Product Review: RejuvaSocks

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Product Review: RejuvaSocks

For many people living with diabetes, compression socks are a wonderful, noninvasive way to sustain the circulatory health of feet and legs. Yet the styles and patterns that are predominantly used for these socks are incredibly limited, and occasionally even downright boring. Comfort shouldn’t automatically mean sacrificing style! Kelsey Minarik, creator of RejuvaSocks, felt the same when she started her line of attractive, versatile compression socks.

“The idea for RejuvaSocks was born from my own personal experience wearing compression,” said Minarik, “Relief traditional stockings lent was incredible, but there was one catch — I hated how they looked!”

When Minarik was 21 years old she suffered a blood clot on a plane and was advised by her doctor to wear compression while she recovered. After realizing the limited options available to consumers, Minarik was inspired to create her own line to fill the void. RejuvaSocks were designed with the simple goal of providing the graduated compression people needed in styles that they would actually want to wear. Minarik also took the key factor of comfort into account when creating these socks.

“Inspired by my own frustration with the pinching some knee highs provide and feedback we’ve heard from others who experienced the same, we designed them to include extra wide top bands that hold the socks up without binding,” said Minarik, “Our wearers also love their padded heel and toe, which fit with the comfort of an athletic sock.”

Offered in a variety of patterns and colors, including argyle, houndstooth, and polka dot, these socks are a fashion-lover’s dream. Starting at $29.99, they are available for both men and women and can be purchased in bulk. RejuvaHealth also offers compression thigh highs, pantyhose, and open-toe socks.

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