-meal sugars occasionally. Those can be a significant problem, too.

    • Nasdaq7

      You should never eat before you go to sleep because of dawn phenomenon, look at foods that lowers your carbohydrates intake a day, so cut back on total carbohydrates intake a day.

  • NH

    Concerned here:

    I am 60 and retired, do not smoke, do not really drink… perhaps 3x per year, do not do drugs – never have. I am also disabled, had spinal surgery many times, and knee surgery….. although walking now reasonably normal, I do have issue and cannot exercise like I use to or walk as well – limiting my activity; thus my Cholesterol numbers (good) are now off. Other issue is I have had a great deal of Stress in my life and almost daily….. but trying to relax as best as possible. I am 6-1 and my weight is up to 255 from 215 lbs, but I do have a lot of muscle mass from prior exercise.

    I have had 2 full blood test over the past 3 months for specific reasons (feeling tired, sweating more than normal, and urinating a lot more than normal – but I do drink a lot of fluids, too). I wanted to know my exact stats for a reference line, as well as a full work up (heart stress test, ultra sound scans of my liver, kidney, etc…)

    My stress test was great and my arteries clear of build up, etc. My kidney scan showed one kidney about 1 inch wider and 1 inch taller than the other but overall were fine. The Creatinine levels were within normal range. There were a few areas on my blood test I wanted to improve on the numbers, and have, such as Cholesterol. My Good Chlor remains a bit low, and my bad Chlor is going up a bit. Thyroid is fine T4 (Thyroxine) was 6.3 and my T3 (Triiodothyronine) was 90, and T4 Free Direct was 1.10; all other blood results are right in the middle and normal ranges.

    Got a recent blood test 1 week ago and my numbers are out of wack.

    Fasting Blood Glucose went from an original of 100 down to now: 64 which is kind low. Hypo?
    Creatinine-mg is at 1.3 which seems normal, and Urine Creatinine is at 204% (kind high)
    My Alkaline Phos is normal at 87
    My Kidney Filtration is at 60 which is terrible… should be in the 70’s to 80’s, so worried about kidney failure/filtering.
    My Kidney Microablumin is at 23.1 vs. 2.0 which is high
    My Kidney Microalbum/Creat (ACR) is at 113 vs 18 and is high
    My Kidney Protein is 56.0 vs 13 which is High
    My Kidney Protein/Creatine is 275 vs 180 wihch is high
    My A1C is: 5.5
    My BP varies depending on stress. I can be 105/58 (P=60) and to 124/80(P=70’s) …. when stressed out can jump big time to like 160/90’s or more…. but eventually recovers.

    My Good Chlor (HDL) is 33.1 and was originally 36

    My Bad Chlor (LDL) is up to 97, orig was 86…. 1 year ago it was over 300, so I have done good on this.

    My Triglycerides are normal but up….. current: 131, orig 112

    Finally, on my Liver function….. overall readings very good, but the GGT/GGTP (Gamma Gut-Trans) are high at 101 vs 50’s. The SGOT and SGPt ARE FINE AND REALLY GOOD. If all 3 numbers were off then I would worry.

    I have begun using my Bullet and going back to making a mixed drink with organic veggies and fruits in attempts to clean out my kidney’s and try and get a normal range….

    Anyone know why my numbers off so much now, and am I border line diabetic or something?

    Worried here

    Appreciate any feedback..

    • Warren Lawler Chansky

      I’m sorry no one has answered you! I wish they would because I have many of the blood work issues you do. I’m waiting to see my Dr. Has your Dr said anything?

  • AmberJeanetteGardner

    Would a reactive hypoglycemic have normal readings? I was 96, however, small amounts of sugar gives me a migraine. I get them often.

  • Rabia Sadiq

    After meal my sugar level is 210. so I have adiabatic issue??

    • Ludwig von Mises

      See your doctor. You will get a fasting blood test to determine if you need to worry.

    • Thermal deal

      that is very serious blood sugar levels, you should see a doctor immediately

  • Mail Server

    You should take the recommended Metformin. If you have any spikes in blood sugar, then you may be a pre-diabetic. Metformin is a very safe drug and may help prevent you from getting diabetes. The way Metformin works, you can’t just take it when you want, because it has a cumulative effect on controlling the numbers. Keep eating clean and exercising and you may never have to worry about diabetes. Hope this helps.

  • Samila-Man DreamCatcher

    I was 22 years old I’m not fat.
    Exercise occasionally But it will not be out for a month.
    I ran out of time at the park for about 20-30 minutes, depending on the day.
    As people eat a lot of rice The second dish was delicious to eat here. Eat frequent Pepsi And the like libitum post Perhaps it tight.

    Have the opportunity to check the fasting. I am sure every eight hours. It might take some water (which is not related).
    Fasting Blood, which has a value of 100 (normal reading is below 100, then generally are not more than 90).
    I assume it yet? I diabetes. Or what is damaged or not.
    This is supposed to look after themselves and eat normal food like rice at every meal. Then the food should be eaten

    After modifying behavior and I should go check it again when glucose levels better.
    If glucose levels dropped to normal. I had to go through this diet right there.
    Do you have a family history of eye disease. Parents, no one is here.
    Which i can see diabetes meters measure glucose levels ?

    • Hi Samila-Man, I understand from your post that your fasting blood sugar is about 100, which is called “prediabetes.” It sounds like you are drinking Pepsi fairly often. I would advise switching to water or perhaps to a diet drink. Eat more vegetables if you can.

  • Rebecca Higden

    I have never been diagnosed but I do have several symptoms so it may be time… completely numb fingers on my left hand. Swollen ankles. I get up a minimum of 10 times a night to urinate, and there are times when I am uncontrollable bitchy. my son has a meter. Checking mine he came up with 90, 98, 121, and 129 all fasting. There are other symptoms too. These are just the most bothersome. Oh, and the foot pain!!!

    • Please see a doctor, Rebecca. Your sugars are high, and getting up 10 times a night is very worrisome. You may have sleep apnea, a urinary infection, or this could be diabetes, or all three.

    • Thermal deal

      not sure if you gone to the doctor yet, but you should right away. You need to test your blood 1 hour after eating and 2 hours after eating.

      Your blood sugar is very high for fasting , indicating you might be prediabetic or diabetic.

      you need to see a doctor right away , the numbing in fingers and foot pain is nerve damage can lead to amputation. But all these things can be prevented by getting treatment and following a proper diabetic diet.

      • Rebecca Higden

        I will be going this Friday. After 2 months with numb fingers, I am fearful. Thank you for your push. I needed it.

      • Rebecca Higden

        I now have an appointment. I am within a normal weight range but also 57 yrs old and diabetes runs in my family. Some have had transplants and amputations. While it may seem foolish to have put this off, I was just all too willing to put it down to arthritis.

    • Nasdaq7

      You have diabetes, but it’s relatively early.

  • dentss

    I run every morning about 2 mi in pretty good shape BP 135/90 low cholesterol 122 ..but I’ve been feeling tired lately sweaty after meals so I started to check my sugar levels in the morning was 233 a few times …after running it was 162 …now after dinner it’s 150 …I’m confused as to what’s going on .has a CBC everything was OK but the Creatine was a little high 1.6 as was my potassium ….?

    • Dentss, what does your doctor say? A fasting sugar above 200 means you likely have diabetes. Are you being treated for it? Strange that you would be only 150 after dinner if you are 233 fasting. Please talk it over with a professional if you can.

    • Thermal deal

      I would say you have hyperglycemia which is usually caused by diabetes. But, you will need to see a doctor to confirm diabetes not some other illness.

      You should do it right away, the number one problem with diabetes is people do not actually believe they are sick with it and by the time they do something about , it becomes to late to save their kidneys or limbs. If you continue to go like this is a few years you will chronic kidney disease that will need a transplant or you will die , or you could lose your limbs to the disease.

      The great thing is all this can be preventable by getting treated and keep your blood sugar in balance. Its a life change for sure , but it becomes much easier as time goes by and you can live a long and normal life.

      You will need to get on blood pressure medicine because it is a bit high and high blood pressure leads to kidney failure.

    • Greg Caldwell

      Go see your doctor, NOW! Don’t wait. There are two or three reasons why you will have high early morning or “fasting” sugar levels and lower the rest of the day. Your doctor will explain them and test for them. Your creative is high because there is probably kidney damage happening from the high morning (overnight) sugar levels. I repeat, go see your doctor now before you do more damage to your body!

    • Nasdaq7

      You have diabetes without a doubt, there’s not even 1% doubt. You can still save your life and quality of life if you act now. It is just medicine you have to take.

  • kenneth

    my mother is diabetic, after eating pancakes with syrup her level went to 200, when should her level be checked again and at what level should i start to get more concerned? thanks in advance.

    • Thermal deal

      first of all your mother should never be eating pancakes or syrup ever again or any sweet food or food with carbs that come from bread or flour.

      You should check her blood at 1 hour after eating and then 2 hours after eating . If it goes above 140 its high but can go up to 180 with in 1 hour. If its higher than 140 after 2 hours then its high.

      She will need to control her blood sugar much better or end up on insulin or her kidneys will be destroyed and will need transplant or lead to death with in a few years.

      • Lara Komoroski

        lol did you just seriously say that she can never have a pancake ever again? That is unbelievably false and you should stop the fear mongering with diabetes. She can absolutely have pancakes and syrup and candy and soda… in moderation. if you want pancakes and syrup, have 1 small pancake, and a little syrup, then have some bacon and eggs on the side. Some people dont know what on earth they are talking about and give terrible advise. Talk to a nutritionist.

        • Thermal deal

          sure you can have that stuff. But you will lose your limps and your kidney if you do.

        • Thermal deal

          she really cant, unless she wants to lose her sight, her legs or kidneys.

          The problem with diabetes is people do not take it serious enough. None of that stuff is safe to eat. If you are having reading around 200 then you should know you cannot eat that stuff. It should never go that high. Those numbers are showing that the diabetic is not controlling their disease.

        • Nasdaq7

          Wikipedia Peripheral neuropathy. It’s not worth it for a pancake. Not even the best informed people can predict how high blood sugar levels ( even proteins raise blood sugar levels ) will rise or how much insulin you always need.

        • Melissa

          lol @ nutritionist..no thanks, what do they get 20 hours of training? They follow the FDA guidelines which are wrong! The best diet for a diabetic is a low carb, lchf, keto ..etc…..there are plenty of sugar free non grain replacements for the foods you really want. Go on a low carb high fat diet…you WILL drop weight and you WILL get off all diabetes meds..maybe even other meds. The only fear mongering is from the people insisting we keep eating wrong in order to keep us at the doctors medicated 🙂

  • Riva Greenberg

    David, I appreciate all you’ve done for those of us with diabetes. But, it’s time to get rid of “testing” blood glucose. Testing implies judgement. It’s not so hard to use “checking” or “monitoring.” Respectfully

    • Thank you for the tip on language, Riva. Hopefully I’ll remember to use “checking” from now on.

  • Ritalmumbai

    Hello David. My mom is diabetic. When she was diagnosed in May 2016 her fasting was 188 and PP was 228. But currently After lunch her BG rise around 180 and after 2 hours her BG falls between 140-150. Now at night she check her BG and start Dinner ( heavy carbs ) but her BG don’t spike and remains between 125 – 140 after 1 hour, also her BG falls after 2 hours around 115. Now at 115 if she have large ice cream / pastries / Sweet / Pepsi her BG don’t spike and remains under 130. I do check her BG after 3 hours, 4 hours as well but her BG falls slowly and not rising. Next day her fasting would be around 90. This is happening since mid July 2016. SHE IS OFF MEDICINE SINCE JUNE 2016 END. I am happy with this half miracle but wish she have same dinner BG effect at lunch time as well. How to investigate this and find the solution? Your help might change my mom’s condition. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Rital, Thanks for sharing your mother’s story of recovery. With numbers like those, without medication, your mother appears to no longer have diabetes. Prediabetes maybe — check with her doctor. I can’t explain why lunch numbers are so much higher than dinner. Since her body acts like that, maybe she could eat smaller lunches. Does she eat a good breakfast? That might make a difference.

  • Gary Civins

    I had just retired at 63. I was diagnosed last December (it wasn’t an enlarged prostate). I freaked when my PCP said I should be on injected insulin with my a1c at 11 and my blood sugars wayyyy off the chart. I went to an amazing endocrinologist who said, “You’ve got too much midriff.” and “Lose weight. DT2 is a disease of obesity.” I complied and dropped from 214 to 172 over 20 weeks with portion control and structure. Previously I would graze poorly at night. I was place on Metformin 1000mg, 2x. After the weight drop and regular walking, I’m now hovering below 100 and my A1c is 5.3. My primary almost cried.

    Stopping noshing and droppingbody weight got me under control. Drop your weight by double didgit % (10%+) and you’ll ‘rock’ this disease away.

    • Nasdaq7

      It is a tough disease, check what’s happening to those with tight control that have been diabetic 10, 20 years+ – there’s still elevated risks and events… if you want to keep on winning as you have clearly done, you will have to keep this up every year!

  • Greg Caldwell

    Jace, I too am 6′ 4″. Currently weigh about 230. I can’t tell you what will work for you but I call tell you what Is working for me. My numbers were running higher than normal but not as high as yours. First, weight. Gotta go. I’ve lost weight and working on more. My goal is 215 or less. I’m losing weight by using meal replacement protein shakes with heathy in between meal snacks. For the 3rd meal, I make sure to eat low sugar added meals. Plus, I work out 3 times a week. At least 30 minutes of cardio plus a full body, all major muscle groups, weight machine workout. My workouts usually last about 90 minutes total.

    My recommendations for you is to keep lowering your weight. Shoot for 225 or less. Make sure your meals are healthy and eat a normal portion (about the size of your fist). Cut out red meat totally. It looks like you get muscle workouts on your job but you need to make sure you get. Good cardio workout at least 3 and preferably 5 times a week. In my opinion, the thing that will help you the most right now is losing the weight and eating normal heathy portions.

  • Nasdaq7

    During the mornings, your body has elevated blood sugar level spikes, serious spikes. Google it! Dawn phenomenon. But you need to check this problem and solve the real problem.

  • susan lindsey

    My husband just checked his glucose levels after fasting. 108. He’s tired a lot and has been sweating more than usual. He works outside and it has been very hot here lately, but his clothes are drenched…he can literally wring out sweat from his shirts. Should we be concerned about diabetes? He’s 6feet one inch tall and weighs 206 lbs.

    • Susan, a fasting of 108 is classed as prediabetes, which is usually not treated with medications, but would benefit from changes like cutting way down on refined carbs and sugars. Diabetes usually doesn’t cause excess sweating unless your sugar is running low, but he might want to be checked out for what’s causing his. Of course, he should keep hydrated.

      • susan lindsey

        Thanks so much. I’m sure he could eliminate Pepsi from his diet and cut back on the sweets. Thanks again

    • Jim


      Tell him, I was pre-diabetic but they didn’t treat me…they would just say I needed to lose weight. This didn’t help because I didn’t understand why. Then I tested 6.9 a1c. They tested me because I was complaining about exhaustian and pain in my feet, legs, and hands. I have read that nearly 20% of pre diabetics get neuropathy. It is terrible and he likely wouldn’t be able to work anymore on his feet. I cannot stand for more than a few minutes. I have changed my diet around and lost about 100 lbs in 8 months. My a1c are normal now, not even pre diabetc but the terrible neuropathy symtoms have not gone away.

