Apple Cider Vinegar and Diabetes

I wrote about this several years ago, but I’ll say it again: If you want to control Type 2 diabetes better, try consuming vinegar before meals and at bedtime. Start today! It may help lower post-meal and fasting glucose levels.


Apple cider vinegar and diabetes research

In a study from Arizona State University, subjects took a drink of 20 grams of apple cider vinegar, 40 grams of water, and 1 teaspoon of saccharin with each meal. (I think stevia might be better than saccharin.) Those with insulin resistance who drank the vinegar had 34 percent lower postprandial (after-meal) glucose compared to controls.

These postprandial benefits had been found before. It was thought that vinegar might slow the absorption of carbohydrate into the blood, or slow the breakdown of starches into sugars. This effect would mimic the effect of drugs like acarbose (brand name Precose).

But the 2004 study cited above reported that vinegar reduced postprandial glucose more in subjects who were highly insulin resistant. The authors say this result shows that vinegar increases insulin sensitivity, perhaps acting similarly to metformin.

Now studies have found that vinegar at bedtime reduces fasting blood glucose in the morning, indicating that vinegar might promote insulin production, like nateglinide (Starlix).

Pretty amazing that a simple chemical like vinegar (acetic acid) could have the benefits of three different classes of diabetes drugs, and all for a few cents a dose! It’s likely good for both Type 2 and Type 1, especially for lowering postprandial glucose. And postprandial glucose levels account for 30 percent to 70 percent of A1C values. Vinegar has got to be the most cost-effective medicine in history, but most people with diabetes still aren’t taking it.

How can vinegar be so powerful? I think it has to do with our ancestral diet. We used to eat carbohydrate in highly complex forms that took a long time to break down in the intestines. Some of that material may have converted to vinegar before being absorbed. Vinegar may be a signal to our bodies to produce insulin and not resist it. Today’s highly refined carbohydrates are absorbed long before they start breaking down. Our bodies don’t get the ancestral signals that carbohydrates are coming, so they’re not ready for them. Drinking a bit of vinegar might trigger the hormones and transmitters that are now missing the boat.

This theory might be nonsense, but the benefits of vinegar are proven reality. In response to another of my vinegar articles, more than 30 readers posted comments about how vinegar had helped them reduce their blood glucose and lose weight. There were no dissenting comments. Go back and read them here.

Reader apple cider vinegar recipes

Readers mostly use apple cider vinegar, which has been touted for centuries for many health benefits. However, wine vinegar, rice vinegar, and white vinegar may be equally good. They just haven’t been studied. Balsamic vinegar apparently is not good; it’s too sugary.

The optimum vinegar dose hasn’t been established. Most reports have people taking 1–3 teaspoons before each meal containing carbohydrate, and at bedtime. It might be best to take vinegar with the first bite of the meal, to prevent the reported side effects of nausea and heartburn. But these should be rare at such low doses, anyway. And to protect your enamel, remember to rinse your teeth and mouth after drinking vinegar. You can also take vinegar tablets, which are cheap and widely available.

Here are some recipes readers sent:

Paul V: Half a glass of water with a tablespoon of cider vinegar
Kelly: Sliced cucumbers and cold vinegar in a bowl
Vicki: Two tablespoons of vinegar with one tablespoon of honey
Betty and Deb: Apple cider vinegar, extra-virgin olive oil (and optionally, mustard) as a salad dressing
Brecklundin: Apple cider vinegar in iced tea with lemon or lime and stevia
Juli: A glug of apple cider vinegar, a spoonful of honey, and the rest of the glass full of water
David: One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 1 cup of water, with a few drops of stevia

I can add that rice vinegar, sesame oil, and honey makes a great Thai salad dressing.

If you’re spending money on medicines to reduce postprandial glucose levels, you are missing a good possibility here. I’m betting many people with Type 2 will be able to get off some medicines or significantly reduce them. People with Type 1 might be able to lower insulin doses. Most can probably achieve lower A1Cs. Please let us know how it goes. And speak to your doctor about it.

Looking to learn about more foods that may help with diabetes? Read “Bitter Melon, Diabetes,” “Leaves and Fruits for Diabetes,” “Turmeric and Diabetes: 10 Ways Turmeric Can Help” and “Cinnamon and Diabetes: An Update.”

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  • Gail P

    We should all try this before bed and report our FBS. Of course we would also need to report how different this is from our average fasting. Think I’ll try it tonight. One question: can we use any kind of vinegar, like balsamic, red wine, or white?

  • David Spero RN

    Go for it, Gail! As I said, wine, white, apple cider, or rice vinegar seem good, but balsamic probably isn’t.

  • Yisroel

    Are there any studies of Vinegar vs. Lemon Juice? Is this ANY simple acid, or do some of the benefits seem unique to vinegar? Are there cumulative effects to vinegar + cinnamon?

  • Beth

    Hmmm. Is there any reason to believe that the vinegar at the beginning of a meal cannot be part of the food of the meal? Because I am sure that we did not evolve drinking vinegar before eating. But there is the traditional practice from many parts of Europe of eating a salad with vinaigrette dressing before a meal; and many Middle and Eastern European countries traditionally begin a meal with soup, and lots of the old traditional recipes from these areas include some vinegar. Like many traditional practices, these may have hidden benefits that we are only now discovering.

    In my mother’s family (her parents were from Slovakia), soup was a necessity of life. If you had not eaten soup, you had not had supper. Most of the family soup recipes passed down to me have either vinegar or sauerkraut in them. To be authentic, the sauerkraut must be home made. (Yes, I make my own, and it’s easy.) And the highest praise you could give any food was “Not bad, it’s not too sweet.”

  • Brian Grinonneau

    Fantastic observation. Can’t wait to try it. Natural remedies? You bet they work. Thanks for the insight!

  • Donna Bennett

    what about the tablets that have the apple cider vinegar? does it have to be liquid?

  • Donna Bennett

    ???what about pickle juice? I have a hard time with liquid vinegar, but i like pickle juice! just one of those wierd things left over from childhood…

  • David Spero RN

    Interesting questions from everyone. Beth, I’m sure including vinegar in food is as good as drinking it beforehand. Donna, I think the tablets are just as good as liquid vinegar. Pickle juice is largely vinegar, so it should be fine. Lemon juice has been anecdotally reported to lower postprandial sugars, perhaps by lowering the rate at which sugars are absorbed.

    If possible, please keep track of how whatever you try affects your blood glucose and report back to us.

  • Paul Ernsberger, Ph.D.

    The active principal in vinegar is acetic acid. Even people who do not consume vinegar get acetic acid, mainly from bacteria in the large intestine. The fermentation of dietary fiber in the large intestine leads to a slow steady release of acetic acid into the blood stream between meals. Many of the health benefits of fiber are the result of acetic acid produced by friendly bacteria in our gut.

  • Linda Bryan

    I am starting the vinegar shot today! I’ve done it before and not stayed with it but this time I’m serious! Thanks!

  • Beth

    Paul, naturally fermented cucumbers (pickles) and sauerkraut have lactic acid. Does this also affect the body like acetic acid? Or is it different?

  • Neil Lemme

    Can I safely begin doing the vinegar regimen while taking metformin twice a day (1,000mg each)?

  • Dolores

    Interesting theory. As a juvenile diabetic school nurse and a diabetic myself, I’m always looking at all possibilities. I personally have gastroparesis and cider vinegar is an irritant.Will give it a try using rice vinegar.

  • Paul

    Does it have to be stevia or woulld equal work as well? I’ve never tried stevia. Can someone tell me how they compare if you’re tried it and equal. I’m also going to try it. My doctor has me on insulin twice a day, but I get lumps at the injection site that are painful and stick around for a couple of days. Doctor can’t figure it out.

  • Kim Israel

    I am a Medical Doctor in Family Practice, I have been in medical field for 47 years.
    I have had Type II Diabetes, for over 20 years. My diabetes is under excellent control and so far I have none of the late effects of Diabetes. I must now take the maximum dose of each of the different types of oral diabetic prescription medication. I also must supplement these medications with all of the safe, studied, and effective, non-prescription products, many of which are routinely mentioned in your articles at:
    In addition I must eat a well balanced diabetically correct diet and maintain my weight and exercise daily. I want to make a few comments how I chose the treatments I use for myself, and then recommend to my patients, family and friends.

    1: I have been taught and found very useful, the “scientific method” for evaluation and selection of treatments which are safe, studied, and effective. (in medicine safety is relative to the side effects of the disease you are treating, which often seems to be forgotten by many)

    2: The scientific method cannot be ignored just because, funding is not enough for non-prescription to be properly evaluated. I find many of the non-prescription products I use have been adequately evaluated by scientific method, if you factor in the very low risk potential of the treatment being studied.

    I must make a suggestion, your reasons that you state for non-prescription treatments not being adequately studied are very common and often repeated. Do not give in to them so easily, as you appear to be very knowledgeable and concerned about Diabetes. Many of the non-prescription treatments are studied as I have found with diligent searching of the scientifically based web resources. For the treatments that have not been, I recommend a possible solution. Have the, For Profit non-prescription treatment Industry (magazines, web sites, advertisers, manufactures, concerned consumers, growers, form a PAC and so forth), fund research into these products and encourage them to lobby for their funding to be tax deductible and their involvement legally advertised and promoted in the media and on their products. In other words the same way the pharmaceutical industry does. Don’t mention their profits in a rebuttal as my suggestion could be as relatively profitable in the long run and the cost of materials and research and the studies should be much less.

  • Tammie

    I was wondering…do you have to include the water and sweetener in this equation? I happen to really like vinegar, and I would just take the two tablespoons by themselves. Thanks for the info!

  • Marcie

    Some form of vineagar has usually been part of my eating plan, at least for my biggest meals. I do believe it’s helped — my usual PP sugars and A1c’s are pretty good.

    I’ve been on metformin for a number of years, and using it has caused no problems. But, no matter what med you might be on, I’d keep very close track of how adding vineagar might be affecting your blood sugars. Go a week or so checking pre-meal and 2-hr PP sugars before trying it, then start using it, keeping the same records. You might be able to cut back on your meds!!

    About pickle juice, I’d say that you might want to be careful. Some types have a lot of salt in them.

  • evelyn hub

    I’ve done the apple cider vinegar(organic from T. Joes) and water in a shot glass 1/2 and 1/2 and had noticed a definitive difference in my blood sugar levels, but I didn’t stick w/it like Linda Bryan. There’s something real easy abt doing a shot glass. Be very careful to not brush your teeth shortly after drinking your vinegar-its bad for your teeth…I usually wait at least 1/2 hour and drink water to help harden enamel. If anyone knows any better tips please advise…guess I should find a dentist to ask.

  • Barbara

    I can’t wait to try this. I think I will do just fine with. I will do it this evening with my meal.

  • David Spero RN

    Re: Sweeteners — you don’t need them — they’re just to help the vinegar go down. It certainly doesn’t have to be stevia — use whatever you want.

    Thanks to all for good suggestions.

  • Dot

    Apple Cider Vinegar and honey goes way back as a health promoting mixture as well as a healing one. Glad to see this with the sugar sub replacing the honey.

  • Holly

    I think caution should be advised…I tried the cider vinegar regime and got a terrible nose bleed that I couldn’t stop. In my entire life, I never had a nose bleed, except when I got hit in the face with a ball once. It scared the heck out of me. I stopped the vinegar and haven’t had a nose bleed since. Thins the blood so if you’re taking any meds for blood thinning or something like that, be careful.

  • Carolynn Mouat

    I was disagnosed with type 2 diabetes in January, 2004. I was unalbe to obtain a dietician’s appointment until July. Scared and not knowing what to do about diet, I read as much as I could and developed my own diet. I ate only fish and chicken (mainly fish), salads, fresh vegetables and made my own salad dressing. I mixed 1/2 cup of Flatseed oil with 3 cups of basalmic vinegar, added some garlic powder and onion powder and 2 packed of a diet sweetner. I shook it up each time I ate salad (twice a day). I even carried a little bottle of it with me when I ate out. In addition I also walked on the treadmill.
    All of my blood levels were extremely high, but after 4 months of this way of eating, most of the high levels were under 100! And I didn’t need any diabetic medicine. I lost 80 pounds without trying. I love the basalmic vinegar and flatseed oil dressing. It is great! Try it!

  • Teyanna

    Here’s a vinegar recipie.I remember coming home from school and the aroma of vinegar making my mouth water instantaniously. My father always liked making Adobo since he has Filipino heritage. You can use any meat. The vinegar has a way of breaking down the toughest of meats so we grew up eatting it with chicken, rabbit, goat or any animal they caught hunting. The simple dish is 1 part water with 1 part vinegar. I like 2 parts water to 1 part vinegar so it’s not too strong.(Enough to cover ypour meat) You can add whole peppercorns into the pot and a bay leaf if you have it. Sometimes he would use pickling spice in the pot too but it’s good either way. Then, just boil your meat slowly. It’ll be so tender. This might not be an authentic recipie. Maybe you can look up varietions.

  • Elaine W.

    Hi, 30 years ago my sister lived in Switzerland and she told me that everyone she met took apple vinegar and water before every meal for weight loss. Maybe, they knew something the rest of us didn’t!

  • Alan

    Wondering about any change that might happen if using other sweetners such as Spelnda. Is Stevia the only sweetner that has been tried?

  • Pauline Nawroth

    Thank you so very much for what you suggest. I
    have begun the Apple Cider Vinegar and Stevia and
    water just this moment. I have been a diabetic for
    the past five years since the death of my husband
    of 40 years. I am pleased to tell you I have been
    a watchful person of Dr. Oz and all the fine Doctors
    working with him. At the age I am of 83, I look and
    feel like a woman of 60. My blood work, I am told is
    as good or better than a 24 year old. God Bless you
    all for the encouragement given to me. PNN

  • The Vinegar Lady

    I’m a believer in Apple Cider Vinegar! The ancient saying, “An Apple a Day will Keep the Doctor Away” has a lot of truth in it. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is all natural. It is made from real Apples. I’ve used ACV in water with my meals for many years. I use ACV in soups, dry beans, cabbage slaw, deviled eggs, etc. I use on my feet, in my shoes, for stomach ache, reflux and the list goes on. I keep ACV in my kitchen, bathroom, travel, and at work. If you feel lousy, mix a strong ACV and water, then Chug-a-lug. If the taste is too bad, chase it with a spoonful of pure honey then go to bed. The next morning you will feel much better.

    Pickle juice has many additives, i.e., sugar, salt, spices, etc., and therefore it is not an all natural food like ACV (read the label). When using a vinegar other than ACV, consider how and what it is made of–usually has additive of some sort that is not good for humans. Usually over salted and over sugared and definitely not good for the human system. Bring on the ACV!

    Sincerely, Lavbro, The Vinegar Lady

  • Cate

    I had never heard of this remedy, but it seems like an easy thing to try and will…how hard can it be to swallow a couple of teaspoons of vinegar? I will try this beginning tonight. Thank you!

  • Bill J

    I have a close friend who is not a diabetic but recommended taking honey and apple cider as a calming agent to help getting to sleep at night. I have been mixing Sue Bee Honey and Apple Cider vinegar (50/50) for years and notice a drastic improvement in the fasting glucose levels. For some reason I had stopped about a year ago and without giving it any thought couldn’t understand why my fasting levels had risen until NOW!!!!!!

    Thanks, for kick starting my memory.

  • Cynthia L.

    Try sekajuban (spelling varies). It’s a wonderful Islamic drink that is extremely tasty and refreshing, replaces electrolytes, and calms nausea. Suggest you google for recipes. Great for the summer too.

  • Alicia S.

    This remedy very much sounds like something I would like to try especially at this time. This article and all the comments I just read make me want to go try taking vinegar immediately to control my glucose count, however, I am wondering how vinegar would affect the teeth in the long run. I recently read that chewable Vitamin C tablets will eventually dissolve the teeth, so that leads me to wonder about the long-range effect of consumption of vinegar. After all, vinegar is acidic too. Does anyone (especially that doctor who, himself is diabetic) have any knowledge about this?

  • Mari

    PLEASE BE AWARE As the vineagar may help in one area you must know it also helps in lowering blood presure and some one like me whose preasure is normal to low CANNOT drink vineagar every day. My blood preasure will drop and I will be fatigued. I carry average 117/72 and it will go to 90/60. Anyone with high or above normal can drink vineagar but anyone with normal to low can only drink it twice a week. Thank you

  • Helen McCraw

    This sound wonderful. I have type 2 diabetes (since 1993). My A1c is not good. I will try this and see if it makes a difference.

  • David Spero RN

    Those who are trying vinegar for the first time (or trying it again), please track some blood glucose levels and let us know your results.

