Do You Know Your Insulin Level?

People often keep close watch on their glucose numbers. But how many of us know our insulin level? Dr. Joseph Mercola says fasting insulin is “the number that may best predict your sudden death.” Sounds important. But what does it mean?


Our bodies need some circulating insulin at all times, even when we don’t eat. Otherwise, our livers keep making glucose and dumping it into the blood. Livers do this to prevent blood glucose from going too low.

So a fasting insulin level should never be 0, which it might be in a person with untreated Type 1. It shouldn’t go below 3. But a high insulin level is just as problematic. A high insulin level is a sign of insulin resistance or prediabetes. It can also signify early-stage Type 2.

According to Dr. Mercola, too much insulin promotes weight gain by storing fat. It promotes insulin resistance, lowers magnesium levels, and increases inflammation. It also tends to lower HDL (“good”) cholesterol and raise levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.

All of these increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease. It may be that high insulin levels come before insulin resistance and help cause it.

If you already have diabetes, why should you know your insulin level? Mainly, it helps diagnose what is happening with you. Your blood glucose may be high, but how much of the problem is too little insulin? How much is insulin resistance?

A fasting insulin level test is valuable in several situations:

• Diagnosing prediabetes and metabolic syndrome. “Prediabetes” is one result of insulin resistance. Insulin resistance causes high cholesterol, high glucose, and high blood pressure. A high level of fasting insulin indicates insulin resistance and can encourage a person to make changes to lower it.

• Separating Type 2 from LADA (latent autoimmune diabetes of adults). A person with Type 2 might have a normal or even high fasting insulin level. A person with LADA is typically low.

Why does it matter? A person with LADA is more likely to benefit from insulin injections. He may be able to avoid years of oral medications that don’t help him much.

• Seeing if a person diagnosed with Type 1 is still making some insulin. A recent study from the UK found that about three quarters of adults with Type 1 actually produce small amounts of insulin. Knowing you have some good beta cells can affect therapy and give some hope of improvement. So an insulin level test could show you if you have some.

This finding also calls for more research. Why do some beta cells survive and function normally when most have been destroyed?

What should your numbers be?

Insulin is measured in “microunits per milliliter” (mcU/ml or mIU/ml). Unfortunately, there isn’t much agreement on what level is ideal. The website Health Central says 10–20. Dr. Mercola says less than 5.

A study in Arizona found that women with a fasting insulin level around 8.0 had twice the risk of prediabetes as did women with a level around 5.0. Women with a fasting insulin of 25 or so had five times the risk of prediabetes.

University of Washington researcher Stephen Guyenet writes that “The average insulin level in the US is 8.8 mIU/ml for men and 8.4 for women. Given the degree of metabolic dysfunction in this country, I think it’s safe to say that the ideal level of fasting insulin is probably below 8.4 uIU/mL…[Best] would be 2–6.”

How to lower insulin level

Lowering insulin levels seems pretty similar to lowering glucose. Authorities like Dr. Mercola say the key is to reduce intake of sugar and grains. Those foods stimulate insulin production. Refined grains and fructose-sweetened drinks are the worst, he says. Better to eat fats and proteins.

Writing on, Andy Jackson has a somewhat different take. “Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins,” he says. “Avoid processed and fast foods, which are high in sugar, fat, and salt.”

Exercise also lowers insulin levels and insulin resistance.

So ultimately, testing for insulin levels isn’t an earthshaking idea. It’s mainly important for diagnosis, especially of LADA. It’s also a powerful screen for risk of Type 2.

Since most people with or without diabetes have never had the test, it may be worth asking for. You’ll get a better idea of what’s happening with you. But for day-to-day monitoring, glucose testing is just as good as insulin testing.

Want to learn more about diabetes lab test results? Read “Understanding Your Lab Test Results,” by Clinical Laboratory Scientist Judith Grout.

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  • Terri

    Now that is some interesting and vital information! Isn’t the human body a marvel? Now if more health care professionals would educate us about this all important factor…

  • Dariusz

    Authorities like Dr. Mercola” and here i stop reading if you rally reference hi then whole article as big nothing read opinion about mercola he is salesman he for example change his opinion about iodine 3 times magnesium sterate and many many others story

  • Craig

    You lose me when you referenced Mercola. He’s a quack.

  • Mark

    Dr. Mercola is anything but a quack. He is an MD and researcher who is evidence based (scientific) and provides research results to back up his conclusions. He is also continually adjusting his conclusions as new research comes along. Is anybody is a quack, it is you Craig.

  • Jamal

    My wife age is 34 years, her insulin fasting result is 19.82mul
    Pls advise

    • Michael Gaines
    • Michael Gaines

      That’s on the high side of normal. But that means she is leaning towards insulin resistance.

  • ashley

    I just had a fasting insulin test about a week ago andmy insulin level was 182 they ended up putting me on 1000 mg of metformen a day

    • Michael Gaines

      The issue is carbs. Move to a ketogenic diet. I’ve been off insulin this entire week since adopting a ketogenic diet. I’ve gone from 4 to 5 injections a day to 0. I’ve had glucose readings over 300 on a normal diet and with insulin keeping my averages in the 140 to 150 range.

      Once I got into ketosis about 3 days of effortless eating, my blood sugars began to normalize. My average glucose for the week is 125 without any insulin whatsoever…

      Insulin is your enemy in to large a quantity. Most insulin resistant people secrete to much insulin and all that excess is our problem…

      You need to convert into an effective fat burning machine because you certainly are not an effective sugar burning machine…

      Watch this video to expand your knowledge.

    • Michael Gaines

      I think you mean your sugar level was 182 not insulin level. Ketogenic diet is better than drugs.

  • Gaby

    My insulin is 4,2 and I have hypoglycemia and diabetes symptoms: hunger, thirst and excessive urine. Physicians don’t pay attention to my synptoms but I don’t feel well specially if I don’t eat often. I feel dizzy, have palpitations and feel like I will faint.

    In the last blood tests the glucose level before the glucose tolerance exam was 89 and after taking the glucose it dropped to 68.

    Should I insist on this aspect, or is it normal?

  • Silvia

    I’m 15 and I haven’t had my period in a year. I just got the call from the doctor and she told me I have insulin resistance and that my insulin level was 160. My mom told me that diabetes runs in the family. I’m scared of what my future is.

  • meagan

    I just my fasting insulin results come back with reading 30.7, the reference range on the test says 2.0-19.6. Then under all the numbers says ” This insulin assay shows strong cross-reactivity for some insulin analogs (lispro,aspart, and glargine) and much lower cross-reactivity with others (detemir,glulisine). Can someone help me understand this please? I am so confused and concerned. My A1C was 5.6 which was normal and cortisol was 7.6 and test showed it was normal. My primary is setting me up with a endocrinologist, but I want to know what to expect and to ask when I go to meet this new doctor.

    • Meagan, as I understand “cross-reactivity,” it doesn’t matter unless you are actually taking that drug. If you’re not injecting insulin now, 30.7 is high and might mean you are at risk for diabetes. Your A1C is also getting close to borderline diabetes. I don’t know what the endo will say, but he might want to start you on metformin. I would ask if you need more work-up for prediabetes, and ask for information explaining these labs. It sounds like healthy behaviors like those on our website would be the best plan.

      • Alix

        Hi David Spero, you sound like you really know what you’re talking about. My situation is similar to the above scenario. My fasting insulin came back In Range @ 10.0 and the reference range is 2.0-19.6. Below it says the same thing “this insulin assay shows strong cross-reactivity for some insulin analogs (lispro, aspart, and glargine) and a much lower cross-reactivity with others (detemir, glulisine). The results had a note off to the side that said ” this checks out higher than it should, start taking Metformin”. I don’t understand why I would need to start a medication when the results are in range?

    • vrm

      You should change your diet quickly, IMO. I got to much more stable sugar levels ( and even my triglycerides lowered dramatically) after cutting carbs from diet significantly. Talk to your doctor about diet/exercise BEFORE you go on metformin or other drugs. Drugs lead you down a slippery slope where you become complacent and do not modify your lifestyle, which caused your problems in the first place. Lot of people going on metformin eventually end up taking insulin rather quickly. Behavior modification may delay that significantly and possibly stave it off altogether.

      • Michael Gaines

        Agree 100%!!!

        12 weeks insulin free now eating ketogenics. I’ve eliminated over 440 insulin injections just eating high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrate.

    • Lisa

      Hi Meagan, how did everything go…we have similar numbers…went to a hormone therapy place to get fixed lol.

  • Adolfo Vasquez

    Hello I’m Adolfo I’ve been having the black mark on my forehead for the past 7-8 years cones on and off but I read the article saying it’s some sort of pressure diabetes and it run in my family. I just need to know if I need to go to the doctor again because he just gave me some cream to put on it but sometimes that doesn’t even help.

    • Adolfo, I wouldn’t assume diabetes from a black mark on your forehead. If you have other symptoms, or if you have had high glucose levels on a test, then I would worry. Like anyone else, you should be eating healthy food (very little refined carbs), moving your body, and reducing stress.

      • Adolfo Vasquez

        Okay I work out a lot and started to eat healthier but it seems to appear no matter what it’s kind of like a dark purple color when I sweat I wipe my forehead and it comes off but not always

    • vrm

      It is possibly due to acanthosis nigricans, caused by excess circulating insulin in the blood. Skin tags, skin darkening/thickening are typical symptoms of insulin resistance. If it disappears in your case, you are lucky- for many, it doesn’t. Talk to your doctor about it.

  • SugarKillsAll

    Insulin will always be raised when you have issues in your body that requires replacing cells. The more cells destroyed the more insulin and glucose. You also see higher ldl levels. So to use it for type 2 screening can be incorrect.


    my friends sugar level is 26.6 had to send her to hospital a few minutes ago.