      He must stop the soda. He should control his portions and eat small amounts more often. He needs to have water with him and raw mixed nuts. Not roasted in oil…but raw or dry roasted. You might have to get them from a health food store. If he eats a palm ful of nuts and drinks the water with it it will satisfy him and he’ll find he likes it better than candy. An apple with it would also be great but you can’t keep themin a hot car or they rot in minutes. I do not wish on anyone what happed to me. They should have explained this when I was pre diabetic. Now I have to stay healthy and strict on my diet and hope I will have some recovery over time.

      • Jim, if you keep your glucose down to an A1C of 6 or so, your neuropathy will probably go away or at least get better. It usually does.

    • Thermal deal

      He should get a physical with a complete blood test along with checking cholesterol and a1c. There are many things that can cause high blood sugar and the symptoms your husband has. It is best to catch things early

    • anon67

      Just saying as I recently experienced the exact same thing “pushing 50 years old” check for dehydration, it’s super easy to become dehydrated especially outdoors. Lot’s of Potassium, B12, and water will help prevent the cramping light, headedness,and fatigue He might experience during those extreme hot spells. When it gets really nasty hot like it has been. I mix coconut water with water. The reason I steer clear of gatoraid is the sugar. Find a brand coconut water with.

      A: Low natural sugar 15g or less per serving and

      B: no artificial sweetener

      Vita Cocoa is okay just remember there are 2 servings per container drink each contain 15 g sugar 1/4 serving I assume would put it in the 7.5 g per serving range then switch to water come back for the rest periodically later. Or dilute 1/4 a serving with a larger water bottle. And give you much needed potassium all day.

      And take a B12 separately just for good measure.

      None of the things I mentioned above will hurt him before you get to the doctor for conclusive tests.

      • Philip Holman

        I dilute gatorade/powerade with water 1/1. That way it is only 10g of sugar per 32 oz. It also reduces the cost. I usually buy them for under a $1 each so get 64 oz for less than $1. I’m a cyclist in AZ so I use these after a ride to replace fluids/electrolytes etc.

  • Hi Ashli. Your numbers sound like diabetes or maybe prediabetes, which is an early stage of diabetes. Since you are having a lot of symptoms, some medication might help. I would see a doctor and also advise taking a couple of teaspoons of vinegar with meals and at bedtime. Keep testing and get on this. Don’t wait.

    • Ashli Holder

      Thank you David! My numbers are great somedays and others not so much. I dont know if that is common? Also do you know if their is any corrlation between food allergies and diabetic symptoms? I read about a connection but you cannot always believe what you read. Haha

  • shehzad raza

    i have been disclosed as a diabetic, as i found my blood glucose level in fasting at 133.
    and after 2 hour meal same became as 230,
    it may be confirmed that should i take medicine or just keep continue cure or dieting

    • That’s a big question, Shehad Raza. Some medication might help, but you can also try cutting down your carbohydrate intake, moving more, and taking plant medicines such as bitter melon, guava, cinnamon, insulin plant, or mulberry. Most of these you can find as teas in Asian stores.

    • Thermal deal

      you should do both diet change and oral medication.

  • Ashwani Tyagi

    David i am ashwani i got my test result of glucocheck was 210 in morning empty stomach and i was also test at night it was 222 so this is starting or in worst condition give me some advice on my that result

    • Hi Ashwani. If you are checking correctly and your meter is OK, your glucose numbers say you have diabetes (although this should be confirmed with a health-care provider). Hope you can see a doctor, possibly start medication, and start using some of the ideas on our site and others to lower your numbers. They could be worse, but you’ll feel better if you get them down.

  • Sm Anat

    hello, my husband is diagnosed with T2 diabetes(age-35).his fasting bld glucose level would be 220-240 and post prandial-270-280 . he is on metformin 500mg 2 per day. please suggest me something, thank u.

    • rotax

      If you or anyone wants to know the truth of how to beat diabetes or loose weight, the ADA guidelines are a joke. I have been diagnosed for almost a year and I very quickly departed from the recommendations after realizing they are only there to keep you on meds and make you more sick. I have now stopped taking Metformin and have normal blood sugar levels. This does not mean that I am not insulin resistant. I do not know that yet. If you REALLY want to know how to beat type 2 diabetes, please watch these videos and learn how your body works and how you can very quickly get your glucose under control.

      Ted Talk aimed at diabetes, but equally relevant to weight loss and really good info.


      Wittrock – This guy is pretty cool and explains things rather easily. Very informative





      In all sincerity, low carb diets are very difficult to maintain even with the strongest of willpower. If you try going Ketogenic, you will really learn what it feels like to be free from carb cravings which are like a drug addiction. It took me a long time of trying and failing and not accepting failure to get to these conclusions. Best of luck to you and everyone who wants to beat diabetes and be healthy again.

  • Thermal deal

    I would stay on the dosage you are taking right now. What is your age ?

    You need to get at minimum under 200 lbs to help reduce the complications you can have with diabetes. The big ones being cardiovascular and nerve damage they can lead to heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure or amputation. Those are the scary realities for us who suffer from diabetes. But, luckily controlling our disease can prevent or reduce our risks.

    The great thing about diabetes is that it can actually allow us to live a longer life, without many of us would continue bad habits of eating and not exercising. Things that for sure will kill us.

    How long have you been diagnosed with diabetes ? The hardest part is staying with your program. People improve their numbers and start going back to their old habits.

    I would work on cutting out all sugar from my diet and very little carbs. Just some whole grain sources of carbs. If you want to be healthy that is really how you have to eat for the rest of your life. It takes a long time to get use to it and the world is full of temptation but eventually you will be amazing healthy and fit.

  • Flo

    What will help would be to eliminate the sweets and soda, also incorporate some exercise. Even somethong as simple as an evening walk around a block can help. Maybe after your numbers are under control you can add sweets back with moderation. I prefer to eat my calories than drink them so I don’t drink sofa but I do eat sweets. I was diagnosed in 2004, I lost 147 lbs and came off my meds altogether. I’ve had 3 pregnancies in the last 4 years so I’m up 40 lbs so I’ve begun testing and watching my sugar. I’m 5″8, 248 lbs. I know that the closer I am to 250 the more I need to watch my numbers. I’m currently not on any medication and I’d like to keep it that way.

  • Thermal deal

    Its time to say goodbye to all your sweets. If you want to be healthy and live you need to eliminate them all. No sugar no carbs. If you do not this disease will kill you very quickly.

    You are going to have to make this decision for yourself. Its not an easy journey. But you have to decide what you want to do. Live or die eating.

    Sorry there are no alternatives.

    • Thermal, I don’t think you need to “eliminate all carbs.” This is not realistic for most people. Cutting down on carbs and way, way down on the sweetened refined carbs are good ideas, though.

    • Cynthia Noble

      Thermal Deal ….. It’s not a death sentence. Christ, give the guy a break.! Everything in moderation. There is no reason to give up ALL carbs. There ARE GOOD carbs too. My sister is controling her levels through her diet. Only sugars she gets are through fresh fruits. She still has bread but eats Ezikeal brand. You can live AND eat with diabetes. Good luck Clive!

  • Thermal deal

    Diabetes can never be reversed. You can help control it through diet and exercise but it will never go away. It only gets worse as time goes by

    • Help for Type2

      My English is not perfect, but i want to say, that you are completely wrong. Type 2 diabetes is not even disease, it is body’s condition not to handle the amounts of sugars and acidic food you are putting into your body. If you drink daily 2-3L of water with fresh lemon juice, you sleep 8h per night, and you are over 6 weeks on diet which includes fish, meat, vegetables and other healthy ingredients and without or max 40-50g of carbs per day and have 30-60 minutes of exercise per day (swimming is most effective and easy for body if you have lot of overweight) AND also you don’t use ANY insulin or other diabetes medication, you will get rid of the T2 diabetes permanently. After 6 weeks, you can start to intake sugars normally again, but you have to keep exercising and not to let your body back in same condition, when it cannot handle big amounts of sugars and acids. Biggest reason why people gets diabetes is that they are lazy, they don’t exercise, they eat unhealthy and too much, which causes too big amount of sugar to your system. I know that it’s painful to be over 6 weeks without carbs, but that is what you have to do, if you want to get rid of Type 2 diabetes, insulin and other medication.

      • Jorge

        Thank you for your reply! This inspires me as my numbers have been steadily decreasing at fasting.

        The diagnosis was quite sobering and since my diet change, I have not had one moment of regret or difficulty, to be honest.

        I woke up with 91 today! Looking forward to improving my life and permanently changing my unhealthy habits. I have yet to take any medication whatsoever. Only exercise, diet change, and improved sleeping habits.

        • Thermal deal

          Please do not listen to that person. Type 2 diabetes never goes away. Your symptoms can improve and you can avoid taking oral medications and prevent some of those terrible complications of the disease through diet and exercise.

          Right now there is no cure to diabetes other than in some instances with gastric by pass surgery.

          The number one problem with type 2 diabetes face is not understanding how dangerous this disease is. It needs to be taken very serious. Also another issue I always see is after they start having good numbers they relapse into their old lifestyle and the disease comes back even worse and more damage to their pancreas is presented.

          Good luck you can have a long and normal life as long as you always go in at least twice a year to measure your progress. In the future you might need to go on oral medication but it wont be your fault if you are dieting. Its just the nature of the disease.

          • Cynthia Yockey-Noble

            And your medical degree is from where??

      • Thermal deal

        I am sorry but your information is completely wrong and dangerous to give to people. There is no cure to type 2 diabetes. It can never go away.

        Diabetes is a disease hypoglycemia (high blood sugar) is one of the symptoms to this terrible disease.

        You are wrong about the things you say. Please stop spreading this dangerous information.

      • Henry

        Thanks for posting

      • somrotden

        I bought one of those big magnifying glasses so that I could real labels in the grocery store and other things that I needed to read-you should start researching different books-see what your local library has-if you like a book then buy it for your home library. The worst thing about diabetes I think is the damage that is being done to different parts of your body, silently. My vision has greatly improved and pain in my foot has as well. You will probably find in your research a strict, moderate and liberal diet changes-same with excercise. It is very scary to be newly diagnosed-especially if you don’t know anything about it-but as soon as you take charge and start to see some improvement you will feel better and more in control. I chose to eliminate all sweets, including fruits and all starch-es-potatoes, noodles, rice, bread, etc. because I wanted to see a rapid drop in my blood sugar levels-and I did! Also-certain disorders go hand in hand with diabetes-not just pain in the extremities but depression, thyroid issues, and many more – for me getting on good quaity vitamins really helped-if you eliminate fruit-even if it is temporary then you will possibly cause vitamin c deficiency, for instance. Consider what foods you eliminate from your diet and what possible nutrients you may also be eliminating and replace them. Take very good care of your teeth and mouth-brush and floss frequently-take good care of your skin and especially of your feet. I was told to check my blood sugar 3 times a day but I check more frequently because I want to know how I react to certain foods and activities. That puts you in charge. Any increase in activity helps-also if you can get outside-even if it is to sit outside for awhile. If you are very overweight or have pain in your feet just walking about in your house helps-any increase in activity-gradually building up your activity-especially outside in the sunlight and fresh air. If you already suffer from depression you will find that the increase in activity-especially outdoors will help alot with that. I have been able to add a little-and I do mean little amount of carbs back to my diet without any il effects-like making a sandwich with a low carb wrap instead of bread or a bun, a few berries in my salad, etc. But always chek your blood sugar to see how you react. Being newly diagnosed with diabetes is scary, very scary-and that alone can plunge someone into depression-but if you make changes even a little at a time you will see big changes in your blood sugar levels and the way you feel. If you find that your blood sugar is elevated it could be caused by activity (dehydration)-try drinking a glass of water to bring it down. Get to know yourself and how you react to different things. Take charge! You can do this!

    • Captain James T. Kirk

      Thermal, I am in the Medical Field and it can be severely controlled and eliminated but it all depends on a lot of factors. I have seen Truck Drivers come in and their normal HbA1c were in the 5 a few years of being on the road sitting I have seen them in the 9’s. and then with diet and exercise I have seen them drop back down. Now if you have had the disease for awhile and just threw in the towel or gene issue or it runs in your family this all weighs in…. Don’t be so doom and gloom man! I have seen people put on metformin watch their diet drop a ton of weight and exercise and their HbA1c went back down into the 5-6 range. It gets worse as time goes by if you don’t manage it that is for sure.

  • Jeff Ely

    Try the Sugar Busters diet(book), I did, my current A1C 4.7, as far as soda, get a Stevia sweetened one

  • Clive Hammerton

    Hi everyone, do I have to accept my diagnosis from the GP?
    I was tested to have extremely high HbA1c….10.5 she said roughly equivalent to 13 mmol/L however after 10 days of very healthy eating have got it down 8 mmol/L 2 hours after breakfast.
    I feel that I need to be given a chance to get it down naturally before I get pumped full of meds and become registered as a diabetic. My diet was really bad before so I’m hoping that diet alone will swing it. Should I not at least try this route?
    Any thoughts?

    • Clive, I would say you have to “accept your diagnosis,” but you don’t have to keep it. You’ll have to keep working at it until your fasting numbers are down to 6 and your 2-hour after-meal numbers down to 7 or 8 at the most. Some medication (prescription or plant-based) might help you get there.

    • Thermal deal

      The disease never goes away once you have it. You can improve your numbers but if you go back to your old eating habits it will come back and eventually even much worse.

      • Captain James T. Kirk

        It can be reversed, I know of a ton of people that have had HbA1c around 9, they lost weight and did a very stricken diet and now they are in the 5-6 range. Now if it goes way too long then yes I would agree with your assessment.

  • Munira, that 2.9 reading is hard to explain. That’s very low, equivalent to abt 57 mg/dl. What did you eat for breakfast that day? It sounds like you should have snacks with you at all times, and maybe ask your doctor about your lows.

  • Thermal deal

    you have what called pre diabetes. That is what diabetes is. You need to go to a doctor and get examined and start proper treatment either with oral medications and diet or whatever your doctor recommends.

  • Thermal deal

    You have one choice. Change your lifestyle immediately or die soon. That is the only course you have with diabetes.

    You are heading toward complications from this disease. It is not fun, number one reason for amputations every year is diabetes. Number one reason for kidney failure is diabetes. Also going blind etc. and of course cardiac disease and death.

    When your sugar gets below 250 which is extremely dangerous is because your body has been used to high sugar for a long time and now needs time to get use to it.

    Your diet needs to change. Forget about ever eating the way you did before this is a new life you have to strt.

    You are going to have to decide if you want to live or do you want to be consumed by this disease.

  • Henry


  • Captain James T. Kirk

    Dean, Metformin does treat the symptoms and it can help prevent further damage, and is best used with diet and exercise to help. I have seen a ton of people that have reversed it or slowed the progression down, there are so many factors that come into play with this disease and some people even some doctors thing it’s one rubber stamp of doom once you have it. Again a lot of things come into play with this, my crept up on me and I had zero symptoms and then bingo went from 5s into the 9’s now with diet exercise I am back down into high 5 low 6s. I know 2 surgeons that have HbA1c that are in the 5s that use to be in the 9s, again history/genes/lifestyle can all factor in and if your pre-diabetic or how long you have been diabetic. Now I am talking Type 2 here, type 1 is a whole different ballgame!

