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All year long, research teams work to top themselves, coming up with new ways to empower people to better control their diabetes. This video covers the latest news in the development of the iLet, an artificial pancreas under production by investigators at Boston University and Massachusetts General Hospital, as well as discuss promising treatment options on the horizon.



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Diabetes Technologies on the Horizon

Technology — love it or hate it, it’s certainly made at least most of our lives easier. Smartphones and iPads let us stay connected wherever we go. Apps let us track our food intake and our exercise and keep us on schedule with their calendars and reminders. And social media helps us find and stay in touch with long-lost friends and allows us to share pictures of our pets, our food, or whatever we feel like sharing at any given moment.

Diabetes? We Have Apps for That

High-tech diabetes tools keep coming. Some look extremely helpful. Check out some of these diabetes apps and then tell us about your own.

Finding Health Information on the Internet

Do you realize that when you are looking for health information on the Internet, you are searching through 186 million Web sites? Even if you limit your search to sites focusing specifically on health, you are still likely to be looking through millions of sites.

Diabetes Blogs

Blog. It sounds like something you would say when you are feeling under the weather (“I’m feeling so blog today…”), but it is actually short for Web log, a regularly updated online journal. Blogs were originally used by people who wanted to keep in touch with friends and family, but their functions have expanded since then. Many blogs are now devoted to current events, popular culture, and special interests of all kinds, including diabetes.