    Regarding dental concerns with vinegar — this is something to be aware of, it seems. If you’re drinking vinegar straight or with sweetener, you might want to swallow it without running it around your teeth — and in any event, rinse with a swallow of plain water afterward.

    Mari, thanks for your caution about low blood pressure. I think if anyone notices lightheadedness or weakness, they should cut down their dose. But I don’t think that would apply to very many people.

  • Betts

    To avoid the possible problem to teeth, try drinking with a straw. I read/heard that red wine stains teeth and they were told to use a straw.

  • Deanie Schrader

    Can you refer some of the scientific studies that provide the evidence for these conclusions. I read the testimonials and want to try the vinegar. Think I may have in the past but not consistantly or posibly not long enough to see change. I am a very insulin resistant type 2 diabetic and end up taking more and more insulin.

  • J Castillo

    If only things were so simple…

    Frankly, I believe that there are too many “if”s, “I think”s and unsupported assertions that are on the verge of being offered as fact.

    At the end of the second paragraph in your article it states: “Those with insulin resistance who drank the vinegar had 34% lower postprandial (after-meal) glucose compared to controls.”

    However, you do not point out that in the original ASU study article it indicates that the decrease was 19% among the 10 individuals with Tyepe 2 Diabetes that were included in the study. In addition, none of the Type 2 Diabetes individuals were using any medication –of ANY kind– for their diabetes. (

    The study also indicates that in measuring the levels of incremental insulin in the blood, compared to before the meal, it was found that in those individuals that had the vinegar drink, their level of insulin produced after the meal was also decreased. This was most pronounced at 30 minutes after the meal. At 60 minutes after the meal, the difference apparently due to drinking vinegar was much less and in some instances essentially no difference.

    Hmmmm, I have Type 2 Diabetes…if I drink vinegar I will have less insulin in my blood for part of the time after I eat. Less insulin? Is that what I really want to happen if my body is already having problems producing enough insulin to properly transport glucose into cells? That seems problematic to me.

    Yeah, whatever. I do think it is indeed quite safe to say that your theory is nonsense.

    Besides, getting to the point where consumed carbs yield vinegar means that fermentation occurred, which yields alcohol before it can become vinegar. Maybe our ancestors ate so that they could get buzzed? Nah, don’t suspect that was happening either.

    “I’m betting many people with Type 2 will be able to get off some medicines or significantly reduce them.”

    Whoa, hold on there! Remember, the Arizona State Study only included 10 individuals with Type 2 Diabetes. These people were different than the “insulin resistant” pre-diabetic participants in the study. AND, the all of individuals with Type 2 Diabetes were NOT using ANY medication for their diabetes!

    It’s quite a stretch from the observations, of a single non-definitive small sample study from 2004, of individuals with untreated Type 2 Diabetes to make a pronouncement that individuals being treated for Type 2 Diabetes might reduce their medication levels. The other side of that bet could just turn out to be the wiser choice.

    In any case, leading up to and supporting a statement like that borders on reckless! But hey, I’m just a person with Type 2 Diabetes…

    One caution that should responsibly be pointed out about drinking vinegar is that it can become hell on tooth enamel. Really an oversight in this article.

    I don’t usually take to the keyboard to comment on articles I read, but this one just could not be let pass since too many people may misconstrue the enthusiastic endorsement of vinegar as a presentation of fact. Even if everything stated were true, there is not sufficient supporting science to treat this as casually as has been.

    Buyer beware!


  • jim snell

    Excellent point by J Castillo.

    The american proclivity to look for single all encompassing solutions like silver bullits, wooden crosses and garlic strings fighting Dracula and the bloodsuckers; the complex problems resulting from endoctrine system aging, degeneration and failure do not lend themselves to one solution fights all.

    Is is your liver, is it your pancrease and reduced release of insulin, bad diet, wrong volumes of wrong foods, bad genes, low hearty exercise and resulting insulin resistance, faulty endocrine organ signalling? What blend is wrecking your house?

    We all want miracles, and God knows; I am willing to believe but?

  • David Spero RN

    Some of J Castillo’s points are worth thinking about. Jenny Ruhl at Diabetes Update also wrote me to say she thought most of the benefits for postmeal glucose came from delayed gastric emptying, and so would have limited value.

    I’ll address all these concerns in July, after I’ve had time to do more research. If I presented vinegar as a “cure,” I apologize. It’s not. But I do believe it can be a big help for successful management of diabetes.

    Carol Johnston at Arizona State, who did the two most cited vinegar studies, wants to do larger, longer ones but hasn’t found financial backing yet.

  • David Spero RN

    A good review of the literature on vinegar and glucose levels is available from Medscape:

    There is a lot more than just the two Arizona State studies I cited.

  • jim snell


    Thank you for keeping us advised on key and important issues.

    The issue of gastric emptying is very important. I have found it most important to rest after meal for at least 30 minutes to allow stomach and gastric emptying work properly so that stomach – pancreas signalling get meal bolus released fully.

    Racing around and serious activity immediatly after eating will rush the contents into intestine and cause fast glucose release/spiking.

    I have repeatedly watched that on cgms and now allow short rest to prevent that.

  • Barbara

    I am taking apple cider vinegar capsules… What dosage is recommended? I have 1500 mg capsules. That seems like a lot!

  • john w.

    I have actually started eating dill pickles and a few spoons full of the pickle juice at meal time with a very noticeable improvement in my readings. Did it one evening before bed and woke up with a nice reading of 102. At least nice for me.

  • Izaaknor

    Well, I haven’t thought that vinegar would help to reduce post meal blood sugar. Surely I would like to try, but my only reservation, would it elevate arthritis condition any worse or give rise to digestive disorder if taken over time.

  • Linda M.

    Just now reading all the info and comments on this post. I am not on meds yet for diabetes but trying to control with diet and exercise. So I am very willing to try this and see what it does. I’ll try to rinse my mouth well with water after using so I won’t damage my teeth. I had read of this before but was skeptical. I think vinegar is a very safe and simple thing to try. Hey, I’m willing to try it before I go on medications or insulin. I’ll keep a record of my BG’s and see what they do. Thank you for all the helpful info you find for us.

  • Avery

    For those who get heartburn easily, do you know if these properties of vinegar survive if it is mixed with a dash of baking soda to raise the pH?

  • David Spero RN

    Regarding digestive issues and heartburn from vinegar: I don’t think taking vinegar with baking soda is a good idea, although I couldn’t find anything about it on the Web. Taking it with food would be best, like in a salad dressing. You could also try the vinegar capsules. Vinegar shouldn’t cause digestive problems for many people. As others have commented, it’s a major part of many cuisines.

  • Lillie

    I love vinegar, Do you think it would be ok to put a little crushed red pepper in the vinegar if you like it on greens, dry beans and other kinds of vegetables.
    Also, still drink the water/vinegar mix before meals and at bedtime?

  • Sandra J Rittenhouse

    Have started this method just since first of month after my last blood work. I am diabetic but managing with diet/exercise – averages last three months of morning fasting readings were 128/125/123 – so far this month – my average is 117 for morning readings. I don’t consistently take other reading during the day, but when I have, they too have been much lower than pre vinegar method. My next A1C testing not to be done till Sept, so have a few months to really check the benefits. So far, I am thrilled!! I never want to take manufactured meds as I view them as ‘toxins’ to my system and will hold off till I can’t do more on other natural remidies and exercises. Hope this encourages others to give it a try- many benefits of apple cider vinegar – not only in human consumption.

  • Danny

    apple cider is not a Philippine product but we have cane, saha (palm) suka (vinegar). I mix 1 part vinegar with 2 parts water and brown sugar, 1/2 teaspoon. after taking it the first time in the evening, I woke up feeling light the next morning, unlike before.
    now since this is to be taken with meals, I slice pepino (cucmber) and dip into the mix, like salad. the results are good. no medical doctor has advised this. thank you for the info.

  • Tetski

    In most of Filipino dish, vinegar or suka always form part of the diet. I’ve grown up using vinegar even in cooking rice just like japanese way of preparing their sushi, but never in my imagination that drinking vinegar is more beneficial especially for diabetics and it even helps losing weights. I’m not diabetic yet, but my brother has it before he died, my Mom has it too in her old age of 89th and my 2 sisters had it too. I was overwhelmed of the probability of having it if not careful with my food in take. Thanks for this simple and very affordable method. I will try this today and thanks for sharing this. may God bless you.

  • Cecelia

    This day I will try the “vinagar” method and see if it will help with my sugar levels. I am recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes and I know I will have to continue ALL medications such as metformin and insulin until doctor otherwise advises and that’s cool but not only have I read that this vinegar thing might be helpful in managing my sugar here on this site but other medical sites because I’ve been doing some intensive research on what to eat, to drink, carbs, calories, etc. and vinegar definitely showed up in a “POSITIVE” light. I’m going for it and will come back and let you know what I found out. Thanks so much for the info.

  • Key West Diabetic

    What about lemon and lime juice? Has any testing been done to prove that vinegar is better than they are? They have some of the same characteristics, and if they have the same effect, would give us more choices. I’d like to see that kind of test done . . . In the meantime, I’m adding vinegar. I guess pickle juice would be one I might be able to stomach. I loved it as a teen . .

  • Nece

    Isn’t there a difference between white vineger and apple cider and don’t they use white vineger in pickles etc? I have always believed that white vineger was bad for you and only used it for cleaning.

  • David Spero RN

    White vinegar is safe to drink, Nece. Probably others like apple cider or rice vinegar are better, though.

  • Uli Landeck, RN


    I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes about 6 months ago. It runs in my family.
    For at three generations my relatives and myself now are taking vinegar half an ounce 3 times daily. Some with artificial sweeteners and some with honey. We all have great success with this treatment.
    Of course the correct diabetic is important to follow as well.
    Yes, be careful with your teeth, don’t swish and swallow just down the hatch.

  • terry

    i am very excited in trying vinegar, will start on monday with one tablespoon every other day, positive thinking is also very good i feel people need that too, negative thinking makes you worry SO STOP THINK POSITIVE

  • Doris

    I am 65 with type II diabetes. After returning from a cruise recently, my fasting glucose was 371. The first tablespoon of white vinegar reduced my glucose to 283. I continued for three days and my fasting glucose is currently 131 with medicine taken twice daily. I was so afraid for my health. Thank you for you article on vinegar.

  • Connie

    I tried the vinegar straight and my throat burned for the entire day. What gives? Any suggestions.

  • David Spero RN

    Sorry, Connie. Some people can chug vinegar straight, but for most, it’s better to mix with food or in a salad dressing. On these comments, there are many other suggestions for how to take it.

  • Rochelle Hardison

    Thanks for all the info about vinegar. I started tonight because my blood glucose levels are usually 193 to 279. I never thought to try vinegar. I believe it will definately lower my levels. I am an advocate of natural cures. I will report back in a few days to reveal my results.

  • Alice Alexande

    I have read all the comments on using vinegar to lower sugar levels. I am impressed. I will begin tonight and report back. My pre-breakfast sugar levels are normally in the 240 range. I will let you know what they are tomorrow morning afer taking the vinegar tonic tonight.

  • Crystal Stewart

    The effects of vinegar reduces glucose at bed time is proven to be true with myself. One night I tested my blood glucose 1 hour before I went to sleep and it was 215, I wanted to take my metformin 850mg but I opted for two shots of vinegar and water. I fell asleep at 11pm and awaken to use the bathroom at 2am. I checked my glucose level then and it was 101, I am a type 2 diabetic of 4 years. I will not completely come off of meds before having a medical consult but I will certainly continue to test my glucose and add vinegar to my diet. Hopefully, with consistent exercise and a proper food intake, I can control my type 2 diabetes without or with reduce medicine.

  • David Spero RN

    Thanks for your story, Crystal! I hope the other people above who promised to send in their own reports on vinegar go ahead and let us know.

  • jim snell

    For me I would be carefull yanking the metformin.

    While desireable to get off meds, science/medicine has yet to explain why as body ages, diabetes appears to get worse as liver/pancreas/skeletal-fat cells age and the need for meds.

    In type 2 diabetes stages, the body glucose setpoint off set as exibited in pre diabetes seem to ammeanable to only carb control and hearty exercise. It is unclear as to wheather this will continue as the body and organ set ages.

    For me, as a old goat of 64+ and 30 years as type 2 diabetic; today once corrective action of metformin is done, energy balance of carbs control and daily hearty exercise is still critical to stopping the rot and maintaining good regulation.

    I was at point that my liver’s excess glucose release monkey shines easily over whelmed a 1200 calorie diet and 2 miles walking. Once met fix in, rot stopped and carbs control of 1200 calories a day and 2 miles walking absolutely critical to maintain good regulation.

  • Allison

    I’m new to all of this, was diagnosed as a pre-diabetic a few months ago. There is a lot of confusing info out there, and I’m trying to figure out what’s best for me. I’m eating better, quit drinking, exercise 3-4 times a week and lost 15 lbs. My blood sugar levels are down but not enough.
    I don’t like taking drugs when a more natural remedy is a possibility, so I will try the vinegar. I have the most trouble with my FBS so I will head to the store and get some pickles, which I like, and try those as a bedtime snack. It certainly is an easy thing to try. I can make my own salad dressing with the vinegar and have that with dinner. I’ll be really interested to see if this helps.

    Thanks everybody.

  • Christine

    I am drinking 2 capfuls of raw, organic apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 cup of water 3x a day and have been since November. This started as a final attempt to control knee joint pain from osteoarthritis. The results/benefits are undeniable. The first week I started, I noticed was how well I was sleeping and how my energy levels increased throughout the day; I wasn’t tired anymore. Then, by the second week, I noticed that my sinuses had cleared up and remain clear; no colds either. By the 3rd week, my appetite was supressed, my mood swings from whacky blood sugar levels were gone and finally, NO JOINT PAIN. I have not taken an Alleve or any other type of pain medication since November. I’m a 47 yr old female who has been taking Apple Cidet Vinegar for 4 months and feel better now than I have in years. No drugs for me. Just vinegar!

  • David Spero RN

    Thanks, Christine! Glad it’s working so well. Please keep sending your vinegar stories!

  • Amanda

    My mother is Vietnamese, and my father is German. Growing up I ate more than my fair share of rice seaweed and vinegary soy-sauce for a daily snack. I was always thin, it didn’t matter what I ate (much of that is attributed to an adolescents metabolism but when I moved out and got a job at a fast food restaurant all that changed. Vinegar was no longer in my diet. I mostly had fried food, burgers, and ranch or creamy ceasar on my veggies. Over a course of 2 years I blew up like a balloon! A few years later, my diet has significantly changed but my size and shape has not. After having 3 month long missing cycles and finally missing my cycle for 6 months I went to the doctor. They told me, after a few blood tests, that I had PCOS and was Insulin Resistant and close to being pre-diabetic at 23 and 150 pounds. It goes like this, I developed Insulin Resistance which caused a hormone imbalance, which caused PCOS, which pushed the hormone imbalance (not enough estrogen and to much testosterone), which caused weight gain, which exacerbated the Insulin Resistance. I knew that diabetes ran in the family, but I found out later that IR and PCOS also ran in the family. Altering my diet to that of a Gluten Free person I started to see some health changes. No more bloating, acne is diminished, less fatty fingers and feet (swollen). My cycle is not back to normal by typical standards but it is more frequent than 6 months apart. Recently, I’ve had huge cravings for cucumbers and vinegar, and my old seaweed rice vingar soy-sauce snack. (heads up GF folks Soy Sauce has Gluten in it found that out the other day, Poo) So I decided to try it out. I googled my craving and read that Vinegar has all these benefits. I’m definitely going back to my old daily snacks + this cucumber goodness :). I’ve also read that Chromium helps too, so I might try that out. Thanks for the fabulous info!
    I hope my renewed love of vinegar brings back a semblance of my previous healthful regularity!

  • Amanda

    Also my doctor tried to get me to take metformin and/or BC to regulate hormones. I told them I’d think about it and get back to them later. I went home googled natural solutions. Found the Gluten Free diet (we go all out at my house) and told them I don’t want their pills. They never mentioned anything about vinegar or other homeopathic vitamins or solutions (like chromium supplements)But they sure were pushy on those prescriptions! Sheesh
    Due to the heavy ticket price I am hesitant to get another round of blood tests to confirm that what i’m doing is helping. So I’m just hoping and going off of how healthy I feel.

  • Pat Weiser

    I have had gastric bypass surgery (which did NOT affect my insulin dependent Type II in any positive way at all) so I have only a bit of stomach. I fear this vinegar regiman will detsroy what little stomach I have left. Any suggestions?

