Expert Tips From an Endocrinologist

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If you have Type 2 diabetes, your family members should know their risks for prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes, then implement strategies to reduce those risk factors. Also, discuss gestational diabetes with female family members, especially those in their childbearing years. Use these tips to engage your family members in learning about their own risk.

• Ask your family members to take a diabetes risk test. Go to, where family members can take a 60-second online test (or download a hard copy) to help them determine their risk for Type 2 diabetes.

• Ask your health-care provider to refer you to a registered dietitian (RD) to learn and stay informed about healthy eating. To find an RD, preferably one who specializes in diabetes management, go to

• Seek education for diabetes prevention that includes healthful eating and lifestyle management. For more information and to find a registry of recognized programs for diabetes prevention, go to

• Add physical activity and exercise to your daily regimen. Start slowly and build up to 150 minutes per week. During moderate activity, try the “talk test”: You should be able to talk while exercising without being short of breath.

• Make healthful eating and regular physical activity a part of your family routine. It’s truly a lifestyle that pays off.

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