Two Treatments Found to Slow Eye Disease Progression


Diabetic retinopathy, or eye disease, is a condition in which damaged blood vessels at the back of the eye leak fluids and abnormal new blood vessels develop, both potentially leading to vision loss. After having diabetes for 20 years, nearly everyone with Type 1 diabetes and more than 60% of people with Type 2 diabetes develop retinopathy… Read More “Two Treatments Found to Slow Eye Disease Progression”

Getting Screened for Glaucoma


Next Thursday, March 12, is the second annual World Glaucoma Day. Because people with diabetes have a higher risk of developing glaucoma (about twice the risk of those without diabetes), this may be a good time to brush up your knowledge of steps you can take to prevent and treat this sight-robbing condition. Getting screened for glaucoma is crucial, because it has no early warning signs. Read More “Getting Screened for Glaucoma”

New Research Focuses on Blood Pressure Control (Part 1)


As an article published in The New York Times earlier this week (and blogged about on by Jan Chait and Eric Lagergren) stated, controlling cholesterol and blood pressure levels are crucial for staving off heart disease in people with diabetes. And indeed, high blood pressure, or hypertension, is a hot topic right now, as multiple new studies have addressed the rate at which it is diagnosed, the damage it can do, and ways of lowering it. Read More “New Research Focuses on Blood Pressure Control (Part 1)”

Dilated and Dealing With It


Yesterday was a great day of circumstance in my little world of diabetes. I started the morning off rehearsing a brand new dirty song that Murray and I wrote and that will be performed at our next show. I’m curious to see how audiences react. I left our rehearsal at 1 PM and headed up to the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center for the second time in a month. This time, I was going to visit the ophthalmologist. Read More “Dilated and Dealing With It”

Recipe of the Week: Colorful vegetable casserole


Getting more colorful vegetables on your plate not only makes food easier to see, but ups your intake of an important variety of vitamins, minerals, and other healthful plant substances. Feel free to vary some of the vegetables and seasonings in this casserole to your liking.

Click here for the recipe.

And remember that hundreds of additional recipes are always available in our recipes section! Read More “Recipe of the Week: Colorful vegetable casserole”


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