  • S. Carr

    Last October 2011, I was diagnostic with Pre-Diabetes type 2, the first test came with 102, I”m no taking any medication my Dr. told me that I was so stressful and that is one of the cause that you can have Diabetes, I did not keep a diet but a couple of days ago I test my blood sugar and I had 124, this number scare me and I started a diet, I hear about the ACV for lower the blood pressure that I already have and also high cholesterol, but after reading your article I’ll start taking the ACV, long time ago I tried at night with dinner but gave me acidity, so I will try it during the day, I believe it will help, but still will be Ok even I’m not taking any Diabetes medication?
    Thank you.

  • David Spero RN

    S Carr, yes you could try this with or without diabetes medication. Take with food to protect your stomach.





  • Rosalinda

    Are you supposed to take 2 tablespoons of vinegar before EACH meal? e.g. Breakfast, lunch, dinner?


  • David Spero RN

    Apple cider vinegar has been recommended for weight loss many times. I’m not familiar with the science on it. I’m more concerned with reducing blood glucose, which it does. Do a search for vinegar weight loss and you’ll get a lot of info.

    Rosalinda, you don’t have to take two tablespoons of straight vinegar before meals. You can take it with meals or at bed time. I would take it anytime I’m having much carbohydrate. Probably best to take it with food or something to protect your stomach, unless you happen to be one of the people who like it. If two tablespoons seems too much, you could start with one tablespoon.

  • rosie a. cabaobao

    i & my mother will start this vinegar medication. thanks for this is of great help.

  • Ed Rodriguez

    Hi David im a heart transplsnt recipient and im also type2 diabetic. My sugar levels are 220 to 300 plus;I want 2 lower my blood sugar levels and bring down my A1C.I was looking up online and seen your comments. Im on diabetic meds and heart transplant meds as well is 20 grams of ACV ok to take b4 every meal? I also want too lose weight im 260lbs because i was on steroids 4 a few yrs my goal is to get back @ my old weight 215lbs. How much ACV should I take to start?

  • David Spero RN

    Hi Ed,

    Vinegar is OK with all diabetes meds I am aware of. I don’t know about “heart transplant meds” though. You might ask your pharmacist about that. Twenty grams of apple cider vinegar before meals and possibly at bedtime will likely help you with weight and glucose, but I can’t guarantee. 20 grams = 1 1/3 tablespoons. You might want to cut way down on sugars and flour and eat more green vegetables, too.

  • Pattie

    I have not been able to get my BS below 200 for over a week. I was craving pickles. After eating a pickle and drinking 1/4 cup of pickle juice, my BS is at 170. After feeling better and thinking it was the juice, I went online to find the effects of vinegar on BS levels and I found this site. I have officially started the vinegar regimen tonight and will keep you informed of my results. I’m so excited to have found this! And all because of a craving. :))


  • taurean

    Hello David
    Very informative article with full of boldness.
    As you suggested that two spoons of venigar should be taken before lunch and before bed, but my sugar is not high. Is it possible that I can reduce the amount of venigar?

  • David Spero RN

    Vinegar dosing is not an exact science, Taurean. Read some of the comments above and decide what’s right for you.

  • jim snell

    Most interesting. Article on web (Johnston)

    suggests that the vinegar causes some of the carbs to be bypassed out of system undigested.

    They suggest that the vinegar interfers with some of the carbohydrate enzymes causing some of cabs bypassed out.

    If that is true that would certainly account for an improvment in a system that trys to grab all carbs ingested.

  • Perihan

    Can I take vinegar along w/my BP and diabetes meds and ProArgine supplement?

  • Joel Garcia

    For those taking the vinegar straight, it is best to sip it with a straw. Reason? Vinegar is very acidic and does havoc to your teeth.

  • Kathleen

    I read in above post about taking vinegar and baking soda together. As a preschool teacher this is what we mix together to create “volcanos”, if you put a little food coloring in the kids love how it bubbles up and looks red like a volcano.
    I am also going to try the vinegar, sans baking soda.

    Thanks Kathleen

  • Marguerite Watsoj

    I suggest to those who take vinegar to use Braggs Oragnic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar from the Health Store or GNC. It is gluten free and contains no preservatives. It is not as harsh as cooking vinegar and I definitely would not take white vinegar!



  • Kathy

    I tried this vinegar routine and I gotta tell ya, IT DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR ME! I sure wish it worked but it didn’t!

  • LilMissDaisy

    I mix 1T. of vinegar with 5 or 6T. of water and sip it through a straw. But it leaves my throat scratchy for about an hour. Am I causing any damage to my throat? Can I dilute it with more water? Will that help?

  • David Spero RN

    Daisy, I would dilute it more, or take it with some solid food, like as a salad dressing or on a small piece of bread. Probably our readers have other suggestions. If the irritation doesn’t go away, ask your doctor if you are hurting anything.

    Kathy, I’m sorry vinegar didn’t lower your blood sugars. Thank you for posting this, as we usually only hear the success stories. Nothing works for everyone, unfortunately.

  • Saturna

    I am 75 and diagnosed with type 2 three years ago. I am not taking any meds and I have been attempting to manage my BSL’s by diet. Recently those levels began to elevate but the Dr. did not want me to take meds – at least not at this time. I then learned about ACV so I started taking 2 tablespoons in a glass of water after dinner….There can be no doubt this works (at least for fasting BSL’s) as I now have morning readings of less than 6 compared to 7+. There is a trade off though – as the ACV is a diuretic I now have an extra bathroom visit during the night! I also have found some increased neuropathy symptoms – feet, ankles – and I wonder if this could be a side effect? Incidentally I learned some time ago that red wine with dinner also seemed to stabilse my levels somewhat but white wine had the opposite effect.

  • David Spero RN

    I haven’t found any reference to vinegar increasing neuropathy. Most of the side effects are digestive problems or sometimes rashes, but no neuropathy. I would suggest taking the vinegar right before dinner instead of after — and maybe half a glass of water would be enough and wouldn’t get you up nights.

  • Bob

    Without even thinking or knowing of the benefits of pickles, I started having a couple of Kosher Dill slices as an evening snack.
    Fasting BS dropped from 154 to 110 OVERNIGHT!

    At first I didn’t know anything about what was happening. I then began keeping very exact record of when I ate pickle slices.
    Amazing is the only thing I need to say.
    Eating exactly the same sandwich at lunch was 30+ points lower after having one pickle slice than without.

    You read lots of garbage on the net but here is exactly what is printed on the label on my pickle slice jar based on per slice. Like anything, not a good idea to go over board with any food and there is sodium in pickles which might push up your blood pressure.


  • Bo Boyd

    how long typically untill i see any results? started 2T Braggs ACV before bedtime. 4 days now and no difference in fasting results first thing in the am. one day slightly higher.

  • Sef

    After struggling with high A1C results and waking to high glucose levels consistently (180 to 240), I began a vinegar regiment of 1 tablespoon of Braggs organic ACV with a high protein breakfast and another before bedtime with a light snack. I quickly saw results and a lowered awakening level of about 100-115. Inspired by the progress, I returned to the gym for aerobic workouts just 2X per week for 1 hour. I am continuing to take my prescribed meds, but now see levels below 100 pretty consistently all day (I test 3X a day). On one occasion I deliberately omitted meds for 24 hours and stayed about 116. My doctor and I continue to monitor my progress, but we have eliminated one prescription drug already. I have not changed eating habits and have lost 4 pounds over a two-week period. I am recommending ACV to a friend who is struggling with level control and I do so with the utmost confidence based on my experience – hope it works for him! Thanks for keeping us informed and thanks to all the contributing commentators. This is one of my favorite sites!!!

  • cherise

    My baby girl is 4 yrs old and seems to be diabetic…she also suffers from burning urine. Will vinegar have any side effects on her long term?

  • David Spero RN


    Is your daughter being followed by a doctor? What does the doctor say? Burning urine often indicates a bladder infection. She should be checked for that. Some have reported that vinegar helps bladder infections, but the evidence doesn’t seem very strong. I’m nervous about your statement “she seems to have diabetes.” What does that mean?

  • Gina

    Have just started taking vinegar before meals but mixed cucumber, onions and tomatoes with it. What I noticed right away though is that it made me hungry faster than usual. is this normal? Wouldn’t want to end up eating more than I would need to because of it…

  • Carola

    Hi, everyone. This is a very interesting post which I am eager to follow…. Vinegar has not been a mainstay of my diet but I have tried it recently as my fasting blood sugar was 101, a few years ago, and it shocked me. I have always been more of a lemon juice fan (mixed with olive or flax oil over salads) but am eager to incorporate more vinegar into my diet to see the results.

    * I do have thalassemia minor and noticed that I became more exhausted taking vinegar (I may be overdoing it!). For those who are anemic, please note that vinegar (or wine, and, in actuality, may foods — such as those high in tannins) can destroy red blood cells. Normally, this is no problem, but for those who are anemic (and especially vegetarians), it will be important to be diligent about your therapies.

    ** Definitely rinse your mouth out (but no brushing) with a high intake of vinegar — or lemon juice for that matter. I also have become fond of an ayurvedic technique called “oil swishing” or “oil pulling” which helps remove acid from teeth. You can Google it; I don’t know about all of the miraculous cures claimed — but my teeth do look and feel cleaner.

    Grateful for this post, and for everyone who has commented thereupon!

  • Darla

    what would it hurt to try it’s all natural, my father has never believed in home remedies but he is diabetic and takes insulin 3 times a day and he startd a couple of weeks ago and his blood sugar levels have dropped sugnificantly.

  • mishelle

    Hey David!

    This is Mishelle. I wrote in a number of months ago. My mom had passed from Diabetes (kidney failure) in June. I recently found an old RX of Metformin dated 7 yrs ago. 500mg 3x a day. That is what IM taking now!! Then Im thinking ” Am I gonna b dead in 7 yrs” lol Im like OMG.. I don’t think she was very good with taking care of herself..but thats another issue,

    I wanted to know if taking 4 Tblespoons of ACV is ok. Ive been taking 2 Tble of ACV n lemon juice for a few wks now but don’t notice any real drop in my BS. I take with a full glass of water. What is the best way to document this to see if the vinegar is working?

  • David Spero RN

    Hi Mishelle,

    Two tablespoons with meals or before meals, and at bedtime is enough. Nobody I could find advises taking more than that. Some say not to use a full glass of water, if you can tolerate half a glass. How often are you taking it? Of course, it doesn’t work for everyone, but I wouldn’t give up yet.

    To document results, I think you’ll have to check your blood glucose level two hours after meals and in the morning. Compare a vinegar day with a non-vinegar day, and keep food intake about the same. Please let us know how it goes.


  • mishelle

    It looks like it works better with less water. I use a large shot glass. I just add like another part water with lemon juice and stevia. Its stronger but ok. I think the water just diluted it to much.
    thanks again. Will keep track of numbers and let you know.!!

  • David Spero RN

    That sounds good, Mishelle. Remember to protect your teeth by rinsing or using a straw.

  • dana

    If you are a smoker nicotine has sugar. The best way to lower your sugar in a hurry drink to or three bottles of water back to back. Also drink water before meals and after. I refuse to take pills. Started the nutribullet feel great! Lost 60 pounds. NO ISSUES WITH GLUCOSE. Stay way from carbohydrates & refined sugar. Eat small meals 6 times day. Water is the key with veggie. 56 years fight sugar levels. No more !

  • T Bryant

    I was hospitalized on December 18th for ketones in my urine and being pre DKA. Today my fasting reading was 137 after breakfast I was tested 3 hours later and it was 107. I had lunch and was tested 2 hours later my reading was 200.I then decided to check to see what could help me with my insulin rejection. I have spent about an hour reading this article and the comments. My husband will be bringing me vinegar to the hospital tonight so that try and get my levels down so that I can go home soon. Thank you for writing this article and for the positive comments that has given me hope of being home for Christmas. I will definantly let you know of my results to give other people the hope that I have after reading this.

  • B Adams

    Just wanted to say that even though he had not seen any reports, my dad was big on the uses of vinegar. On his own, he decided to try its use on his diabetes. However, this is the way he tried it. He was suppose to test his blood sugar levels after each meal. If he tested it and it was high, he swallowed 2 tablespoons of vinegar mixed with a little water and tested again in about an hour. Each time he did this his blood sugar would drop into the normal range. He did this for years so when I saw a recent article announcing that the medical world had made the amazing discovery that vinegar could help control blood sugar levels I thought it pretty amusing. But it worked and it’s natural. It also helps with heartburn. My chiropractor advised me on that. When the vinegar gets in the stomach, the stomach realizes it doesn’t need any more acid and quits churning it out. Tried it myself several times and it helps! Love natural remedies!

  • sol. m.Main

    I have spent the last hour reading all the comments
    But could not find any reference to type 1 diabetes
    considering I don’t naturally produce any insulin
    and I need to take an educated guess as to how much I need; the result is on average to high sugar levels, inject more insulin and I risk having a hypo.
    would the vinegar have any adverse effect on the meds I take for cholesterol and heart problems?

  • mike

    Doesn’t apple cider vinegar lead to an increase in energy? If it does, there would be a problem in taking it at bedtime.
    Also, what does it really do for weight loss? Let’s say you consumed 2 tablespoons twice daily. Should it contribute to weight loss?

  • David Spero RN

    Sol, you could ask your pharmacist about the specific meds you take, and how vinegar might interact with them. Probably not a problem, but good to ask.

    A Greek study of vinegar for people with Type 1 found that vinegar sharply reduced after-meal glucose spikes:

    Mike, I can’t find any reference to vinegar at bedtime causing insomnia. As far as weight loss, a lot of people say it helps, but there doesn’t seem to be much scientific evidence for it.

  • Kelli

    Using the apple cider vinegar with the “mother” is the one that works the best for lowing BG. It’s raw and unprocessed. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate or not so I’m not putting the brand that is most common. The sweetner is added to make it more palatable if someone can’t stomach the vinegar/water tonic. I can say this truly does work!! I just wish more people would give it a try…..

  • Nicole

    I have gestational diabetes and have read that acv may help with fasting numbers. Other sites have stated to have 1 oz of cheese with it. Any thoughts on this??

  • David Spero RN


    I think the cheese recommendation is probably about protecting your stomach from getting upset. Cheese or some other food would be OK, from what I have read.

  • Greg Dasenbrock

    I’m very glad I ran across this today!
    I am 52 and had been taking Actos+Met for years prior to Aug 2010. I started weight training in 2009 at 49yrs old, my added lean muscle + diet routines have allowed me to stay off these two since being taken off by my internist in Aug 2010…

    I ran across this article while searching for ways to increase my insulin sensitivity. In other words, I want to add back some carbs in meals around my weight training workouts.

    I will post back with my results/thoughts…
    I’ve had a very good health “transformation” story, I am looking to keep that going!


  • Judy

    I like vinegar and usually drinks this when I was a kid. I am type 2 diabetes now and on metformin.I also take crestor for my cholesterol/trig,amplodipine(norvasc) for my BP and propanolol for my migraine headaches. Will this be a problem taking ACV. I really want to be out or minimally taking all this metal tasting meds.

  • David Spero RN


    The medicines you take do not appear on lists of drugs that interact with ACV. It should be safe for you. By the way, it is possible that insulin and ACV together can lower potassium levels, but probably only with large amounts of ACV.

  • Ercella Kelly

    Taking vinegar before bed, should you also eat something

  • Ercella Kelly

    Taking vinegar before bed, should you eat something

  • Marcie

    just found this site about 3 a.m. ‘last night’ – have been trying to get readings down – 200+ in a.m. where it used to be around 130-150 – Dr. happy for me in 145-150 range. am BC survivor for 13 yrs now but had to have a bone marrow transplant also which left me with not much energy and neuropathy in feet and hands so even walking is not feaseable in keeping readings down – will do ACV and keep close watch – for those doing pickles, i would do dill but some don’t say but to do sweet pickles – the vinegar is there but loads of sugars.
    God bless and will be daily reader from now on!

  • Danny B

    I take several teaspoons of apple cider vinegar during the day after meals or before, and eat a dill pickle that also has been preserved in vinegar. Without the vinegar my morning meter shows 100 to 120 levels, and after meals readings peak around 130 and with vinegar decrease rapidly between meals to around 90 and morning readings range from 80 to 90. I also take cinnamon pills. I am also prediabetic, and work to stay that way, my first A1c was 7.7, and worked it down to 5.7, before using vinegar, just hope to remain PRE..

  • Danny Litton

    Type II diabetic for 7 years. My numbers were in the mid-200s. Started taking 2 tablespoons in the morning only 4-days ago and my numbers have dropped SIGNIFICANTLY. I was on 45 units of Lantus and 20 Units of Humalog 50/50 twice during the day. Stopping the Humalog entirely.

