Deltec Cozmo Pump Discontinued

As Eric Lagergren mentioned in his blog entry "Insurance, Skin-Prep Wipes, and Principle (Part 2)," the company Smiths Medical recently announced that it is ending manufacturing and sales of its Deltec Cozmo insulin pump and, ultimately, exiting the diabetes business. What does this mean for people who currently use this pump?


In a notice sent to customers on March 25, the company assured current users that “we will honor your warranty, we will provide customer and clinical support for the remainder of the warranty of your pump, and we will ensure the availability of cartridges and infusion sets.” The notice went on to explain that Smiths Medical will work with current users to help them switch to a national or regional distributor of Deltec Cozmo insulin pump cartridges and Cleo and Comfort infusion sets. (These infusion sets will continue to be manufactured by Smiths Medical.) It also explained that as people’s pumps approach the end of their warranty periods, they will need to consult with their health-care providers to choose a new pump from a different company.

Pump manufacturer Medtronic is making a play to be that company. On April 3, Medtronic announced the launch of the “Medtronic Cares Program,” which aims to encourage Cozmo users to switch to a MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time pump and continuous glucose monitoring system by presenting them with a special deal. The program will offer in-warranty Deltec customers a $500 trade-in credit for their Cozmo pumps and an option to “work off” additional expenses by responding to four customer service surveys over 12 months. In exchange, they will receive a “recertified” (refurbished) Paradigm pump, 30 days of supplies (infusion sets, reservoirs, and an insertion device), and a two-year warranty on their new pump from Medtronic.

You can learn more about the discontinuation of the Deltec Cozmo at You can also contact the Smiths Medical customer support team at (800) 826-9703.

And you can find out more about the Medtronic Cares Program at or by calling (800) 646-4633, Option 6.

Are you a current Cozmo user? If so, how do you feel about this news? Are you interested in the Medtronic offer, or will you consider switching to a different pump manufacturer? Let us know with a comment.

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  • Jan Chait

    Medtronic is not the only pump company with a special offer for Cozmo users. Animas Corp.’s offer can be found at OmniPod’s offer can be found at I suspect the other companies will be coming out with special offers, too.

    Another plan, especially if there is a bit of time left on your warranty, is to just sit back and wait to see what else comes along (which is what I plan to do).


  • Rhonda Piper

    I am going on 2 years of being a diabetic and 1 year of being on the Deltec Cozmor Pump. So this has come to me with great disappointment. I really hope they mean that they will honor my 4 yr warranty because I can’t afford to swittch to a different style. I really like the advantages and programs with this pump. So at this time I am very disappointed.

  • Kelli

    I was vary disapointed when we received the notice in the mail. My 11 year old son and I had just decided to put him on the pump a few months earlier. After carefully researching all the pumps out there we were excited about selecting the Cozmo. A month and a half after he started on it, we got the letter. We too will do the same, stay with the Cozmo until the warranty expires or something goes bad with Deltec…..bummer deal ūüôĀ

  • colleen howey

    I got a letter from Smith Medical that replacement pumps will be available Mon – Friday during business hours (9-5). So if your pump malfunctions on Friday evening you are out of luck until Monday morning! Yikes.