  • WhateverDunce ✓dₑₚₗₒᵣₐbₗₑ

    I haven’t been working at a job for about a year now until recently.

    I was diagnosed with Diabetes 6 months ago, my A1C was 8.5 at diagnosis and was put on Metformin twice daily. The Metformin quickly brought my A1C down to around 6 in a matter of a few weeks.

    I recently started a new job where I’m on my feet for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I do lots of vigorous walking and some moderate lifting throughout the day.

    I’ve noticed my blood sugar levels dropping so low after I started this job that I had to start cutting back on the Metformin just to stay in the normal range. In the past few days, I haven’t needed the medicine at all. In fact, I haven’t needed the Metformin for 4 days in a row and I generally eat whatever I want, when I want within reason. This is unusual for me. I’m starting to believe that I can cure my diabetes. I know many folks say this isn’t possible, but for me this is becoming very real if I stay on this path.

    Is it possible that I’m not Diabetic at all and that my poor eating and exercise habits (sedentary lifestyle) lowered my metabolism and gave me high blood sugars and A1C readings?

    • Hi Whatever, Based on your A1C of 8.5, you definitely had diabetes when you were diagnosed. It sounds as though you are reversing it through exercise. People who walk and lift all day are not at much risk for Type 2 diabetes, because vigorous exercise burns up the extra glucose. But I wouldn’t say you are “cured.” If you go back to your sedentary habits, the numbers will most likely go back up. Please share your story with others. They may be inspired to reverse their own diabetes.

      • WhateverDunce ✓dₑₚₗₒᵣₐbₗₑ

        I sure will. I’m still going through this process, though, and I know that I’m not finished yet. It’s amazing that my post-prandial blood sugar readings are 100 or lower when they were consistently between 160-180 for months with treatment up until just 3 weeks ago and that I’m accomplishing this WITHOUT MEDICATION. It’s an amazing turnaround, like a new lease on life.

  • Aina Mae Tagalog

    Hi, my glucose FBS result is 9.30mmol/L which is higher than the normal range of 4.4-6.4mmol/L. However, I have also seen a note below which says 75grams glucose intake. Will this mean that my paper blod test result is higher than actual result, or is this really the tru result of my bllod test? thanks.

    • Aina Mae, was this fasting result right before an oral glucose tolerance test? That sounds like what the “75 grams glucose intake” was referring to. Most likely your FBS of 9.30 was your actual result. But you could show your results to the lab people or your doctor and ask. They would know.

  • Melodie Fortin-Fox

    I have been suffering with excessive thirst , I know this to be a symptom of Hyperglycemia so I tested with my mothers meter. 5 hr fast my number was 348. I’m now freaking out. I am a bit overweight and not real active. Is it common for those first diagnosed to have a number like that?

    • srik

      Nope.. pls get yourself tested for Type-2, Glucose challenge test or get your HBA1C (3 mths average) blood test done.. be prepared to be either pre-diabetic or a full blown diabetic.. its not the end of the world.. just need some adjustments done and you can be back with in limits…

    • Jami McLean

      That is a really concerning number for fasting. I would go see your doctor, get a fasting glucose, insulin, and an Hba1c test done. And likely they will give you your own monitor, medication, and hopefully dietary and lifestyle suggestions to help you. Your fasting number should be under 100, and 2 hours post eating should be under 140. It is definitely possible to change this with medication and lifestyle changes. Good luck.

  • Mohammad Abandeh

    My son his age 15
    His fasting reading 116
    Is he having diabetes
    What shall i do

    • Prakash Cherian

      Don’t panic and just go see a doctor. Diabetes is a serious condition that should not be self-diagnosed. 15 is usually a very young age to get diabetes and is hence more rare unless many family members have diabetes, which indicates that there may be a genetic component.

      Don’t worry, I think the range for sugar levels is a little broader. Besides, your son may have had a small snack without you knowing (a few cream biscuits). It may not seem like much, but biscuits, candy etc can cause spikes in blood sugar levels.

      There are some other diseases that can also affect glucose metabolism. Regardless, I recommend you go see a doctor to ease your anxiety.

      • Dinesh Suna

        @prakashcherian:disqus , thanks for the explanation. But for some of us living in the west, its not that easy to see a doctor as it is in my home country in India. Without having a health insurance (which many do not have) a visit to the doctor just to do a sugar test at the lab and consult the doctor may cost anywhere between 200 -300 USD, minimum, one visit. if subsequent tests are to be done then it costs much more… In India the expenses of doctor’s consultation starts form USD 2.- on wards…:-) . So in the West, most have a glucometer at home and seek advice online in these forums…

    • Mohammad, a fasting glucose of 116 is called “prediabetes.” This is worrisome at age 15. Can you talk to his doctor about what type of diabetes he might be developing? If he was my son, I would try to get him on a diet and management plan as if he had diabetes. He can possibly stop it if he takes it seriously now, as you can see in my new blog entry on preventing diabetes in various ways.

    • Ayana Daniels

      Have your son take the vitamin supplement chromium picolinate. Usually pharmacies have buy 1 get one free on vitamins. I was able to get rid of my diabetes by taking chromium picolinate once or 2xs a day. Most Doctors are not taught about vitamin supplements in medical school, so they cannot teach you what they do not know.

    • Thermal deal

      at your sons age I would consider a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. I would definitely see a physician as soon as possible to see exactly what is going on. If it is Type 1 he will need to go on insulin for the rest of his life. It type 2 at his age , it is concerning, but highly treatable through a complete lifestyle change.

    • Simha

      Sergai Boutenko on you tube will help

  • KP

    Now diabetes is a curable disease in SL, after 8 months treatment, people with diabetes can live a life as normal persons…

  • Shehroze Iftikhar Qureshi


    • Hi Shehroze, It sounds like you are working hard to get better. You don’t mention medication. Has your doctor given you metformin or another drug? You might ask for one. You might also consider taking bitter melon, cinnamon, or another plant medicine like these.

      • Shehroze Iftikhar Qureshi

        DEAR SIR.
        MY TRIGLYCERIDES IS 250 NOW 140.
        MY SERUM ALT IS 68 NOW 92.

        • Thermal deal

          are you asking about Diabetes or your liver ?

          Are you from India or Pakistan by any chance ? It is pretty prevalent in that part of the world to have fatty liver diease. Have you gotten your liver tested for this ? This could all be combined with diabetes.

          To lower your all three of these issues. It is often recommend to avoid a high starch, carb and sugar diet along with a proper diet and exercise plan. You should also be on oral medication.

    • Elizabeth

      Stop eating porridge. Stop worrying. No added sugar, little starch with protein. Good luck to you

    • I was born on a pirate ship

      Porrige is a terrible breakfast for diabetes. Better to have meat or eggs with vegetables, or yoghurt with nuts

  • Hi Bear, Your sugars are coming down, which is great. Blood sugar doesn’t have to be “very high” to affect vision, though. A little high, like where you are now, can do it. Something else may also be going on. I’d give it another week or so and then see an eye doctor if the blurriness persists. Also, our nutritionist Amy Campbell advises getting more omega-3 oils and green leafy vegetables for eye health.

    • GenxBear

      Thanks.. 3rd week my levels have been in the 140 to 93 range.. If vision doesn’t improve I’ll go see my optometrist.

  • Jorge

    You are generalizing a high A1C reading with irreversible insulin resistance (damage to pancreatic beta cells). Gastric bypass procedure includes low carb diet, which is why its reversible in that case. No need to do surgery if one has self control, discipline, and never goes back to old habits. If pancreatic beta cells are damaged, then one needs medication for the rest of their lives.

    • Thermal deal

      The reason gastric bypass surgery can sometimes cure type 2 diabetes , is not because of diet by the intestine controlling sugar levels instead of the stomach. After a gastric bypass the small intestine will start producing GLUT-1 , which controls glucose levels. This will cure the disease out right and the only known cure for type 2 diabetes.

      I am only discussing type 2 diabetes. I am not referring to the symptom of high A1C levels. Many different things could cause high readings of A1C.

      So, for the disease diabetes , there is no known cure but through possibly through gastric bypass. Everything else is just the control of the disease.

      What you say is very important in combating the disease, but unfortunately not a cure.

  • sameer tariq

    My mother sugar was 115 before one month,suddenly yesterday when she checked her fasting sugar was 350 even doctor cant believed ,her sugar intake is very less. doctor gave her medicine but we are confused how its possible without having sweets in one month???

  • Lorna Gibbon

    Thermal Deal – it is YOU who are talking rubbish. it IS perfectly possible to reverse type 2 Diabetes with Diet and excercise. A study done by Professor Roy Taylor of Newcastle University in England in 2010 proved it is possible. Or watch the true story film of ‘Fixing Dad’. Or preferably look at both to stop you spouting this scaremongering. Type 2 Diabetics who do not manage to control their sugar levels back down to normal levels will find that their Diabetes will progress and will need increasing amounts of medication/insulin but the better controlled it is the longer that will take to happen. YES – if you kick start your Liver and Pancreas back to working normally and your BS levels back into normal levels you will still need to watch what you are doing – a return to previous lifestyle choices will see the Diabetes return. I dropped my HBA1C Levels from 71 to 52 in 6 weeks following a Low Carb diet. I am not there yet, but I know I CAN.

    • Thermal deal

      Unfortunately, The study by Professor Taylor did not indicate reversal but the study, which was to small to make any absolute definitive answer, did state that through diet and exercise the disease can go into remission (not cure, but a condition where the disease is controlled) for at least 6 months if and only if the patient continued to keep the weight off and keep their exercise and diet restrictions. Unfortunately, as always as soon as you stop the disease returns at full force. Also , as your body ages the disease will become worse , with no amount of diet or exercise being able to help.

      there are many claims out there stating what you say. But, there is no medical proof, other than through some cases of gastric bypass surgery.

      I am sorry that this is not the answer you want. But, it is the truth. Some day hopefully a cure for diabetes will be found. But, for now only through diet, weight loss and exercise the progression and symptoms of this terrible disease can be controlled, sometimes

  • Lorna Gibbon

    I suggest you refresh your medical knowledge then. There is lots of evidence out there about reversing Diabetes. I suggest you go find it!

    • Thermal deal

      There is none out there. Sorry to say, but you are incorrect. It would be great if diabetes could be reversed but it cannot be.

      Please show me any medical study that shows that diabetes can be “Reversed”

  • somrotden

    experienced much worsened vision when first diagnosed-but that got much better with a little time and watching my diet closely-not just sugar-CARBS are terrible-it will get better if you put forth the effort to get better-sadly many don’t

  • somrotden

    there are lots of websites that have low carb recipes-sometimes a small modification to a favorite recipe can make a huge difference, Also find online the carb levels of different foods-even vegetables have some no-nos – lots of info out there for those who really want to make a difference.

  • Amanda

    I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. My morning levels are always 5 to 5.3. My 1hr after food is about 5 to 7.3. According to a lot of pages these are normal readings and I don’t have diabetes…?? I have no symptoms. It was based on a Glucose tolerance test where my fasting sugars were 5.1
    Is it just because I’m pregnant that they lower the acceptable level? Or is it just Aistralia?
    The dietitian/specialist I saw said I need to get my morning reading down to under 5 or I will be put on insulin.
    I’m on a very strict diet and only eating about 1100 calories per day. (The generic recommend intake in the third trimester is 2200!) I’m not overweight and walk every day.
    I’m a bit puzzled. Can anyone help?

    • Amanda, your numbers do not seem to be diabetes. Maybe the prediabetes they call impaired glucose tolerance or IGT. I don’t see why this calls for insulin. You could ask them to show you the guidelines they are working from. Metformin or 2 teaspoons of vinegar at bedtime would probably lower your morning level enough to keep them happy.

  • Captain James T. Kirk

    I totally agree with you on this, but your missing the point. Some have the country is pre-diabetic these days.. (Type 2) That can be reversed and is curable if you catch it before it becomes full blow and even then it can be reversed everyones metabolism differs. If you go back to eating the stuff that is making you unhealthily and are not doing anything to reduce it then yes trying to reverse it when you are too far gone it is incurable…..

    • Thermal deal

      Pre diabetes is diabetes type 2 , there is no cure for it. It is just early onset . It easier to manage but not curable Name one scientific study that says otherwise.

      • Jorge

        I do not believe there is a single scientific study that has done the rigorous diet and exercise that I am going through. There should be studies that have patients go into a strict vegan, sugar free, starch free diet and see if their condition can be reversed. I just started so I would only be a single subject. Once I complete my 8 month regimen (and lose all my belly fat) I would be interested in submitting myself to sugar stress tests and see if I still show signs of diabetes or pre-diabetes.

        • Thermal deal

          You should and after 8 months , you should take a glucose test so you can see in concrete evidence after almost 100 years of thorough scientific studies and billions of dollars. There is no cure for diabetes and it does not go away.

          Your sugar will still spike to diabetic levels. Only cure known is gastric bypass surgery. Hopefully someday there can be a cure.

      • Jorge

        Also, I know we talked earlier about high A1C levels. How do you diagnose diabetes without using A1C levels?

  • Captain James T. Kirk

    Lets not use a broad stroke and generalize the term diabetes! There are 2 types.. Type 1 is not curable and Type 2 can be depending on how long you have had the disease and what your doing about it, most people wait way too long and go from pre-diabetic to many years with diabetes some times without even realizing it. Their are boat loads of medical journals and doctors that would disagree with you. http://www.webmd.com/diabetes/type-2-diabetes-guide/reversing-type-2-diabetes

    This is just one article there are thousands… Dr. Roy Taylor Professor at Newcastle University of England did extensive research on it. Their are 79 million American with Pre-diebetes if you go full blown type 2 diabetic and stay their then I would agree with you. Their are boat loads of evidence proving this, which doesn’t give people false hope, it gives them hope, which is needed.

    I went from the 5s on my HbA1c up to 9 once, and I had instant symptoms, went on strict diet and exercise every day and my blood sugar barely gets above 120 after a mean and in the 70s fasting. It can be stopped in it’s tracts if caught early enough and the amount of crap we eat is the main cause and has everything to do with it. Sure it can get worse overtime, especially if you do nothing about it. It can be reversed if caught soon enough and it can be managed if you don’t catch it in time.

    • Thermal deal

      Sorry to say but both are incurable and pre-diabetes is diabetes type 2 . There is no going back once you have”pre-diabetes”

      The diseases is progressive to what degree can be helped by good management. THERE IS NO CURE . Stop saying that its a myth to real science and the people who have dedicated their lives to the study and treatment to this disease.

      All that you are doing is managing your disease. If you eat normal again yu will have the same symptoms. The disease will always progress since as you age the symptoms of the disease naturally progress.

      You cannot reverse diabetes. I have already talked about that study you pointed me to. Never had he said there was a cure in the actual study. only cure that is known for Diabetes is sometimes through gastric bypass surgery . Otherwise all you are doing in managing your disease. If you stop managing your disease. AKA stop exercising eating a high carb diet etc. You will glucose levels will spike high. People without the disease would not.

