Artificial Pancreas Passes Test

The results of a six-month test of an artificial pancreas system have just been reported in The New England Journal of Medicine and the findings are impressive…


Eye Care Through AI

Researchers have developed a computing system using AI that has proven to be extremely accurate in identifying diabetes patients who have diabetic eye retinopathy and related eye diseases…

Fitbit Gets Into the Diabetes Business

Fitbit, a company that has become well-known for its activity trackers (wearable fitness devices that monitor things like heart rate and steps walked), recently announced it was making a substantial investment in diabetes technology…

FDA Approves Dexcom G6 CGM

The FDA has approved the Dexcom G6, which removes the need for fingerstick calibration and is the first type of continuous glucose monitoring system allowed to be used as part of an integrated system with other compatible electronic interfaces and medical devices…

A New Device for Diabetic Foot Ulcers

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just given the green light for the marketing of a new device for treating diabetic foot ulcers. Known as the dermaPACE system, it’s the first shock-wave device for foot ulcers…

Telemedicine for Rural Residents

A new study shows similar outcomes from virtual doctor visits and traveling to an academic medical center. Is telemedicine the solution for people living in rural areas?

Diabetes Then and Now

As technology progresses, life with diabetes will be transformed in the most profound way, says Scott Coulter…

Final Thoughts on My New CGM

After three weeks using a CGM (continuous glucose monitor), I’m officially a convert. This technology translates into better control and a healthier life!

Second Insulin Pumpers Retreat

If you use an insulin pump to control your diabetes, then you won’t want to miss the Second Insulin Pumpers Retreat, taking place this September in Ontario, Canada…

Information at Our Fingertips

It's a great time to be a Diabetian! Well, there's not really any great time to be a Diabetian — we'd all trade it in if we could — but if we're gonna have this condition, having it in this current information age is a huge plus... Read More

Support Medicare Coverage of CGMs

Want to help ensure that seniors on Medicare have access to continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices? Then be sure to support the initiative by diabetes advocacy group JDRF to advance this important priority... Read More

Technology Is Amazing… So Are We

So I read an article this week detailing the results of a very small clinical trial using an artificial pancreas. The pancreas was made using a modified iPhone, a continuous blood glucose monitor, and a traditional insulin pump setup... Read More

Computer-Aided Diabetes Care? Why Not?

What did we ever do without computers?" I asked myself, both rhetorically and somewhat sarcastically after dealing with a minor glitch. I swear I could hear the voice of the Wicked Witch of the West cackling "I'll get you, my pretty" in the background... Read More

Bionic, Man…

So I was scouring articles online, searching for a topic to write about. I stumbled on a few articles outlining testing on the development of an "artificial pancreas" — a system that could monitor blood glucose, compute insulin, release said insulin, and continuously balance itself. A bionic implant! Read More

Insulin Infusion Set Recall

On July 7, 2013, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reclassified Medtronic's voluntary June recall of Medtronic Minimed Paradigm infusion sets as a class I recall... Read More

FDA Patient Network Makes Its Debut

Have you ever wondered how medicines and medical devices get approved? Would you like your voice to be heard in decision-making at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? Are you looking to participate in a clinical trial? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you'll want to check out the new FDA Patient Network Web site... Read More

Insulin Pump Recall

On April 5, 2013, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a class I recall of the Animas 2020 insulin pump because of a defect that may cause the pumps to sound false alarms, potentially leading to serious medical events... Read More

Blood Glucose Meter Recall

On March 25, 2013, LifeScan, Inc., voluntarily issued a recall of all OneTouch VerioIQ blood glucose meters in the United States because the meter malfunctions at extremely high blood glucose levels... Read More


The other day, a relative e-mailed me an article highlighting the results of a study involving Type 1 diabetes. The study found that the average life expectancy for people with Type 1 diabetes was no longer significantly different than that of the average person... Read More

Airport Scans Can Cause Diabetes Device Malfunctions

The holidays are just around the corner, and for many people, that means traveling, and more specifically, traveling through airport security. A recent report in the journal Diabetes Technologies & Therapeutics outlines some information regarding airport full-body scanners that people using insulin pumps or continuous glucose monitors will want to know... Read More

A Whimsical Look at Lancets

From lancets to continuous glucose meters, diabetes devices are an integral part of managing the condition, and the technology for these tools has come quite a long way since they first came on the scene. Just how far? Read More

You’re Fired!

My Panama Canal cruise is paid for. Can I leave now? I relax as soon as I step — or, in my case, roll — onto a cruise ship. I sure could use that now: It's been a bit frustrating lately... Read More

Apps, Interviews, and Panels

The past few weeks have been rather involved for me, diabetes-wise. See, in addition to that panel I was part of with the University of Michigan Medical School's Family Centered Experience program, there have been two other rather out-of-the-blue diabetes-related requests... Read More

Lost It

Let me recap for you a rather boneheaded thing I did on Sunday's trip home from Kansas during which I lost, for the first time in my tenure as a person with Type 1 diabetes, an important part of my diabetes accoutrement... Read More

New CGM Brings Old “Factors” Back Into Play

I lost something and was trying to find it. I haven't yet found what I'm looking for, but I have found: a couple of infusion sets for my insulin pump; six boxes of glucose test strips; a couple of way out-of-date sensors for a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor (CGM); and more. It's turned into an outright treasure hunt. And speaking of CGMs, I got a new one... Read More

Spread the Fear

In the absence of anything really substantive and personal to write about this week, I'll spend my time writing about an issue that isn't really personal and, I don't think, really very substantive. In fact — and feel free to disagree with me — it's probably not a big deal at all; I'll go so far as to say it's a story only because it's a story... Read More

