Limb Loss Awareness Month

April is Limb Loss Awareness Month, and to mark the occasion, the Amputee Coalition is lighting up Times Square with a Jumbotron message urging people to take action to avoid a preventable amputation... Read More

Fine Feet

It's been only about thirty minutes now (at least, as I'm writing this) since my annual appointment with my podiatrist. After fifteen quick minutes of discussion with the doc and then her examination, she told me everything is great and that she didn't have any concerns... Read More

This Leg is Made for Walking. But When?

There has been entirely too much winter here this winter. How about by you? As I write this, we're supposed to be getting more ice, followed by more snow. I had an appointment today, but the scheduler called early Monday afternoon to say they weren't even going to open the office... Read More

‘Twas the Day Before Surgery

"Happy birthday, you old bat!" Terry said (somewhat loudly) as I was waiting for my husband to get the scooter out of the van so I could go meet some friends for lunch. Including Terry, by the way... Read More

Of Doctors, Feet, and Protocol

Maybe I have an(other) infection in my calcaneus (heel bone). If so, it will be number three. I'll know more after I have a nuclear bone scan on Thursday. (I've gotten quite good in the past few months at deciphering bone scans...) Read More