      If you think you are cured go take a glucose test . Your numbers will be high.

  • MutantProgenitor

    Hi, ThermalDeal:

    I appreciate your passion and your fear that even when people think they are treating their Type 2 Diabetes seriously, they mihht not be doing it to the standard they should or you believe they should. The consequences are dire and it is an ailment that should not be trifled with. I think what many people object to is that you cannot accept the diabetic condition can be reversed. Technically, it can. That is obvious if the strict definition is the cluster of symptoms and biomarkwrs which includes hyperglycemia. You are entirely correct by saying that even though ostensibly normal blood sugars can be achieved by just diet and exercise, the restoration of truly normal glucose metabolism has not occurred. I believe you are right in raising this flag in order to prevent any sense of complacency: the disease is not called the silent killer foe nothing. The real problem is that many people become satisfied with fasting numbers and no longer check throughout the day, especially after eating. Even when they do, they are told that they can go up to 140 without much problem. The reality is NO ADULT should be eating in a manner that challenges their metabolism to the point we’re sugars often go beyond even 120 after eating. Sure, your body can handle it, but it is a stress on the system, which erodes a finely tuned organic system. I guess the real issue is that fasting insulin levels rarely accompany fasting glucose numbers. If you are getting “normal” fasting numbers, but your body is producing 2x or more insulin that a human would normally needs to do so, you are still in a progressive state, albeit probably a lot better than you may have been, but you still need to look deeper. Even A1c scores are can lull people into a false sense of security. Once you get skin cancer, even if it is “cured”, you never think about going out in the Sun the same way and for good reason. This is the kind of mindset I believe you want to instill in people who have been diagnosed as diabetic. You must remember, however, that no one gets out alive, but many underestimate the amount of suffering they may endure on their way out. Your concern is laudable, but remain positive. It boggles the mind how much professional misinformation is out there. Your strident nature is obviously rallying against that. I can’t blame you because the situation is so frustrating. People will listen. Just temper the message. Take care.

  • Noel A. Teano

    My blood test yesterday shows that my glucose level is 7.55 mmol/L. Last August 10, 2016, my HgbA1C test result was 5.90. Are these levels signs of diabetic case already? Thank you.

    • Hi Noel, A fasting blood sugar of 7.55 mmol/L is considered diabetes, if it happens more than once (7.55 mmol/L = 136 mg/dl). An A1C of 5.9 is classed as prediabetes. You’re on the edge of a diabetes diagnosis, and it’s definitely time to make some changes and take charge of your health as best you can.

    • Simha

      Watch Green Smoothie Power with Sergei Boutenko on you tube.
      Shift to a minimal Carb Diet, eat as much peanuts boiled meat and vegetables avoid rice and Wheat products no problem you’ll be normal get some exercise, eat as much lintels as possible eggs are good .

  • yasha1

    While sitting at my desk after lunch I became extremely dizzy like a FAST carousel spinning full speed! Laid down in the dark for a few minutes (didn’t help), drank a cup of cold water (didn’t help), given salted peanuts (didn’t help).. I currently take Losartan 100/25 and Atenolol 25mg and just attempted the JJ Smith 10-day Cleansing Detox 10/7/16 but stopped 10/15/16 when my body started to feel “weird” and I began feeling lightheaded. I later found out that particular detox is extreme and I should have only committed to 3 days since it was my 1st time detoxing. Has anyone experienced anything similar or know of the dangers of detoxing? Could the detox have revealed an underlying issue or exacerbated a pre-diabetic state? I just tested my sugar level and the reading is 182 which is high and has never been that high before..mind you my lunch was El Pollo Loco Under 500 Calorie Avocado Chix Salad NO soda.

    • I was born on a pirate ship

      You were probably dizzy from not eating enough. Man cannot live on detox smoothie alone.

  • suhasini

    Hi ,My mom one year back gone into hysterectomy surgery At that time her sugar levels are normal .Yesterday iwhen i have checked in home before fasting her sugar level is 110mg and after fasting her sugar level is 220 mg .she was diabetic from past 3 yrs.Could you please suggest me how to control her sugar..this will help me alot to save her from sugar.

    • Suhasini, see my comment to Sarita above. Your mother’s situation sounds much like hers, except your mom is diagnosed with diabetes. 220 is too high.

  • sarita rout


    • Sarita, your fasting level indicates “prediabetes,” which you should do something about. Walking is good. Do more, especially after meals. The 226 after eating is way too high. Eat less carbs at a time. See a doctor if you can. Medications, vinegar with meals, or plants like bitter melon might help.

  • jaba kumar

    I m 52 years old My fasting sugar level is 90
    My pp sugar level is 162 is it normal

    • Jacob Carlson

      No, not normal, you may have insulin resistance which if fasting is 90, you can reduce drastically by losing fat/weight and moderate exercise 2-3 times a week.

  • Chrisanna Fabela

    I have been diagnosed with prediabetes but no one has told me what numbers are high and what numbers are OK I been put on medicine for it my number was 175 when I got up and my a1c was 6.5 I’m 24 also

    • princess chatterjee

      Start exercising the numbers will go down. Hit the Gym and avoid too many sugary goodness.

  • ailee

    my mom is 47 years old , her fasting is 80 and her postprandial is 83 …she usually suffer from headache , tremors , hunger anxiety and sugar craving …
    Is this considered postprandial hypoglycemia?

    • Postprandial hypoglycemia or reactive hypoglycemia means low blood sugar after a meal, usually a few hours after a meal. If her 83 is right after eating, that is something different. If it’s a few hours later, it could be reactive. But a glucose of 83 doesn’t normally cause symptoms like those. She could have something called adrenergic postpranidal syndrome or idiopathic postprandial syndrome, where people have symptoms of hypoglycemia after meals, even with normal sugars. Have you asked your doctor?

      • ailee

        her blood glucose was 83 after 2 hours of eating …
        she usually drinks 2 cups of coffee in the morning . Is there a relation between her symptoms and drinking coffee ?

      • Cindi CHC

        She could have adrenal or thyroid issues causing those symptoms. Ideally you can find an integrative doctor near you for a full evaluation and a health coach to get her back to good health.

  • Donnie Whelchel

    My glucose this morning before eating was 98. But last night after eating was 208. Is this bad?

    • Hi Donnie, 208 after eating is too high unless it was huge sweet meal. Ninety-eight fasting is a bit high also, although not high enough to be called prediabetes. There are lots of things you could do, but a good starting place might be go for a walk for 20 minutes right after eating. A teaspoon of vinegar at bedtime about 20 minutes before brushing your teeth might lower the fasting number. Ask your doctor next time you see her what else you can do.

      • Jacob Carlson

        To be clearer, Apple Cider Vinegar (With the mother) is what you need and the recommended dosage is approximately 1-2 tablespoons for Adults and it also tastes like crap.

  • tom

    my fasting blood sugar is 104mg and im only 14. Am i prediabetic and what should i do?

    • Cindi

      Tom removing sugar and sugary foods can help you to get below 100 fasting glucose. Also helpful is increasing protein – nuts are a great source of protein with other benefits. Don’t give up!! You can heal your body with food and exercise.

    • Sean

      A normal level is under 100mg/dl, before I had mine tested at the d.o. I unthinkingly had a sugary drink and it brought it up to 112mg/dl. Your fine

  • Vincent

    Why can’t you guys find cure to this diabetes?

    • I was born on a pirate ship

      The cure is to not get it in the first place. People want to eat garbage then demand a cure so they can keep eating garbage and being lazy. Life doesn’t work this way. There is always a price to pay for our choices,

  • Ishrat

    Hi, I am 41 years old, my fasting glucose was 90mg in the morning, however after two hour of having meal it was 160mg, Am I predibetic? or shall I take some medicine. Actually I feel headech, Blurred Vision and anxiety after having every meal.

    • Ishrat, sorry it took so long to see this message. Your numbers and symptoms both indicate a kind of prediabetes called impaired glucose tolerance (IGT). You should probably eat much less carbohydrate at any one time, go for walks after eating, consider a spoon of vinegar before meals or a cup of bitter melon tea with meals. Actually there’s a lot you can do, but I hope you can also see a doctor.

  • Anju Rao

    Hi, i am 35 years old. Fifteens day back all of sudden i checked my sugar level with glue meter fasting was 118 and pp was 218, so i went for lab test and the report was fasting 94 and pp is 229 so according to the report i started Ayurvedic medicines and 4 km morning walk and Yuga and also controlled my food habits as well. And after fifteen days i went for lab test and report was pp 110. my question is do am i diabetics or Pre diabetics or non diabetics. . and after taking medicine or gap in meal i experience dizziness, shake in body or light headache.What is my Situation at present and i have also done Hba1c is 6.3 in report

  • Anju Rao

    Hi, i am 35 years old. Fifteens day back all of sudden i checked my sugar level with glue meter fasting was 118 and pp was 218, so i went for lab test and the report was fasting 94 and pp is 229 so according to the report i started Ayurvedic medicines and 4 km morning walk and Yuga and also controlled my food habits as well. And after fifteen days i went for lab test and report was pp 110. my question is do am i diabetics or Pre diabetics or non diabetics. . and after taking medicine or gap in meal i experience dizziness, shake in body or light headache.What is my Situation at present. and my Hba1c is 6.3

    • Jami McLean

      Your Hba1c and your numbers prior to lifestyle change would suggest you are diabetic. You can get into normal ranges though, keep working at it. 🙂 I was dx’d diabetic in 2012, but then lost 45lbs and have worked hard to keep numbers in good ranges. My current Hba1c is 5.1 and my fasting numbers are around 80-90 and pp numbers around 105-120. I am still technically diabetic but I’m in normal ranges. You have to stay on top of it but it can be done. It’s possible to be diabetic but with lifestyle changes to live with normal numbers. Good luck.

  • Ibr raza

    I’m Raza my sugar is before male 100 after male 209 it is high

    • jagiela

      You are eating a meal high in simple carbohydrates and low in fiber. Watch bread, grains (especially white rice) and sugars. They can pop anywhere. Read the label. A diabetic should, generally, try to limit carbohydrate at a single meal to about 60 grams. Fiber carbs don’t count

      Also, if possible, go for a brisk walk after a meal. You cn drop your blood sugar fast by using up the glucose in your body. 10 minutes will work wonders

  • Maria

    Do I refrigerator the water?

    • Ramji

      No. Please leave it as it is, as it will help the things to work………..

      • Maria

        Thx! When it said soak in cold water, I wasn’t sure if that meant refrigerate it while it’s soaking.

        • Raj K

          Did this work for anyone? can you please share results

  • manoj kumar mohanty

    Hi I am mihir age 61yrs , I am not a diabetian person but my sugar level show 177 mg/dl before meal 160 mg/dl after 2 hours of meal.
    So plz kindly guide me to control it as far as possible

    • Manoj, your numbers indicate that you probably have diabetes. I advise you to see a doctor, but it’s helpful to start exercising more and eating much less sugar and starch.

  • manoj kumar mohanty

    Are u sure 100%

  • manoj kumar mohanty

    Hi my self mihir Kumar mohanty age 61. I have checked my sugar before meal 178 after meal is 147 by use of accu check. Plz give me some kind of tips to lowering that. Plz suggest me.

  • paradoxical_bunny

    How to make.. watch here. Stay healthy! 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs-RRcEENjo

  • Sushant Kumar Tripathy

    Hi I am 39 years old , I checked my blood sugar fasting 177 now some times 150 and earlier was 228. and pp was 289 now early was 214. and I A am taking paneer toda daily morning and stopy my morning walk last 20 days . when start my morning walk it was 138/150 but pp was 240/214. but 2day before i check it was 177/289.
    suggest me any Ayurveda medicine for control.

    • Thermal deal

      have you changed your diet ?

    • Sushant, plant medicines to lower sugars include bitter melon, cinnamon, insulin plant, okra, chia seeds, vinegar, mulberry leaf, and others. Look into them and you can find one that works for you. Are you seeing a medical doctor?

  • Mela

    Is it typical to feel very sleepy, like as if you took a sleeping pill, after meals and carbs? I feel drugged and my eyes burn. My post prandial blood sugar seems to hover at 160 to 130 for over two hours. I just started self monitoring with test kit. No insurance. I am 90% sure this is type 2 D, and can control it with diet/exercise. But is my extreme sleepiness normal symptom for this level of blood sugar? The sleepiness resolves when my BS is 120 or below–which is not very often.

    • Alpyre

      I am a type 1. And I can confirm the sleepiness and burning eyes effects when over 120.
      Also complex thinking faculties are lost too. Because I work as a computer programmer, I try to keep it below120 at all times.

    • Thermal deal

      yes Type 2 diabetes. Your blood sugar levels are getting dangerously high for your body. You need to go see a doctor. There is lots of doctors who offer discounts for self pay. There is one around me for only 40 dollars for diabetes exam. Just call around.

      you cannot have any bread, pasta, rice, soda, sugar , cookies, deserts, etc any longer. Once you learn to control your blood sugar through diet, exercise, and oral medication you can slowly add slow amounts of carbs and sugars in your diet. You will need to measure what you can eat and what you cannot not via diabetic test strips and see how your body reacts to certain food. Everyone is different and different people can handle different foods

  • Probably you had your dinner. That should be normal. As mentioned above, maximum normal value after meal is 140mg/dl.

  • Thermal deal

    your blood sugar is high. You should get tested by a doctor.

  • Mulugeta Amsalu

    Hello everybody. I have diabetes always 7.5 or above couple of decades. I have tried medicine but gott a bad reaction and stopped medication. I always drink juice the first thing in the morning. At the same time looking for something that does not hve sweetning. For about three months ago, I found a carrot juice which contains only carrot and water. Nothing else. I started my morning with this pure carrot juice. Now three months later to my surprized, my reading became 5.4, 5.6 just around that. This is the first time after a couple decades. I am convinced that it is carrot juice that helped me as I have not changed my way of living. Please try it. THIS IS A SUGGESTION THAT MIGHT HELP YOU. But do not stop your medication if you are on one. If it helped me, it might help. I wish you good luck.

    • I was born on a pirate ship

      Carrot juice is crazy high in carbs/sugar. Juice of any kind is poison to diabetics.

    • Glad this is working for you, Mulugeta. Thanks for sharing your story. It will not work for everyone, though.

  • Cynq

    My readings have gone from 76 to 168 in one day. Is that normal?

    • Cynq, were those fasting blood sugar readings? If so, that is not normal. I hope they came back down. If you were eating in the few hours before checking, then the numbers don’t mean anything.

  • I was born on a pirate ship

    My vision got blurry when I changed my diet and my blood glucose came down. Once it stabilized, my vision went back to normal. This is common. However, people with diabetic retinopathy who lower their blood glucose too quickly can damage their eyes. I strongly urge you to see an opthalmologist, to be sure

  • A reader

    Thank you Ramji ! Good luck you too.

  • Rajesh Singh Yadav

    I have not diabetes given in my blood test before 6 months. I used to taking more sugar in my diet like sugar added with milk, and others sweets. I want to know that, can I take a herbal medicine for controlling sugar because I don’t have diabetes. Please give me a suggestion anyone who don’t have diabetes can take any herbal medicine which is developed by homeopathic organization for controlling diabetes.