    Give it a try. I don’t own any Apple Cider Vinegar stock!

  • Katherine

    Hi everyone, this is a great discussion. I was diagnosed with type II diabetes in September 2012. The numbers were sky high and i was terrified, but determined not to end up on drugs. Since then I have lost almost 50 lbs and my BS numbers are pretty great. here is what I have done… First I started seeing a nutritionist who proposed a low carb diet… I have cut out sugar, all processed foods, wheat, white rice and potatoes. I am on several very high quality supplements that are designed to help me balance glucose processing and deal with insulin resistance, yes they can be pricey, not as pricey as losing eyesight or a foot. Most of the time my blood sugar is between 90 and110. I do see higher numbers after meals… Not above 145, and during times of hormonal swings. I have noted that I do evidence the dawn effect though and so have seen numbers in around 130 some mornings. This freaks me out a bit so I did some research and learned about ACV. I have just started taking ACV in capsule form and will try to report back. I have to admit that over the last few months my walking exercise has been reduced due to WEATHER related reluctance… Spring is here time to get walking. Also interesting to note that since I have taken up yoga my blood sugar seems to be more balanced overall…. I think the reality here is that we have to be conscious and diligent about our health, for those of us that can avoid the use of drugs and have consistent positive results with food and natural “remedies”, yea for us. For those of us, that really need the meds, find a doctor that will work with you to help you find the best ways to regain your health….. You are not a number, you are an individual and there will be a way that works for you to find health. Believe that and clean out the pantry of all the stuff that isn’t really food … Life is GREAT…..

  • barbara

    has anyone ever heard eating string would help my mom said this was cure my grandfather did in 1930 ????

  • Tracey

    Hello everyone!! I’m a recently diagnosed type ll (only 2 weeks now) I’m on metformin 500mg 2x a day..I just started the ACV last night..I didn’t see a difference this morning..I’ve been having Fasting blood glucose usually between 130 to 140 it makes me nervous that it’s high..I’m willing to do anything to lower my testing numbers in the a.m. I’m dieting which I like to call “a new way of life” I’ve lost 11 lbs so far, I won’t give up on ACV all of the comments are so inspiring. I have a question , should I give the metformin time to work and still use the ACV 3 x a day lunch, dinner and bedtime? Or just at bedtime? I’m afraid I have the dawn phenomenon..that’s what worries me..any help would be appreciated. Thank You

  • David Spero RN

    Hi Tracey,

    First of all, relax. You have time to work this out. Give the ACV a week or so to work. It’s hard to say what the best schedule for you will be. You’ll have to monitor to find out if it helps. You might also ask your doc about a nighttime metformin dose.

  • Gale

    I am drinking 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in an 8 oz cup of hot water (like you would for hot tea) and it is delicious 🙂

  • Whitney Grimes

    I totally agree with this. I just found out 3 weeks ago that I have gestational diabetes… yes it’s not regular diabetes and it’s not out of control by any means but it’s still diabetes non the less. Also I’m pregnant so I want to take every measure I can to have a healthy baby. Everyday for the last 3 weeks (with the exception of one day having chicken for lunch) I have had a salad with bell peppers, cheese, ranch, and diced ham, with water to drink because I know I can count on it keeping my sugar low. Every day my blood sugar has been 80-90 before I started eating and ended up around 105-110 after one hour. Today I happened to have one large pickle wedge with my lunch because I had read on another website that vinegar will help reduce BG levels up to 50%. Before lunch my sugar was 90 and 78 after one hour. After 2 hours it was 72. Those of you who have severe diabetes I would at least give this a try!

  • Jennifer Powers

    I have type 2 diabetes and I want off all my meds. Right now I am on high blood pressure and Medformin. I would love to get off of these medications. I hate being dependent on medication. I am going to try this vinegar before meals and before bedtime and see if that will help me meet my goal. Medication seems so dangerous anymore, I am afraid to take it. Medication doesn’t seem safe at all. With all the class actions and warnings on commercials I can’t understand why people keep taking them. Anyway, thanks for the information I will buy some apple vinegar today.

    • UV

      Research on Magnessem and iodine.

  • george rowe

    i have taken red wine for 1year my blood sugar levels droped 30 percent.

  • Charles Rupert

    Have started apple cider vineger (w/mother) but sugar has level has spiked every time.Afraid to keep using, any alternatives?

  • Charles Rupert

    Started your apple cider vineger regiment but found my sugar levels have spiked (big time) Have stopped using Any ideas on anythig else or should I keep goin??

  • David Spero RN

    Hi Charles,

    You have an unusual case there — I can’t find any citations in the literature of people’s sugar going up after vinegar. But everyone is different.

    Did you change your food or medication when you started the vinegar? Like taking it with a bunch of sweet stuff? If not, I’d have to say vinegar is not for you. Sorry it didn’t work. Thanks for letting us know.

    We have written about other non-drug treatments on this Web site, including bitter melon tea and cinnamon. Perhaps one of those would work better.

  • Andrea

    Earlier you mentioned that someone’s medications are not on the list of meds that interact with ACV. What meds interact with it?

  • dan

    I never heard organic apple cider vinegar mentionedit is the mother which is in the bottom of the bottle that you need to shake up that is so important to our health

  • David Spero RN


    According to the e-med web site, vinegar can cause low potassium if used along with digoxin or some diuretics (“water pills”). There have been a few reports of potassium going low with vinegar and insulin together, but probably with doses much higher than a couple of teaspoons.

  • A. Luis Castelo

    I’m afraid you are wrong about vinegar! what about the negative effects of vinegar?. Vinegar destroys red blood cells, causing anemia, destroys enamel of your teeth, hardens food, which is bed for digestion, and is a toxic for the liver.
    There are other healthier methods to lower glucose levels and HbA1c, such as a low fat diet, especially animal fat.

    A. Castelo, MD

    • Brian Britchford


    • L Romans

      The study I read says the negative effects you described comes from over use, but using ACV in moderation is ok. People cook with it all the time and don’t destroy their red blood cells.

  • Dr.Uday M (Editor Grahavedha)

    Many have tried ACV and most of them have good results. Control of sugar totally depending on pancreas function. ACV might be helping reducing sugar but function of pancreas is not restored. I found MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution..Jim Humble) very effective. I have trated at list 50 persons with success. In addition I suggested Taro leaf (non fried). Taro leaf with besan, garlic, salt cook in a steam cooker. cut in slices. Do this at least three times in a week. This is famous in western part of India. The remdy was suggested by a 100 year old person , I tried along-with MMS drops. Drops were suggested on the basis of radionics reading (Dowsing). Anyway ACV is really interesting and worth trying instead of dangerous Matformins!

    • ant

      what do thy taro leaf in india?

  • Dennis

    This is Interesting for sure.
    My wife developed Type 2 over 10 years ago. Since that time, I/we discovered that a good dry red wine sipped along with a meal allowed my wife to eat a higher level of carbs than without the wine. A fact we also found is that approximately 1 ounce of dry red wine would drop her blood sugar about 30 points in-between meals if her sugar was too high. **CAUTION HERE – ANY MORE CAUSES A DOWNWARD SPIKE which can be as bad as an upward spike. ALSO these tests were just with my wife.** Other people will undoubtedly react to different degrees.
    Blood sugar spikes (up or down)are what damage the tiny blood vessels in back of the eye which leads to macular degeneration. So caution is always advised when trying any new food or food combination that affects blood sugar.
    I am not a doctor or involved in any type of research. Any “experimenting” my wife and I do are done cautiously after extensive reading.

  • Jennifer

    I started drinking Almond Milk. will Drinking vinegar upset my stomach?

  • william ermel

    I am a class two diabetic and was just a few lbs over weight. I seen the vinegar article on line and decided to try it. What a difference it made, I lose 8lbs in about a month and my sugar checks lowered dramatically. It was truly a god sent for me. My doctor at V.A. had never heard of this and ask what I was doing? I told her and I think she didn’t believe me. O well her

  • David Spero RN

    Hi William,

    Please tell your doctor again and show her this article. It’s not just her loss; it’s her patients’ loss, too.

  • Larry

    I am a pilot student and went for my FAA physical and fail. (A1C= 11.9). I have commited myself to lower that number in 1 month to <9.0. I have started taking 4 metformins, 10 buyetta X 2 day, no carbs (or as low as I can get), eating fish and meats (or salad) only (some beans occasionaly), and 1 time weekly high fiber 9 grain bread (1 slice). And now 34 X day 2 tbls apple cider vinegar.

    Wish me luck.

    I will keep you posted.

  • Larry

    I am a pilot student and went for my FAA physical and fail. (A1C= 11.9). I have commited myself to lower that number in 1 month to <9.0. I have started taking 4 metformins, 10 buyetta X 2 day, no carbs (or as low as I can get), eating fish and meats (or salad) only (some beans occasionally), and 1 time weekly high fiber 9 grain bread (1 slice). And now 4 X day 2 tbls apple cider vinegar.

    Wish me luck.

    I will keep you posted.

    • geectee

      You need to eat healthy carbs. Check them out online. It is unhealthy to eat zero carbs even as a diabetic. I have 1 serving of carbs at breakfast, 2 at lunch, 2 at dinner and 1 each at snack time (twice a day). Carbs need to be eaten with protein.
      The ACV “with the mother” helps tremendously. No need to starve yourself.
      Good luck and I hope you lower those numbers so you can soar!!

  • Barry Alexander

    Hi you all,
    I have been a type 2 diabetic for about 11 years and am over weight about 80 lbs. I take actos, Byetta, Lisinopril,Omeprazole, Tricor, Glipizide. I have been taught that upon rising in the morning, if my glucose level is 151 or more, no eating until it drops below 150. I take my meds at the same time I get my glucose reading no matter what the level is. Most times I have to wait 5-7 hours before level is below 150. Now I am starving and I over eat. Hungry symtomsnever go away and I will eat no matter what until bedtime (11-12 PM). I started some research on “foods that lower your blood sugar” and the one common link on a lot of sites is “Organic Raw Unfiltered Unpasturized Apple Cider Vinegar”. I bought a bottle of “Braggs” product based on the above description of the product. 2 teaspoons in 8 oz. of clean, filtered water. My blood sugar level has maintained from a low of 59(Fasting) to a high of 161 with 147 a constant upon rising in the morning. I am more aware that no sodas or orange juice etc. has to be the way I live. I realised standing with the refrigirator door open at 10:00 PM that I was NOT HUNGRY. With the results from the Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar,I am motivated to eat better which will help me lose weight. finally seem to be able to “Control” my blood sugar levels than to hope the “Crutch” I have been using (Meds) will do it for me. Self discipline is hard. I have had a “Tyent 7070 Water Ionizer” for about 3 years.The ionized water hydrates my Insulin Resistant tissues (actos is supposed to do the same thing).Felt a bit better but probably mostly from drinking more water. By the way, this is my day 6 with the Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and have even bought a bottlle for a friend with type 2 who is fighting the highs and lows and food cravings just like I WAS.Now exercise will be a please sure as it and starving myself will no longer be nessesary to maintain (and very Poorly I will add) a average level of 80-120. As I add more days of good levells, the average for the 3 month period for checking A1c levels will drop me into the 5.7 and lower numbers. I am 7.0 as of 2 weeks ago. I did the zone diet for a while, what an annoying way to live and eat, and was at A1C of 5.7 but rebeled as we all do with any diet – life style change attempt and can say never again with the diets. Smaller portions and more vegetables that “I LIKE”. Not gonna eat the ones I find discusting to the pallet or even to smell cooking (Brussle sprouts for one , Raw spinach is great, cooked spinach awful) and causes you get out of house quickly.Right Guys? Food is meant to make us happy and be social with others. Who gets angry with good food? anyway, I am pleased with my progress this week. Hope you find this informative and a bit entertaining.

  • Mani

    After reading this blog for Apple Cider Vinegar’s benefits i started using ACV religiously.I am a Type 2 diabetics and the readings in fasting is 125 and PP is 250.i was so much confident about the usage of ACV and its benefits.Couple of weeks before i purchased Bragg’s ACV with mother and started to use.Morning before breakfast 2 tea spoonful with glass of water.Likely in the evening 2 teaspoonful of ACV.Almost 2 weeks over now.But the Result is Big zero.My fasting BG is remains the same and the PP is also maintained in the same level.I am a strict follower of daily walk for 45 minutes.I am completely disappointed with the results after the usage of the ACV.


  • andy

    Can you take Apple cider vinegar if you are already on meds for diabetes?

  • David Spero RN

    Hi Andy,

    Yes, you can take vinegar with your other meds. If you check your blood sugar levels, make sure they don’t go too low, but there is not much risk of that.

    • Marian Poole

      What about taking acv & vitamins. Is there a time span?

  • khalid

    Dear David
    Though i have not read every body but did read a few and i tried it my self and it works. A great help for me as my SL was 7 in 3.5 to 5.4 scale and only after 12 days of use , three tea spoon after every meal worked for me and my fasting meal test dropped to 4.7 which was well with in limit. Thanks a lot. Dudes it work.

  • David Spero RN

    Hey Khalid,

    Thanks for reporting your good results. If you’re using a teaspoon, make sure to protect your teeth by rinsing your mouth right away after taking it.

  • Sandra

    My dog is diabetic. I think I may have caused a false reading as I give him cider vinegar every day. He is now on 8 units of insulin twice daily. How do I wean him off insulin and how much vinegar should I give him.

    He weighs 18lbs. I have been giving him a teaspoon of vinegar twice daily. This may have lowered his sugar to a diabetic level.

    Thank you

  • David Spero RN

    Hi Sandra,

    I’m sorry that I don’t know much about vinegar and diabetes in dogs. I doubt vinegar is doing him much good. I don’t know about getting him off insulin, but you can check out holistic vet sites like The Holistic Dog at

  • Mikki

    This entire article and all its comments have been INCREDIBLY, WONDERFULLY HELPFUL!!! I have heard that Apple cider vinegar is good for type 2 diabetes but they never said how much to take or when. I have tried it after meals with no results. Quite frankly, I literally cannot stomach the stuff and a small sip has me gagging and dancing around the room. However, I do love vinegar cucumbers and I have been using it with pickled ginger. So far, I have been taking it with some meals or towards the end of it with no results. I heard there were Apple cider vinegar tablets or capsules and thought maybe they would work well and I would take a lot of those without getting ugly and throwing up over it.
    So, I guess the vinegar must be taken ahead of the meal and before bed time. Getting it right would make the difference and I am now anxious to try the pills.
    Now, Kefir is a different story. They say that is great for diabetics, too, but never tell you when to take it or how much at each dose. So far, that hasn’t worked, either. But Kefir and I get along very well and I love it! On that, I’ll keep searching. Thanks for having this site!

  • Emma

    Tips to protect your teeth:

    Drink the vinegar with a straw to bypass your front teeth, and drink it quickly (don’t hold it in your mouth).

    Rinse your mouth with water for 30 seconds afterward.

    Chew a piece of sugar free gum for about half an hour (after your meal).

    This is what I do because I love pickled food and drink the juice to help with insulin resistance, and I want to keep my teeth healthy.

  • Anuradha Mandapaka

    I am worried about acidity factor as I am prone to get that problem every few days due to Metformin, on top of it vinegar! ?

  • Paul

    If you are going to follow this vinegar usage you must use vinegar with mother ( unfiltered ) I use Bragg raw unfiltered with mother. This vinegar looks cloudy that’s because it’s not filtered. All apple cider vinegars in supermarkets are clear because they are filtered.

  • Ms. Jones

    I have type 2 diabetes, today I decided to snack on some baby kosher crunchy pickles I ate 5 of them. Prior to having the pickles I had breakfast after eating my blood sugar was 197 after the pickles I started to feel strange so I checked my sugar again and my levels had dropped to 94. I was shocked so I googled vinegar and diabetes then saw your blog. The vinegar in the pickles definitely worked for me. I’m going to talk to my doctor and aske him if knows anything about this remedy.

  • Wadean

    I used to eat pickles and cucumbers and vinegar almost daily when I was younger. NOw I am Type II diabetic after back surgery and limited mobility.I decided to go back to vinegar and pickles daily to see if my A1C comes back down. It was 7.6. I will do this for the next several weeks and have a repeat A1C and let you know.

  • Rosie

    I am type II, and my A1C is out of control. I’ve tried eliminating starches and bad carbs from my diet. I eat low glycemic bread only. I munch on celery. I take cinnamon and green coffee bean extract. I am tired always from the diet of chicken, turkey, fish and green veggies. Always hungry it seems. I am getting no where with my sugar levels.