  • Dawn Fuller Wall

    My daughter is 16 years. Old and had to do a fasting before her blood work. When the blood work came back I got a call telling me her Insulin level was 58.7. She is being referred to an Endocrinologist. I’m very worried as she is too. The Dr. Office said if we haven’t heard from the Endocrinologist’s office in 2 weeks to call them back. What does this level mean ? I know they said normal is 2.0 – 19.6. They just said it means she definitely has something going on with her Pancreas.

    • David4Peace

      Dawn, the endo should be able to answer your questions — the most likely cause of high insulin is high insulin resistance. Your daughter is at risk for Type 2 diabetes and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), but they can be prevented and/or managed. Once you know what’s going on, you can research it. David Spero RN

      • Dawn Fuller Wall

        Thank you so much David Spero.

    • Aisha Shepherd

      try a pituitary tumor. have your endocrinologist to test your prolactin levels. They should range from 3 – 30.

  • Achsah Chiasson

    Hi, I did blood work after my gyno apt. I am 26 and miscarried in feb. 2015 <5 weeks. I had two normal periods then the third month and now onto my 5 month Ive had normal periods but break through bleeding around my ovulation. Gyno did ultra sound. Thick utural lining and r cyst on overies and blood work. Everything came back normal except my free insulin is 99h and my total insulin is 126h. She sent me to my family Dr BC she says its out of her scope, as in nothing to do with my female problems. Family Dr. Referred me to endocrinologist, which I'm still waiting for an apt. ( was told to give two weeks then call, same as lady above) question is, pcos should have been tested with my blood work at my gyno?

    • Aisha Shepherd

      Endocrinologist may treat you for a pituitary abnoma, which is a tumor on your pituitary gland. Inquire about a cat scan or mri on your brain. Exercise and try to decrease your ph levels. decrease most of your levels, glucose, insulin, ph, bmi, etc..

  • Achsah Chiasson

    Hi, I did blood work after my gyno apt. I am 26 and miscarried in feb. 2015 <5 weeks. I had two normal periods then the third month and now onto my 5 month Ive had normal periods but break through bleeding around my ovulation. Gyno did ultra sound. Thick utural lining and r cyst on overies and blood work. Everything came back normal except my free insulin is 99h and my total insulin is 126h. She sent me to my family Dr BC she says its out of her scope, as in nothing to do with my female problems. Family Dr. Referred me to endocrinologist, which I'm still waiting for an apt. ( was told to give two weeks then call, same as lady above) question is, pcos should have been tested with my blood work at my gyno?

  • Julie

    So, why would one have a LOW insulin level (3.8) but high glucose levels (A1c = 5.7)? It doesn’t make sense to me…

    • Julie, it sounds as though you may not have enough insulin. You may have LADA or MODY, as discussed in the article. I would ask your doctor; you might benefit from insulin or perhaps from bitter melon or vinegar, as I often write about.

  • Cherise Jacqueline De Meyer

    Hi I did a blood fasting test and got my results back from the doctor, my insulin level is 38 and he says this is very high. Can someone please explain to me better on what this means? I only missed my period 2 months but then it came back, will i still be able to fall pregnant with this high level of insulin? Am a n pre-diabetic ? thank you so much

    • Cherise, it seems you are insulin resistant. You may or may not have PCOS or prediabetes. I would advise you to treat yourself as if you had diabetes — exercise, reduce carbs, reduce stress, ask about metformin, and see a doctor who knows about your kind of situation.

      • Aida Syazrina

        Hi. I just got some hormone test results from my doctor few days ago. She told me I have PCOS and my insulin level is 35. Before knowing I have PCOS, I do exercises 3x per week and try to control my eating but keep on gaining weights. My doctor didn’t recommend me taking metformin (i forgot why she said that – maybe because I want to get pregnant?) and told me to do lots of exercises (especially weight-lifting) and control my eating (less sugar, carbs). Now, Im clueless and dont know what to do. Maybe I should totally cut out any sugary and carb food?? Kindly advise me. Thank you.

  • Roni Marie Byvoets

    I just got my blood fasting Insulin results back and mine is 1.0 . I am honestly lost on the results can anyone explain. Thank you.
    range 2.0 – 19.6 mclU/mL
    my result 1.0

    • Roni, are you having symptoms of diabetes such as thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, perhaps weight loss? Your level is low, which might indicate early stage LADA or Type 1. Please ask your doctor what it means for you.

  • J L De Foa, MD

    Mr. Spero: “diabetes mellitus” is latin for “to go through” and “honeyed” or more colloquially “sweet pee”, the modern (latin) replacement of which is “glucosuria.” Both terms are of limited clinical utility, as they identify only a clinical sign, not the disease mechanism. So instead we should talk about hypoinsulinemia and primary or secondary hyperinsulinemia. Hypoinsulinemia, aka Type I DM requires insulin to avoid death. Primary hyperinsulinemia is due to an insulinoma (rare), while iatrogenic hyperinsulinemia occurs with exogenous administration such as accidental or deliberate “overdose”. Secondary hyperinsulinemia is without a doubt the RESULT, not the cause, of insulin resistance. When insulin sensitive cells don’t respond to normal levels of insulin the pancreas must increase production to avoid hyperglycemia. Years of elevated insulin production – reflected by elevated baseline/fasting insulin levels – leads to tired out pancreatic beta cells and relative or absolute beta cell failure. Flogging a tired pancreas with metformin and other insulin secretagogues possibly only hastens that process. THE ONLY WAY TO REDUCE INSULIN REQUIREMENTS IS TO REDUCE CARBOHYDRATE INGESTION. Eat a banana, drink a Coke, need insulin. Eat less, drink water, need less insulin. In summary, Type II DM is a LATE indicator of likely decades of increasing insulin resistance. A 12 hour nightly fast will trigger glucagon to rise to maintain normoglycemia from stored glycogen and allows insulin levels to fall to normal baseline levels which likely helps prevent peripheral insulin resistance and simultaneously letting pancreatic beta cells rest.

  • Guest

    Since fruits make my blood sugar skyrocket, should I continue eating them? It seems like I should avoid foods that make my blood sugar go way up. Also, fruit makes me crave sweets so I honestly don’t see the value in eating fruit.

  • Guest

    Thanks David. My doctor felt the same way: just avoid foods that cause blood sugar spikes.

  • Sewpeggyc

    I have an insulin level of 5 and my c-peptide is 1.2
    I had gd during 3 pregnancies then was diagnosed t2 after the birth of my last son. Been being treated as t2 for 6 years. I’m 5’6″ and weigh 125 lbs. I don’t have any family history of t1 or t2. I’m wondering if my insulin and c-peptide levels would warrant a LADA diagnosis? My antibody test came back negative and that is confusing me. I was also diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome earlier this year which is also an autoimmune disease.

    • Sewpeggyc

      Just realized that the negative antibody test is actually an insulin antibody test.

  • Monique Williams

    I have an insulin level of 234 glucose level of 88 and A1C of 6.8 and this was not fasting what does that mean?

    • Monique, you don’t say if your insulin level was a fasting test. A random insulin level doesn’t tell you much, but your A1C of 6.8 indicates diabetes, though a glucose level of 88 is OK. Follow up with your doctor Fasting or eating doesn’t affect an A1C.

  • Tersia Otto

    is a 14.5 result normal for a random insulin test? how do i know if i am insulin resistant?

  • Tersia Otto

    random insulin test result 14.5. normal?

    • Tersia, Unfortunately a random insulin level doesn’t tell you much — it depends on what you have eaten. You may want to go back and get a fasting level. Monique, your A1C of 6.8 indicates diabetes, though a glucose level of 88 is OK. Follow up with your doctor Fasting or eating doesn’t affect an A1C.

  • Majdi

    My Fasting insulin test is 29.2 uU/mL, am I insulin resistant? or High? Fssting Blood Sugar (Glucose), Serum is 121 mg/dL???

    • Majdi, 29.2 fasting is quite high. Probably you are insulin resistant and prediabetic, because a fasting glucose 121 is close to diabetic range.

  • junaid

    my fasting insulin level 13.12 miu/ml,what does it shows??

    • Junaid, 13.1 is a high fasting insulin and usually indicates insulin resistance. You might want to get tested for prediabetes with a fasting glucose or a hemoglobin A1C. But the main thing is to get your level down with exercise and healthy eating and some of the other things such as vinegar and bitter melon we write about on Diabetes Self-Management.

      • junaid

        thanx, my hbA1C is 10.9
        should i use insulin injection, or oral hypoglycemics??

        • Your body is still producing insulin, but you appear to have diabetes. I’m not a doctor, and so can’t make a diagnosis or treatment plan, but you probably need medication and home treatment to reduce insulin resistance. More insulin isn’t the answer. Ask about a TZD drug or an SGLT-2 inhibitor or some other category of drug. More importantly, exercise, reduce carb intake, and look into bitter melon capsules or tea, as I have written about at

          • junaid

            thanx i have read your article, im realy indebted,
            I am following your advice and searching for bitter melon tablets/ capsules, can you please help how can i get bitter melon tablets?? i have’nt yet found any online supplier yet….

      • junaid

        my age 32 years strong family history of diabetes .i m 5 feet 6 inches n weight 93 kg

  • sonia akhter

    hello my fasting insulin level is 12.30uU/ml what does predicts?

  • Ruth

    Hi my fasting insulin is 519 so who do I talk to about this

    • If your fasting insulin is really 519, you are extremely insulin resistant, Ruth. Ask your doctor about medication, learn about ways to lower insulin resistance, starting with exercise, low-carb eating, and other things talked about on this site and others. But I would recheck and see if it’s really true. I’ve never heard of a fasting level that high.