    • Rajesh, yes you can take herbal medicines such as bitter melon or cinnamon. Or you could find a substitute for the sugar.

  • Rajesh Singh Yadav

    Hello, I’m want to know can I take a herbal medicine for controlling diabetes because I don’t have diabetes. One thing that I want to say about my diet, I am taking more sugar in my diet since one year. I like sweets, extra sugar added in milk since last year. 6 months ago I checked my blood tests and it showed me a normal diabetes and hemoglobin but my body has more fat since last two or three years.

  • princess chatterjee

    Go out and exercise people! A very sedentary lifestyle leads to high glucose readings as well! Diet will only do so much one has to move! Bittermelon, Methi seefd soaked in water taken the following morning all help but nothing does like a full sweat regime. Swimming, Tennis, Power Walking! The numbers will go down. Don’t give lame excuses either….

    • michele24K

      I love “sweat regimen” – it says it all!

  • Sandeep

    I Sandeep measure my fasting sugar and that is 105, can plz tell it’s normal or not. What should I do now ?

    • Hi Sandeep,

      A fasting sugar of 105 is called prediabetes, which means you could be healthier if you cut down on starches and sugars, eat more vegetables, protein, and fiber, and move your body more. You could also try plant medicines like okra or bitter melon. But it’s not serious yet — take your time and work out a way of living that is healthy for you. Check your sugar again in a few months.

  • Collier Marinos

    Beth – I’m not a medical professional by any means, so take what I say with the relative caveat. Your results sound pretty high for someone on waking. The 130-150 range was where I was after fasting overnight before I was taking insulin. You should also check a couple hours after you eat to see where you are at.

    Being vegetarian doesn’t mean you are immune to diabetes. Before I saw my specialist, I ate very high carbohydrate vegetables and other foods that I thought were healthy. Potatoes, peas, beans, corn, and other “safe” vegetables are actually very high in carbohydrates that can spike blood sugar levels. Other foods that people think as healthy can actually be very detrimental. Juices, certain fruits, dairy products, grains (such as bread, cereals, granola, oats, wheat, etc.), rice, pasta, popcorn, and crackers all will increase your glucose levels. Also, as I’ve learned, proteins and fats, which are usually (but not always) not high priorities for vegetarians and others on diets, actually help your blood sugar levels, as these will bind with the sugars and help your body’s absorption of glucose.

    The best advice is to see your doctor (preferred) or a diabetic specialist (if you can’t see your regular doctor) and have them do an a1c test, as well as other blood work to determine what is going on. Don’t wait too long. I’m 40, and had the very same symptoms as you: fatigue, thirst, and constant need for urination.


    Hello I just check my blood sugars with my mom’s machine. My number was 130.. don’t know if I’m in a normal range or if I should seek medical attention..

    • Michelle Hebert

      That’s high. Go to your doctor as it’s quite possible you have diabetes. Many people with diabetes don’t know they have it as there aren’t really any symptoms in early stages.

  • Beth, you have symptoms of diabetes, and a fasting sugar of 135 qualifies as diabetes. I would go to a doctor ASAP and get some treatment. I would also cut way, way down on carbohydrate foods like pasta. Stick with protein and greens as much as you can, but see a doctor soon if at all possible.

  • Niki M

    Hey everyone, I am a female, 31. I’m 5 ft, 130lbs BMI is around 25-27. I don’t work out. I have had excessive sweating for a few years now. I have never thought of high blood sugar. I looked up reason for the sweating. Low blood sugar was one of the reasons that matched me. So I used my aunts machine test it was 83. Ok not bad. Took it before dinner 72. Took it a hour after dinner 79. Is this to low.

    • Niki, those numbers sound OK. Low side of normal, but still within normal range. I don’t know what’s causing the sweating.

  • Saroz Kc

    Hi i am trying to maintain my sugar level, i am looking after my diet and i havenot started excercising yet, its showing 7.6- 8.2 before meal and after 2 hrs of night meal 13.5-13.8. My doctor told me that, i should start medication. Is that possible for me to not using medicine but using some plant medicines and doing regular excercises to maintain sugar level to normal, thanks

    • Hi Saroz. You need to do something. You could start medications from your doctor. You could also explore plant medicines such as bitter melon, cinnamon, okra, chia seeds, vinegar, or many others you can find on our site or other places on the web. You’ll need to check your sugars while trying the plants to see if they’re working. You might want to sharply reduce your intake of starches and sugars and start exercising. Please don’t wait around with this. You can reverse Type 2 diabetes, but you have to take it seriously.

    • Gwen Hood

      My a1c went from 13 and my blood sugar was 588 in Feb 2016. Needles to say I was hospitalized.
      A friend told me to get some fresh green beans. Wash them well, cut the ends off and eat 5 at a time. When I went back for another blood test in August my A1C was 6.6. I stopped eating candy and I stopped drinking soft drinks. My fasting blood sugar in the mornings is usually between 100 – 115, after eating its around 130.

      Try the raw green beans and green leafy vegetables and add walking to you daily routine.

    • Rick

      My doctor on the other hand believes that you can reverse diabetes with proper diet. He introduced me ti http://www.dietdoctor. I am on a low carb high fat diet. It explains what foods are high in sugar and starch and recommends proper food to eat. You are basically on a ketosis diet. I have lost 18 lbs my glucose is at 5 and I feel great! Try it , works for me and you are never hungry.

  • Howard Donigian


  • Jenn Godley

    My fasting blood sugar has been at 126 in the morning. 2 hours after i eat it was at 168. I am exhausted and sleep all the time. I have a metallic taste in my mouth( this started about 4 days ago) and my mouth is so dry all the the time. Diabetes runs in my family and my dad just got diagnosed with it. Should i make a appt to go see my pcp?

  • Kh P

    hi. i am 44 yrs male, i just got test HBA1c 6%. is this normal?

    • Hi Kh P, an HBA1c of 6% is classed as prediabetes, like and early stage of diabetes. Now is the time to take control of this. Move more, eat less starches and sugars, consider starting plant medicines such as bitter melon. You can ask your doctor for more specific advice.

  • Tazmeen

    When I wake up I check my FBS it was 5 without any medication infact every day I check it was from 4.5 to 5.2 but after consuming 5 to 6 glass of tea with sugar today it was 13.6 then after about 2hours it was 3.3 without any medicines am I a diabetic patient? Plz reply me am stressed by this

    • Hi Tazmeen, Your fasting sugars are normal, so I doubt you have diabetes. It sounds like your body is over-reacting to all that sugar. You would need to check with a doctor, but probably if you stop eating so much sugar, your problem might be solved.

  • Tazmeen

    I don’t understand why my sugar level drops so low that I feel tired I feel trembleness n sleepy also . if I eat smthng then I will b OK why sir? Plz help me out.

  • George

    Your FBS are ok and in normal range for a person without diabetes.
    If you see 13.6 just after you drink all this tea (with sugar), then it is normal.
    Sugar increases the BG very fast, because it has a high GI.
    On the other hand, i believe that the 3.3 you get 2 hours later is not ok.
    You feel tired, trembleness and sleepy because you are having a hypoglycemia.
    This is caused by a very low BG. When you eat something, you raise your BG, so you feel ok again.
    Hypoglycemia can be deadly. Do not just accept this situation.
    It’s better to go to see a doctor and do some blood tests just to be sure.

  • Tazmeen

    Thank you sir am checking my FBS today was 4.8 morning have done my hba1c today result tomorrow am taking crestor at night and lipanor in the morning but has stopped lipanor now for my cholesterol plz advice.

  • What about pre-diabetics?

  • qiana

    can a person have a sugar level of 650 or 700?

    • Yes, people do run sugars of 650 or 700, but it’s a very serious symptom and needs to be treated ASAP, most likely with insulin.

  • Leddy, a sugar of 26.7 is very high. It would be about 480 in the American mg/dl measure. She won’t die from it right away, but it is definitely damaging her every day she runs that high. Get help with this.

  • Txgirly

    Do you recommend a ketogentic diet?

    • Ed

      You must speak with your endo and really be up to speed on this type of diet before doing it. Some combine it with intermittent fasting. It is HFLC (high fat low carb – VERY low carb) and your lipids profile must be able to tolerate this type of diet. Good luck!

  • GJB

    my number at fasting is 127, is that prediabetic?

    • GJB, a fasting sugar of 127 is considered diabetes. Just barely, the cutoff is 126, but it’s time to take this seriously.

    • disqus_XiQYgZleMU

      I was 130 two years ago, fasting, prediebetic. Didn’t do anything about it – now 180 and on a strict diet, insulin, etc. Hoping it comes down. Change your diet now, don’t wait.

    • William1968

      That is diabetic! You need to see a doctor and get an A1C test which measures average blood sugar over a few weeks. No matter what, you need to start living as if you have diabetes. If you drink soda pop, please stop. If you are overweight, you need to lose enough that you get your BMI below 25. Actually, the lower the better when it comes to your sugar number. Ask the doctor to send you to diabetes training. Become friends with some people who have had diabetes for about 12 years. They will be able to help you understand what you need to do and why you need to take this very seriously. The way you take care of yourself can make a huge difference. I’ve got a lot of experience with diabetes. My mom, my dad, and my brother had diabetes. My brother died from heart disease after having diabetes for only 7 years.

  • Scott Irvine

    Mine was 24 and I had a small heart attack which I was in hospital for over a week

  • Kelly

    I’m 29 weeks and was just diagnosed with anemia and gestational diabetes with a glucose level of 205. Will this be manageable with a diet change or will I need insulin? Will my baby also be diabetic or anemic?

    • Hi Kelly, I’m not expert on diabetes in pregnancy, but both the high glucose and the anemia are telling you to eat more protein. I hope your doctor has set you up with an education program about checking your sugars, exercising, and diet. You may or may not need insulin. Gestational diabetes doesn’t mean your child will have diabetes, but it is a risk factor for them. Don’t panic, but take this seriously.

      • Rich

        High glucose is an indicator to eat more protein?

        If I were you, Kelly, (and I’m not just using that as a saying, I genuinely mean what I’d do if I was you) I’d cut down on conventional carbohydrates/sugars, and eat lots of vegetables and healthy fats – fats are the group that affects blood sugar the least, followed by protein and then carbohydrates. Have a google of their effect on insulin to see the difference, as it’s quite significant.

    • I suggest that you speak to your doctor and forget about all the desktop profs here.

  • Pavan

    My number while fasting is 99, Post meal no. is 85 is it possible ??

  • nilsa rodriguez

    My sugar is 109 I’m prediabetic is that ok

  • Rich

    Hey, was just wondering where you got the normal blood sugar ranges from? Every time I do a google search, it comes up with recommended blood sugar ranges for people with diabetes, and I struggle to find what they are in people without the condition.Thanks =)

    • According to WebMD, normal blood glucose before eating is 70–80 mg/dl, although others say 60–90. That would be 3.9–4.5 mmol/l. One hour after meals, glucose should not be above 140 in a person without diabetes or prediabetes

  • Patricia Ann Pettis

    My level is 118 should I be concerned

    • Bleblik

      Go and check yourself – that could be prediabetes. I was diagnosed with that so had to change my diet and cut off on carbs (bread and rice) and eat much less than used to. Once done it in a few days time my sugar level was between 75-95 all the time.

  • Beth A Barnes

    See a doc. You seem a little on the young side for perimenopause. Have your thyroid levels and vit D level checked due to your sweating issues.

  • Jessica

    My blood is 146 2 hours after eating is that normal

  • Jessica

    My level is 146 2 hours after earing and i dont have diabetes is that normal

    • Jessica, it depends what you ate, but 146 two hours after eating would be classed as prediabetes if it keeps happening. You might want to get an A1C test or see a doctor. Don’t worry about it, but be aware. Move more and limit starches and sugars.

  • Candice

    My level is usually 95 before I eat, but when it gets to 84 I start getting the shakes, really hot and feel like I’m going to pass out, if the normal is 70 why am I having this problem?

    • Candice, Some people get used to higher sugars and start to feel like they’re low when they get to normal. This usually goes away with time, but you should tell your doctor or educator about what’s happening. I wrote about this a few weeks ago in this blog entry.

      • Triximoon

        David what happens if someone goes from 450 carbs per day down to 100, the next day? How do they adjust their injections? My son is diabetic and very over weight and struggling. I’m trying to get him on Atkins

        • Trixi, if he drops his carbs that much, he will need to lower his insulin to prevent lows. It would be best to work with an diabetes educator or doctor, but there are websites like lowcarbdiabetes.org and lowcarbdiabetic.co.uk with communities that can help you get through this.

  • Sarah D James

    I had 5 seizures last weekend – started about 12pm, had toast and coffee at 8am, but no lunch.

    My blood sugar levels were 2.3 when the ambulance arrived (presume 12:30pm ish). From reading above – this isn’t too good?

    • Sarah, 2.3 is extremely low and accounts for your seizures. You need to change something about your medications and work with a doctor to keep this from happening again. If you skipped meals or over-exercised, that could contribute to the low sugar.

  • r

    What is a regular blood sugar level

  • Bonnie Soliz

    I’m 55 and over weight. Went in for a full panel and found out I have iron overload. So, I was put on a low carb/high protein diet. Also, low iron diet.(and I donated blood against their wishes, as my ferritin was 482) So this morning, I had four cups of coffee with full fat, full sugar Coffeemate creamer. My sugar level was 117 in December, and today I checked it after my coffee and it was 120. I think it was the sugared creamer that made it so high. Is that possible? The reason I switched to sugared creamer is, I thought the sugar free creamer that I use to use was not good for my iron problem. They said to stay away from prepackaged food. I just thought it would be safer. Could the creamer cause my level to go high? Been staying away from bread, noodles for 2 months now.

    • Bonnie, a sugar of 120 after four cups of coffee with full sugar creamer is not high at all. If it was still that high two hours later, that indicates a slight problem, but really, nothing that some walking wouldn’t fix, probably. It sounds to me like you are doing very well with your diabetes. I don’t know which creamer is best for you. Most people with diabetes avoid sugared drinks for good reason, but I don’t know about your iron problem. But tell me, why do you need four cups of coffee? One or two might be a healthier dose.

    • Lisa Vacula

      the question about the sugared creamer, as one who does not have diabetes, I cannot give advice about how the sugared creamer would react to your insulin and blood levels. I do know however, that sugar in most forms is not good for you. I avoid those sugared creamers and most sugars and salt, because too much of either one can cause the health to go haywire, anything from diabetes to heart attack. I eat as healthy as I can, meaning that if it is in either a box or a bag (outside of flash frozen) I stay away from it.. I shop only one the outside of the grocery store aisles, anything in the middle is junk and mostly fake food filled and laden with chemicals that humans cannot digest due to our evolutionary makeup. Too much coffee is not good for you anyway, it can cause caffeine dependence and anxiety..

  • Dear R and Surekha,

    According to the American Diabetes Association:

    A normal fasting (no food for eight hours) blood sugar level is between 70 and 99 mg/dl (between 3.9 and 5.5 mmol/l).
    A normal blood sugar level two hours after eating is less than 140 mg/dl (7.7 mmol/l). However, lower than that would be better. Some experts say shoot for 120 (or 6.6).

    Surekha, those numbers might be too tight for your dad to reach, but his current numbers are way too high. He should probably be on medication, eating far less starch and sugar, and exercising a lot more.

