What Is Hypoglycemia? Symptoms and Treatments

One of the most common side effects of taking insulin is hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Hypoglycemia can be mild, moderate or severe…

False Hypo Symptoms: Diabetes Questions & Answers

A reader writes, “Recently I’ve been noticing low blood sugar feelings (glazed, unable to concentrate) even when my blood sugar levels are normal or high…”


CGM for Diabetes Management

When compared with a standard blood glucose meter, using a CGM improves monitoring by giving you feedback throughout the day while requiring fewer finger sticks. Learn more about CGM for diabetes management…

Getting to Know Ketones

Does anyone really know what ketones are? Are they a danger to your health, or a sign that you have lowered your carb intake enough to cause weight loss?

A1C Levels Chart

This A1C levels chart shows normal A1C levels for people without diabetes as well as the A1C criteria used to diagnosed prediabetes and diabetes…