Pump Assessment Continues

It takes some time to adjust to a new insulin pump. How long, exactly, I'm not sure. However, I'm about a month into my life with the Animas OneTouch Ping (with the meter-remote), and I'd say that this week's blog entry and possibly one more will be the extent to which I write about my pump transition process. The verdict on Animas vs. Cozmo as of this writing? Read More

And More Pump Adjustment

I find myself late in the second week of life with my new insulin pump, the Animas OneTouch Ping. As I informed you last week, my plan for the next several blog entries is to write up my reactions to life with this device, touching on differences I observe after having spent four years with the Deltec Cozmo insulin pump... Read More

First Week With New Pump

Eight days ago I made the switch from using a Deltec Cozmo insulin pump to the Animas OneTouch Ping. Overall I'd have to say that I like the Animas. Those of you who are deciding on what type of pump to use or contemplating making a switch to a different pump from the Cozmo (since Smiths Medical has ceased manufacture of the Deltec Cozmo), you may ask: Do I like it more than the Cozmo? Read More

Insulin Pump Transition Musing

The four-year warranty on my Deltec Cozmo insulin pump is up this July, which means that in a couple of months my insurance will pay for a replacement pump. Those of you who use the Deltec Cozmo, or those of you who follow anything to do with insulin pump news, know that Smiths Medical stopped producing this particular brand of pump two years ago... Read More

AACE Issues Recommendations on CGM and Insulin Pump Use

On October 13, the American Association of Endocrinologists (AACE) published two new consensus statements, one concerning continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and the other on the topic of insulin pumps. The statements are intended to help health-care providers identify the best candidates for these types of therapy... Read More

The Second Same Insulin Pump Replacement

In a couple of hours I am going to be replacing my current insulin pump, a Smiths Medical Deltec Cozmo. Unfortunately it's not a switch to a different brand of insulin pump, which I get to do next July at the end of my current four-year term when I'm eligible through my insurance plan to acquire a new pump... Read More

New Class of Insulin Delivery Device

On July 26, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Finesse insulin patch-pen, a new type of insulin delivery device, for use with NovoLog rapid-acting insulin. In January, the device was granted FDA clearance and approved for use with Humalog rapid-acting insulin... Read More

Pool Time With the Pump

This past Saturday our community pool opened for the season, and I was there at 11AM with my husband and kids, ready to dive in. We all love swimming, and its been especially hot this June in Philadelphia, so we spent most of our weekend at the pool... Read More

Mixed Feelings on Tech

For a long time, I was skeptical, even critical, of technological progress. I saw cars taking over the landscape and polluting the air. I saw people turning into Kewpie dolls in front of their TV sets. I saw countries' wealth and brain power devoted to inventing ever more awful weapons... Read More

Syringe Recall; Depression Raises Severe Complications Risk

Nipro Medical Corporation has voluntarily issued a nationwide recall of all GlucoPro insulin syringes due to the possibility of the needles detaching from the syringes. Were such detachment to occur while a syringe was being used, it could cause the needle to become stuck in an insulin vial, to push back into the syringe barrel, or to remain in the skin after an injection. The recall affects all product codes and lot numbers with expiration dates prior to 2011-11 (November 1, 2011)... Read More

Adhere to Me

I use an insulin pump. The insulin is delivered into my system subcutaneously from the pump through a couple dozen inches of surgical tubing, then finally through a cannula that pokes a few millimeters into my skin. For nonpumpers out there who aren't familiar with what I'm talking about, Smiths Medical (while they still support diabetes supplies for another few years) has a 12-step series of photos online that will enlighten you as to how this stuff looks —my stuff, at least, since I use the Cleo Infusion Set... Read More

Syringe Recall; Mediterranean Diet May Delay Need for Drugs

Qualitest Pharmaceuticals has voluntarily issued a nationwide recall of Accusure Insulin Syringes due to the possibility of the needles detaching from the syringes. Were such detachment to occur while a syringe was being used, it could cause the needle to become stuck in an insulin vial, to push back into the barrel, or to remain in the skin after an injection... Read More

Diabetes and iPhone: Another App Article?

Yeah, I know. For those of you who are tech-savvy and who read more than a few diabetes Web sites or blogs, and especially those of you who may have an iPhone or iPod touch, you’re probably thinking, "Oh no, not another list of those few applications out there that require too much manual data entry." Don’t worry. It is not my intention to review the few applications out there — "apps" for short, by the way (for the uninitiated) — that are already in existence... Read More

Finally! A Stress-Free Weekend

Legally Blonde isn’t a musical I would have chosen to see, but my almost 16-year-old (yikes!) granddaughter was dying to see it, so off to "Broadway in Chicago" we went. It was delightful! In fact, I’d go to see it again. Alas, it closed Sunday... Read More

Product Review: WaveSense Jazz Blood Glucose Meter

A few months ago, I was asked if I'd be interested in reviewing the new no-code WaveSense Jazz blood glucose monitoring system in one of my weekly blog entries. I said sure, why not. I mean, I'm not under any contractual obligation to review diabetes products, but the prospect of both free stuff and of getting to play with gadgets appeals to me. Read More

Priming the (Insulin) Pump

First, know that this week’s blog entry won’t satisfy you if you’ve clicked on this page in hope of reading cold, hard facts on insulin pumping. Second, I’ve got a disclaimer for you: I’m not a pump expert, and because I am not a certified diabetes educator, a medical doctor, or Dean Kamen, I want to make it quite clear that I offer no medical advice or advocate any particular method of delivering insulin. Read More

Freedom at the End of a Leash

Some time after I started using an insulin pump, my endocrinologist (or “endo,” as I call him) asked me what I liked best about it.

“I can scrub the front porch whenever I want,” I responded after some thought.

It may sound like a strange answer, but it pretty much summed up the new flexibility I gained when I went from multiple daily injections to pumping. Read More