  • Hi Celina, Wish I could help, but I’m as confused as you and apparently your doctors are. Ninety-seven is not low. Even 75 is in the normal range, so I don’t think this is a blood sugar problem. I hope you get it figured out. Might help to see a neurologist if you haven’t.

  • Hi Yolanda, Your neuropathy foot symptoms should get better as your glucose control gets better. They take some time to go away. You can read about some treatments for the symptoms here.

  • volgner

    I don’t know if I should get checked for diabetes or not and don’t know how to tell if I have any symptoms of diabetes, but lately I have been getting massive migraines at work, out of the blue, and also get light headed. My dad’s side of the family has diabetes really strong, but I can’t ask them because we have no contact. If there is any way that I could get a list of symptoms to watch for please let me know. My mom is very concerned that I may end up with it so I also wanna find out for her sake.

    • volgner

      I am 22 and unfortunately overweight by the way if that means anything.

      • Mariah

        -Frequent urination and or fruity smelling urine
        -Thirst (like you keep on feeling dehydrated and your tongue starts to feel dry) even if you already drank some water.
        -Unexpected weight loss
        I have been a type 1 diabetic for 14 years and I still forget some of the symptoms. For both type 1&2, hyperglycemia symptoms or high blood sugar symptoms are the 1st indicator to get yourself checked out. You can easily google a list of them and if you seem to have a majority of them happening for a few days I recommend calling up your doctor to get tested. Your doctor will most likely have you test your blood sugar and the worst they’ll possibly ask for is a urine sample.

  • Vicki

    Hi, I am newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I am still trying to figure out things. However, I am getting really confused now. I am on diet control at the moment, not taking any medication or insulin. My sugar level is pretty normal moves between 5.1-5.5 the after food level is also okay it is always under 6.5. However, this morning when I did a fasting test, my blood sugar level was 6.6… what could have caused this please? Haven’t slept much last night. Could this be a reason?

    • Vicki, poor sleep can definitely raise your blood sugar. We have articles on this site about sleeping better — some will be linked in my blog entry next Wednesday. Just keep an eye on things as you’re doing.

  • Hi James, It’s good you got diagnosed — 435 is very high. You have a lot to learn, and an appointment with a diabetes educator would be a good thing for you, but you can also learn a lot from sites like ours. It’s a challenge, but you can handle it and grow from it. It will take some work, though, and the costs of not doing it would be high.

  • Geoff

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to post on here to get your opinion because I have been noticing some symptoms that are not normal for me. About a month and a half ago I noticed that I had the urge to urinate more often, but not 20 times a day. And then more recently I’ve noticed kind of a tingling in my hands and feet and since I am a drummer and playing in a rock band and have been playing a lot more lately I thought maybe it could be overuse and maybe something like that. Now, I’m pushing 40 so I thought that maybe the urination thing could be related to age as I’m not running to the bathroom every 20 minutes as I know some people do. I decided to get one of those blood glucose Accu Chek monitors and decided to wait overnight to get my fasting blood levels. They range from around 110 to 114 this past week. I had an in between meals level of around 98 and 1 after meal around 154. To add to the confusion of my levels I am getting over a bout of the flu and I know that being sick can mess with your blood glucose levels. I had thought about just waiting till I feel better to take levels as to not freak myself out, but the tingling in the more frequent urination started to freak me out a little bit. I just had a shake which was about 240 cal as my first meal of the day and took my levels about an hour and a half after I started drinking it and my levels were at 111. i’m guessing it’s a sign for me to really watch what I’m doing because I’m borderline but I also need to take in consideration that I am sick and that may have something to do with it. Any thoughts?

  • You’re doing great, Rameshwar. Keep it up — it shows the world what can be accomplished with self-care, especially if you start early. I can’t tell you why you got diabetes, but it sounds like the usual combination of insulin resistance and low insulin production. Don’t worry about that — keep living well as you’re doing.

  • AZJeepGuy2014

    I am age 52 and was diagnosed type 2 several years ago when I passed out at home and was rushed to the ER. My reading at the time was 470. They gave me emergency injections, stayed overnight in ICU, and put on a diet/exercise plan. I was 185 lbs 5’7 at the time and lost 30 lbs in about 3 months. Placed on Metformin 500 mg. twice daily My numbers went down dramatically and since then, I have been able to maintain in the 90’s to 120 range. Life became much better for me. More energy, dizziness I used to experience pre-ER room pretty much went away. Came off Metformin with Dr. permission about a year ago. Hated that drug, gave me bad diarrhea.

    Couple of questions because lately I have been getting tingling in my fingers left hand, lightheartedness, vision issues, difficulty sleeping, and my sugar level last night 3 hours after meal was 184 and this morning 2 hours after waking up and fasting since last night still showing 184. My other monitor said 155. I have 4 different monitors and each one gives me different readings. Why is that? My Freestyle Precision Neo seems to give me readings about 30 mg dl higher than my Freestyle Freedom Lite. Any ideas why this is? Thanks.

    • Daniel Andrews

      I’m all new to this, just diagnosed with Type 2 last week and reading as much as I can. From what I have read all machines read differently. It’s kind of like weighing yourself on a scale at the doctor’s office, the gym and at home! Your story caught my interest. It’s a Jeep thing!
      I am 56, 6 feet tall and weigh 180 pounds and take 50mg of Metformin with my evening meal unless I will be consuming more than one adult beverage that evening.

      I have always eaten very well, all fresh foods and whole grains, no fast food or soda. I do love my ‘white’ foods like white bread, white sugar, pasta and salt! I usually have my daily Thomas’ English Muffin, 100% cranberry juice and Greek yogurt topped with fresh berries with my coffee in the morning. Only eat bacon when frequently camp. So I am trying to get ahead of this. I am joining the gym again and taking this very seriously. My father was a serious type one diabetic and died from heart disease 10 years ago. My mother is healthy as a horse. I am astonished that I’ve been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes never being overweight or a sweet lover!
      I’m on a mission to beat this and nip it in the butt!
      After researching I realize that two strips of bacon is equal to a tablespoon of mayo on my can of Albacore tuna! Also 100% juice has about 30% more carbs than ‘fake’ juice…. what’s up with that! I can have a K-cup of cocoa in the evening or some natural bliss creamer in my one cup of coffee in the morning. So I have one ounce of juice rather than 12 ounces like I used to if I desire a treat! It’s all about choices!

      Best of luck,

      I am using some apps on the tablets and phone that work together for free. MySugr, Zero Carbs Foods, and FatSecret to record my meals in detail and give reports so far…any suggestions are welcomed.

    • Thermal deal

      you need to get back on medication

  • oceanpearl777

    Hi, I started having some concerns about my blood glucose recently. I’m 58 and 5’4″ weighting in at 225. I was told by my doctor I was pre-diabetes. Recently, while visiting a friend late at night we were discussing diabetes and I told her I was pre-diabetes. After drinking a sprint and eating dinner with her I decided to test my blood glucose, I was shocked in came in at 190 and that really scared me. I don’t remember my blood glucose being that high anyway I decided to do some interminent fasting and cutting out sugar. This morning on Feb 26th I test my blood glucose and it came in at 98. I thought that was still pretty high considering I hadn’t eaten since yesterday. What are your thoughts and my reading and can I get my reading down lower if I cut out sugar and limit my carb intake. Thanks you!

    • Thermal deal

      You should probably start oral medication such as metformin and a whole new diet change and exercise. You will have to do this for the rest of your life. But, it will change your life for the better and you will a longer healthier life if you are committed to it.

      • Merlin1955

        Metformin is most of the time a prescription for round the clock abdominal trouble. Check out keto paleo diet and stop listening to so many people who don’t have a clue.

  • FatFella

    Why no animal fats they won’t raise his blood sugar, your advice on fruit could also raise his blood glucose levels. How do I know this because I stopped eating fruit, except berries and added more fat to my diet. Now my blood glucose levels are normal and never in the diabetic range also lost loads of weight. Not saying this will work for anybody else, but trying something different is always worth ago!

    • Although carbohydrate is the nutrient that has the most immediate affect on blood glucose levels, fat is not glucose neutral. But only a small portion of the triglyceride (fat) molecule, called the glycerol backbone, can be used as glucose. This very small addition to the glucose pool can’t be the source of higher blood glucose readings. Especially for those carnivores eating meat in every meal. Bacon or sausage for breakfast, burger for lunch, more meat at dinner. Typical of my buddy. One needs to also have complete understanding how sugars are broken down and used in the body. Sucrose, fructose and glucose. Specific fruits are HIGHLY beneficial for diabetics. Some, not so much.

    • John S

      Many diabetics turn away from healthy fruits and vegetables out of fear. Then get into the high fat /low carb diets. Then end up with diabetes AND heart disease. Everything in moderation is best. Vitamins and mineral intake is critical for diabetics. They are mainly found in fruits and vegetables.

  • CB Viau

    It’s nice to be here. On Jan 17, 2017 I was dx with pre-diabetes. My A1c 6.3, weight 180 lbs., height 5’3″. Today I weigh 167 lbs. Today I also started using a meter and lancing device. I tested before I ate at 96 mg/dl. And now that I’ve eaten, I’ll test in another 1-1/2 hours. My A1c will be tested again in April 2017. I hope it is down because I have been losing weight.
    I realize there are various types of diabetic conditions and that not everyone experiences food in the same way. But something that really grabs me, from everything I’ve read on the internet or in books or listened to at forums, is about this … vegetables. Diabetics seem to shy away from vegetables (excluding cauliflower), and they don’t eat fruit, and of course carbs. And there are so many different opinions about it out there it makes me wonder what is what.
    That’s all I have to say. I’m basically venting my concern. Thanks for listening.

    • Thermal deal

      I eat fruits and vegetables they are good for you and you should be eating them. You should try to pass on sugary veggies like corn or fruit like watermelon. Everyone is different though and you should experiment with what works for you . I always test before eating a new food and test 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours past . See how your body reacts.

  • JMG

    What are you normally eating? I had cut out refined sugar and lost about sixty lbs getting me to a BMI of 24. I do take Metformin and my fasting glucose still came back at 118. I had to further cut carbohydrates. I was never one to eat processed foods, but I did eat things like homemade bread and dried fruit too often. Even at 1200-1500 calories a day, I was still just eating too much sugar.

  • Alfredo Balandra

    I had an A1C of 12.5 in September and in February I had it checked again and was at 6.2. I declined any kind of medication. I use Moringa Leaf powder, Moringa Seeds and drink Leche De Alpiste twice daily. I also eat healthy. Can’t wait to see how it drops after I begin to exercise.

    • Donné Exumé

      How much of each do you take daily?

      • Alfredo Balandra

        I take 1 tbsp. Of Moringa Leaf powder in a green smoothie (green apple, kiwi, cucumber, celery, cilantro, kale and water)
        I eat 2 Moringa seeds after every meal and i drink 1 glass about 10 oz. Of leche de Alpiste twice daily. 1 When I wake up in the morning and 1 before bedtime

  • John S

    I was diagnosed type 2 in May 2016 and ever since have been trying to figure out lowers my glucose numbers naturally. After trying herbs and eliminating foods I have found two thing that really help. B vitamins and Multi mineral. I am currently taking 2 multi B and 2 Multi minerals. Both are know to help turn “food into energy”. It has helped stabilize my numbers and give me some hope. Don’t go back to your old crappy diet after you think your numbers are down. A little exercise can lower numbers very quickly.

  • Amigi

    Well, today 3/15/17 was my day. I recently had cervical surgery and have been on my butt for six months. No exercise during that time, and even trying to eat healthy/lightly, I still gained 30 lbs.
    I’m hoping that once I get back on my feet in a few more weeks, my weight will come down, and my blood sugar will go back to normal. But diabetes is what my mom ended up passing from, so the doctor isnt taking any chances.
    I’m personally completely new to this, my mom lived 1000+ miles away while my dad took care of her, so I basically know nothing.
    Where do you start?

    • Amigi, You have to start educating yourself. Websites like ours are good places to start. Diabetes educators can help. There are many good books. Look around.

  • Telesam Saeed

    Hello what vitamins are best for type 2

  • Mia Tata

    Good day everyone, just wanna share my concern, i used to test my blood sugar every 2 weeks but it’s always range from 105 – 107 mgl , i am 42y/o 5″2 inches weighing 49-50lbs, my diet everyday includes (apple, banana, and sometimes berries with lowfat yoghurt + vegetables, less carbo, chicken every twice a week and fatty fish), i also run every other day as part of my exercise. my question is do i need to worry the range level of my glucose which is 105-107?

    • Hi Mia, If your blood sugar is fasting, meaning you haven’t eaten for eight hours, your numbers would be called prediabetic. If they’re not fasting, they don’t mean anything. But it seems you are living a very healthy lifestyle and staying stable, so I would not worry about your glucose range. Might be a good idea to keep testing every few weeks like you do.

  • Diana Dunbar

    What should your blood sugar be 2 hiurs after eatting mine was 97 is that ok

    • Phil Ryan

      that’s called normal.

  • yash

    Hi i’m 21 male. I took a sugar test today morning without eating anything. It was for the first time and it was 55(mg/dl) is it ok or not?? And if it is not then what should i do..??

    • Hi Yash, a glucose of 55 mg/dl is low, and you should eat when that happens, including some carbohydrate or sweets to get your sugar up. But I don’t think it’s a problem if you’re not having symptoms, like waking up sweaty or exhausted. May I ask why you were checking your sugar now?

  • Rakesh Pal

    I was diagnosed by type 2 : its level was 248, I gone again to recheck after taking only protein food, 2eggs, and milk, its level was 140/ , I was in doubt and asked again to another guy by glucometer in 3 machines, it was showing all 3 as 107, 109, 127, so how it was possible to decrease with in 24 hrs.

    While first day it was showing in fasting : 127 , and after taking meal , it was 248, I am surprise,

    Is it possible to recover with in 24 hrs this level ?

    • Rakesh, sugars go up and down all the time. Your 248 was probably after eating a meal with carbohydrates. But fasting of 127 still qualifies as diabetes, so you want to keep eating healthy and moving more, and see a doctor about it.

  • Arian0027 .

    Anyone looking to significantly lower blood sugar should look into a Keto lifestyle. High fat, carbs under 20 grams. Your body starts burning fat instead of glucose, it’s amazing.

  • Allie

    I’ve suspected some type of sugar-related issue for a while now… I will (seemingly randomly, though probably not) get bad symptoms of low sugar – nausea, sweating, dizziness, shaking… all relieved by eating something. I spoke to a doctor about it once several years ago and they felt that since my fasting BG was within normal limits, I was good. But I’m discovering that if I have something carb-heavy before bed (like the other night, around 10:30pm, I just REALLY wanted pancakes) that I wake up with a migraine. On Friday, hubby and I decided to try a 30-minute bike ride after work… I wasn’t hungry at all at the time so I didn’t think anything of it, but after 30 minutes, I felt like my sugar was at an all-time low. Could hardly focus on anything… super sick. I dug through my purse and got a couple of soft peppermints in my mouth and we headed to the nearest gas station. Got some water and some honey roasted cashews (which I selected because it was the only gluten-free thing I could find – my tummy does not agree with gluten – and there was only 5mg of sugar)… in 30 minutes I was fine.