    The big problem is the “dawn phenomenom” . I wake up with huge numbers, above 250 always. I have to spend the rest of the day getting it back down again. I was in despair until I read this article. I am going to try it immediately, see if this makes a difference. I am on the maximum of metformin and I don’t have health insurance, can’t afford the insulin.

    Praying God please let this work.

    • Redda

      Does anyone know how much of the lemon,vinegar and honey to take how much to take and how,any times a day. my blood sugar is close to250-300 in morningterrible reactions to all the meds.but am afraid to take insulin..have had numbers over 200 for at least three years said my liver and kidneys are ok,can’t figureout why……?I want to try the vinegar method.but would To hear from some who do it and have been helped.thank you for any help. Loretta ….


        If on metformin, ask for the glumetza extended release to ease the stomach..

      • jj

        Eat very low carb, no sugar, no dessert, exercise 4-5 times a week and drink apple cider vinegar 2-3 times a day. You will see tremendously change in your sugar level. I used to be in the same boat. My sugar is 240-300 in the morning and now I’m down to 85-120 range. Good luck.

      • Brian Britchford

        Just do it you won’t regret it.

    • Niccole Talmadge

      Rosie…I don’t usually reply to comments, but with your not having insurance, I pray that you have given the acv and baking soda a try! I have been diabetic for twenty years and I have only taken the prescription drugs for two(I don’t like the side effects). The acv/bs has me of of all meds and the side effects I have noticed are increased energy, candida clearing, decreased neuropathy! I have also started to add iodine as an added measure and those benefits have been remarkable. Hope you are well

    • Edward Norton

      Try eating 4 slices of bacon in the morning with a few cups of coffee with 1 tablespoon of heavy cream (not milk or half and half) in each cup. Don’t eat any bread at all. That should keep you from being hungry. However, if that doesn’t stop your craving, make a 3-egg omelet with 3 tablespoons of heavy cream fried in butter, before it is fully cooked, arrange cut up a slice of cheese and place around the top. If you like green pepper and onion, put some of that into the beaten eggs. Saute the vegetables and fry the omelet in 1 tablespoon of butter. All of this, including the coffee w/cream, has only about 7 or 8 grams of carbs. Your blood sugar will very likely drop dramatically.

  • Leslie

    I have incorporated more fresh veggies, exercise and portion control into my plan to get off all meds. I commend those who have totally eliminated carbs from their diets but I am not there yet. However, I have consistently been drinking ACV especially after consuming carbs with tremendous results. AC1 was 7.5 in May now in October down to 6.9 and dropping. This stuff works. Like any medicine, it depends on your weight. I found that 2 tablespoons was not enough but I did not give up on it so I increased to 4 tablespoons, 2xs after meals. After a rare indulgence of pasta, I may throw a little more in the glass for good measure. I have to admit I feel great. Knee pain has significantly reduced, and down 25 pounds. Fortunately I am able to tolerate ACV without any side effects. For those who are so plugged into the medical machine I ask what harm can vinegar do? To those of us who are open to trying things outside of the box just keep experimenting with the amount until you find what works for you.

  • Au

    I’ve been a kidney transplant for two years now and I became a type 2 diabetic after the surgery I am taking 5 mg 2x a day of Glipizide and for the immunosuppressant meds I am taking Prograff, Celcept and 5 mg of Prednisone. I’ve read all of your stories about your great experiences in taking ACV, my question is (Attn: David Spero) can I also try ACV without the negative effect to my meds that I am now taking?

  • Jenny

    I have been diagnosed with type two diabetes 3 years ago
    Someone from work who is a type 1 for over 20 years now and who is also an insulin dependent told me that someone else told her to take a spoon of vinegar in the morning or before or after eating to lower her blood sugar. Well I am diet controlled only -no Meds but run high after a large carbs meal. I am normally 70-95 in the morning fasting. Anyways today I got home from work 2 1/2 hours after I had eating I decided to check my bg it was 161…anything over 130 (2hrs) after meals freaks me out to make long story short I took two teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar and checked after 10 mins it went down to 140 and I waited after 40 mins total it went down to 106 without doing any exercise or anything just sitting down!! Whoot whoot!! I think we found the cure to diabetes!!

  • mrs

    This works!! 2 tsps in a glass of water before bedtime dropped my fasting from 100 to 85, which is where my doc wants it. Diet just wasn’t working to lower the fasting BG. This did.

    • Name

      thx for the actual ratio. i’ve been hovering around 109 to 115 in the morning and want to get my first waking BG down below 100.

  • Francisca Reid

    Have read all the comments and tried the ACV regiment this morning. Will keep you posted. Thanks very much. Have been a type 2 for over 8years and been having a battle with high glucose level of over 200 morning reading. The comments have really fired me up, will definitely continue and tell others about it. God bless you always.

  • cindy

    Im trying ta get a1c down fast I don’t want ta keep taking shots Im very scared of needles so trying ta get away from all and control sugar,so question is pickle juice good for Diabetes?

    • mzlisamichelle

      Last night I went to bed within two hours of eating my dinner and my blood sugar was 72. I take 500mg of metformin twice a day and 25 units of Lantus before bed. This was the first time my blood sugar has ever read below 90 in years, especially after a meal. I usually average anywhere between 150 and 210 before bed.
      Recently I canned pickles. Home made, and they were made with Apple Cider Vinegar. I ate about a 1/2 of a cup of them about 30 minutes before I went to bed. After reading this I think the pickles helped bring me down to 72. I woke up and my blood sugar was 103 (again in a normal range).
      So based on my experience I would say yes to pickle juice, the home made kind. Not sure how they make the store bought kind.

  • Margaret

    6 oz water, 2 oz cranberry juice (not cocktail), splash of lime juice, a few drops stevia and 2 TBSP raw organic apple cider vinegar. Almost like a glass of wine 🙂

  • JJ

    My sugar was over 200 in the morning too. I start to control my diet, eat almost no carbs no sugar no sweet. I exercise 4-5 times a week approximately 45 minutes each times. My friends recommended me Apple Cider Vinegar and it’s work really well. My sugar nowaday is only 100-110 range. I only take this ACV for less than a week and see the result.

  • Skeptic

    Sadly, this is quackery. Bogus health claims and anecdotes such as these have been being made for countless years. There is absolutely nothing magical in vinegar, nor are there any credible clinical studies to support its use for health. It is sad to see snake oil medicine being promoted by a nurse. Even the FDA has repeatedly cited marketers for making unsound health claims about vinegar.
    This information about vinegar by another nurse might be of help:

    • Dear Skeptic,
      There are studies. I cited some of them in the blog. There will never be large studies, because there’s no money in it. Hundreds of thousands of people with diabetes are benefiting from vinegar. Read the comments here or in any other blog or customer review section on this topic. Just because you don’t know something doesn’t mean it’s not true. And I am not a “snake oil salesman.” “Witch doctor” I would be OK with.

    • Brian Britchford

      you are completely wrong my friend.You don’t need doctors to tell the health benefits of acr.Four years ago i had two things that i am convinced acr cured.Firstlt i had quite bad athritis in my fingers painful enough not to shake hands.Secondly doctors wanted to remove my gall bladder.Since taking acr both problems have disappeared.SO TAKE ACR MY FRIENDS.

    • Kate-Mary

      Works for me.

    • sandy

      4 years ago i started drinking 2 Tbs od Bragg ACV in a glass of water with 2 Tbs lemon juice i dropped 30 lbs in 3 months. I kept the weight off until 6 months ago. Now i have diabetes so Im going back on BRAGG so i can brag about my weight loss and diabetes loss

    • Amy

      works for me too!! Have u tried it?

      • Padrones Miguel Diaz Antonio

        I started two weeks ago with Braggs ACV (2T in water before breakfast and at bedtime). My morning readings dropped to 89-110 from 151-181. My afternoon readings have been consistently 116 (previously 150-189). Doctor was able to reduce my dose of Glipizied from 10mg to 2.5 mg. So much for imagination. For the cost of the ACV, it certainly can’t hurt (except for the awful taste).

    • Pink Panther30

      My blood sugar was 261 tonight.. took ACV and it dropped down to 116 is less than a hour and a half… it works….ist time I used this as the metformin and Amaryl was NOT working at all.

  • Clay Bauer

    Try mixing it in a blender with some green vegetables. I am on metformin as well and Farxiga. A friend of mine recommended this to me but to mix it with greens. Been doing it for about 3 days now and my body is craving it now. I have more energy than before and not the crashes I have had. I mix mine with Spinach & Broccoli with 1 tablespoon of ACV and about 2 cups of water, blend and drink. Looks gross but actually tastes really good. Haven’t checked my A1c since 2 days ago but when I did I had just had a dessert riddled with sugar and it came back as 119. I fluctuate between 100 to 130.

  • Renée

    I Strongly disagree with the first comment this is a quackery !!! I am a cancer survivor as of 2012 , in the last 6 months I was encouraged to drink 2 table spoons of Bragg Vinegar twice a day I did from a real Doctor who owns a health food store!!!!!!! When I started this my tumor markers were on the rise quickly since I had finished chemo they started at 8 then went to 12 so I began drinking the Bragg vinegar now tumor markers are going down !!! I’m estatic to found this so cheap to help yourself and so healthy !! I say now don’t be negative and listen to negative people it can’t hurt you so try this Bragg vinegar!!! Best Health to all its your life take charge!!!

  • Renée

    It’s obvious you are promoting your website by giving your opinion , this is not right !!! People should read between the lines on this skeptic please until you have faced these challenges go away!!!!!

  • salocin411

    If I can handle the vinegar itself. Do I need to take the honey or sweetener? or does that serve a purpose as well?

  • BigBruce

    I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes over 10 years ago. After losing 30 lbs, managing diet, and occasional exercise I got off Insulin and only needed pills, (Metformin and Glyburide). For the past few months my sugar had been running in the 200-300 range for some unknown reason. I’ve been reading for a long time about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, as well as Baking Soda. So, I mixed 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda with about 3 tablespoons of ACV and a couple ounces of water. Doesn’t taste bad at all, kind of like club soda. The very next morning my sugar was down to 158! After a week of drinking this magic potion every morning, my morning sugar is consistently 100 to 120! I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it for myself. This is just awesome! I can’t wait to see my A1C numbers and my Doctor’s face!

    Now, everyone’s different so it probably won’t work for everyone, but it sure as hell is working for me! It can’t hurt to try it, only costs about $3.00, and can’t hurt you. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • BigBruce

    I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes over 10 years ago. After losing 30 lbs, managing diet, and occasional exercise I got off Insulin and only needed pills, (Metformin and Glyburide). For the past few months my sugar had been running in the 200-300 range for some unknown reason. I’ve been reading for a long time about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, as well as Baking Soda. So, I mixed 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda with about 3 tablespoons of ACV and a couple ounces of water. Doesn’t taste bad at all, kind of like club soda. The very next morning my sugar was down to 158! After a week of drinking this magic potion every morning, my morning sugar is consistently 100 to 120! I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it for myself. This is just awesome! I can’t wait to see my A1C numbers and my Doctor’s face!

    Now, everyone’s different so it probably won’t work for everyone, but it sure as hell is working for me! It can’t hurt to try it, only costs about $3.00, and can’t hurt you. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    • Edward Norton

      Baking soda and vinegar is what you use to clean clogged up plumbing drains in the bathroom. It is an extremely volatile mixture.

      • Meagan Truitt

        You guys don’t know what you are talking about. You just use a small amount of baking soda to neutralize the acidity of the vinegar. Wait til it stops fizzing and then drink it down. It is harmless.

        • Lee Rolls

          that’s if you wait till it stops fizzing but if you never did the volcano experiment as a kid you may not get that baking soda and vinegar is a very volatile mixture and could do some harm. I won’t say that it can’t be safe to drink, just use caution that the reaction is complete before you do. Personally I’d forget the baking soda.

  • Fumi

    Thanks for all the great info. I will surely pass it along. Unfortunately, I have been witness to the worst parts of the illness. Every bad complication that you have probably heard of. Many in my family have suffered from type 2. My husband has had it for many years and has developed some of the very worst complications. My mom died from it. Believe me! Try the vinegar! No one reading this article or these posts wants any of what the complications of the disease has to offer. Diabetes is a terrible affliction. It can give a person a world of pain and suffering. A slow death. As my late mom would say, ” its a mean disease”.

    She died of kidney failure due to type 2 diabetes.

    Good luck and god bless.

  • tammy melancon

    hello my name is tammy and just got to know that I am a diabetic I am learning on all this stuff so I am here to learn

  • mzlisamichelle

    Are you still taking your medication as prescribed along with the Apple Cider Vinegar? Or were you able to lower or even drop the dose?

    • eddy gords

      Still maintaining prescribe medication and dosage. Thinking of increasing carb intake and if result will be the same i might start reducing insulins by 2 units. Worth experimenting.

      Todays reading before breakfast was 7.1 mmol/L because of heavy eating last night.


  • Sanjay Bawa

    THIS WILL HELP BECAUSE IT HAS HELPED ME Way back in 2011 I had almost reached the max dose of oral medication and was advised to shift to insulin initially I was hesitant and after surfing the net added Ayurvedic medicine in addition to allopathic medicine there was some relief but sugar again shot up basically due to my stressful working environment, I added yoga and pranayama and brought my sugar levels in range of pp 140 -160 and fasting 100-120 but my kidneys were already affected even when fasting was 120 my urine sample was showing ++++ and I was leaking albumin, my creatinine had shot up to 1.9 to cut short I reached Haridwar and contacted Baba Ramdev I was advised to drink this ie take 2-3 leaves of dates plant tree boil in glass of water till half quantity water was left ,morning before breakfast and evening before dinner ,water after boiling looks like black tea took it for almost three months ,since then my kidneys have healed no leakage of macro or micro albumins today even after four years my creatinine is ranging 1.2-1.3 ,though i did not get actual date leaves I used leaves of so called wild dates.and since yesterday started apple cider 15 ml early morning and 15 ml after dinner I want to reduce my medicine I am on morning 4 mg glimipride ,1000mg metformin SR ,losartan 25 mg Lunch time sitagliptin 100mg tab b complex and clopid 75 mg (for blood thinning) evening I am on 14 units lantus insulin and 1000mg metformin SR and losartan 25 mg aim of starting apple cider. Is further reduce my medicine
    PS who ever reads the use of date leaf please try it ,to heal your kidneys

  • eddy gords

    that was a month ago now since i started ACV and now my blood glucose control is just getting better and better. I am not shooting myself with insulin after breakfast; lunch and dinner shots also reduced big time.

    before breakfast – 7.1 mmol/L
    2 hours after lunch – 8.4 mmol/L
    2 hours after dinner – 7.9 mmol/L

    insulin lunch period is now 16 units
    insulin dinner period is now 20 units
    long acting insulin (Lantus) is now 18 units

    i’m still drinking ACV every after meal and just before bed, 2 tbsp mix in a tall glass of water

    … not to mention the other benefits i have right now from ACV 🙂

    good luck to all, i can just say for myself… and that ACV really does miracle.

    • Ny

      Eddy have you tried taking ACV “before” your meals (approximately 20 to 30 minutes)? I have read that pre-meals ACV ingestion has a greater effect on sugar levels than post meal consumption; although, no one seems to have any scientific reasoning for this. 1 doctor seems to think that the medical industry may have been looking at the wrong factors for determining cause, and now realizes that 1 specific digestive enzyme that is lacking, in the gut, may be the true causative factor towards this downward spiral… that’s only 1 study and they are still exploring, of course. I just tried it today (1 Tablespoon of ACV in 8 oz of room temperatured spring water) and my results were most impressive. I dropped from 113 to 84 in 20 minutes. My 1 hr post prandial was just 102 as well (107 – 2 hr pp). Granted, I’m not on meds for my sugar, but I think it may still be helpful to you, since you are already seeing significant results. Just a thought… if you give it a try, please update your results here so everyone can benefit (pre vs post effect on your insulin). Thank you for your input. Best of Health to You!

  • Lori Ann Porter

    Im seeing nothing but im on day two hoiw long does it take im using braggs with the mother organic

    • type2guy

      I take one shot of Braggs in a 10 oz glass of water at bedtime. Was doing very well about 1.5 years ago and stopped looking after my A1C after a bad car accident. A1c shot up to 9.0 on 27oct. Resumed Braggs and retested at doc’s on30nov at 7.0! Of course, also ate lots of brothy soups, veggies, while avoiding all carbs, meats and sugars…keep on with the Braggs it helps.

      • Gary

        You don’t have to Bragg about it.

