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  • Elias Bernabela

    Dear sir,
    My internist want me to start taking 20 unites of lantus and combine with 2 a day l tablet of metformine. Do you think this is good for me to control my bloodsugar. ? My blood sugar was the last week dayly higher that normal. Between 120 and 240, especially after eating and having fruit as desert.
    Do you have any advice? Thank you. Elias

    • George Jennings

      Lantus is good, i was on regular metformin but starting getting mild diarrhea, changed to metformin ER 1x day, no issues.

  • rajesh mundeja

    Pioglitazone status

  • Van lal

    Sir. Which medicine are the best for diabetis pl tell me.fasting 102 . I use to take sugar control medicine glycoment sr 500 is danger for control diabetis ? Or not


    Sir i have the frequent urination problem every one hour even my sugar level is in control


    Hi sir since last two months i am taking GLUCOPHAGE 500 mg but my Sugur Level no Decrease its Go increase but i am now 33 years old give me any suggestions for improvement of blood sugar levels

    • Marwan

      Hi , you should take care of your eating , never take suger for tea or coffee never , and eat more vegetable and apple , avocado. Green tea , fish slamon or tuna , whole-wheat , brown rice , and moer fiber, drink water 3 liter

  • Jon Littlewood

    Hi all, my question is I take 4xmetformin tablets per day. It’s it necessary for me to test me blood sugar levels. If yes which is the best and or easiest to use. If no, then ok one thing less for me to worry about.

  • Sreedevi Pachankaavil

    I just tested my sugar out of suspected diabetics. My fasting sugar is 93 and 96 in two separate tests.I am 29 years old. Is there anything to worry?

  • shoaib

    My mother fasting blood sugar level is 215. What medication should be used by her to control her blood sugar