    So today, I got up at 5:00am feeling OK…. and I grabbed a banana to eat while I waited for hubby to be ready to go to work. By the time I dropped him off at 6:00am, those familiar feelings (though milder) were coming back… nausea, sweating, shaking… so I went straight to the store and picked up a meter… and my level was 78. Not horrible, but it was only an hour after eating that banana and I’d have expected it to be higher? I, of course, had my regular breakfast right after that… but I’m trying to sort out what this all means. While it was my first time testing myself, I have watched others do it umpteen times and felt fairly confident once I figured out how my particular device worked. I’ll probably test again after 30 mins or so just to see how I responded to eating.

  • Jerry Nixon

    Hi, my name is Jerry. My evening meal yesterday was a pork chop, 1/2 cup of white rice, and cup and half of brockley, . I thought that was good,, this A M my fasting glucose was 181, I think that is quiet high. What are your thoughts?

    • David Tackett

      Replace the white rice with brown rice or skip the rice altogether.

    • Curtis Whalen

      Incorporate Ceylon cinnamon into your diet…Google it.

    • Reddog

      Rice, pasta, wheat, sugars, grains: Avoid.

      Cruciferous veggies (broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage); avocados, sweet potato in moderation, with your protein are OK. Try your pork chops with sauerkraut or broccoli. These vegetables also repair damage from high sugar levels.

  • Christin King

    I have been feeling really weird lately so I talked to a nurse friend and told her what was going on. I have several symptoms of diabetes and have for a while now. I have not eaten anything since early this morning and just checked my blood sugar and it was 131. The only thing I have drank is water. It has been over 12 hrs since I ate anything because I work third shift do I need to worry?

    • cindazoo

      Christin, when in doubt, see your doctor. A good fasting blood test should tell him or her, all they need to know. Diabetes is nothing to fool around with, it can cause damage to internal organs that could last a lifetime. It is easily manageable and nothing to fear if caught early. Hope this helps.

    • jp munsie

      Hi Christin. Yes you need to see your Dr. My name is JP Munsie, I have been struggling with this for 23 years now. under med of course..

  • Kathryn Smith

    Could use some insight. My new doctor says I have diabetes because my A1C number came back at 6.5. This is the first time that it has ever come back that high. It has usually ranged about 5.4-5.7. Now I must explain, the last three months before this blood test I was in the process of moving (we moved in October 28- November 1.) One week later, November 7, we went on our annual cruise. Yes I ate dessert every night but then who can turn down all those amazing desserts? Then we came home and I host Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years dinner parties at my house as I do every year. Of course I have to sample a little of everything I put out on the table including the cookies, cakes, fudge, etc. I normally do not have a sweet tooth. So I know that those past three months between the stress of moving, the cruise, and the holidays I did cram a lot of sweets and soda. However my doctor says that just because I have that 6.5 this means I am diabetic. I have spent the past two days testing my blood glucose and it never is out of whack. I have 83 reading upon waking. I have 92-96 two hours after eating, granted it can go up to 147 within the first hour after I eat a high carb meal but even then 2 hours later it is down to under the 97 range. I don’t understand how I can be diabetic based on that one number when my blood glucose is fine every time. She is starting me on Metformin which worries me because my mother is diabetic and Metformin has been a nightmare for her. I have lupus, fibromyalgia, and thyroid disorder. I currently take Plaquenil for the lupus, Lyrica for the fibromyalgia, Synthroid for the thyroid condition, and Estradiol for menopause after my hysterectomy. Only other surgery has been my gall bladder was removed a few years ago. Please does anyone have any insight into what the heck this truly is? I still think that the A1C number is either off or a fluke due to the last few months worth of activities. What kind of diabetes has normal blood sugar levels without medications?

    • Joseph R.

      One thing that us NOT being addressed in these posts is stress! Stress can effect your sugar levels! Greatly! Start reading ingredient labels and avoid sugar! it’s bad for you and highly addictive! If you cut sugar out of your diet you will lose 20 to 30 pounds! Lots of money to be made on diabetes so be careful of extremely aggressive marketing. Lorts of people offering cures if you buy their book and “the right supplements” through their website! Do research! Read!

    • Captain James T. Kirk

      Kathryn first off when people get older they don’t process wheat and pasta and other Genetically modified Carbohydrates nearly as well. Seems like your blood sugars are good I would test 3 times a day and take your meter in to your doctor and make sure it matches up with what they are getting during a blood test some times the testing meters can be off. Metformin is one of the older drugs out their for Diabetes and can cause some issues but they usually are very mild for most people and the medication for most helps them loose weight. Ironically 6.5 is borderline and at one time it wasn’t considered high, but just like blood pressure readings now your pre-hypertensive if you have a reading of 120/80! So don’t let the “Alarmist” type of people on here drive you insane or for that matter your doctor. Go see a Integrative Specialist Doctor who use holistic medicine and Westernized medicine to help you out.

    • Reddog

      Kathryn, the A1C is the average blood glucose level as measured by the hemoglobin in your blood: But since red blood cells last three months it is a three month average. Your daily FG levels tell the story day to day. Your daily levels don’t show you last months birthday cake or meatloaf and mash. That is the difference: When you’ve turned over another leaf you check again. Day to day is what your current level is; but it will show up in your three month history.

  • Jazzi Leigh

    What are you doing/eating different?

  • Hi David, thank you for sharing such useful information. It’s important to keep a check on blood sugar levels, especially when one has a family history of diabetes. And the symptoms are not really dramatic at the onset of the disease.

  • jp munsie

    Hi Keri. I was diagnosed with type II 23 years ago. What you need to do is simple:
    1. Calm down;
    2. Change life style:
    a) Take your medication as prescribed;
    b) Stay active or exercise (walk, hit the Gym, play sport, bike, jog etc..)
    c) Eat well and less (lose weight): less carb (white bread, rice, bagels, donuts, hamburgers….), more lean meat, veggie. Eat a lot of salad, no dressing or light dressing, no alcohol, soda..
    you will see a change. you are very young to have this.

    • Nadir

      After 23 years are on medication ?

  • Useful information those who want to care for their relatives this post is best for that it will be helpful for them and thanks for sharing.

  • Annette Williams

    I’m at 6.5 too Dr held off meds and said monitor my eating..all my daily Numbers are in range.I did hear the meds affect appetite and can be hard for some people. Second test still 6.5 I’m praying it go lower at next appointment in 3 months.Good Health to everyone.

  • P.K.Shivaram

    Hello Sir, I am 31 years old before 10 months i had pancreas attack i couldn’t able to bear the pain and i was admitted in hospital for around three weeks, afterwards i had this sugar problem, i followed everyday gym,walking. now i am some what okey but still i have to take insulin about 12 point at every day night then only the next day sugar monitoring for fasting comes under 120 otherwise it is going abnormal. Please advise me what i have to do? i am in which type of diabetic patient level. one day i checked without any insulin after food after 2 hours sugar level was 180. Please tell me any suggestion and what type of diabetic patient i am?

    • J Clem

      Look into a Keto diet.

      • P.K. SHIVARAM

        Sir, can you please Explain?

        • TakeMeNowJesus

          Do you have google?

  • unknown

    Hello, very useful information indeed, I wonder if could just have a moment of your time responding to this vital question, regarding to what i took in above my father is in a extremely threatening condition, we tested him with the device and the result was over 467 every time once he was like 503, we had been warning against eating too much of sweat things. After this test he was convinced that no longer was it a joke and my brother who is a nurse promptly gave him insulin shot afterward the test was over 350. Might i ask your recommendation my brother says that he must be taken to hospital to be examined by a specialist while my mother is not taking it seriously. could i have your recommendation i would appreciate it.

    • Your brother is right. Your father should be seen as soon as possible. I don’t know if he needs a specialist, but he does need to be on diabetes medications to get his sugar down. It’s dangerously high. He will get serious complications very fast with numbers like those.

  • Saqib Ejaz

    Try to check your HbA1c through good laboratory to confirm the stage.

  • Nitesh Jain

    Sir today I have checked my blood sugar level 15 min after break fast… its showing 167… is this high sugar level…

    • Hi Nitesh, Better to check one hour or two hours after eating. If you had 167 after an hour, that would be high.

    • Marilyn McTighe-Gossett

      Do you have diabetes? If not then that is high. It shouldn’t really go over 140.

    • Steve

      Check after 2 hours

  • Erica

    My sugar 127 that normal?

  • Non Business

    Im 40 Type 2 and my sugar level is 127 Im doing my walking and stuff so what that best reading for blood sugar

    • AzKat

      My dad used to have problems sleeping due to his diabeetes, he started cycling every day, several kilometers each day, now he can sleep at night.

  • Mina

    My late meal was at 12pm noon time. Around 7pm I felt kind of shaky took a sugar blood test it was 71. Is this normal ???

    • Marilyn McTighe-Gossett

      That’s on the low end of normal and for someone whose not used to being at that level it can cause you to feel kinda shaky.

    • AzKat

      Exactly same problem here, tho mine was at 68 AFTER eating (2 hours after eating), I immediately devoured the strawberries / peaches around the house and a few hours later I was good as new.

  • marycrish

    Hi…i just got my 2hr pbbg today and the result is 120 mg is that normal or not. Thanks to anyone that will answer

  • marycrish

    Hi..i just got my 2 hr pbbg and the result is 120mg..is that normal or not!!! Hope someone could help me..tnx

    • AzKat

      If it’s AFTER eating, then yes, if it’s BEFORE eating then no, go to a doctor immediately.

  • Ashi D Ashique

    I’m 25 years old , im little fat 80 kg and I have a 282 sugar and 140 blood pressure , is there any solution to my problem

  • Sally

    I have type 2. My ac1 is always good. But lately I’m dizzy and off balance all the time. My blood sugars are running lower than normal and I don’t take any meds for it. Diet controlled. Why is this happening?

    • There are many causes of being dizzy and off balance. You will have to be evaluated by a doctor if this continues. It may not be easy to diagnose.

  • Sophie Allen

    My blood glucose shortly after breakfast recently was 6.2. Is this OK?

  • AzKat

    I felt extremely shaky today, eating helped relieve the shakiness just a little.

    Later that day I went and used my dad’s diabetees tester (the one that tests the glucose level in your blood), seems I was under the normal limits of glucose AFTER eating (68 mg)

    I should probably start eating chocolate daily. God damn my body making me eat all of this sweet goodness.

  • Terry Dillon

    I am not diagnosed with diabetes. My blood glucose reading is 3.4 while fasting (before eating). Should I be concerned?

  • FriendOfGus

    Type 2 diabetes should be renamed to processed food disease. If caught early on it can be reversed according to Robert lustig.

    Fix the food and you can fix the disease. Don’t eat processed food (aka garbage). Eat food people would have eaten 2,000 years ago.

  • george

    im not diagnosed with diabetes the reading while fasting is 106 es that too high ??? what i need to do to get it under 99 ??? tks ..

    • Hi George, A fasting blood sugar of 106 is classed as “prediabetes.” The simplest way to get it down to normal is through more physical movement and eating much less starch and sugar. There are many other things you can do, which you can see on our website and other diabetes sites.

  • Tim Osmond

    TYpe II diabetes, was diagnosed in 2008. I have been off my meds for two years and here is what did it. Look up “Ketogenic Diet” The diet is about 60% monounsaturated fats, lean proteins and green veg. My A1C dropped from 17 to 9. My Blood Glucose 1hr after eating averages between 112 and 120. I am off my Metformin and and FEEL GREAT! I had no idea I was in a constant state of brain fog, until I eliminated refined sugar, processed carbohydrates from my life. We have been lied to all of our lives. The food pyramid is like the tobacco industry and the old, “Doctors agree, that cigarettes can sooth the throat”, ads.

    Typical breakfast:

    One whole avocado
    Two pieces bacon
    2 whole eggs
    1/4 bell pepper

    Served in one low carb tortilla


    Small salad
    Unroasted Almonds
    Grilled chicken


    Grilled Chicken
    Sauted Squash in butter and cream

    I eat like a king, drop weight, lowered my LDLs increased my HDLs, lowered m A1C and Blood glucose.

    • Valentina Cardona Sweeten

      Do you ever get to eat any processed food like ice cream or pizza?

      • Tim Osmond

        You can make pizza from Almond flour and cheese blended and baked for the crust and add your own toppings. Ice cream too, cream, sweetener, flavoring like natural vanilla. Go to Youtube, and search,. Keto Pizza or KEto Ice cream. It’s a life changer.

    • Thea

      Thanks so much. I noticed you ate bacon . Was that regular or turkey as you mentioned lean protein?

    • Elizabeth Gillings

      I’m T2 for 3 years and I agree the Keto diet is key to better numbers. My A1C was 8.4 when diagnosed and now 5.8

  • Sara Deen

    Aoa Saqib, can you please suggest some good diabetes friendly diet/ food. My fasting is 117 and weight is 148.8 lb and I am 42 years. Thanks

  • FriendOfGus

    Sorry to hear, finger pricking is a literal pain.
    I’m not an expert, but Robert Lustig seems to have dealt a lot with overweight and obese children.

  • Robert Payne

    I recently bought a blood glucose meter and after a meal my blood reads 33 mmcol/l then around 2 hours later is 22 and after a walk with a tough gradient is around 13. After reading these comments I’m becoming a little concerned. Those readings convert to 610, 400 and 230

    • Robert, you are right to be concerned — 33 mmol/l is very high and will damage blood vessels and nerves. But your meter could be wrong. I would see a doctor about this soon.

    • Reddog

      Robert, get a juice machine. A $39 Hamilton-Beach will do fine. Juice green vegetables only, sweeten with 1 pkg of stevia between meals. After meals if your sugar is high, juice two large cactus paddles (prickly pear cactus): Burn off the spines over a hot stove; slice them up and put them in the juicer. Also get a magnetic resistance recumbent stationary bike – and pedal at an aerobic level for 20-30 minutes; half hour break; then again. Your sugar will come down to normal from almost any sugar spike.

      You want to reduce your consumption of grains with the goal of eliminating them completely: That includes pasta, rice, flour, bread; potatoes are particularly deadly, but sweet potatoes OK. And no sugar; only stevia – or in limited amounts, honey. Cut out soda; even diet soda and soft drinks. Aspartame aggravates diabetes and you won’t lose weight on it. Lemon juice and water with stevia is OK.

      Never get over-confident and neglectful of glucose testing. Your medicines will NOT handle it while you eat junk. You have to get more active. I used to love jogging but my knees and feet no longer do; so I’ve taken up unicycling – It’s less efficient than a bicycle but way more efficient at burning off calories which is what I want (subscribe to the ‘Unigeezer’ channel). For upper body, I flex an archery bow and a spring-baton chest exerciser. You’re still going to cheat once in a while; but the cactus juice will bring your sugar back down.

      Hope this helps.

    • David Francois Joubert

      Robert, you definitely need to go on meds and bring this down. You are a full blown diabetic, like me. My sugar levels are down to between 11 and 5.5 with meds and diet. Do this quickly, for your safety

  • Pat Erickson

    My Dr. tells me blood sugar is low, I just got my results and mine is 66. That was early in the am at the Dr. at 8:30 without breakfast. Thank you.