        • Emperica Lazuli

          That was very cute “u dont have to BRAGG about it” LOL! I met a guy that has diabetes. He’s alone with no help or family. I can tell he wants to just give up. I’ve been reading a great deal about diabetes. I have Bragg’s and taking him some today. I showed him how to elevate his swollen foot on pillows above heart level. He was amazed how he hardly felt any pain the next day. It helped a GREAT DEAL. Now he’s elevating it nightly. Today I’m going to soak his foot for 10 mins in warm water with Epsom Salt and blow dry it dry. I told him that foot has to be kept super duper clean. He said I give him hope. I told him before any kissing business we’re have to take care of most important stuff FIRST.

          • Sounds like you are taking good care of him, Empirica. I like that you’re holding out on the “kissing business.” Make him work for it!

    • Ny

      If you don’t mind me asking, how are you taking it Lori Ann?

    • lobo

      Hey Lori.. drink a cup of water with 1 Tbls of ACV after you eat 3 times a day. If it is lowering your sugar,, then drink the Cup mixture before to see if it lets your sugar get normal or in the range you are wanting while you eat. At night its drinking the mixture ~After~ you have eaten.

  • eddy gords

    still using ACV twice daily since four months ago ’till now. my blood glucose reading is good. already have stopped novorapid and also dropped the crestor following my diabetes educator’s advice. I started taking supplements daily two months ago; magnessium, chromium picolinate, alpha lipoic acid and vitamin B1.

    Early this month’s result was impressive the doctor commented.

    HBA1C 7.0 mmol/L
    HDL 0.98 mmol/L
    LDL 2.8
    Fasting Glucose 6.7 mmol/L

    my diabetes educator had mentioned to me that because i stopped my statin (crestor) that really improves my diabetes and also my daily supplement intake.

    ACV is really very good not only for diabetes, but to make it more effective in combating or controlling diabetes we need to replenish the lost minerals from our system by taking supplements or getting it from foods.

    now i have strength on my arms down to my fingers, no more acid re-flux and feel very light everyday.

  • zeb doz

    i take metformin two thousand milgs. a day, can i use apple cider vinegar to gt off of them?

    • Zeb, I would advise start the vinegar and see what happens. Quite possibly you will be able to cut your metformin dose. Not sure about stopping completely, but maybe. You’ll have to check your sugars and see how it’s working. Tell your doctor what you’re doing. Remember to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth afterward.

    • lobo

      It will lower the numbers when you drink a Tbls to 1 cup of water after each meal. When you look at your numbers after.. Share that grin and let your doctor see the results in the blood tests he takes from you. If your blood sugar is dropping to low while still taking the Metformin.. Tell your doctor the Metformin is dropping your numbers and explain what you have been doing to lower your sugar numbers. Of course he will ask you lots of questions and share the grin and tell him about the ACV. Up to you though.. Its your body and your general health that counts.

  • Hazem, I have not heard of lemon or orange working like vinegar. Bitter melon, yes.

  • Amy

    I was recently diagnosised with pre diabetes. Fasting glucose runs about 100 every morning and it doesn’t seem to matter what I do. One night I had a salad with Italian dressing (which has vinegar) and the next morning, my fasting result was 71. I just figured it was because I had not eaten many carbs the night before. But then I came across the AVC articles. So last night I took two tablespoons with water (tastes gross) and this morning, my fasting result was 85. Its amazing really. Maybe it is just my body but it seems to lower my morning blood sugar. I am not going to use it in the day because my levels are doing pretty good but my morning result has been difficult to lower.

    • Gary

      Always hold your nose when you take is,then rinse your mouth afterward before you open your nose.


        It is a good thing to rinse out with a Himalayan salt brine. It neutralizes the acid from the vinegar on your teeth.

  • Gary

    There is no money in promoting vinegar. Unfortunately it’s about the all mighty dollar

    • lobo

      There are Absolutely No Reps to tell doctors of the use of the ACV. Kind of strange but on the level it is something that should be passed on to everyone interested in using the ACV to promote health.

  • Yosef Koelner

    I read your article 10 days ago so I decided to try taking one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of cold sparkling water just before I go to bed. (The cold sparkling water makes the Apple Cider Vinegar palatable.)
    And thank God my fasting blood sugar almost immediately and consistently dropped 30 points from around 150 to 120. If I drink another tablespoon midday my blood sugar after eating is also significantly lower. Baruch HaShem

    • future_man

      That is a nice result. I’ve just started with vinegar so I wonder if it’s still working for you?

  • Pink Panther30

    DROP the baking soda.. use your BRAIN!!

  • Padrones Miguel Diaz Antonio

    I tried bittermelon (tea and vegetable). I tried cinnamon. Nothing worked. I was taking three metformin and 10 mg glipizied per day. Fasting blood sugar was anywhere from 151-181; afternoon from 151-189. Two weeks ago I started taking ACV (Braggs), 2 tablespoons in a glass of water before breakfast and at bedtime. My fasting blood sugar is now 89-110 and my afternoon readings have consistently been 116. The doctor reduced the dosage of glipizied from 10 mgs to 2.5! While I cannot stand the taste, I will put up with it. I wished I had known about Braggs ACV years ago!

    • August Butler

      Thank you for sharing your experience! I am really excited for tomorrow. You did not mention if you continued taking your meds while experimenting with ACV. Is the 89-110 reading with meds? I just don’t want to get hypoglycemia when sleeping. Thanks!

  • Sunita khatri

    Hi, this is Sunita and I am a type 2 diabetes patient I had been started Insuline since October 2015 because I had concieved and Because of too much fluctuations in my blood sugars I mis- carried and now my dr suggested me to continue with Insuline pump and I found its very expensive and I want to control my sugars in a in a range of 80/90 fasting but mostly my sugars are 160/170 sometimes 180 and more and I want to use ACV . Just want to know can I take ACV at the time of pregnancy as I am going for IVF treatment plz reply.

    • Sunita, nobody has found a problem with pregnant women taking vinegar in tablespoon-sized doses. Don’t try chugging a whole bottle of it.

  • Jane Dean

    I use ACV because my brother takes it for his diabetes . My A1C 3 months ago was 8.9 and this time when I got it done it was 6.7 . My sugar was out of control and I felt lousy every day and now I feel like my old self. I also have lost some weight. I hope this inspires others to try this . I take 2 tbs. vinegar in a cup of water and teaspoon of stevia . Twice a day

    • August Butler

      That may explain why my A1C is 6.6 because I have been taking Bragg’s ACV regularly. But, this does not explain why my fasting blood sugar is soo high. When you say twice a day do you take it every 12 hours? I take in in the morning, empty stomach. Just last night I switched it to bedtime. Maybe I will take it every 12 hours. 1st thing and last thing and see if my fasting does better. I have spent so much money to fix this problem. Trying almost everything. Multi minerals, trace minerals, vanadium, chrominum (both picolinate and GTF), Tripahal, Amla, Cinnamom, Bitter Melon, Fenugreek and everything failed. Plus, I just can’t lose the weight so the A1C number was surprising (good but still surprising).

  • eddy gords

    i cut down carbohydrate intake and started walking after meals for at least 15 minutes. drinking guava tea twice daily and still continue drinking ACV. now i am better.

    after i limit my carb intake and started walking every after meal my blood level improves big time, now i already stopped novorapid and amaryl – just lantus (18units) before bedtime.

    I started taking suppliment like magnesium, chromium picolinate, coQ10 and muscle pain and numbness on my fingertips are now history.

    HBA1c 6.5
    fasting blood glucose 5.8

    there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

    • Ny

      That’s AWESOME Eddy!! I pray that you will continue to see the great results that continues reverses your diabetes diagnosis completely! I’ve read your posts from 9 months ago, 8 months, 5 months, and now this one. Thank you for posting your journey. It is very encouraging, for medicine at large. Would you mind sharing how you are taking your ACV 🙂

    • August Butler

      This is interesting to me Eddy Gords! Because my HBA1c is 6.6 but my fasting blood sugar is always high! Maybe I need to replace my meter or perhaps my blood sugar during the day goes down too much. But I have taken a few before and after lunch and dinner tests and my levels have never gone lowr than 5 for my A1C to be practically border line diabetic. (considering fasting is 11.4 sometimes 14!). Hmm..

  • eddy gords

    best time for me is one int the morning and one at night. if you can find a guava tea, that will help a lot. drink the tea in the morning and 2bags at night, before bed time. you will see a big drop in your fasting glucose reading. but the secret in diabetes control is simply cut down or if possible stop taking simple carbohydrate (from highly processed sources like wheat flour…). and start walking every after meal – specially if you consumed fair bit of carbs. if you do this, 100 percent you will find your blood glucose level will be in normal range… and very quick. and most likely you won’t be much dependent on your diabetes medication

    this all started from ACV… for me.

  • Cris Paltenghe

    What about vinegar pills? Is there any reason they would not be as effective?

    • Yes, vinegar capsules are good too. They are safer for your teeth, but much more expensive.

  • Skeeter

    Did you make any other changes in your life? diet? meds? Exercise?

  • bigpinch

    I don’t think that anyone with any sense believes that The Market solves health care problems. What the Market does is solves inflated health care costs; makes them more reflective of reality in that Competition lowers the cost. Quality sets a floor price below which cheaper isn’t better.
    I am a Type 2 diabetic controlled by diet and (formerly) metformin. I lost my job and my COBRA ran out. I have been paying out of pocket for primary care and labs.
    Between my doctor and me, we lowered the cost of my care to $4K, annually. Obama Care premiums (speaking of a need to let The Market serve its function) would have driven that cost up to a minimum of $10K, annually, had I been fool enough to buy a bronze plan.
    I liked my doctor but he didn’t tell me about Berberine. I had to find out that one on my own. He didn’t tell me about Vinegar. I’ve just now proven that to myself.
    The medical profession has a credibility problem. Given that all my other health metrics are just wonderful, that metformin is as cheap as yesterday’s newspapers, why am I paying even $4K annually and not being told about PROVEN alternatives validated by peer-reviewed research? Is the fact that, now, medical mistakes are the #3 cause of death in the United States indicative of a larger problem?

    • raj

      my name is raj. I too am on janumet and a type 2. I am taking 1 teaspoon of cayenne, 1 teaspoon of turmeric and fasting. my numbers came down from 8.5 to 5.7,5.1, 5.3,6.1,4.1,4.3,4.5, 6.3. I am pissed at my doctor for not telling me about these natural remedies. look up Dr fung and fasting. unbelievable change. exercising 30 minutes 5 time a week. feel awesome. contact me if you want my story.

  • Mrs L

    I have been using ACV for two weeks now. My blood sugar levels are steadily falling into normal ranges. Last night it went down by 80 points while I was sleeping after taking two tsps. and 4 oz. of water before bed. I am now off all of my diabetes medication and my numbers are ranging closer to normal than ever before. I’ve been walking a mile a day and exercising more too. I have more energy and sleep better. ACV is God’s miracle the drug companies worst nightmare. Thank you Braggs!

  • Ny

    I have used ACV for years, off and on, to regulate metabolic processes, including blood sugar. It has helped with overall health, but honestly, I saw very little changes with my BS readings without ingesting my daily multivitamin, amino profiles, etc., but… I had been taking the 2 tablespoons of ACV in warm water (tea temperature) with a very small amount of honey (about 1 tsp) and cayenne. Today is one of the few times that I have taken it without a mild sweetener. A little backstory: My fasting BS has read between 102 and 115, consistently for the last 3 weeks. This has never happened in my life. It has moderately been above 100 to 105 on occasion, and rarely it would spike to about 113, but again this was not the norm. I monitor my levels to catch any signs pointing towards actual full blown diabetes since I have the markers for it and when I see the numbers just mentioned start to examine my habits and make corrections. I am considered prediabetic because of the aforementioned readings. Today, my fasting glucose was 114, after 50.7 oz of water and 3 hours later, it was still at 113. I thought of trying the ACV again. I began to heat some water on the stove for my concoction, but intuitively, just turned it off. Instead I put 1 tablespoon of Bragg’s Organic ACV (It’s the only brand I use medicinally) in a cup and added 8 oz of bottled room temperature spring water to it… stirred… and drank. I put some lunch on the stove (some leftover Chinese food… not a very healthy choice, but great for this test reading), 1 Bud Light & a small slice of carrot cake (Don’t Judge Me, LOL). 20 minutes later (right before I ate), I checked my BS. The reading was 84!!!! I haven’t gotten below 97 in weeks, at any point, fasting or otherwise. I checked my 1 hour post prandial reading and it was 102, after all that GARBAGE! I just checked the 2 hr post prandial and it’s 107. I typically do not eat like that, believe it or not, I’m a very disciplined eater, but over the last month I seem to have fallen into some uncharacteristic habits. I will clean up my act, literally, and continue to monitor whether this is a consistent effect or random over the next few weeks. I will try to remember to follow up with an update. Best of Health to Everyone!

  • senseblogger youtube

    OK i’m dibaetic type 2 i notice when im very active like walking lots at work making deliveries without taking my meds my blood sugars are low at 120 – 150 BUT when not active sitiing around all day on the puter with taking meds blood sugars always run hi in 200’s grrrrrrrrrrrrrr so i’m trying the ACV now i’l start tonite after eating 2 sandwhiches turkey and cheeses on white whole grainr braed which i found out is better than whole wheat or rys

    • August Butler

      That’s my problem too. I workout 5 days a week for 30 minutes alternating between Tabata high intensity workouts and strength training. I eat low carb 90% of the week and don’t take meds except for on the weekend because of low activity and a cheat day my blood sugar sky rockets to 270s! I used to take Bragg’s ACV as I love it – 2 tablespoons of Bragg’s ACV in 8oz San Pellegrino water. No stevia. No honey. No sweetness. Tastes great but my sugar is still not under control over the weekends! I am going to try to take ACV before bedtime and see if that works.

      • Dottie

        You might also try John McDougal’s improved health books along with his eating plan on erasing diabetes, losing weight, and living with better health.

  • Mirian Berg

    Has anybody tried any other brand other than Bragg’s raw unfiltered. I tried Bragg’s yesterday and OMG it worked (FBS 110 to 94, today after taking bragg’s 84!!! The only problem is that it is unpasteurized and I’m 31 weeks pregnant so there is a risk for a listeria infection 🙁 detrimental for baby’s well being. So has anybody tried any other brands that work out just as well as bragg’s brand .. Thank you so much

    • I don’t thnk there is anything special about bragg’s ACV. Try a pasteurized one and see if it works as well.

      • Dottie

        The only thing ‘special’ about Bragg’s is that it is organic from organic apples, no chemicals involved. Other brands cannot make that same claim if they are not ‘organic certified’ by the FDA, which means the apples have been sprayed with chemicals to control diseases and bugs. Organic means they have never been treated with chemicals.

    • marlrat

      But. Vinegar is acetic acid. It has a very low pH. It is a type of acid, and listeria could not grow in that type of media, it likes alkalinotic (high pH) environments, so there is no reason to worry about vinegar.

  • Jc Williams

    Is there a recommended number of times and time of day to take ACV?

    • I’m not a doctor, but people generally use between 1 and 4 teaspoons a day in one, two, or four doses. I usually advise people to take a teaspoon before any meal containing significant amounts of carbs, and one at bedtime. Remember to rinse your mouth afterward to protect your teeth.

    • lobo

      Drinking a cup of water and adding 1 tsp 3 times a day will have you alert and giving your body a boost. It will be apparent when your body feels the difference. My wife used to be down and tired all the time till she started on the use of the ACV. Now its like she has a second wind when she comes home and she is more talkative. It helped her and it will help you. remember to add a pack of Sweet & Low or use one drop of Stevia to the cup mixed well.

  • veronica martin

    I have acid reflux and am prediabetic. I am wondering if the cider vinegar will make my acid worse if I take it .Does anyone know ? I take omeprazole for acid

    • lobo

      It will lower your sugar in your blood if you drink 1 tsp to 1 glass of water (Cup) after each meal. My sister is a diabetic and she does this from habit and it makes her feel better and the results are good for the doctor. To think doctors wont tell you of the use because there are no Reps to explain to a doctor the benifits of using the ACV. Enjoy the meals.

      • Dottie

        Doctors do not make money telling their patients to use ACV or any natural remedy. If doctors didn’t make money they would be out of business fast.

    • Rusti1

      I find apple cider vinegar (raw organic) helps any digestive problems I’ve had, and not more acidic interestingly.

    • Janet Grace Wooldridge

      I had daily acid reflux for years and when I was tested for gluten intolerance and it was positive, I immediately went off of gluten (wheat, barley, rye, and I can’t eat oats or xantham gum either) and I haven’t had acid reflux since!! Because I still have skin issues like eczema that I thought would go away with not ingesting gluten, and my husband has diabetes type II with #s all over the place, I just found this site and will be taking ACV now, too, along with my husband…and will use it on my hair!! 🙂

    • biz888

      whenever my husband have acid reflux, I make him ACV drink and 5-10 min later, his reflux is all gone. I love ACV. So many cures!

