Product Review: Saucepan Chef Cooking Utensils

According to estimates, approximately 60 to 70 percent of people living with diabetes have some form of nerve damage. While cooking at home is a more nutritious alternative to eating out or buying processed foods, trying to prepare meals with numb hands is not only uncomfortable, but can be near impossible depending on the severity.


Ellis Regini, creator of the Saucepan Chef, became so fed up with the design and quality of current kitchen utensils that he was inspired to conceive a line of his own that are easy to grip and as effective as possible for those with a limited range of motion. According to a statement released from the Saucepan Chef, Regini created “one-of-kind, high-quality kitchen utensils that are easier to use. Wide handles make them easy to grip. Redesigned angles allow cooks to flip burgers at a 30-degree motioned angle instead of the typical 180 degrees.”

The curvature of these utensils corresponds to the shape of bowls and saucepans, allowing people who have difficulty maintaining their grip for extended periods of time to limit the amount of swipes they need to make while cooking. This helps allow for more nights staying in to prepare healthier meals at home, without any concern for pain or discomfort afterward. You can see some of the products Saucepan Chef offers here.

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