Stegosaurus Salad

Stegosaurus Salad

Your kids will get a kick out of this quick and easy salad inspired by one of the Jurrasic Period's most famous dinosaurs!
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Preparation time:
5 minutes


1 serving

Serving size:
1 salad

Wash the lettuce leaf, blot dry, and place on a salad plate. Spoon cottage cheese in the center of the lettuce. Place the peach half over the cottage cheese, round side up. Place 1 grape as the head. Cut the other grape into 4 pieces and place around peach half as feet. Stick slivered almonds in a row behind the head and across the back as spikes. Serve right away or carefully cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until serving time.

Nutrition Information:

Calories: 114 calories, Carbohydrates: 16 g, Protein: 8 g, Fat: 2 g, Saturated Fat: <1 g, Sodium: 225 mg, Fiber: 2 g

Exchanges per serving: 1 fruit, 1 lean meat. Carbohydrate choices: 1.

Tami Ross is a Diabetes Nutrition Specialist and Certified Diabetes Educator in Lexington, Kentucky.




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