Shake a Leg!

“I thought everybody had an uncle with one leg.”

There it sat, in a file in a folder of ideas and starts of blog ideas I keep on my computer. The blog post I was planning to write for this week fell through and I was looking for ideas… Read More “Shake a Leg!”

Extra, Extra: Nutrition News That You Can Use (Part 1)

As summer begins to wind down, I thought you might be interested in catching up on various nutrition studies that have been released over the past few months. Some of the research findings are perhaps not all that earth-shattering, but they serve to remind us of how a few lifestyle changes can really make a difference in terms of health. Other of the findings provide some hope, particularly in the areas of heart disease, weight management, and diabetes. At any rate, read this for what it’s worth… Read More “Extra, Extra: Nutrition News That You Can Use (Part 1)”

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