  • Harleen Kaur

    hi i want to know my insulin fasting is 39.4 what does that mean

    • Harleen, your insulin level probably shows you have a lot of insulin resistance, a sign of prediabetes. You might want to start treating yourself as if you had Type 2 diabetes — eat fewer carbs; exercise; reduce stress; ask your doctor if medications are indicated; and consider natural approaches such as vinegar, bitter melon, or cinnamon.

  • Harleen Kaur

    my insulin,fasting,serum @ is 39.4 uU/ml what does that mean

  • Harleen Kaur

    my insulin,fasting,serum @ is 39.4 uU/ml what does that mean

  • maria

    im a 23 yr old female and i have lost the weight change my diet workout 5 days our of the week for like 1 or 2 hrs. my insulin level 5 years ago was in the 600 in th epast years my insulin level were managed but in january my level was 1000 and a week ago 2000, my doctor told me there is nothing he can do and is sending me somewhere else, since none of my organs show any damage and there isnt a sign in my blood that anything else is wrong.

    • Maria, those levels are extraordinarily high. Seems like your beta cells are going a bit wild. According to Medline, this is normally not too serious unless your blood sugars are going too low. But it could indicate serious insulin resistance. Have you seen an endocrinologist about this?

  • Sarah

    My fasting insulin was 7.5 my fasting bs was 219 my a1c was 10, c peptide was 1.57 are these levels consider normal for type 2 diabetes diagnoses? Yes I am working to find a dr. Thanks

    • Sarah

      They upped my metformin but I’m not convinced that insulin resistance is the issue. No matter how little carbs I eat my bs is high.

      • Sarah, your insulin and c-peptide tests would be normal for a person without diabetes. The doctors think you have insulin resistance, which makes sense, but I don’t know why your glucose is high without eating carbs. Does exercise make a difference? You might also want to try bitter melon tea or capsules twice a day. Don’t give up. Keep working with your doctor if you have a good one.

        • Sarah

          I went to the endo and was DX with LADA. I’m on insulin now and doing better now. My GAD65 was 205 and IA-2 was 18. My endo says that the insulin levels can change min from min so it doesn’t tell you much she only checks insulin levels for pcos.

      • DaemonJax .

        Do whatever you need to do to get your blood sugar to under 140 asap.

  • Saher Ahmed

    MY insulin result in fasting is 9.40 is it normal ? what does it predicts ,, can you please help to tell me

    • Saher, as the article says, an insulin level of 9.40 is a bit high, but only a bit above the U.S. average. It probably indicates some insulin resistance, but you should check with your doctor. Insulin resistance is not a good thing, but it doesn’t predict any particular problem. It just means you are more at risk for diabetes and heart disease.

  • Shev

    Hi after 7 hours of fasting my insulin levels were tested as 17.80 and blood sugar at 113 mt doctor has put me on 2 tablets of 500mg metphormin daily along with diet and exercise to loose 10 kg in 6 months is this diagnosis accurate and is the medication correct

    • Shev, your numbers probably mean prediabetes. The doctor is treating you for that. Just remember that “lose weight” really means exercise and eat healthier — much less starch and sugar, more movement.

  • Priya Parul

    Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. My fasting insulin is 7 but non-fasting is 111. My glucose level is 91 fasting and 110 non-fasting. does this mean that I’m insulin resistant?

  • lizette

    I am totally confused. I am 66 years old. I have hashimotos and have had Graves disease and am on Armour thyroid. almost 9 years ago I started having blood sugar, fasting, a little over 100. I requested a fasting insulin test and it was abnormally low. I had a GAD test back then and it was negative. I have NEVER had high blood pressure, have always had HIGH HDL and in recent years it is higher than my LDL (which is high 70 to low 80s) never had high triglycerides and although weight has fluctuated from a bit overweight to just within normal BMI which is what it currently is, I don’t have a lot of belly fat although it’s gotten a bit worse with age but no more than other women my age. When I was young I would get shaky at times if I didn’t eat but other times it was no problem. I would NOT crave sweets then – would always want protein with other carbs if hungry. I recently went to a new doctor and he did A1C and it was 6 and C-peptide was abnormally low. Fasting blood sugar was high 90s. I went very low carb and got the A1C down to 5.5, and that was when insulin and C-peptide came up into the low NORMAL range! I take a lot of supplements and eat very healthy – more and more so over the years from when I was young and ate like everyone else. Additionally when I had the 6 A1C this doctor seemed determined I must have heart disease because of the blood sugar and I had a cardiac calcium scan which came back with ZERO calcification. He wrote down I had metabolic syndrome when the only thing I had was the high sugar. So – after eating very low carb (ketogenic at first) and around an average of 1400 calories a day it took 5 months to lose ten pounds and put me at the top of normal BMI and now I lose no weight at all. Basically what I don’t understand is the LOW insulin levels for years, probably higher blood sugar levels for years without any sign of damage, NO other signs of metabolic syndrome, and ridiculously slow metabolism. Everything I read says HIGH insulin levels cause weight gain. Plus WHAT exactly is going on with my blood sugar? Nothing I read seems to fit my signs and situation. Can I just have a pancreas that doesn’t respond enough or quickly enough? And why? I had a major splurge sunday – ate out at a mexican restaurant – had three pork enchiladas (they are not huge) with red sauce plus a serving of refried beans. I gave the rice to my husband. On the meter I have that seems to be most accurate at one hour blood sugar was 117, two hour was 148 and three hour was 128. Generally by bedtime I will be around 107 – I don’t usually eat anything after dinner which is usually around 5 until the next morning between 8 and 9. Sometimes it dips into the mid to high 90’s . Fasting in morning can be a little higher than before bed. I don’t get this stuff some say about a protocol where you eat tons of grain and such to help diabetes! The ONLY thing that keeps my blood sugar low is low carb and avoiding all grain, sugar, potatoes, etc. Even a small sweet potato has given me a spike of 160! What on earth would happen if I ate like some people recommend!!

    • Ilsa Taj


  • momiitubii

    So, my OBGYN seems to think I have PCOS, however, I have never had any symptoms or signs of this issue, and an ultrasound confirmed perfection within my ovaries and uterus in April, 2016. She, however, did have me do fasting blood work. She tested for my glucose fasting, and insulin fasting, and then had me drink the glucose sugar mixture, and then tested again after 2 hours.

    Glucose fasting levels were: 100 (Std Range: 74-99)
    Glucose 2 hour levels were: 100 (Std Range: 65-139)

    Insulin fasting levels were: 25.0 (Std Range: 2.6 – 24.9)
    Insulin after glucose mixture (2 hour) were: 132.7 (Std Range: 2.6 – 24.9)

    I have always had a perfect 28 day cycle, on and off birth control. I have three (easily conceived) children, and as I said, my ultrasound showed absolutely no issues within my reproductive area, and an ultrasound last year in September confirmed that I am actively ovulating. I stopped the depo shot AND pill birth control in January of this year, and since then I have had longer cycles, but cycles nonetheless. I am wondering if my body is just still coming off of the birth control, and the insulin and glucose issues are the start of a whole different problem? PCOS just doesn’t seem to fit the bill, and I’m feeling frustrated and stifled at every turn.

  • Sejal Agrawal

    Hii there, my insulin level in fasting in serum is 35.29 uIU/mL & glucose fasting is 93 mg/dL so please tell me what does this mean & what can i do to cure myself. Thanks

    • Hi Sajal, Your numbers indicate some insulin resistance but not yet at the level of prediabetes. I think it might be wise to cut down on refined carbs like flours and sugars, maybe get more exercise, and consider having some cinnamon, okra, mulberry, or bitter melon every day.

  • debbie denning

    my insilin is 13

  • iffi

    hi, em 34, sinlge womwn, my insulin level in fasting in serum is 12.50 uIU/mL & glucose fasting is 98 mg/dL. em i sever insuline resistant? what does it mean and any precautions? many thanks

    • Hi Iffi and Debbie, An insulin level between 12 and 13 indicates some insulin resistance. There are lots of things you can do — lower your carbohydrate intake, move more, sleep better, and reduce stress are good places to start. There are many others.

      • iffi

        thanks alot. well since the last 5 months pasta, rice, potatoes, French fries, potato chip are not in my food list at all. i take lentils and beans twice and sometimes thrice a week only. Im a happy person over all 🙂 but yeah, im lazzy dazzy and most of the time my energy level and BP is quite low. im so lazzy to exercise :(… height exact 5″ and weight 65kgs…. im 10kgs over to my ideal w8…. shewww

  • Tiffany Palmer

    Hello!….. I was diagnosed with pcos in 2011….my pcp at the time put me on metformin for IR…had to get off for insurance reasons……fast forward Im gaining weight like crazy and asked to be but on metformin… My endo says that my levels are perfect and i dont have IR so i don’t need metformin….but won’t explain what is considered good or perfect…. but also won’t explain the weight gain either… im at a loss…. my glucose fasting is 76 mg/dl….my insulin fasting is 9.6 uiu/ml….

  • Nada

    Hi, can you tell me something about my OGGT values 75gram- 2hour test
    0min 5,05mmol/l
    60min 7,32mmol/l
    120min 5,55mmol/l
    0min 4,48uIU/ml
    60min 71,0uIU/ml
    120min 39,6uIU/ml
    Doctor sad that I have insulin resistant and gave me glucophage but when I read many sites about diabetes, I think that I am OK. Please give me your opinion. I am 40 years old, I have 75kg, an 176cm, and sometimes I feel very tired but I have 3 kids ( 7, 5 and 2 years old ) and I think it is normal 🙂 . No one in my family didn’t have problem with diabetes. Thank you

    • Hi Nada, I think you and your doctor are both right. You are OK. Your insulin levels are normal. However, glucophage (metformin) is a pretty safe and cheap drug, and might bring your glucose down a bit, which might feel good. Ask your doctor why he thinks you are insulin resistant and why he thinks this drug will help.

