Tools of the Trade 2013


Many of 2013’s new diabetes tools are redesigns of earlier products. In addition, a new neuropathy treatment device hit the market, as well as a first-in-class diabetes drug and several remote health monitoring systems and Web applications that make it easier than ever to understand and share health information…

Tools of the Trade 2012


This year was a busy one for the diabetes market; many more new tools and medicines won FDA approval in 2012 than in recent years…

Staying Heart Healthy


People with diabetes, for example, have a two to four times higher risk of developing heart or blood vessel disease than people who don’t have diabetes. But even with diabetes, the risks can be lowered, and these resources can help you do it…

Getting Started Exercising


Regular exercise is good for everyone. If you’ve never been active or haven’t been in many years, take a look at these resources to help you take the next step…


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