      • veronica martin

        Thank you for letting me know that Biz888.
        So far the ACV has not had a bad effect on my acid reflux

    • Stephen Smith

      When I’m using ACV religiously, I find that I have no need for Prilosec… it’s a pretty amazing cure for a person who has had chronic heartburn since 17 years old.

    • Joan Farrell

      I’ve read it actually helps acid reflux. Hard to believe but acid reflux is caused by too little acid.. Try to get off the omeprazole if you can, that is very bad for you. Try more natural cures like aloe. And perhaps the ACV will help.

      • Dottie

        Aloe Vera is a plant and helps with diabetes (improves digestion) and helps to eliminate acid reflux and GERD. Use 1 Tablespoon in an 8 oz glass of water along with 1 Tablespoon ACV before breakfast, lunch, and dinner and at bedtime. Omeprazole is a chemical and is bad for the body as is any chemical manufactured in a lab.

  • veronica martin

    Thank you so much for answering David. So far the vinegar has not affected the acid reflux at all. I do take omeprazole though so that may help. I was unsure whether I should use honey with the cider vinegar as I thought it may raise my blood sugar.
    As I am prediabetic I am taking a teaspoon of cider apple vinegar in the morning and one at night. I will know in December if this has lowered my sugar level.

    • Carol Snow

      I started taking apple cider vinegar for acid reflux long before I was diagnosed with diabetes. For me it was miraculous. At the time I was singing 6 nights a week in the musical Oklahoma! It’s very hard to sing when you have acid reflux. While in the show (which lasted all summer) I merely sipped some vinegar when I had a problem. When I wasn’t in the show, I would take about a tablespoon of the vinegar and follow it with a little vanilla ice cream. Always worked. As I understand it, some people have acid reflux because they don’t have enough acid. I guess I am one of those people.

    • nikki

      hi ive been taking acv for over 2 years now could be longer as I have suffered with severe acid reflux, since taking acv ive lost some weight and ive not had any reflux,i took omeprazole in the past they worked but decided I wanted to go down a more natural route and didn’t want to rely on a tablet, I’m also newly diagnoised diabetic and premenopausal, my mother died from an ulcer since her death I refuse to take tablets,my father believed in natural remedies I feel this is the best route to take for me I also use castor oil great for massage and many other uses

  • Anyone have experience using Kombucha, rather than vinegar? Would it have a similar beneficial effect on blood sugar, and possibly on acid reflux?

    • discover Georgia

      I used combucha and it is amazing!!! i didnt have diabetes so not for it (i bet it is good for diabetes too!) , it is good for anything and it immediately cures migraine!!! also all other

    • Sarah

      I am brewing kombucha at the moment so will try it with the intermittent fasting and see how it goes.

      • I just buy it – haven’t been brave enough to try making it myself, but I love drinking it!

  • Rob Ilechuku

    I’ve heard claims that ACV is good for the hair. Has anyone found this to be true?

    • lobo

      Yes! After washing your hair you can rinse it with the ACV (1/4 cup to one Cup water) Your hair will be reinvigorated shiny and the PH balance is better for the hair. Use it for 5 days and you will see a difference and then use it every 2 days. It will surprise you like it surprised me. Now I use it all the time for other uses and especially for sinus infections which make me happier since it helps relieve me from congestion’s.

    • Michael Kaye

      I have no hair so I cant help…..

    • Al

      It burns like the dickens when you get it in your eyes so I don’t even entertain the idea of using it in my hair. Besides, I am bald. lmao.

      • Dottie

        That is my laugh for the day—thank you.

  • lobo

    It cleanses your liver and that is a main issue with some Diabetics. Just an added bonus!

  • lobo

    Oh, I forgot one thing many women have and dont really have an answer. Maybe it will help you on this? Its from getting Frequent headaches. Get to the doctor so he can get you tested for Hypothyroidism.. It is one thing found in so many women and easily passed up on. It is in fact one thing to be treated for and will help doing away with the Headaches!

  • Michael Kaye

    For giggles I just tried this. I take metformen with breakfeast, waited at bit – ate 2 cookies and took my sugar. It was high – 190. I took 2 cap fulls of apple cider vinegar took my sugar – it was 160 just 30 min. later. So anyway – it was lunch time, so I had a small piece of lasagna, took my sugar 30 min after that… I was at 130!!! another 30 min I was at 123!!! AMAZING this is gonna be part of my routine now.

  • Michael Kaye

    No doctor will want to hear about it – there is no money in a CURE.

    • Al

      I agree. I have seen many, many doctors for help with my diabetes and they never want to talk about cures, especially herbal cures. They stubbornly concentrate of pills and usually the most expensive medications they can prescribe. Diabetes is a business for doctors and they constantly humiliate you by making you feel guilty for having it instead of being open to discussing natural cures that actually help better than pills.

      • Joan Farrell

        Unfortunately, it is that way with any disease. The medical establishment is in it for the money, not too cure you but to keep you on more and more drugs.

  • Steve

    Does Apple Cider Vinegar have any side effects? How about if your on Blood Thinners? My dad has type 2 diabetes. I am taking it and like the results. I would like to have him try it. MY feet would burn even though I am not diabetic yet. The ACV stopped the foot burn and seems to have stopped other problems.

    • Steve, I couldn’t find any reported cases of ACV interfering with blood thinners. Glad it’s working for you.

  • Ljohn

    Could someone tell me after eating salmon Pattie mashed potatoes kale and 2 med brownies .1 hr after that my sugar is 145 is this bad? Or is it normal for it to go up after eating. For everyone? Is that the reason u take it 2 hrs after eating..Thanks .I’m new to this I’m.prediabetic

    • SMI

      Test sugar 2 hours after eating, your sugar should be less than 140, but less that 120 is better. If you’d like the best Diabetes book I have ever read that helped me tremendously, “TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR DIABETES” By Dr. Sarfraz Zaidi, MD, he is the Medical Director of the Jamila Diabetes and Endocrine Medical Center in Southern California, I have learned soooo much from him and very liitle from my doctor, they just wanna prescribe meds., Dr. Zaidi’s approach is thorough, Amazon had the paperback, about $6.00. Good Luck!!

  • Johnny Contreras

    Does anyone know if its detrimental drinking the apple vinegar/water and while taking metformin 1000mg to control glucose levels? Or does it help?

    • Johnny, I have seen virtually no reported problems from taking metformin and vinegar.

      • Johnny Contreras

        Thank you

  • 1agd

    Last year in February, I started taking Braggs ACV (2T in water 20 minutes before breakfast and at bedtime), and again at 12:45 A.M. Within two weeks, I was taken off Glypizide. One week later, my metformin dosage was reduced. My A1C dropped from 9.2 in January to 6.8 in April. I dropped 22 pounds. Everything was going great. Well, last week I took my labs and my A1C had risen to 7.5. Additionally, over the last few days, my early morning fasting readings were through the roof (181-204). While I have very good control throughout the day with ACV (101-110), turns out I have dawn syndrome, where the liver starts producing glucose in the early morning hours. I don’t know if I have built up a tolerance to ACV, but doctor has now increased metformin dosage at bedtime to 1500 mgs to see if we can get it under control again. Otherwise, they are talking insulin at bedtime. I have never been so exasperated. The good thing about ACV is that it did cure my GERD, so I will keep taking it. It did work very well for one year controlling the glucose as well.

    • Steve Romer

      Google Dr. Fung and diabetes.

  • lutece hooks

    Was using this and got my a1c down from 6.2 to 6.0. Now Im pregnant…can I still use it? Any links to studies anyone?

    • Lutece, several websites agree vinegar is safe in pregnancy, but I would double-check with your doctor to be sure.

  • Katherine L Piersall

    This didn’t work for me. Tried 1tbsp in about 8oz water before breakfast, dinner and bedtime for a week. No noticeable change in b.s. numbers. Just read that vinegar can really hurt your teeth and gums. I may try it in capsules if I can find them at a reasonable cost. I’m Type 2, post-menopausal, A1c 6.9 about two months ago, on Janumet twice a day. Regardless, thank you, David, and the rest of the very dedicated Diabetes Self-Management staff for all you do! I have found lots of both encouragement and good information in this publication.

  • Diana

    APC vinegar liquid vs tablets/capsules. Think there would be the same benefit?

    • Capsules or a teaspoon of liquid should have about the same effects.

      • Kayawish Rehman

        Hi David , APC tablets cost 100 capsules only 10 euros in Germany.So if i want totake tablets insted of 1 table spoon of APC with water how much tablets i shall take before going to bed ? my fasting is 130-150 in morning and am Type2.shall i take tablet before meal or after meal and how much tablet shall i take every time.How much is one APC tablet if we convert it to one spoon ?

        • Capsules and tablets come in different strengths. It looks like 300 mg tablets would be close to a tablespoon.

  • lobo

    Bout died laughing! Have to add the 1 packet of sweet & low with 7 oz’s of water. I like mine with Honey and in Hot cup… lemon slice optional.

  • Judith, I haven’t seen science that says ACV is better than wine vinegar. It’s just what people use. You could try another type and monitor what happens. Please report back if you do.

  • Debbie

    I would like to try this. My numbers are up every morning. How much ACV do you use in say a 6 ounce glass of water? O

  • JeffH

    I’ve been checking my glucose twice a day since I was first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes about 6 weeks ago. It has consistently been in the 95-120 range, with higher spikes when I overdo it on the carbs. My A1C was 7.2 six weeks ago. I took my first dose of ACV before bed last night, and this morning my glucose is 89, the lowest it has been so far. It appears the effect of ACV is immediate. So far, I’m a believer.

  • sk

    Impressive Post. ACV also helpful for Weight loss & Skin care.

  • discover Georgia

    Marlon Manliguez , and is it? u said u would write after 3 months,

  • Hi Stat Eco, what you’re saying about vinegar has not been true in the studies I cited. Vinegar does more than slow carb absorption. It lowers fasting glucose as well, and may have other benefits.

    • StatEco

      I do hope so. It works for some.

  • Kayawish, your story is interesting. Probably your fasting reading shows a dawn phenomenon, but the ACV should be helping with that. Perhaps try a snack at bedtime with some protein.

  • DaGirLWithCurlz

    To anyone who has tried ACV, have you tried it while on diabetic medication or without it? I’ve tried it both ways and I’m getting hire than normal readings WITH ACV!! It’s discouraging as I’m not getting any of the “wondeful” results/benefits I keep reading about.

    • Glock27a

      sharing that with you.

  • S. Radhakrishnan

    When exactly is it best to take ACV – before food, during or after? Many people here claim to take it at bedtime; does that mean before dinner or before going to bed? Thanks.

    • Some people take it before meals, some with meals. Salad dressing is a good way. “Bedtime” means before going to bed, but there’s no strict schedule on it.

    • Danielle

      I’ve read on other forums that taking it on an empty stomach two-three times a day.. 10-15 minutes before meals is best. Also have read you can take it right before you go to bed but be careful because some people it can cause bad heartburn

  • Mr. Mike

    I put about 4 ounces of water, 1 small teaspoon of good honey and a dash of cinnamon and heat for 30 sec in microwave. I then add 2 teaspoons of cider vinegar and mix..

    Tastes like a mildy sour apple cider and is actually pretty good! Drink before each meal and right before going to bed.. Your levels will drop..

    • Glock27a

      How long b4 u c a chg?

  • waheed jawad aol

    Can v have ACV along with sugar medicine

    • Yes, you should be able to take ACV with medicines. At least, I have seen no interactions published. It might be best not to take them at the same time, though, and you should double check with your doctor first.

  • rngwrm

    acetic acid is acetic acid, even if it’s not organic w/ a disgusting cloudy hunk of crap floating in it.

  • Mayra Torres Ruiz

    Woke up with sugar levels elevated this morning at 120 my usual morning sugar is 99.. poured 1 tbsp in a Glass squeezed 1 lime and poured 8 Oz of cold water. Drank and measured my blood sugars again 15 minutes later blood sugar measured at 99. Proof that this really works!!!

    • Glock27a

      Mine is 153 at 5:18. Walked one mile, at breakfast of eggs, one W.H.toast wbutter. Just tested after ACV, walk, but breakfat. and it is 151. No significant change here. Guess this will be a farce for me. Hn-m-m. Sad.

      • Glock, you wouldn’t expect your glucose level to be down right after eating. A level of 151 after breakfast is just a bit high.

        • Glock27a

          Well David. I am pretty ignorant. Was recently diagnosed and have received absolutely no help from my physician or the local diabetic assoc. so I am pretty much on my own in learning. Having been tracking my BG since may my BG is 120 to 140’s in the a.m. after breakfast of eggs and toast I note that is drops to 110 to 127. Today, 14July my 5:00 a.m. was 119, 7:10 it’s 147 after a hard walk, at 7::40 it’s 149, then at it’s 154 and now 3:o9 after a 10 minute walk with weights it’s 124. I cannot find answers and no where to turn. Like I said. I am pretty ignorant about this stuff. It is new and frightening. I am hard on suffocating carbohydrates except in the a.m. gotta have toast with egg, whole wheat no sugar. I am using bitter melon and ACV without much success. So much from Mr. Ignorant here.

          • Hi Glock, from the numbers you are sending, I would advise trying to stop stressing so much. You have learned how much exercise lowers you BGs. That’s good to know. You don’t have to check all the time, check only to answer a question. Like if bitter melon and ACV aren’t doing much for you, you might try other things — say exercising more, or guava or magnesium or any of the other ideas you can see on this site or others. Pick something you want to try and use the BG checks to see how they work for you. You’re doing fine with this; just keep at it.

          • Mikki Solodow

            Darn Glock! I would dearly love your numbers!!! I am type 2 diabetic and tend to run in the mid to upper 200’s lately with occasional spikes up to to 400!!! Your worrying can be raising your numbers a bit so David is right, don’t stress! Sounds like you are doing really well. There are some awesome diabetic groups online although maybe David has a favorite or his own. He does give a lot of great common sense suggestions…..

        • Glock27a

          Whe-e-o-o. Ignorant me I guess. I am brand new at this 72 and basically terrified due to the lack of help from the professional field. You do what you can so if my ignorance shines please excuse me, I ain’t no pro at this stuff.

      • Dustine Stevens

        The toast with butter will raise your blood glucose. Even the protein inyour eggs will convert partially to glucose. Try again with no activity and no eating. You may be surprised.

        • Glock27a

          Yeah, but a body’s gotta eat. That is what I hate about this crap. You eat crap food. I got a diabetic cook book thinking it would be helpful. The recipes were fantastic but the carbs, well they were just as high and higher than even a bowl of ice cream. When you look at the serving for a whole pot you make you get to eat 1/2 cup.

          • Captain Adams

            There are complex carbs, and simple sugar carbs. They both affect blood sugar levels differently.

      • Captain Adams

        Are you expecting the same results after eating toast, butter, and eggs as Mayra Torres Ruiz, FASTING Glucose ?

  • Mayra Torres Ruiz

    Don’t eat after 7pm and make that meal carb free. Meaning a nice salad that includes cruciferous veggies and a vinaigrette made of acv, olive oil and crushed garlic. Drink lemon water (1 squeezed lemon in an 8 oz. Glass of water) If you eat meat have your salad with your meat. And before bed drink your 8 Oz of water with acv. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

  • April Patton Atkinson

    What’s the best acv to take

    • Mrs. Chief

      Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

      • Glock27a

        I used Braggs then, perchance, went to a regular ACV without the mother and it seems to be doing quiet well. If it holds, I will switch to the lesser expensive brand. Mind you now. This does not imply that it will work for everyone. I would hate to have Lindsey on my back about this.

  • Dottie

    Why don’t you put this information in common language and measurements. Who knows how much 1 gram is anyway. Why not state it in teaspoons, tablespoons, etc. Most everyone knows how to measure in teaspoons or tablespoons.

  • Dottie

    Very well said and so true.

  • Dottie


  • Glock27a

    Hi, I am prediabetic and entering a poop storm with this. But, if you have internet (duh me!) type in your address bar grams to ounces calculator and it will convert for you. 20 grams is 20 milliters is .70 ounces, or rounded to 3/4 ounce. Even at these rates it is hard to knock this stuff back. I am beginning today again while hoping to be consistent with it. How I am going to get it down I don’t know

    • Glock, about conversion — there are two kinds of ounce, a liquid ounce tells you volume, a solid ounce tells you weight. 1 solid ounce = 28 grams. 1 liquid ounce = 30 milliliters. You can’t convert grams to milliliters or teaspoons, because grams are a measure of weight, not volume.

