Insulin Interchanges and Formulary Considerations

Insulin regimens and insulin dosing are becoming increasingly complicated.

Getting Ready for the ADA’s 2019 Scientific Sessions

The American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions is the world’s largest scientific meeting focused on presenting the latest data on diabetes research, prevention and care.

The Importance of Screening for Depression

What keeps your patients from managing their diabetes? One common cause is depression. Screening and treating patients for depression can often start them feeling better and improving their glucose control.

Trending on Practical Diabetology

Published July 8, 2019 In Search of the Perfect CGM Report In today’s busy clinical practice, time is of the…

Physician Burnout: When the Pressure of the Job Gets to You

It is easy for health-care providers to put themselves at risk of burning out. Learn more about physician burnout and how it can be managed and avoided.

Effective Communication With Diabetes Patients

By building a relationship through patient-centered communication, providers can become more successful in helping patients change their behavior and improving their outcomes.

Reducing the Risk of Foot Re-Ulceration in Diabetes

The reoccurrence of foot ulcers in the diabetic population is a common problem. Learn about interventions that can help reduce the risk of foot re-ulceration.