10 Diabetes Technologies to Watch in 2019

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Omnipod DASH Insulin Pump

Creator: Insulet

Launch date: Expected early 2019

The Omnipod DASH is a tubeless, low-profile insulin pump that’s worn on the skin and can deliver up to 200 units of insulin over 72 hours of continuous wearing. It consists of the pump itself, known as the Pod, and a handheld controller device known as the Personal Diabetes Manager.

The system can connect wirelessly with the Contour Next One blood glucose meter, allowing users to calculate insulin boluses based on fingerstick test results. The system can also connect to a smart device via Bluetooth to keep track of blood glucose and insulin delivery information using an app called Omnipod Display.

While the Omnipod DASH doesn’t feature integrated use with any CGM system, data from a Dexcom CGM system can be configured to be viewed alongside data from the DASH on a smart device.

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