Introducing “Making a Difference in Diabetes”

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Introducing the Weekly Roundup: Making a Difference in Diabetes

Welcome to the latest blog series, “Making a Difference in Diabetes”! Periodically, we will be profiling different individuals and organizations that are channeling their knowledge and experience with diabetes to create positive change in the diabetes community. Read on for more about the series — and to get some sneak previews of projects that will be featured in the coming months.

This series profiles the undertakings of those who are truly making a difference in the diabetes world, from nonprofits fighting for access to affordable insulin to networks that connect people with all types of diabetes from all over the globe. If you find yourself itching to put your energy to use and make an impact in the diabetes sphere, these profiles are here to provide some inspiration and practical tips to get you started.

Katie Doyle

Author Katie Doyle.

It can be difficult to stay motivated with everything that diabetes demands of us — as someone who has had Type 1 diabetes for 14 years, believe me, I know. Learning from others and ourselves is one way to keep moving forward, and listening is a big part of that exchange. I’ve met many incredible people on my own journey with Type 1, but I also have to remember to acknowledge all of the hard work I put in toward my own well-being.

As a writer, I’ve covered diabetes-related topics like depression, travel, advocacy, college life, and more. What I really enjoy is interviewing other people with diabetes, because all of us live our own lives, full of unique encounters with diabetes and the world. This work is the catalyst for many of my personal and professional connections with people with diabetes in dozens of countries that are having so many different experiences. These connections have, in turn, have given me many opportunities to put my energy into something I think is worthwhile, and it’s important to talk about it. Sharing our stories across all of our continuously evolving channels helps keep those helpful conversations going — that’s why I want to highlight these incredible initiatives.

In each feature, we’re going to pose some questions to the founders of local and global projects. Some profiles will feature projects that I’m personally involved in, like Beta Change, a new grassroots organization that uses live broadcasts to discuss relevant issues and brainstorm ideas to make living with diabetes a little bit better. Other profiles will be my first encounter with the group. Throughout the series, the interviews will include answers to questions like: Where do these innovators get their inspiration? How did they make the leap from idea to reality? What can our readers learn from them? Don’t forget to include your own questions in the comments section of each profile — I’m sure there will be some that I haven’t thoughts of — because each featured PWD (person with diabetes) will be excited to provide further insight to blog readers. After all, we have so much to learn from each other!

If you know of an amazing project that you think deserves a profile, please let us know in the comments. We look forward to hearing from you!

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