10 Diabetes Technologies to Watch in 2019

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Eversense CGM System
Eversense CGM System. Image courtesy of Senseonics.

Eversense CGM System

Creator: Senseonics

Launch date: July 2018

Eversense is the first long-term CGM system to use a fully implantable sensor. Instead of applying a sensor yourself that lasts for a number of days, your doctor numbs an area of your upper arm and inserts a sensor under the skin that can be left in place for up to 90 days.

A removable, rechargeable transmitter is worn above the sensor on the skin surface. This device sends your glucose levels to a compatible smartphone, where you can check them using an app. The app can issue predictive alerts when it senses that your glucose level will be high or low in the near future.

The transmitter itself also issues three types of alerts when your blood glucose gets too high or too low: lights, sounds, and vibrations — even when your phone isn’t nearby.

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