Giblet Gravy

Using prepared gravy is an easy way to help control fat, sodium and carb intake, especially during the food-heavy holiday season.

Spiced Apple Butter

Serve this delightful fresh apple butter with mini rice cakes, apple slices, or crackers.

Cajun Grains

This is something you can make in advance and then reheat in the microwave for a high-flavor and nutritious lunch entree!

Mini Cornbread Muffins

Stone ground cornmeal makes muffins with a rustic, authentic taste, and is found in grocery stores and health food stores.

Herbed Corn on the Cob

Basil, oregano, sage, and rosemary add a bit of kick to this barbecue classic!

Farmers’ Market Potato Salad

This low-carb, homemade potato salad is the perfect addition to your next backyard barbecue!

Asparagus with Lemon & Mustard

A drizzle of lemon-infused brown mustard is the perfect complement to fresh steamed asparagus!