  • Nada

    Hi, can you tell me something about my OGGT values 75gram- 2hour test
    0min 5,05mmol/l
    60min 7,32mmol/l
    120min 5,55mmol/l
    0min 4,48uIU/ml
    60min 71,0uIU/ml
    120min 39,6uIU/ml
    Doctor sad that I have insulin resistant and gave me glucophage but when I read many sites about diabetes, I think that I am OK. Please give me your opinion. I am 40 years old, I have 75kg, an 176cm, and sometimes I feel very tired but I have 3 kids ( 7, 5 and 2 years old ) and I think it is normal 🙂 . No one in my family didn’t have problem with diabetes. Thank you

  • DaemonJax .

    If your post-prandial blood sugar is normal, then it looks like you’re very insulin sensitive — which is great.

  • Tammy Condra

    So my fasting insulin level is 2.1. Is that good? I got a notice next to my results that say: (This insulin assay shows strong cross-reactivity for some insulin analogs (lispro, aspart, and glargine)and much lower cross-reactivity with others (detemir,glulisine).

  • Aditi

    My Insulin(fasting) is 6, Anti thyroid Peroxidase is 233 H and Insulin Response to Glucose, 120 min is 69 H. Does that mean I have diabetes?

  • Aditi

    My Insulin(fasting) is 6, Anti thyroid Peroxidase is 233 H and Insulin Response to Glucose, 120 min is 69 H. Does that mean I have diabetes?

  • Methyl Orange

    I have had symptoms of hypoglycemia that include cold sweating, hand shaking, extreme craving for food, dizziness, difficulty in walking etc., but my blood sugar in fasting and during the symptoms never went below 72 mg/dL. Recently, I get tested for fasting blood glucose and Insulin. My blood glucose was 82 mg/dL and Insulin was 42 uIU/mL. Can someone advice me what is this?

    • Dear Methyl, A blood sugar of 72 is low end of normal range, but it could be too low for you. Do you get these attacks in the morning, or after eating? You may be eating fast-acting carbs that provoke a lot of insulin production and then get absorbed fast, leaving you with too much insulin, causing low sugars. Or it could be something else. An insulin level of 42 shows insulin resistance, and you may want to reduce your carb intake, move more, and eat more fiber. What does your doctor say?

      • Methyl Orange

        Dear David thank you for reply. At the start, I was having episodes of these symptoms when my lunch was little delayed (I never felt in the morning and night at the start). However, after that these symptoms become permanent (all the time I felt dizziness, cold sweats, difficulty in walking, confusion etc.,). During the extreme symptoms, the lowest blood sugar that was recorded in the lab was 72. I met with an endocrinologist, after listening my history , he suggested me some tests in the fasting including blood glucose, HB1AC, Insulin, C-peptide and some others. The blood glucose was 71, c-peptide 3.31 ng/mL (range 0.78 – 5.19), cortisol 22.99 ug/mL (range 2.3 – 11.9) and at that time insulin was 26.2, HB1AC 5.9%. He said he cannot say it hypoglycemia.
        In a recent test, as I mentioned above blood glucose in fasting is 82 while insulin is 42. I also tried 24 hour fasting and my blood glucose remained stable in 80s.

        • Methyl, perhaps your symptoms are not related to blood sugar. I wonder about your thyroid, and your cortisol was quite high. Hope you can find someone to help you figure this out. Might make things a little better with small frequent feedings.

  • Sara, these numbers aren’t too bad, but it sounds like you’re not feeling that great. I would suggest eating fewer carbs and far less refined carbs. No sweet drinks. They make your sugar go up and down.

    • Sara Elizabeth Russell

      David, I will do my best to go on a low carb diet. But i dont know how to deal with the low blood sugar. I will literally eat a meal full of protein and it still seems to drop. Once my fasting insulin goes down will this also make my blood sugar stop dropping? I do have a thyroid issue but my Dr told me it was back in line now. I’ve been dealing with health issues for 10 months now. Any advice is great!

  • Zainab Mustafa

    My fasting insulin serum on second day of period is 28.80 miU/ml
    What is ideal to get pregnant. M on metformin too. My age is 28

    • Hi Zainab, Studies show taking metformin in pregnancy is better than having high blood sugars. So stay on it. Your insulin level shows insulin resistance. I couldn’t find any research on the best insulin levels for pregnancy, but for general health, bringing it down would be better. Exercise is probably the simplest way to do that. According to the website Authority Nutrition, cutting way down on sugar and carbs and taking cinnamon and/or vinegar should also help. Makes sense to me.

  • Sara Elizabeth Russell

    I posted before wondering about the fasting insulin which mine says 23 so that’s high. I can not find any where to what insulin resistance does. My sugar get to 80 after meals. So my question is what exactly is a insulin resistance? What does it do? Thanks

    • Sara and Amit, please see my answer to Keshav. Insulin resistance is associated with diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, and other problems, in the long term. Start by moving more and eating more fiber.

  • Amit

    My age is 20 and my fasting insulin level is 23ulU/ml. I want to decrease it,what is the best way to lower it?


    My age is 26. My fasting insulin level is 72.98 mcU/ml and Fasting glucose levels 65.0mg/dL . Can someone advice me what is this? i’m worried about fasting insulin level which seems to be very high.

    • Hi Keshav, a fasting insulin level of 72 is quite high, as you say, and your fasting glucose is normal. Most likely, you have a lot of insulin resistance, but your body is putting out enough insulin to handle it. Most people in your situation don’t progress to diabetes, but you want to reduce your insulin resistance, which causes many problems. All I know about lowering insulin resistance is exercise, reduce stress, eat more fiber, strictly limit refined carbs, and try plant medicines such as cinnamon, mulberry leaf, bitter melon, vinegar with meals, okra, or insulin plant.

      • Truc Giarc

        Intermittent fasting and a low carb, high fat diet along with exercise has worked for me and TONS of other people to put their insulin resistance into remission. Check out Dr. Fung’s video’s on You Tube like this one, or this one where Dr. Fung is interviewed by Dr. Joseph Mercola (mentioned above)

        Also check out for great videos by doctors supporting this approach. Plus recipe ideas for low carb, high fat meals.

  • Abhilasha Wakdot

    Hello, my fasting Insulin level is 75.63uIU/mL. What does it mean? What should i do to make it normal? Please help? My age is 28 and I’ve take quite a few doctors opinions, but they’re all confusing. Kindly help.

  • MKC

    My fasting serum insulin is 14.8 mcU/ml, my HbA1c is 5.5 but my serum glucose is always around 100. Should I cut down on carbs? My triglycerides are always 180-190

  • أحمد كريز

    How can I test my insulin level?
    Can you tell me what is the device can test it ? please..

    • You can’t test insulin level at home. You’ll need to go to a lab, and will probably need an order from a doctor.

  • Curt Craig

    What would be the abbreviation used in a blood test result for insulin levels? I just had a test done that showed my H1ac etc., along with lots of other stuff.

  • Maddy

    Consider two things to lower insulin. First take sodium Butyrate caps 3 pills 3x per day. Studies show low levels of butyrate producing bacteria in gut of people with insulin resistance. Butyrate increases insulin sensitivity by 30%. Second, find naturally thin person with no insulin issues, no antibiotic exposure for at least a year and get a fecal donation from them. Mix a little saline with it and do a DIY fecal transplant to yourself. They have cured diabetes with fecal transplants in animals.

    • Maddy, have you tried the things you’re suggesting? A DIY fecal transplant is not easy. It’s not a one-time process. I know; I tried it myself. Butyrate looks good in some studies, but there are several herbs that may help. Cinnamon and bitter melon are two of them.

  • Hira Khan

    Hi David!
    My fasting (12 hr) insulin was 13.8 and fasting glucose was 75. Do these results indicate IR? How severe is the situation? I also have acanthosis nigricans in my groin area.
    I have been slowing gaining weight, about 8 kg in 1.5 years. It hasn’t been coming off no matter what. I exercise and eat healthy. I weight 64 kg now. I fear I’ll keep gaining weight. Please help.

    • Hi Hira, Your insulin level indicates some insulin resistance. Your glucose is normal. If you’re gaining weight for no clear reason, that could also indicate insulin resistance. It sounds like it might be helpful to try a very-low-carb diet, but it sounds like you might have tried that already. Metformin is a possibility. Vinegar at bedtime might be worth trying.

      • getitin

        why vinegar?

  • Yaz

    Hi David! I was just last week diagnosed with IR (fasting glucose 83, fasting insulin 12.76/ insulin after45 min 115.4) as well as A1C of 4.49 and T3 of 3.19. Was recommended a paleo diet and taking Glucophage 1000 (half twice a day), cynomel (1/4 morning and noon) and hydrocortisone 2.5 (one morning). I am 5.7, 162 weight and have put on close to 20 pounds the past few years. Any thoughts? I am usually very healthy and don’t tend to take medications. Thanks

    • Hi Yaz, I don’t know about the hydrocortisone, but you do have low thyroid so Cynomel might be appropriate, and you are somewhat insulin resistant. You could take Glucophage (metformin), but you might also eat a lot less carbs and do a lot more walking or other exercise. You could also take a spoonful of vinegar with meals to reduce after-meal spikes.

