10 Diabetes Technologies to Watch in 2019

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FreeStyle Libre CGM System
FreeStyle Libre CGM System. Image courtesy of Abbott.

FreeStyle Libre CGM System

Creator: Abbott

Launch date: July 2018

Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre offers several improvements over its previous CGM system, the FreeStyle, which it launched in the United States in 2017. These include a 14-day sensor wear time, a new-sensor “warmup” time of just one hour, and slightly more accurate readings than the previous system.

The new system is also approved to make diabetes treatment decisions without fingerstick tests, and has the longest sensor life of any device currently on the market to gain this approval. It doesn’t require fingerstick calibration.

”The FreeStyle Libre offers a revolutionary way to easily track glucose levels without having to stop and stick your finger,” says Marc Taub, divisional vice president of product development for diabetes care at Abbott. “With a quick, one-second scan of the reader over the sensor, a user gets actionable information to empower them to make better health decisions.”

The FreeStyle Libre has been in use around the world for several years already, with over 800,000 users, according to Abbott — making it the world’s most popular CGM system.

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