Take-Away Tips for Risk Reduction

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Here are some ways to reduce your risk of complications related to diabetes and to help your family members possibly lower their risk of developing diabetes:

• Make and keep regular appointments with your health-care providers and diabetes educator. Learn how you can maintain optimal blood glucose, blood pressure, and blood cholesterol control to help prevent the long-term complications of diabetes.

• Family support is important. Studies show that people with diabetes who have family support tend to more successful in dealing with it than those who don’t. So let your family members know what they can do to support you.

• If you have Type 2 diabetes, help your blood relatives understand that they are at risk for developing the disease and that a healthful meal plan and regular physical activity can potentially prevent it or at least postpone its onset.

• If you have Type 1 diabetes, talk to your siblings and children about participating in the TrialNet Pathway to Prevention Study, both to learn about their own level of risk and to help scientists learn prevention strategies for Type 1 diabetes. Learn more at

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