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Blood sugar management is one of the cornerstones of diabetes care. Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or you’re a seasoned diabetes veteran, our free blood sugar guide is sure to have information that can help you take control. Inside you’ll find our expert tips on dealing with high blood sugar after meals, guidance on making your blood glucose meter work for you, advice on treating hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and more. Don’t delay — download your free blood sugar guide today!

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  • Elias Bernabela

    Dear sir,
    My internist want me to start taking 20 unites of lantus and combine with 2 a day l tablet of metformine. Do you think this is good for me to control my bloodsugar. ? My blood sugar was the last week dayly higher that normal. Between 120 and 240, especially after eating and having fruit as desert.
    Do you have any advice? Thank you. Elias

    • George Jennings

      Lantus is good, i was on regular metformin but starting getting mild diarrhea, changed to metformin ER 1x day, no issues.