10 Diabetes Technologies to Watch in 2019

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WaveForm CGM SystemWaveForm CGM System

Creator: WaveForm Technologies

Launch date: Expected 2019

WaveForm, a subsidiary of blood glucose meter manufacturer AgaMatrix, announced the results of the 12th clinical trial of its CGM system in June 2018.

According to the company, its system was tested for extended use of its sensor, which it expects to be approved for wearing for 14 days. It also aimed to match or beat the performance of Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre CGM system (outlined on the next page).

The company touts several advantages of its system, including rapid and painless insertion of its sensor, a new-sensor “warmup” time of one hour or less, and glucose level reporting every minute. “We feel that recent clinical trials of the WaveForm CGM system demonstrate a powerful combination of extended wear, performance, and ease of use, unmatched by current industry leaders,” says Mihailo Rebec, chief technical officer of Waveform.

Rebec also notes that the company’s technology positions it to offer new products in the near future, such as a potential “closed-loop” glucose monitoring and insulin delivery system.

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