Diabetes Emergency Kit: What to Include

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Diabetes Emergency Kit: What to Include

An emergency kit is an important addition to a person’s diabetes treatment plan. It can be used for both day-to-day concerns and as a “Go Bag” for disasters. Although it should be tailored to your exact needs, some general things to consider include:

· Plastic container, ideally with a handle

· Blood glucose meter, strips and supplies

· Alcohol swabs

· Syringes

· Insulin pen

· Pen needles

· Two changes of insulin pump supplies

· An empty glass container with lid to for used sharps.

· Glucose tablets or other quick acting sources of sugar

· Glucagon kit

· Small scissors

· Waterproof tape

· Baby oil or adhesive remover


· General first aid kit (for cuts, etc.)

· Flashlight

· Bottled water

· Protein bars and other snacks

· A cooling pack

· Spare batteries for everything

Emergency planners suggest a minimum of three days of supplies. Keep medications in their original containers. Make a reminder to review your kit every six months looking for expired contents.

You should have a list of emergency contacts, a summary from the last visit with your physician(s), copies of health insurance cards and prescriptions and a list of all medications taken, whether prescribed, over-the-counter, herbals or supplements. Also, any medication allergies you may have.

Don’t focus solely on your diabetes. Make sure you have a general health history including other information that may be needed, especially if you are forced to evacuate and see a new physician away from home.

For more information

ADA: Tips for Emergency Preparedness


JDRF: Preparing for an Emergency

For more general information, go to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s website.

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