      • Glock27a

        Please note my ignorance.

      • John Myers

        About thirty or maybe forty years back I was looking all around for somebody who could tell me what the conversion scale was for that very same question. I was waiting for my wife one day at UCLA and my bumper got tagged by an guy parking. I got out as did he and luckily I had my keys in my pocket when he asked why I was backing out while he was pulling in. well that opened things up and I found out he taught some form of higher math. I posed the question to him and got your answer. Good to know.

  • Glock27a

    Yea Bonnie. Thank you for that.

  • Glock27a

    how do you get that down. I nearly vomit when it his my throat.

  • Antonio. baca.

    My dose is ,in 1 /2 L. bottle, 1/3 apple juice or other ?, one table spoon of apple cider , fill the bottle with water, slowly drink it , it help different ways.

  • Lindsay

    Did you actually READ the research articles you mention as ‘proof’ in your blog? Maybe you need to be a research scientist to understand the results but I thought they looked pretty clear cut.

    The 2004 article clearly shows that the vinegar subjects that were Type 2 diabetic showed no significant difference between the vinegar and the placebo. Only the non-diabetic and insulin resistant subjects showed any significant differences in blood glucose or insulin 60 minutes after eating and even then it was only 1.0mmol/L. So that’s not helpful to Type 2 diabetics at all since there was no effect on the diabetic subjects.

    The same researcher at Arizona State also showed in another paper in 2007, that apple cider vinegar compared to a placebo (with cheese before bed for all treatments) only showed a significant reduction of 0.3mmol/L (5.4mg/dl) and only on people whose fasting glucose was already >7.2mmol/L (129mg/dl while they were taking diabetic medications). On people whose fasting glucose was less than 7.2mmol/L the reduction was only 0.04mmol/L (0.72mg/dl). So what this means is that for a Type 2 diabetic who doesn’t actually have much of a problem with fasting glucose levels, i.e. their fasting glucose is less than 7.2mmol/L or 129mg/dl, taking cider vinegar does absolutely nothing.

    I want to remind the public that when reporting in published peer-reviewed scientific journals, ‘significant’ does not mean large, it simply means that the difference was statistically proven to exist but could still be infinitely small.

    So the bottom line is: the internet can still say all it wants and have all the anecdotal evidence in the world but no claimed effects of apple cider vinegar have ever been duplicated sufficiently in a controlled research environment. So that’s why no doctors prescribe apple cider vinegar to diabetics. I also wouldn’t expect them to prescribe rhino testicles or shark fins for other health problems. When it’s been proven, they will prescribe it.

    • Glock27a

      You might want to expand your research Lindsay. Much of the medicines we have today have come from old knowledge of herbs and etc, many of which are still in use today. I would never discourage someone from not giving something a try. It might not work for one person while it definitely works for others. ACV works quiet well for me. Now, or .com, one of the two, there is a plethora of research on ACV, Gymnamea Sylverstre, BitterMelon and others along with other areas of interest. I personally collected more than 40 bits of research regarding ACV from NCBI that are positive and yes many of the studies are small indicating there is positive proof that further research would be benificial. Because they are small researches does not preclude them as not being benificial. Some of the research there were double blind studies. Note that NCBI is merely a depository of research conducted world wide. There is another which I subscribe to, Medscape. Medscape is much like NCBI in that it too is a depository of many levels of research dependent upon interest.

  • Carey Chin

    I have been taking red vinegar. My wife heard about vinegar. She brought some at TJmax but I did not hear why
    I was taking it. So been taking vinegar, couple of ounces for 3 months. I’ve been at A1C 6.9-7.3 for several years with my doctor saying insulin time.

    So sent your article to a bunch of folks. Of course this is only one data point in my life. So far it WORKS!!
    So if this continues, !!! I had no idea about it lowering A1C!!!

    Regards Carey

  • P-dizzle

    Congratulations. You seem to be making great progress. I just read about vinegar and am going to try it. I don’t see where it can hurt. I suggest a couple of books that may help you make adjustments that may help

    1) It Starts with food

    2) The case against sugar

    3) The Inflammation Syndrome

    I was just taken off my Type 2 med due to significant improvement in A1C. Lifestyle (diet and exercise) was the major driver. My spot check blood sugars are tending higher without the meds but it still too early to see A1C results. I hope to stay off the meds permanently but it will take lifestyle effort.

  • Cher Benton

    When I was pregnant I got gestational diabetes and just recently my fasting glucose came back at 111 so the doctor wanted me to do a glucose test to see if I’m prediabetic. I panicked. My mom has had type 2 Diabetes for a few years now and she takes injections so I was bound and determined to find a more natural way to beat this. I started taking organic ACV with the mother 2T with loads of water in the morning and before bed. In one week I went from 111 to 79! I’m also 50 and going through perimenapause and I have to say there has been more moisture back where it counts then before. I don’t know if it is due to the ACV but I’m just mentioning it because it started after I diligently started taking the ACV. I’m definitely keeping this regime in my diet. Losing a few LB’s doesn’t hurt either. Just imagine if I start eating right and exercising daily. Can’t wait to find out.

  • eddy gords

    ACV really works for me! hba1c is just 6.8… i’m a happy man 🙂

  • Tthehunt

    Looking forward to putting this to the test,
    I have been Type II Diabetic for 14 years, When first diagnosed I got pissed and lost a lot of weight and it went away. I have continued to control it by diet and exercise every since. Well the last two years has been a roller coaster with my sugars constantly rising and my A1C elevating I tried losing more weight and it helped a little. But was not long lived and the sugars have started elevating again. Last Dr. visit the he wanted to put me on insulin shots saying I was moving from being Type II diabetic to Type 1.and all the medications we tried have had no effect on it. (i do not take anything at this time) I told him no not yet. I have been eating really well, exercising some but my sugars just will not come down, ( I have always had dawn syndrome with high morning sugars) Today I read this article and went right out prior to lunch and bought some ACV and water and took 1 oz of ACV and 2oz water (no sweetener) (I didn’t think it taste bad) then went to lunch. I ate a moderate carb. lunch. I do not have a meter with me but will check when I get home. I plan to take this before each meal and at bedtime. I will for sure come back here and present the results. Morning blood sugar today was 182, is always 172 and above
    let see what it is tomorrow!

    • Tthehunt

      I did this for three weeks, I seen no change in my blood sugars at all prior to not drinking it
      not drinking that stuff any more with no results
      It’s too bad I was very hopeful for some good results

      • Captain Adams

        Give bitter melon a try. Some places call it bitter gord

  • lofas

    Glock27a I know exactly how you feel, only I wish I had your numbers instead of mine. I’ve only gotten serious about lowering my BG for about two weeks but I learned a few things I don’t think were covered. I found a gram of Arginine 3x a day does a lot to drop my BG. Cinnamon helps big time for me and it seems to work pretty quick. The best cinnamon is Ceylon, at least that’s what the folks in the know think. I can’t speak for all but I found going keto is the best option for me. I try to focus my appetites on beef, pork, chicken, eggs, cheese, butter, salami, pepperoni, pork rinds, and kippered herring. Olives, peppers, and celery are three things that go great with a plate of salami and pepperoni with some hard boiled eggs. If this was all I would eat, I’d lose 20lbs a week and bring my numbers down to the 70’s, and I’m primarily sedentary with a penchant for rum. (my only vice) With some imagination you can come up with all kinds of dishes with next to zero carbs that will leave you satisfied. My goal at the moment is to find a decent zero carb bread and find a way to turn rum into a health food. I think the most important thing is to not starve yourself. You don’t have to do Chinese but a steak and green salad sounds pretty good to me, anytime. Don’t take my word for it. Research for yourself and find something that works for YOU, and have fun with it.

    • Glock27a

      lofas: I have found a near zero carb bread. It is made with coconut flour. has a pile of nice lo carb foods. The coconut flour has lower carbs than flour, 16g per 1/4 cup. has specific information about it.

      • lofas

        Glock27a Thanks for the return and link. I was just looking into coconut flour bread. I found a bread recipe that uses cauliflower in place of flour. I also found an early morning drink made with cider vinegar, honey, lime juice, turmeric, cayenne pepper, and rosemary. Its designed to be a liver detox. I’ve been doing that for a week and I can feel the difference from day one. It looks like we’re both on the right track.

        • Glock27a

          My apology for being so late in responding. “CAULIFLOWER!!” you gotta be kidding. Well. I haven’t made any breads yet. I have completed using 1 gal ACV and zero positive result. Seems like nothing I try is working. I fret as my BG’s run between 107 to 140. This a.m. (17Feb18) I am 157 but this is after 3 slices of toast with butter. Please submit data on cauliflower flour and the other stuff. I would like to consider it. Thanks.

    • Glock27a

      lofas, again I apologize for such late reply. thanks for that information. I appreciate that. My ventures so far into alternative ways to deal with this pest seems to have finalized into smacking into a brick wall. My numbers are not changing for the better, 107 to 157. I am tempted to say to the hell with this but when I realize the concluding fact regarding this monster I continue to attempt some level of control though many times I sin horriably. In fact I have fallen off the wagon and have been off for several weeks. I do walk but it dosen’t seem to provide any noticable impact.
      Thanks for your information. Keep the faith and don’t give up. You need to become victorious in the battle.

  • Tthehunt

    Glock27a Please come back on here and let me know your results, I am looking for anything natural to help
    your results would be welcomed

    • Glock27a

      Tthehunt: O.K. Something new, something old. I cannot guarantee this but at the moment the combination I am using might be doing something. !st the old is ACV, 2TBS per 8 oz water two to three times a day. Once before breakfast and eating anything carbohydrate, 2nd before going to bed. Here it gets tricky. I wake up frequently, 11:00, 12:00, 1:00 etc. Here I drink about 4 oz, next time I am up the last 4 ounces. NOTE that I am prediabetic. In the past few weeks my numbers have been between 101 to 128 with a high of 167 once and a few 98 and 89. not many of these though. The new addition has been “Black Seed Oil”, nigellia sativa? I try for 3 time a day but usually get only two.The stuff is pricy. Got mine off Amazon. (Amazing Herbs-Black Seed Oil). Stuff tastes like turpentine and linseed oil, so I knock it back with a protine blend. I cannot, with any assurity, say this is what is working. I have but a one ounce bottle at about $15 and am nearly gone. Once gone I stop, wait and see. If my levels go up then I have to guess it is the Black Seed oil. Now, just because it appeares to be working for me does not imply that it is going to work for you. I have spent a lot of money trying different things Gymnema Sylvestra, nasty tasting but did not use it for long, fresh bitter melon dried and made into a tea, another I did not take for long. Many I just did not hang onto for any serious period to see if it actually works.
      If you have any foot problems like prickely heat, pins and needles, toothach kind of ach I have found “for me” that alpha lipois acid seems to help taken 2 times a day. It is not 100% though.
      If you attempt any of these please let me know if any are working for you. is a site with a lot of medical research documents. I have collected a lot of research on various items as mentioned above. You might want to go their and do some research done in diabeties. I urge you to look at this and try to get specific with you type of diabeties.
      Best wishes

    • Glock27a

      Annother thing I just discovered about NCBI. You should type into the search engine on site words as Appel Cider Vinegar, Bitter Melon, Gynamea Sylvestri, Black Seed. You will get research results on these items. If Diabeties is typed in, there are 8 data bases with a plethora of research information. I hope that is it.

  • Ana Perez

    as far as I know… vinegar helps with the glucose level you would have after eating carbohydrates (not whatever..)
    and there are good studies about it you can search in google “pubmed vinegar diabetes” and you’ll see, you’ll
    find more results if you search in google instead of directly in pubmed (the medicine library of the USA) , there you
    will also find studies of the side effects of metformin for example… which are anemia and neuropathy… so I think
    it will be always better to solve problems with a natural solution… because vinegar won’t make you any harm but
    metformin will, besides there are some studies that is possible to reverse diabetes with shor term low calorie diet

    but I am quite sure that if you don’t want to make a diet of weeks or days then you will have to face the problems of
    a long term use of metformin or the other medicines… and its side effects…… so give it a try..
    And I thank this site because it offers this info and is not just trying to sell medicines and make money like many of
    the other websites do.

    See that vinegar do has a good effect ….

  • Ana Perez

    vinegar can lower the effect of glucose when it is eaten with complex carbohydrates… just in that case… but is real and with no side effects

    • Captain Adams

      Are you saying that it doesn’t work as well when eating simple sugar carbs vs. complex carbs ?

  • Glock27a

    Apologies for late reply. Thanks for the information regarding the red viniger.

  • Roshan.zaaher

    I tried cider vinegar two spoons with one glass of normal water , at night and after lunch , its too good and without medicine my reading were 130 after three hours of meal (rice and curry)

  • Karen Olsen

    Egads…my doctor has never said a WORD about vinegar. Or bitter melon. Or cinnamon. Or much of anything else that doesn’t come in pill form. I’ve had to do all the research on my own, while trying to educate HIM as well. SMH… :/

  • Karen Olsen

    Egads…I haven’t heard a WORD from my doctor about vinegar. Or bitter melon. Or cinnamon. Or much of anything else that doesn’t come in pill form. I’ve had to do all my own research, and try to educate HIM about this stuff. I just purchased some unfiltered apple cider vinegar after reading this article; we’ll see how it goes for a few months or so…

    • Captain Adams

      Bitter melon is great for type 2 diabetes.

      • Yeah, but it is called bitter melon for a reason. 🙂

        My Filipina wife grew up with the stuff and loves to eat it, but after 45 years of marriage I still have an aversion to it. Try it out… we have some Anglo friends who have learned to love it. Not many, but some.

  • Jamescm

    Insurance, not the market, is what blows health-care costs. In this day of information, the market is better equipped than ever for the task. Government sponsored -anything- has never, and by nature can never, work.

  • Christopher Snow

    I’m on a fast, I’ve been using Cayenne pepper hot sauce in my water as a means of flavoring. It has vinegar in it and I noticed a reduction in my blood glucose as a result. I really need to know, is it an insulin response that’s the mechanism or is it a rise in sensitivity? If it’s an insulin response, that’s counterproductive to my needs, if it’s a sensitivity increase that’s great for what I’m looking for.

  • PS1

    I’m sorry to say that this did NOT work for me, despite several recommended doses.
    In fact, when I tried the regimen, my bsl shot up over one hundred points, every time.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    Please advise.

    • PS1, I can’t explain this. I’ve never actually heard of glucose shooting up with vinegar, but it certainly sounds like it doesn’t work for you. Unfortunate.

      • PS1


  • fiqens

    I found this website a couple of years ago, read some of the comments and felt encouraged to try drinking ACV. I started out by drinking 2 tablespoons (diluted in a large glass of lukewarm water) before meals. My hemoglobin A1c went from 6.7 to 6.5 after taking it a couple months–not too dramatic of a difference. After continuing another six months, my A1c went to about 6.3.

    But, then I started upping my dosage to 3 tablespoons (diluted in water) after my lunch and dinner. I only ate carbs for breakfast (just a bowl of oatmeal) and for lunch, but rarely eat any carbs for dinner (only meat and vegetables). I snack mostly on nuts. I checked my blood sugar before going to bed–if it was higher than about 120, I would take another 3 tablespoons before going to bed; if it was between 110-120, I would take 2 tablespoons before bed; if it was below 110 before bedtime, I wouldn’t take any. Also, I changed my exercise routine from taking a brisk 2.8 mile walk in the mornings to walking right after I eat my lunch. The results? My A1c went down to 5.6 (it hasn’t been that low in 10 years!). Six months later, continuing the same diet and exercise routine: 5.6 again. My doctor was surprised–I have never taken any meds for diabetes. My A1c was 7.1 three years ago. I recommend trying 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (diluted in water) 2-3 times a day to anyone having blood sugar issues. I am a type 2 diabetic diagnosed about 11 years ago.

    • Sana Chaudhry

      We are Pakistanis so our food often has spices, my mother has Type 2 diabetes. how should she take vinegar, how much time before meals?

      • Hi Sana, if you want to try vinegar, one or two teaspoons at the beginning of a meal, dissolved in water or mixed with food like in a salad dressing, would be a good place to start.

  • Shaaf Khan

    my daughter is 10 yrs old. she has type 1 diabetes. night time readings are very hard to control most of the time. how can i give vinegar to her.

    • Hi Shaaf, I’m not sure vinegar would help a child with Type 1. It’s mainly for insulin resistance, which is usually a Type 2 thing. Ask your doctor about it.

  • Michael Pillittere

    What about ACV pills? Have there been any studies?