  • Kelly Johnson

    I have exact results but 2.3. And same note of cross reactivity. I am exploring hahismotos with my doc, and my daughter has celiac. I have not been diagnosed with celiac officially as I went gluten free but I suspect I do have celiac. I have not been diagnosed with any form of diabetes and my fasting glucose is 84 and I’m 34 yrs old. I also never injected insulin so I’m confused why these cross reactivity note comes up.

  • Tiffany Chantel

    Hi, I have hypothyroidism, and I recently got my fasting insulin, Hgb A1c, and glucose tested. I just turned 35, and I’ve been gaining weight rapidly despite walking 4 miles a day and having an active job (I’m a restaurant server). Can someone help interpret my results?

    Insulin (fasting): 7.5 (range: 2.0-19.6)
    Fasting glucose: 99 (range: 65-99)
    Hgb A1c: 5.6 (range: < 5.7 )

    Any help is greatly and supremely appreciated!! 🙂

    • Hi Chantal, As you can see, your glucose numbers are right at the top of normal range. Hypothyroid can do that, and if you’re gaining weight rapidly, maybe you need more thyroid medicine. What does you doctor say about it?

      • Tiffany Chantel

        Hi Dr. Spero, thank you so much for the reply. I sadly cannot afford any medical help. I live in NYC and I’m barely making enough to afford my rent, yet I make just barely over the limit to afford state help. I’m stuck in a really rough spot. I ordered some T3 medication and also NDT. I’ve been taking a low dose of NDT for 3 weeks, and will slowly add T3 in, with the help/advice of some trusted fellow hypothyroidism sufferers, until I start to feel better. In addition to the hypothyroidism, I also have a severe hormonal imbalance–very high testosterone and low progesterone, and I feel it’s also contributing to my decline in health. 🙁

        • Tiffany, I’m not a doctor; I’m a nurse. But I know that thyroid hormone is really cheap, like 12 cents a dose at Walmart. And there are public health centers where you can seek help. You’ll feel so much better when your thyroid levels are normal. I know times are hard, but please make this a high priority

          • Tiffany Chantel

            It is definitely my top priority! My will to live is truly being diminished by how bad my hypothyroidism is affecting me. I barely recognize myself physically and emotionally/mentally. It has destroyed me.

          • Jeanette Huguet

            Chantel, There is hope for your illness, just the right información, read a lot about hypo and insulin resistance. And follow Dr. Westin Child in Facebook.

    • getitin

      have you come off any type of antidepressant or stimulant drug? to rule out thyroid I would take tyrosine and kelp or spirulina which have iodine. those are precursors to thyroid hormone. I believe serotonin also effects the thyroid. I believe 5htp will optimize serotonin levels. those receptors can be damaged by drug use or antidepressants.

  • Stuart Cerullo

    I have a 14 hour fasting Insulin Level (Serum) of 774, up from 555. Not sure what to do. My glucose levels are around 90. My A1C’s are around 5.0 5.5. I do not know what to think of what to do. Can anyone help advise and or inform. Pretty concerned, thanks, Stu

    • Stuart, your insulin levels are extraordinarily high but your glucose is in the normal range. You may have a lot of insulin resistance, or maybe an insulin secreting tumor called an insulinoma, or something else, or it could be lab error. This definitely justifies seeing an endocrinologist. What does your doctor say about it?

      • Stuart Cerullo

        We re-ran the tests. Insulin Level 771, glucose 99, A1C 5.3. Strange. Seems like I am insulin resistant but my sugar in “normal”range. Thought a tumor would have me in the hospital/coma. They are wondering if I have antibodies binding with the insulin(???). Just don’t know. They are thinking low doses of Metformin. No other ideas. I am scared that my insulin level(serum) is running so high and no idea why. Any help would at least lower my fright. Thank you!

  • Rozmin

    can you please mention the lab tests which are standard to measure serum insulin levels

  • Anusha John

    Hello my fasting Insulin level is 19.18 and my fasting Glucose is 126, am i heading to be a diabetic?

    • Hi Anusha, Your fasting glucose is already right at the beginning of the diabetic range. You’re producing enough insulin but have too much insulin resistance. Start moving a lot more, and cut down on starches and sugars, and test your sugar again in a few weeks. You could also try plant medicines such as mulberry leaf, okra, bitter melon, or guava.

  • Cathleen Wallach Hollister

    Hello My fasting insulin is 1.9, my fasting glucose is 92 and my A1c is 5.7. When I eat low carb I get pretty fatigued and muscle fatigue and muscle pain as well. If I eat a lot of carbs in one meal I don’t feel well either and do get spacey and brain fogged. I have not been diagnosed with diabetes though my A1c is in the pre pre zone according to my lab sheet. I am a 55 year menopausal female and have gained weight in the last 5 years (10 pounds within appropriate BMI range). I was always very underweight before that even though I ate a lot. Type 2 does run in my family. Thanks!

    • Hi Cathleen, the “muscle fatigue and muscle pain” are the scary part of this story. I’m not sure what’s going on. Are you getting much exercise? What does your doctor say?

      • Cathleen Wallach Hollister

        Thank you for your response. I do exercise but it can be difficult. I mostly walk and do gentle swimming. I have peripheral neuropathy as well and twitching and cramps in my calves all show up on neuro tests (nerve function and emg). Doctors are stumped test come out good though I have low zinc as well as the above. I am going to a new functional medical doc in February. I was curious if the low insulin could be part of the problem.

        • This Old Housewife

          Have your magnesium levels checked.

  • Healthgal

    Just had blood work not fasting..insulin was 30 and glucose was 113. I think i have a problem. Been hungry all the time. Help.

    • Healthgal, “hungry all the time” could be a lot of things, not all of them bad. Your numbers don’t mean too much because not fasting. Do you have a health professional you can consult?

  • Chris

    My son is 9 y/o and is having nausea and shaky in the morning. His fasting blood work is Glucose 97 and Insulin 2.1. What do you think of those numbers?

    • Chris, I hope you can follow up with a doctor very soon. He may be heading into Type 1 diabetes, and possibly this could be headed off. Or it could be something else, like an infection, but you can’t know for sure. Don’t wait!

    • Loving Moms

      His fasting glucose and insulin numbers are fine.

  • Meghan Y. Goodwin

    I just had my fasting insulin test from my doctor and it reads 166.6mu/L would it be a safe assumption that when I go back to see my doctor that she is going to tell me I have diabetes? On my results it says the standard range is 3.0-28.0.

    • Megahn, diabetes is defined by glucose levels, not insulin levels. You may not have diabetes, but you are definitely headed that way with a high degree of insulin resistance. You want to get that down by exercise, eating less starch and sugar, following doctor’s advice, and possibly using plant medicines like vinegar or bitter melon.

  • Sarah Weems

    My fasting blood glucose was 80, and fasting insulin was 8.9. After the two hour glucose test, my blood glucose was 90 and my insulin was 32.7. My doc wants to put me on metformin based on the “slightly high” insulin level. Is that necessary?

    • I would not call metformin “necessary” for you, but you should do something. Move more; walking after meals is good. Cut way down on starches and sugars. Metformin is safe and cheap, though, if it doesn’t upset your gut too much.

  • Jessica Harwell Essig

    Hello! My 9 year old daughter has been feeling gernerally unwell lately, I was concerned about sugar levels…. her fasting glucose was 82 and insulin was 3 and insulin assay “shows strong reactivity for some isulin ananalogs lispro, aspart, and glargine and much lower cross reactivity with others detemir glulisine. WHat do you think if these numbers. Thank you in advance!!!!!

    • Pablo Cohen

      Vitamin D levels can be too low. If low, then insulin resistance will increase. If you intake vitamin D3 supplement will help if D is low. You will need a blood test.

  • getitin

    is this fasted insulin levels?

  • getitin

    I am having similar symptoms and numbers. fasting insulin 3. glucose was 88.. A1C is in prediabetes range. I get brain fog, and aches, and lately my eyes have been dry .. do you exercise a lot Cathleen?

  • getitin

    how would you increase your insulin resistance in case you used a drug that makes you too sensitive. I understand that this is the opposite of what most people would want. but everybody is different

  • kathy

    Hi, my fasting glucose is always 103-115 (for at least a yr),last fasting insulin was 12.7, five mths ago 8.0. HOMA/IR is 3.3 now. My endo doesn’t think metformin would be helpful at the moment — I eat very well/low carb and have been. Walking and gym twice a week. But I have HTN, high total chol and HDL, plaque on both carotids and can’t lose the 15 lbs I need to lose for anything. My mother is type 2 diabetic and my father has horrible CAD. Worried, what am I to do? sit around and wait to become diabetic so I can take metformin? confused.

    • Hi Kathy, I can’t say why your endo doesn’t want you on metformin, but your numbers are in the prediabetes range and a lot of doctors would prescribe metformin for you. Have you asked your endo why?

      • Rahul Bagaria

        pioglitazone and the new drug saroglitazar works for both high lipids and blood sugar in prediabetes…

  • عائشة الحسيني

    Hi. Am just concerned about my insulin levels is 30uIU/ml (not fasting) and metformin was prescribed by Doctor. Everything is normal plus other hormones. My question is should I start on the 750mg metformin. Please help

    • Hi. As I understand insulin level, they probably tested your glucose at the same time. If insulin was high (30 is high) while glucose was low, that would indicate insulin resistance. But if you weren’t fasting, I’m not sure how much that means. Please ask your doctor why he or she wants you to start metformin.

  • 蔡浩洋

    Hi my doctor give me my blood test report saying my insulin level is 75 i freak out that the normal rate should be 5 is that bad? Am i going to die soon? Please help!

