Kate Moss’ Daughter, Lila, Wears Insulin Pump on the Runway

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Kate Moss' Daughter, Lila, Wears Insulin Pump on the Runway


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Lila Grace Moss, whose mother is supermodel Kate Moss, made headlines for not hiding her insulin pump while walking the runway during Milan Fashion Week at the end of September. 

Moss, who has type 1 diabetes, strutted down the catwalk representing Fendi and Versace wearing a bodysuit and jacket, allowing the pump to be seen clearly on her bare legs. 

Her Instagram post featuring images and videos from Fashion Week is overflowing with comments supporting and thanking her for representing people with diabetes and not covering the pump. 

“Thank you for wearing your Insulin pump so proudly 💙💪🏻,” eliska_pole said.

“You are truly so inspiring thanks for showing the world you can do anything and more even when you have type 1 diabetes. (from a mother with a son with the same Illness) x Jenny,” jennypotterphotography said.

“I love showing my 11yr old T1 daughter your pics. 👏❤️” angbx5 said.

“Absolutely love that you don’t hide your pod, you’re an inspiration to so many living with T1 diabetes ❤️,” katexaxmx said.

“As a fellow T1 diabetic (andex-modell), THANK YOU for wearing your device on the freaking runway! You are a queen and I want these pics everywhere cos the more we share of T1 diabetes the better 🙌” nemarca said. 

“Thank you so much for all diabetics girls and women 💙,” mom_of_type1 said. 

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