Spiritual Self-Care and the Use of Prayer

Holistic principles that promote a more complete approach to wellness could enhance diabetes self-care efforts significantly…

Diabetes Distress

Living with diabetes can feel like a full-time job. For some, the stress of self-managing their diabetes can take an emotional toll.


What Stress Is Doing to Your Brain

Stress is an unavoidable part of modern life. This article explores the effects of stress on your brain and examines ways to reduce its negative impact.

Demystifying Motivation

When you have diabetes, committing to healthier habits is a big deal. But with so much at stake, why is it still so hard to find the motivation to do the things you know you should?

Creating New Holiday Traditions

Ah, the holiday season: It’s a time of enchantment, of magical moments and memories – undoubtedly the best of times. Well, maybe not…


The challenge is to use the numbers you collect as part of your diabetes management routine as information. But for a perfectionist, that can be especially difficult…

Stress: Finding Peace Amid the Storm

Everyone experiences stress in life, and people with diabetes are no exception. In fact, diabetes itself can be a source of much stress. The challenge is not to seek a life with no stress but to learn to deal with the stresses life hands us…

When Diabetes Hits Home

Living with diabetes is a challenge. Far from being “just a touch of sugar,” diabetes affects all aspects of your physical and emotional health. Fortunately, though, when members of a family work together to understand each other’s feelings, they can support each other through good times and bad…

The Healing Value of Fun

“I don’t exercise,” says my friend Alfred Gee, “I bargain hunt. I like to take the bus downtown and go to different stores. I compare prices and quality and have a great time, especially when I save some money. It takes hours, but I’m retired, so why not have some fun? By the time I get home, I’ve walked four or five miles. I’ve tricked myself into exercising…”

Taking a Zen Approach to Diabetes

Stop. Breathe in. Breathe out. Be aware. Do.

This process may be a key ingredient to help you manage stress and even help you successfully manage your diabetes