    • A high insulin level will not kill you. It may not even make you sick, but it shows that something is wrong. Your body is highly resistant to insulin, so you need more than most people. When your pancreas can’t keep up the high level, you are likely to get Type 2 diabetes. You should try to lower insulin resistance by moving your body more, eating much less starch and sugar, and taking a medicine if your doctor prescribes it. You can also consider plant medicines like vinegar, cinnamon, bitter melon, okra, guava, and others I wrote about here:

  • anna

    Hi , my fasting insulin level is 31.69 and the normal range is between 2.6 – 24.9 . I am so upset

  • anna

    Hi , my fasting insulin level is 31.69 and the normal range is between 2.6 – 24.9 . I am so upset .Please guide what should i do . Hope it does not cause diabetes .

    • Anna, please read some of the advice given on this thread. You are insulin resistant; you can make that better in several ways.

      • anna

        @david4peace:disqus , Hope it does not cause diabetes if I taking care of this now . I am soo much upset stop eating everything thing about it again and again . All I worried about it does not cause diabetes at this level .

  • Devansh

    Hi my insulin levels are 20 iu/ml after two hours of breakfast i am a diabetic and the doc assigned me 2 tablets of metaformin before breakfast and lunch my bg is 13,-140 fasting and 220-230 after eating what should i do take off my medicines

    • Hi Devansh. Your fasting and after-lunch glucose are both in the diabetic range, so I would not stop your metformin. You could do other things, though — more physical activity, much less sugar and starch. You might also look into a spoon of vinegar before meals and at bedtime, and bitter melon tea, capsules, or fruit once or twice a day.

  • roger shannon

    Hi, i recently tested my insulin and sugar levels. My fasting insulin level is 22, but my post prandial is 798. All the glucose values are in the normal range and HbA1c is 5.7. My parents are both diabetic. I have started to increase my physical activity and trying to change my diet… im 25… I have been started on metformin 500mg bd. In how many years am i likely to get diabetes… can i do anything else to push the onset of diabetes

    • Hi Roger, Your A1C is just barely prediabetic, but with your family history, you are probably on your way to diabetes if you don’t make some changes. Physical activity is most important — strength and aerobic exercise and stretching all help. Cut way, way down on starches and sugars. Eat more fiber. Try to relax and reduce stress. Consider taking vinegar in some form before meals and at bedtime. There’s way more you can do, but moving your body is the best place to start.

  • Adrienne

    I recently received my lab results and am a bit confused, please help if possible. My fasting Glucose was 102 and Fasting Insulin was 24.5 with this note regarding my insulin level ( INSULIN 24.5 H 2.0-19.6 uIU/mL TP
    This insulin assay shows strong cross-reactivity for
    some insulin analogs (lispro, aspart, and glargine)
    and much lower cross-reactivity with others (detemir, Glulisine )

    Potassium level was 3.4 L not sure if this plays a factor and my cholesterol levels were high ( Total Cholesterol was 224 High, LOL Cholesterol was 137 High, NON HDL Cholesterol was 167. I included these numbers because the lab results stated, “Desirable range <100 mg/dL for patients with CHD or
    diabetes and <70 mg/dL for diabetic patients with
    known heart disease"

    Thank you

  • Sara Elizabeth Russell

    Hello, I’ve been on here before hoping for some type of answers that are still not answered from a doctor. I have reactive hypoglycemia, once it goes up it starts to go down. Very scary! Ive asked my thyroid dr if it was my fasting insulin. He told me not to worry about that because I have a vitamin D deficiency and that’s why my fasting insulin was high. Did not know that. My fasting insulin went from a 23 to a 20 within 3 months. But no one will trst it for me now. Is that something that should be checked with reactive hypoglycemia?

  • Holly Buttigieg

    Is 10.5 a high number for insulin levels in a teenager? Please help asap!!! My doctor said everything else seemed fine he just needed a specialist to confirm if anything was wrong. This was after fasting

    • Hi Holly, 10.5 is a little high and may well indicate insulin resistance. You may not need to do anything, but to lower insulin resistance and prevent future diabetes your teenager (you?) could start moving more and eat less starches and sugars, and more fiber.

  • Steve Casella

    Just recently found out I have an insulin level of 31.9. Dx of peripheral neuropathy 7 months ago. Interestingly enough fasting glucose was 112 but A1C was 5.5. Other than neuropathy I have no typical signs of thirst, etc. should I be seeing a endocrinologist or something?

    • Steve, your numbers say you are insulin resistant and prediabetic. This may not progress, but I hope you will start moving your body more and cut way down on starches and sugars. Look at some of our articles or others’ on low-carb eating for ideas on that. An endo might have some ideas for you about drugs you could take.

  • Noor Fatima

    is insulin level 14.7 uiu/ml is high ?? with 12hr fasting

  • Mark

    Please help!! I have hypoglycemia episodes but when tested while having an episode my glucose is normal at 4.4 and insulin is low at 12. Testing about 1.25 hrs after meal but symptoms of low blood sugar start about 45 minutes after eating.
    I’m 34 and fit.
    I can’t find information anywhere about low insulin and normal glucose. These episodes are ruining my life.
    Any help at all would be most appreciated!!

  • Linda

    I just asked my Dr. to run an insulin level after my son found that his was high and he read that it can be associated with low magnesium levels. My level came back as elevated at 34. I have been dealing with low magnesium levels for over 2 years. I have to get IV magnesium infusions every 2 weeks. The past 2 months the mg runs really low at 1.1 to 0.9 this past week and is causing cardiac arrhythmias. I read that the high insulin level can be the cause for the low magnesium levels. I am hoping that this is the answer to what is causing the low magnesium. None of my Dr.’s ever thought to check the insulin level. I have my son to thank for telling me about the association between insulin levels and low magnesium levels. I wonder why Dr’s. don’t think to check insulin levels when a problem has a significant problem with low magnesium. I have not met with my Dr. yet to discuss my labs. In the meantime, I will be cutting way back on sugar and carbs.

  • Ketaki Deo

    Hi i am 24 years old my fasting sr insulin is 31mu/l and fasting blood sugar is 98mg/dl
    And i have family history of type2 DM should i start metformin?

    • Metformin is one choice. Moving more and eating much less starch and sugar sounds like a better place to start for most people. It depends on your situation. You could do both.

      • Ketaki Deo

        Thankyou so much! Istarted metformin 500 mg as suggested my physician and life style modification too!

    • Vipul Semwal

      How did you check your insuline level in your body..?
      I ‘m really having trouble with my insuline, but don’t know how to check this .

      • There are no home tests for insulin level. You would have to go to a doctor or clinic and have the test done in a lab. You should be fasting when the test is done.

  • Kristina

    My daughter (19) had a 2 hour glucose tolerant test three days ago. Everything came back fine except her insulin 2 hour was 268 mclU/mL, which should be between 1.90-23 cclU/ml. Waiting for a call from the dr to explain it all and heading into a long weekend. Iron, T4 and TSH were good. Is this level going to require Metformin for sure?

  • Itu Chaudhuri

    Though I’ve had normal FBG over the years (86-99), I wished to be more aggressive in uncovering IR or hyperinsulinemia (lots of T2DM in the family, a brother who died at 59 with DM and a sudden MI). I’m 57, male, 60Kg/waist 32″, HDL 80/TG 80/LDL 153, eat very low carb (<30g/d) for 9 months and moderately LC for 2 yrs before that, so I don't seem to have the rest of the syndrome x / met syndrome cluster.

    So I did a two hour OGTT (after carb-adapting with 120g/d for 2 weeks) and measured insulin concurrently, the latter on my own, because my doc refuses to test what she sees as a non-symptomatic person.

    At 0 and 120 minutes, glucose was 86 and 92 mg/dl and insulin was 11 and 81 uIU/ml. I cant find a criterion for hyperinsulinemia, so is this HI/IR? HOMA-IR puts me at insulin resistant, and QUICKI has me on the borderline. Thanks for your opinion, and apologies for the long post.

    • Hans Höfer

      Insulin levels after you eat are to rise 5 to 7 times higher.. So your values seem to be normal!

  • Shiri

    I got my bloodtest: insulin 0.9 – Glucose 80. I have terrible shaking of hands when hungry. My doctor told me I might develop diabetes. Should I do additional tests? Follow a diet?

    • Hi Shiri, your test results are completely normal. Not sure what your doctor was talking about. I wouldn’t “follow” any diet. Try different things and see what works for you. You should probably eat smaller, more frequent meals to keep from getting hungry, if it makes you so weak.

  • Joe Dinger

    This article had so much potential. You talked to Dr Mercola and got great info, then you had to spoil it with the quote from Andy Jackson. Please read “The Obesity Code” by Dr Fung. Here you will learn all you should know about how to treat diabetes and how to keep weight off.

  • Illospher

    intermittent fasting in combination with a low carb diet would lower the insulin reading. You may reverse your insulin resistance in at least 3 weeks if done properly

  • Debbie Simpson-Lavigne

    My daughter has EBV with CVID. She is having a C.T. scan of her pancreas on Monday. Her Insulin level is high at 56.6. I am not sure how that translates to blood sugar levels. Her other fasting labs are high including all of her cholesterol components. She is receiving IVGG via portacath monthly. Many pieces to put together. What do you recommend diet wise. She has family hx. of heart disease on both sides. Including her late father with 2 heart attacks and 3 stents. Please advise me an way you can. thank you.

    • I’m not qualified to tell you what she should eat, but her insulin level and cholesterol probably indicate a high degree of insulin resistance. Generic advice would be to cut way down on refined carbohydrates and increase fiber and protein. But the proper diet depends on her specific condition. Please talk to a qualified dietitian or nutritionist.

