The Stigmata of Diabetes

Emphasis here not on the physical so much, but on the emotional and mental stigmata of diabetes. Oh, and clarification may be needed, as well, so that you know up front that I’m referring to stigmata in the lowercase "c" catholic sense, using it simply as the plural of stigma in a nonreligious way. Read More “The Stigmata of Diabetes”

The Stir, or Lack Thereof, Over A Cure

Here’s how I find out there’s a new potential cure for Type 1 diabetes (emphasis here at the outset of this blog post on the word potential). Tuesday morning, my wife is on the couch reading the news feed on her iPhone and comes across Kerri Morrone Sparling’s latest entry in her "Six Until Me" blog (it’s a blog most of you probably know, and if not, check it out!). Read More “The Stir, or Lack Thereof, Over A Cure”

Check Check One Two

I used to feel pretty guilty if I missed checking my blood glucose (bg). I used to. Lately, I’ve found myself ignoring, on occasion, the reminder from my insulin pump to check my bg two hours after a meal—and I don’t feel badly about it. Of course, maybe I do: At times I feel guilty that I don’t feel guilty about those occasions when I sometimes, just every once in a while…

intentionally miss a bg check.

Read More “Check Check One Two”

A Week In The Life

Those medical artists, those doctors, that health-care system and those office staff and nurses, therapists, psychiatrists, and pharmacists; indeed, also those insurance company reps and medical-supply folks toiling away in cubes and warehouses…they all deserve my praise for the work they do to help me as I try to live as healthy and normal a life as possible with this thing called Type 1 diabetes. Read More “A Week In The Life”

Primer: Managing Diabetes and Celiac Disease (Part 3)

This week, I’ll wrap up my three-part series on celiac. So far, we’ve looked at symptoms of celiac, how it’s diagnosed, and the beginnings of what the gluten-free diet consists of.  I’d like to share some more information on the gluten-free diet, since this is really the crux of the treatment of celiac, as well as some tips for managing both diabetes and celiac at the same time. Read More “Primer: Managing Diabetes and Celiac Disease (Part 3)”

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