Top 5 Tips For Maintaining Weight Loss


1. Be as physically active as possible. Strive for 60 minutes of physical activity each day. This may sound like a lot when you’re pressed for time, but the 60 minutes can be accumulated over the course of the day in 10- or 15-minute intervals; you don’t have to perform an hour of activity all at once.

2. Monitor your weight regularly. Weighing yourself regularly alerts you early to small increases in weight so you can take steps to prevent larger ones.

3. Choose a diet that is adequate in whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean protein. People who moderate their fat intake are better able to control their appetite and prevent weight gain.

4. Seek ongoing support. If you lost weight with an organized program, stick with the program once you have reached your goal weight and attend its regular support group meetings. If you lost weight on your own or with the help of a book or health-care provider, seek ongoing support from your family and friends or from an organized support group.

5. Get adequate sleep. Being well-rested can help control appetite, prevent weight gain, and give you more energy for exercise and meal-planning.

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