Loss Leads to Indecision

Happy Tuesday! How was your weekend? Mine was kind of good. My sweet baboo and I took advantage of the long weekend to get out of town for a couple of days. No phones, no computers, no grandchildren, no schedules. It was great.

Well, I did break my cell phone and lose my meter.

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What We’re Reading: Nominate and Win!

Do you know someone whose hard work helping people with diabetes deserves to be rewarded? Whether it’s a special health-care professional or members of a family caring for a child with diabetes, now is your chance to help them get recognized and possibly win a weekend getaway. Two contests that honor people who help others manage their diabetes are currently calling for nominees; read on for the details. Read More “What We’re Reading: Nominate and Win!”

Diabetes, Stomach Stuff, and Spousal Stress

Last Thursday, I left work early because I was feeling out of it. These were the typical nondescript symptoms of my youth, more often than not the ones I’d call upon when I wanted nothing more than to tune out and do nothing. My intention last week was to go home and nap for a good three or four hours, then enjoy a quiet evening before returning to work the next day, the lazy weekend stretching out before me.

It didn’t turn out that way.

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