  • Pat Erickson

    I had blood done the Dr. said my blood sugar was low, went I got my result it said it was low at 66. Is that low?

  • TK

    Recently diagnosed with type 2. Am overweight, and got put on the New Nordic Diet. My fasting is at 137, but my after meal is still about 160-180. What am I doing wrong?

    • Christine

      Cut way down on complex carbs and sugars and you will see an improvement. I am not a Dr. but speaking from experience. I was on Invokana for 2 1/2 years, which brought my a1c down to around 7 from 10.9 for most of that time. Even while fasting my morning readings were always 150 and above. I was also on Metformin 1000 mg 2x daily. I am no longer on the Invokana, still on the Metform and my Dr. added Glipizide 10 mg 2x daily. Since cutting out the complex carbs and sweets and getting my carbs from veggies and all my morning sugars have ranged from 81 to a high of only 120 for the past 2 weeks when I began eating without the breads, potatoes, rice, and sweets.

    • Patrick Mccurry

      Find what works for you personally. Some “bad” foods may be okay for you, while some “good” foods may cause a spike. I can eat potatoes safely, but jalapenos spike it worse than pure sugar. Makes no sense, but it is what it is.
      And of course aerobic exercise for 40 minutes or so daily. Whatever you can do for that time period. You don’t have anything to prove, so don’t push yourself much. Just do what you can regularly.
      I’m off meds save for emergencies, and A1C of 5.9.

    • Patrick Mccurry

      As to weight loss, I found that there may be a magic 10 lbs that matter far more for blood sugar than any other. You may be right on that cusp and not know it.

    • Look into intermittent fasting as a permanent lifestyle.

  • Tim Osmond

    It took about two weeks for the levels to start ticking lower then four weeks for a significant drop in insulin levels. About eight weeks to be well within daily normal ranges. The weight loss was a secondary benefit, I lost about a pound to two pounds a week. I was never hungry, I had to force myself to eat and the pounds melted off. Everything I have studied, told me my body converted from using carbs for energy to using stored fat and it was noticeable, loose fitting clothes, thinner face.

    What have you got to lose, try it.

    • Kimmy

      Thank you so much for such a detailed reply. I’ve been trying to cut down carbohydrates and started exercising more. But instead, my weight goes up 🙁 my FBG was 146 when I last checked but I have a +2 ketone in my urine. I guess my body works differently.
      But glad that you’re method is working well for you! Continue spreading your story as I think it would inspire a lot of people!

      • Tim Osmond

        I wish you all the best, I truly do.

  • Kimmy

    What did you do????

  • Reddog

    Robert, get a juice machine. A $39 Hamilton-Beach will do fine. Juice green vegetables only, sweeten with 1 pkg of stevia between meals. After meals if your sugar is high, juice two large cactus paddles (prickly pear cactus): Burn off the spines over a hot stove; slice them up and put them in the juicer. Also get a magnetic resistance recumbent stationary bike – and pedal at an aerobic level for 20-30 minutes; half hour break; then again. Your sugar will come down to normal from almost any sugar spike.

  • I’m a type 2 diabetic at present. My recent Panel 7 lab test included the blood glucose average means which is 151 mg/dl as estimated.
    Even the today’s standard of A1c had been raised by the AMA.
    I know there is room for improvement to target an ideal less than 140mg/dl even 7.0 mmol/L is still acceptable.
    I had participated in a diabetes education program funded by the local county medical health services before.
    The prescribe “diabetic educator” which done the basic fundamentals of lecturing on how to diet, taking medicine and daily exercise. I’ve had meet many individuals regardless of age with diabetes still struggling to manage it. There is even a paperback book published Type 2 Diabetes for dummies LOL!

  • Rhonda Robertson

    I was diagnosed 3 months ago with type 2. The doctor said my Ac1 was 6.5. I have been around diabetics most of my life. Therefore, I attended classes with my mother 44 years ago when she was diagnosed. Of course somethings have changed.
    I know that changing my lifestyle of eating and exercise can do wonders. My doctors first suggestion was metformin. I politely told her that I would first try holistic methods, ie. exercise, less sugar, limited my pasta intake, and checking my levels daily.
    To date (3months later) my waking levels are between 89-127. Bed time between 159-190.
    Unless something changes, I will not take the meds. I will continue to control it on my own.

    • roger

      The problem is your body fats and proteins can transform into glucose too. You may have high blood sugar level without taking any carbs. I think that your doctor’s suggestion is right. Mmetformin is very save if your Kidney function is normal. Drs. typically prescribe 5mg Lisinopril vitamin D3+ to protect the kidney if you do not cough or Losartan 25 mg if you are allergic to Lisinopril. If your Kidney function is below the normal level (eGFR is less than 60), your doctor may recommend Glipizide or other brand name drugs. You don’t want to wait until you develop Glaucoma, Kidney failure, Cardiovascular diseases, food damage or hearing impairment. These damages are one-way street. Please consult your doctor.

      • Brenda Adams

        metformin is trash!!!

        • Patrick Mccurry

          It saved my life. It’s almost as if drugs aren’t perfect for 100% of humanity.

      • Patrick Mccurry

        When I injured my hip running wrongly, my blood sugar spiked hard even when I literally ate nothing for a day. When your body’s “instincts” are wrong, then medicine is needed. It’s not a failure to occasionally or even daily need medication. (I’m off meds except for accidents or sickness, but don’t judge those that still need them.)

  • DoUbLeBaD Entertainment

    My journey has been trying and problematic for the most part. A year and a half ago I was diagnosed as being type 2 diabetic with as A1C of 7.1 and blood glucose tests at the doctor office of the low 200s. Fast forward to October of 2016 when I moved out of state because we were expecting a new baby in about 5 months and wanted to be closer to family. Because of the move I was without insurance and continued to take the metformin as had been prescribed with no further testing. The darndest thing happened. I started to get very thirsty and my urine output increased dramatically. I ignored the symptoms, found a new job, had a baby and moved into a new apartment. During these first months weight started to fall off rapidly. To the tune of 30 pounds for the first month, 25 for the second 20 for the third. Then about 5 pounds a month for the next 6 months. Since the weight loss tapered off I chalked it up to improvements I’ve made to my diet coupled with increased activity levels. I was exhausted all of the time but being a new dad and working nights can do that. I ignored the frequent longstanding skin infections that showed up but I could not ignore when my vision started to go. It had progressed to a point where I could not read, drive or even warch television. My new doctor ran the normal tests and my A1C was over 14 and immeasurable and my fasting glucose was over 600 as the meter could not actually read it. It seems that my initial diagnosis of being type 2 was incorrect as the blood tests revealed that I was no longer producing insulin on my own. As it was explained to me, I was very close to worse things happening.

    6 weeks later and my eyesight is much better and I feel a lot better. I test my blood glucose 4 times a day minimum now with a fasting glucose usually 80 to 100 and the remaining between 80 and 120 thanks to my 5 injections of insulin a day. I am scheduled for a CT scan to look and see if there is a physical reason for the failure of my pancreas and I will update here if there is something found out. Wish me luck in my new life.

    • Treyce MH

      I wish you good health, all the luck, and take care.

  • Madcow

    It has been 5 months since I found out I had diabetes I have dropped 31 lbs and my A1C is at 5.2. If it stays that low I come off my Glibizide.

    • TakeMeNowJesus

      I tried everything to get blood sugar under control. It was only until I lost 25 lbs that A1C went under 6. MD reduced my metformin from 2000 mg/day to 500.

  • tony farzin

    how did u do it

  • friendnotfoe

    Being a senior on a limited income the cost of insulin and test strips is very expensive. Rent is seventy percent
    of income now. Very hard to be a diabetic here in the U.S. with high cost of everything. The insurance company
    told the pharmacy I need to go on less expensive insulin. So saving them money is more important then the
    cost of the premiums they charge us. Worse disease out there to keep up with the cost of all you need with it.

    • Jim Garrison

      If you are per chance a veteran, the VA offers insulin at a very low cost. I know that even with Medicare, insulin therapy is very costly.

    • Carroll Dunn

      Medicare part B pays for insulin, test strips and pump without any cost for mr. I am type 1. You have to take a test to prove type 1, then it is all covered.

      • friendnotfoe

        You are aware that they don’t cover type II Diabetes right?

  • friendnotfoe

    The diabetes magazine stated it can also be brought on with early menopause
    in women. Doctor caused that for me before age forty.

  • Thomas

    Diabetes and other diseases are major lifestyle changers. My son has it unfortunately and he’s only 15. Thankfully he does play high school sports which helps him a lot. He doesn’t take insulin to keep it under control, he manages his situation and his readings are within normal ranges. Him, his mother, and myself all had a discussion about this. In a few short years we won’t be there to make him take it or manage it, so the best solution is to set him up on the lifestyle he’ll need to stay healthy. I don’t deny him any foods or drinks, he knows the consequences of drinking a soda or eating candy.

    People need to stop pushing any sort of ketogensis diets. They do more long term damage than they do good. My son and myself both stick completely to the primal blueprint lifestyle, it’s why he doesn’t have to take insulin. Google it, it’ll do you a lot of good.

    So people know, ketogensis diets burn fat. It’s not a healthy long term solution for your energy needs. You do need to have some carbs stored up for energy needs. If you need more than what vegetables can give you, your first choice should be white rice, followed by patatoes/sweet potatoes. The people bashing patatoes probably don’t know why they are doing so. All things being equal between the two, it’s because of the saponins they contain that people claim they’re bad. Cooking them destroy the saponins

    • Patrick Mccurry

      Your ignorance is showing. Our bodies don’t need any carbohydrates to thrive. I manage my diabetes quite well without going ketogenic at all, but I don’t bash things that work for others. (Oddly, potatoes don’t affect my blood sugar, so again, what’s perfect for one person is not perfect for another.)

    • Andrew

      I strongly suggest go for “low-carb diet”….more vegetables, lean meat/fish/poultry, and low glycemic fruits.

      Avoid potatoes, white bread, pasta, noodles, white rice – they all spike blood sugar levels which can lead to diabetic complications.

  • Matt Pitt

    Tim for the past 50 years I have considered myself “straight” damn you…! Your lessons in diabetes are inspirational thank you. The feeling of “brain fog” is horrific I likened it to to the immediate feeling of being hit by a baseball bat but without the pain….in all seriousness yours and indeed “FriendofGus” (below) area are absolutely “spot on” as we say on this side of the pond.

  • Patrick Mccurry

    The vast majority of diabetic sites target those with absolute garbage diets so try only to slightly modify things form there. It’s hard to find actual optimal diet suggestions. Sadly, the most effective diet I’ve found is very personal, because what effects my blood sugar is quite different from the norms and what may effect yours.
    For example, potatoes don’t raise my levels much at all, but all other starches do. I’ve said that I have Irish diabetes. Experiment and test religiously.

  • Matt B

    So I have Crohn’s disease and Diabetes now, what the hell am I supposed to eat…

    Advice is appreciated.



    • Hi Matthias, I’m afraid you will have to explore what works for you. That’s a tough combination, since Crohn’s diets are usually low fiber, and healthy diabetes eating is usually high in fiber. One thing that seems to work for both is to eat small meals frequently. Can you consult with you doctor and maybe ask for a referral to a registered dietitian or nutritionist?

    • Bluemoon

      Had you been treated with steroids for your Crohn’s? My brother developed Type 2 for steroids for his colitis.

    • Sheri Smith

      Check out the Ketogenic Diet ! Many, many Fantastic info on the web Here’s one: https://www.dietdoctor.com/personal-experience-fasting-jimmy-moore

  • Sweete

    I have type 2 diabetes. When I wake up and test my sugar it is 79 & sometimes 86. So my question is do I still need insulin. If I give my self insulin I get sick & even after I eat it goes up to 109. When it is that low do I still need insulin – that is my question

    • Hi Sweete, Your morning sugars are normal. If you’re taking long-acting insulin, that might be what’s keeping them down. You don’t say how your sugars run the rest of the day, so you may or may not need fast-acting insulin with meals, but it sounds like you should talk with your doctor about cutting down or getting off the insulin. Congratulations on doing so well!

  • Adil Mohammed Khan

    Sir, I am diabetic with type 2, can i manage it without taking pills, for example, daily brisk walk for half an hour, doing some cycling at home, giving up rice, potatoes, sweets and sugar etc, please advise.

    • Inez Deborah Emilia Altar

      it is supposed to be safest with insulin there is a loquat leaf cure with a tea you can make of it

    • Larry Madrid

      Checkout the Ketogenic diet. I cured my diabetes, you can too. I said goodbye to insulin.-best feeling ever and endless energy.

  • Lisa

    I have type 2 diabetes and I’m on metformin.Soon as I found out I had it I went to a slimming club and have lost 30lb so far.Having a 3 month blood test my bloods were high even after the weight loss.I was given another 3months to bring it down cutting out potatoes ,bread ,rice and pasta.Ive had my next blood test and was told today I need to see the diabetic nurse as my bloods are real heigh.The doctor said we say u are diabetic if there 42. Then said mine is now 89.Only I’ve looked at charts on line and none of the numbers add up.What test are they doing if I Carnot find anything that comes close on line to the numbers I’ve been given.89 should I be worried as she said there fanomanaly high.Please help

    • Lisa, no blood sugar test I’m aware of has numbers like that. The usual American numbers are in milligrams/deciliter (mg/dl). Normal is 70–100. In the global system of millimols/liter, normal is basically 4–6. Maybe another reader will know what this means, or maybe you could ask your nurse what it’s measuring.

  • Horváth Ottó

    I had prediabetes, frequently I woke up with 6.x mmol/L. I ordered inulin+gymnema sylvestre combo supplement and my intake from them was 1 pill/day 4(!) days long it was a week ago and my numbers still remained below 5(!) I mean after a meal I immediately checked my blood sugar and still remained below 5. Incredible. Randomly checking my blood sugar during a day it is about 4.5 mmol/L an average. If this not happens to me I promise you I don’t believe it. Give a try to yourself.

    • Biboy

      What specifically the name and brand of supplement you take? thank you..

    • Hicks

      Hi I am also prediabetic. My number was 5.8. Can you tell me the brand of insulin/gymnema sylvestre you tried that worked for you?

  • gloria

    I would argue with you on the metformin. I was on it for a few years at a higher dosage than needed and suffered from uncontrolable diaherra. Thought I had colon cancer but the tests proved I didn’t. Finally took myself off of it. It took my body almost a year to get back to normal.

  • Hi i am 24 years old my fasting sr insulin is 31mu/l and fasting blood sugar is 98mg/dl
    And i have family history of type2 DM should i start metformin?

  • John Morgan

    I go to say i don’t get it i check mine in the morning 5.7 and then again at night 8.5 been like that for a year and they still say it type 2

  • A normal blood sugar level is really important for everyone otherwise it gives rise to various other diseases on of which is diabetes. Where high blood sugar level gives us shivers, low blood sugar level is a problem too. There are various measures to be taken while testing your sugar level. There are various methods too. It completely depends upon you in which method you are more comfortable. This article provides information about sugar level and the ways of testing it. It also helps us by telling how to and when to test our blood sugar levels. So, go on and test your sugar level and stay healthy!

  • terri

    just tested myself for the first time …approx 2 hrs after i ate and the reading was 9.5 all new to me is this bad or good.