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Diabetes is a day-to-day challenge, and attention to detail is important. But don’t miss the forest for the trees: Keep the following in mind:

  • Serving size matters. Keep measuring cups and spoons and a food scale handy so you can accurately measure your portions.
  • Stay active. Increasing your activity level may lower your A1C by as much as 0.6%.
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  • Laughing is a good thing, so find ways to laugh often.
  • Learn from your mishaps; don’t chastise yourself. If your blood glucose goes up, try to figure out why.
  • Use time-management tools such as automatic medication or refill reminders.
  • Make time for preventive care.
  • When you have problems with your diabetes or other parts of your life, seek help – sooner rather than later.

Originally Published August 9, 2011

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