Creating a Diabetes Technology Kiosk in the Clinic

As medicine shifts from viewing people as patients to consumers, expect to see changes such as kiosks in offices. Learn about creating a diabetes technology kiosk for your practice.

Practical Considerations for Switching to V-Go® for Insulin Delivery in Patients with T2D

V-Go Disposible Insulin Delivery device is a wearable device that delivers a continuous basal rate of insulin, as well as on-demand mealtime dosing. This article examines real world-clinical results in patients with uncontrolled Type 2 diabetes.

DANA for Divas: Integrating Technology Into a Diabetes Practice

DANA (Diabetes Advance Network Access) is designed to provide AADE members with a one-stop site to navigate the plethora of information, news, training, supplies, product reviews, use cases and other resources relating to devices/apps for diabetes and prediabetes.