  • sharmila shende

    Hi,I m Sharmila,my insulin (fasting ) is 25.17 ulU/ml and (pp/pg/randam 47.68ulU/ml other factors are normal .is it very bad condition, what should I do to reduce it?

    • Hi Sharmila, your insulin level shows some insulin resistance. It is not “very bad,” but it is something you could treat with more physical activity, less refined starches and sugars, or, with your doctors OK, plant medicines like vinegar, bitter melon, okra, or others. You could also ask your doctor about metformin, but you may not need it if your “other factors are normal.” Just start moving more.

  • Hi Lucky Irish, Your insulin level isn’t that high, just a bit high. Insulin level absolutely can be high with good sugar readings, but there’s nothing wrong with an A1c of 4.7. Don’t worry about it. You’ve identified the big issue, not to “get lazy.” You may need to find alternative ways to move when injuries limit your regular exercise.

  • Amrita

    Hello! My fasting insulin level is 26.73 while all other things are normal. What is the risk involved? And what would you suggest to do differently?

  • Emily Herron

    hi geez im freaking out a bit all my levels are raised ive been so unwell i am type 1 diabetic im 32 and i have had it since 16 just had my insulin levels checked they are 115 !!

    • Hi Emily, Thanks for writing instead of freaking out. I hope you have checked with your doctor, because a person with Type 1 cannot have an insulin level of 115. It’s usually closer to 0. Something else is going on.

  • Hi Ashraf, A random insulin level doesn’t mean much, because it depends on what you’ve been eating. Maybe you could get a fasting level, which might help explain your hypoglycemia, or might not.

  • Kaylee May

    Just got my lab results. GAD-65 is 8.8 u/mL. Insulin 141.1 uIU/mL. C-peptide 13.1 ng/mL. Endocrinologist started me on Ozempic and Metformin twice a day. Concerned because these levels seem very high to me.


    Just got my lab result.insulin fasting serum is <0.50 mu/L .
    What i does for up to the sugar level.

    • Hi Somvel. That insulin level is very low. What are your sugar levels? If they’re high, you might need insulin or some other medication. If they’re normal, keep up the good work!

  • delores k

    I am not sure what my levels mean. My fasting blood sugar is 111, and my a1c is 5.8. Last year it was 5.7. I am 46,thin, and eat healthy. I do not eat much junk food. If I eat chocolate ,for example, or anything really sweet it makes me have nausea. I had a random blood sugar at doctors office, about hour after eating a small portion of oatmeal and it was 254. I am a healthy eater and usually eat small amounts of food as i get full quickly.I am having an insulin level check next week. Any ideas? Type 1 and 2 DM run in my family. Uncle has type 1 {he developed at age 50}, mom and grandpa type 2.

    • Hi Delores, Your numbers would be classed as prediabetic. Your personal and family history makes me worry that you may be developing late onset Type 1, or maybe LADA, as your uncle did. They might want to do an antibody test to look for signs of Type 1. You can manage this. It will be easier when you find out what’s going on.

    • Toprate

      Look in to ketogenic or LCHF dietS. What you think is “heathy diet” is slowly turning your diabetic. Whole grains, fruits, and many vegetables are high in sugar. Eliminating these in place of quality protein and healthy fats could help you. Worth looking in to, see what changes in 1 month.

  • Thursday Saint-Giles

    I’ve had trouble with hypoglycemia in the past, but right now I’m struggling with losing weight, despite working closely with a nutritionist, eating lots of whole foods, veggies/protein, and cutting back on carbs, most of which come from my fruit and veggie intake (don’t eat much grains or starchy carbs), and doing cardio 45min+ 3-4x a week, strength training 1hr 2-3x a week, and there’s no change in the scale, so doctor suggested fasting insulin test. I was sick at the time with stomach bug, so I hadn’t eaten anything in over 14 hours. The total result was 49.4 mcIU/mL, but I have no idea what that means. It says the standard is 0.0 – 20.0 mcIU/mL. I don’t know if it’s because of hypoglycemia, because I was sick, I’m prediabetic, or what?
    ETA, my Hemoglobin A1C is 4.7% (test standard says 4.2 – 6.0 %) and my Estimated Average Glucose is 88 mg/dL (with standard at 68-126). There’s another result which just says Glucose 85% (standard 65 – 99 mg/dL). I don’t know if this makes any difference.

    • Hi Thursday. That insulin level is high, but you are living a healthy life and have normal sugars, so I wouldn’t worry too much. I hope you can stop focusing on your weight. Don’t make yourself crazy over a number, especially when your glucose is fine. How’s your blood pressure? Speak with your doctor about your test results and what he or she recommends.

      • Thursday Saint-Giles

        I’m wondering if the insulin level could have been a fluke because of illness and medication (I was on zofran and not eating much besides maybe a bowl of chicken noodle soup, saltines, and ginger ale). Blood pressure is generally right around 117/76 almost by rote, and as recently as when I had it tested 6 weeks ago, but this time it was higher, like 130/80. Again, don’t know if it’s because of illness.
        Dr. is saying possible insulin resistance, and pre-diabetes and has prescribed metformin. I’m not necessarily opposed to medication, but I prefer natural routes if possible, which is why I workout and eat healthy, but I am concerned that something about my illness might have given abnormal results.

  • Emily Herron

    Ok so its still high right?

    • Right. Still high. It sounds like you don’t have Type 1, or if you do, it’s a type I’ve never heard of before. Unless you’re injecting insulin, in which case checking an insulin level makes no sense. What does your doctor say? Why are they ordering these tests?

    • Rob07

      Yes, I would say so.

  • Sara Elizabeth Russell

    I have reactive hypoglycemia can you tell me what types of tests can tell me the cause to it? I’m 27 and developed it 2 1/2 years ago. These are fasting results.
    Fasting insulin 24, c peptide 2.4, proinsulin 4.8, vitamin D 24.8, TSH 2.92, A1C 5.2. Can my fasting insulin being high cause my sugar to drop?

  • Coco Bolo

    All these heath info articles and videos, many of which are informative and compelling, they always seem to forget to mention the original risk % one is running – so for example, say a diabetic has a 30% higher risk of ‘dreaded lurgy’ by age 65, but the risk of that is only 2 in 100 to start with so he has a 2.7 in 100. Sounds a lot less frightening when put in that perspective but they just don’t do it! A lot of illness is caused by stress, fear, anxiety….so it would be useful to have these comparisons fully transparent. AND we will all die of something, so if you avoid that heart attack or stroke, what might you have to suffer instead, and how will you know that you have had any benefit of extra years as promised either?

  • Sibi Philip

    My Insulin Level(fasting) is at 3.5mcU/ml whereas C Peptide(at fasting) is 1.26ng/mL along with high blood sugar( 149 & 264)…Are these readings very alarming?

    • Kris

      Fasting blood sugar of 149 and 264 is alarming with fasting insulin of 3.5… The worrying part is that if your glucose is high and you are not excreting enough insulin to deal with it, it could mean your pancreas isn’t working properly = diabetes. Your insulin would ideally be 5 (+-2) while blood sugar levels 85 (+- 15)

    • joyforjoplin

      Deepti, what is a typical FASTING glucose level for you?

  • Deepti

    My insulin level is 14 µU/ml with FULLY AUTOMATED CHEMI LUMINESCENT IMMUNO ASSAY method. My age is 25 years old. Please suggest whether i am having diabetes or not?

  • Karin

    What does “strong cross reactivity for lispro, aspart and glargine” mean on an insulin assay

    • Hi Karin, From what I’ve read, “cross reactivity” means that the test is sensitive to lispro, aspart, and glargine, three insulin analogs. If you’re not taking any of those drugs, that phrase is not relevant to your situation. However, you might ask the doctor who ordered the tests for a deeper explanation. He or she might know.

  • Kris

    Hyperinsulinemia? Probably pre-diabetes,, yes

  • DLee

    I had a test that showed insulin level of 34.9 2 hours after eating a balanced meal of carbs, protein, fats. Would this be considered normal?

  • DLee

    My insulin levels tested out at 34.9. Test was taken 2 hours after a meal that included modest amount of carbs, protein, fats. Is this considered too high? I often get hypoglycemia if I don’t eat on time, and recently have had some very hard ‘crashes’.

    • Hi DLee, I can’t really answer if 34.9 is too high, because we don’t know how much carbohydrate you ate. 34.9 sounds a little high, but you would need a lab test to be sure. Your history of hypos probably means you should not eat much refined carbs. Do you know your fasting insulin level? That is easier to interpret.

  • Zara

    Wow all of you are crazy. I am in the health care field working in a program that was designed to reverse diabetes. Look into the Ornish Diet. High fat diets are just as likely to make you a diabetic as high sugar diets. Your body develops a lipid layer around your cells that prevents the insulin lock in key mechanism from bringing sugar into your cells or muscles for fuel.
    1. You need to begin a regular exercise program. Exercise and insulin do the SAME THING! Exercise shuttles sugar into your muscles for fuel so that your body in turn can produce less insulin and your sugar levels will stabilize over time.
    2. What you actually need is a very low fat (think 10% of your calories from fat), high fiber diet. If you can go fully vegetarian and limit nuts/seeds and eliminate added oils, you will be a step closer to reversing diabetes or preventing yourself from getting it in the first place if you are in fact pre-diabetic.

