Apricot Dessert Soufflé

It tastes so sultry and indulgent, you’ll never know this soufflé is low carb! Visit DiabetesSelfManagement.com for the recipe.

Berry-Peachy Cobbler

This warm and juicy cobbler combines the fresh and summery flavors of peaches and raspberries for a dessert that’s simply divine!

No-Bake Cherry Cake

Use summer’s bounty of fresh berries for this scrumptious no-bake cake!

Patriotic Popsicles

Celebrate Independence Day in style with these festive and refreshing red, white, and blue popsicles!

Tropical Fruit Coconut Tart

Pineapple, mango, banana, and coconut make for a divine combination in this tropical tart…

Raisin-Apricot Loaf Cake Mix

Whether you prepare it as a housewarming gift or use it to make your own Raisin-Apricot Loaf Cake, there’s no denying that this loaf cake mix is delicious!

Raisin-Apricot Loaf Cake

Tired of plain old vanilla loaf cake? You’ll love this fruity twist, featuring a burst of flavor from plump and juicy raisins and dried apricots!

Orange and Apricot Chiffon Cake

Combining the late-spring flavors of orange and apricot, this light and fluffy chiffon cake has a taste that can’t be beat!