  • George Georganas

    Hi my lab tests:
    7 months ago: Blood glycose of 105mg/dl , GTT 1 hour 160mg/dl,2hour 118mg/dl, morning insulin 6.2μU/ml ,A1C 5.2%,A1 6.1%
    This month: BG 110mg/dl, GTT 1 hour 184mg/dl,2hour 115mg/dl,
    morning insulin 5.3μU/ml.
    Im Male 32yo 1.86cm 93kg 13-14% bodyfat athletic with healthy nutrition habits .No history of diabetes in family.
    Could i be having cancer in pancreas judging from the insulin values you are seeing? I ve had many years to do a bloodtest and with this random one 7monghs ago i was told by my doctor that i had to keep monitoring my bg since i could develop diabets later on, and since i ve never had a problem with blood sugar as a kid and no family history of diabetes, i was wondering what might be going on cause insulin levels dropped from my last test and since my diet was pretty much same with healthy choices why is this happening .
    My doctor for the last 7 months kept telling me to calm down and that i dont have anything cause stressing is bad for my bg too. Should i be telling him to get a pancreas MRI done ???

  • Candace

    I had a non fasting insulin test done and it reported at 118.3 but has what looks like the fasting scale next to it as the comparative (2.0-19.6) I can not seem to find a non fasting scale. I had fasting blood draw done today (didnt see the doctor or the test results till afterwards) so it was a little shocking and worrisome.

    • Hi Candace, A nonfasting insulin level doesn’t mean much, and I’m not sure why they did it. If your fasting blood test included an insulin level, that will tell you and your doctor much more.

  • prashant moholkar

    am 45, my fasting insulin is 19 & HBA1C is 7 , fasting sugar is 110 & post 160
    what is ideal range for me for fasting insulin and HBA1C

    • Hi Prashant, Your A1C is in diabetic range, even though your insulin level is also a bit high. This shows you have a lot of insulin resistance. It would help to move more and eat fewer carbohydrates, and smaller amounts of food at one time. You may have enough insulin to cover small meals but not large ones, but you will have to see. An “ideal range” for A1C would be less than 6%, but that may or may not be realistic for you. Move more, and ask your doctor for other ideas.


    My Fasting Insuline level is 88.33 and HB1AC is 7.3 ,blood Glucose fasting is 135. My age is 37.
    Please comment on this

    • Hi SUHA, Those numbers would indicated you have Type 2 diabetes — you are making a lot of insulin, but have too much insulin resistance. I hope you can see a doctor and get some medication to reduce your insulin resistance. Just as important, you will need to start moving your body much more, and most likely change your diet to eat smaller portions with less carbohydrate. But talk to a professional about that, too.

      • SUHAS P

        Thanks for information and advice. Can you please help me for diet. Like what to avoid and what take more.

        • D. Cole

          Hi Suhas, Im not a dr of any type. Im a type 2 diabetic working to reverse it. May I suggest going to youtube and look up Dr Jason Fung. Here is just one It might be worthwhile to check it out. His videos have really helped me. I was at 7.2 a1c around 200 blood glucos at my highest, In august I was 6.2 a1c. My fasting glucose is now in the 90’s as of October and I have been off my diabetic meds for a month now. So It can work. Good Luck to you.

        • Mustapha G.

          Hi Suhas, Follow D. Cole advice. I reversed my type 2 diabetes back to normal following what Dr. Jason Fung talks about. I followed this simple steps:

          1- Have a strong will to change your lifestyle. It is not a diet, it is a lifestyle
          2- Intermittent fasting
          3- Do not eat if you are not hungry
          4- When hungry, do not over eat (small portions are great)
          5- No GPS (
          A- “G”: Nothing from grain, even whole grain
          B- “P”: No Pasta/Pizza (it is still grain)
          C- “S”: No sugar or starch (No more sugar intake, no more juices or soda just drink water,
          and no starchy food such us potato (sweet potato is ok)

          I eat lots of fruits, vegetables (the more raw the better), lots of salads, seafood, red meat (not too much though), white meat such us chicken or turkey (no pork for me). For my drinks, I just stick with water. When I wake up and I do not feel hungry, I skip breakfast (happens a lot). Sometimes when i don’t feel hungry, I may end up with just one meal. Ohh, and for snacks I eat fruits again and raw nuts. I stay miles away from anything fried. Following this, I lost 52 pounds in 4 months (goodbye belly) and my A1c dropped from 6.8 to 5.4. My current insulin level in my body is at 2.5. I did all this with no medicine. All I did is change my lifestyle. And to show you that it is all food, I went to the gym less than a handful of times (I need to work on this though. Exercise is very important). No it has been about a year and half I reversed my type 2 diabetes back to normal, I kept the weight off and my numbers stayed normal. I tested multiple times my body by giving it bad food with sugar and my body reaction to sugar has drastically improved and after I eat the bad food, as I like to call it, within 3 hours my glucose level is back to below 100. I hope this helps and best of luck 🙂

      • what kind of medicine lowers insulin resistance?

  • Xtina

    Was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia in 2012 by an immediate care dr. Glucose dropped to 53 in the 3rd hour of my OGTT. Have been trying to adjust diet to help since then. Been having a lot of symptoms lately, fast drops, heart palpitations, shakey, weak feeling, sometimes feel like I’m short of breath when I shouldn’t be, poor balance, fatigue, muscle weakness especially in the morning, mixing up words etc so I decided to seek out an endo. He is a nonbeliever in RH, but ordered tests anyway. My results seem normal to me. I’ve always been suspicious of the RH diagnosis, as I can be shakey at 90 and feel normal at 76.
    C-Peptide – .93
    Insulin – 4
    A1c- 5

    Any thoughts?

    • luckyirish12

      Have you been tested for NAFLD, a fatty liver sometimes can’t absorb Glucagon, its a hormone secreted by the pancreas that allows the liver put extra glucose in your blood to keep you steady, or you may have a deficiency of this hormone as well, I just got a sugar reading the other day of 52, which I have never been this low, which has me thinking about your problems as well

  • Amrita

    Thank you!

  • Amrita

    Thank you for the tips.

  • Indra Kumari

    My fasting insulin is 10mu/L, 1 hour 239 mu/L and 2 hour 98mu/L
    Fasting blood suger is 4.1 mmol/L 1 hour 5.5mmol/L and 2 hour 4.5mmol/L

    What does it means ?

  • Nichole

    Fasting insulin – 25, fasting glucose – 88, HbA1C – 5.2. Not remotely diabetic, but very insulin resistant.

  • Madhusudan

    Hi , I did 13 hours fasting before giving the blood sample for test.. fasting insulin was 3.92 μU/ml, FASTING BLOOD SUGAR was 177 mg/dL HbA1c showed 8.2% , Average Blood Glucose (ABG) showed 189 mg /dl .. TESTOSTERONE was 285.43 ng/dL, HDL 46, LDL 213, TC/HDL ratio 6.2, LDL/HDL ratio 4.6 ….what does it mean ? what should I do next.. (I’m 42 years, 5 feet 4 Inches tall and weighs 58Kg .. )

  • Madhusudan

    Thanks David, no I’ve not yet been to doctor discussing these results. I’ll do that in few days based on an appointment. I’ve started with brisk walk since 3 days but as far as possible want to stay away from medication. I read above article where it says fasting insulin < 5 should be OK.. but not sure how should be read with other results ? is 13 hour fasting before doing blood test good ? what is the idle time ?

    • Mahusudan, you raise an important point. Fasting insulin < 5 IS good if your sugars are OK, but yours aren't. I'm afraid you may have late onset Type 1 diabetes or latent autoimmune diabetes of adults (LADA). Your insulin level is low, which is good if it means you don't have insulin resistance, but not good if it means you don't make enough insulin in the first place. I don't know how you will reverse this without insulin or maybe an incretin drug. Perhaps if you exercise vigorously and long, you might get your sugars down without insulin, but brisk walks probably won't do it. Please speak with your doctor about the treatment approach that would work best for your situation.

  • Prasad Deshmukh

    Hi, im 47 year old. My height is 177 cm, weight is 77kg, im having diabetes from last 5 years. I take 1 tablet daily of Teneligliptin 20 mg + metformin 1000mg. My latest tedt show fadting insulin 13.62, HbA1c at 7.0%. The mean plasma glucose level is 154.53. Please advice.

    • Hi Prasad, You are still pretty insulin resistant. You could exercise more, cut way down on carbohydrates like sugars and starches, and, with your doctor’s OK, try some of the plant medicines like bitter melon, turmeric, guava, or others we’ve written about here. Search our site for articles about them.

  • Ken Chapel

    my fasting glucose is 108; my HbA1c is 5.4; my fasting insulin level is 42.1 (I have been on keto diet for 3 weeks)…..there are so many conflicting recommendations for the correct amount of protein (which after reading this article it seems that too many grams of protein might be undermining my efforts)….I am unsure about the amount of protein grams I should eat…is it based on my current weight or my goal weight? if my goal weight is 200lb how many grams of protein should I eat each day…and if eating the correct amount of protein and keeping carbs less that 20 grams and increasing activity…will that bring my insulin (and insulin resistance) down?

    • Hi Ken. If you were my brother or my client, I would say you’re stressing about your food too much. Your diet sounds OK. Would it be possible for you to exercise more?

  • Susan Poole-Anderson

    Hi I have been on Keto for 3 months, I just had my fasting blood insulin tested and it was 10.5 mcIU/mL can you tell me what this means?

  • barbara carroll

    Question re Insulin level testing at home (meter)?

    Is there an accurate at home testing device on the market that measures insulin levels? As a retired RN that taught blood glucose monitoring (certification of staff and patients) it is now routine and simple. Continuous BG level monitoring is now available through amazing technology. I have no idea if the same would be possible with insulin levels? Thanks, Barbara Carroll, Kelowna, BC

  • barbara carroll

    Excellent advise. I have printed so when I go shopping I have a great reference. I follow Keto and eat mostly this way yet need constant reminders. Barbara.

    • jay cee

      You’re welcome Barbara. I have since replaced bacon with pork belly. That is the unprocessed meat used to make bacon. It’s delicious.