Smart Technology for Weight Management

Research shows that those who learn to self-manage their diabetes and weight achieve better health outcomes than those who don’t. The use of smart technology can ensure your place in the former group. Here are some technology tools designed to help you achieve those goals.

Adding smart technology to your toolbox

The last two decades have seen a significant increase in diabetes self-management devices that offer a wide range of solutions to many of the challenges faced by those trying to manage both their weight and diabetes. Here are a few smart technology options to help you maintain your weight goals.

Nutrition by Fooducate

Fooducate[1] is an app available to iPhone and Android users that enables you to scan food labels to receive information about nutritional value, ingredients and health grade. Food is ranked on how natural and healthful it is and allocated a health grade from A–D, with A being the healthiest. The health grade for each food is personalized through your profile, along with information about serving sizes and net carb intake. The app allows you to keep a log of your food and nutritional intake, making weight management easier. For more information, visit[2].

Smart Diet Scale

With four quadrant sensors, the Smart Diet Scale[3] allows you to weigh an entire meal in one go. It has four weighing plates that can be used individually or all at once to weigh food portions. You can meet your weight goals by measuring portion sizes, fat content, carb content, protein and calories. The Smart Diet Scale also allows you to monitor your nutritional intake via the Smart Diet Scale app, which contains over 650,000 food options and 440,000 grocery items. Learn more about this app at[4].

FitBit AltaHR[5]
Fitbit AltaHR

Fitbit AltaHR (Heart Rate)

By harnessing the power of continuously tracking your heart rate throughout the day, AltaHR can help you effectively assess the calories you are burning and use heart rate zones to get the most out of exercise. By seeing when you are outside the calorie-burning zone, you can increase your efforts. You can also program the AltaHR to send reminders for specific goals, such as the number of steps you want to walk[6] each day.

Insulin control with Glooko

Glooko[7] is a cable and app that allows you to attach your personalized diabetes manager (PDM) meter to your iPhone, iPad or iPod so you can download all your PDM data into the app logbook. You can add notes to the logbook, such as carb information and activity levels. Your personalized data are transformed into graphs and statistics so you can track your progress. The logbook can also be emailed to your physician before visits, making consultations more efficient and productive. According to a study that tracked 50 people with diabetes, improvements in blood glucose levels and self-testing blood glucose were observed with Glooko. To try the technology, visit[8].

MyNetDiary calorie counter

The MyNetDiary app[9] is available to iPhone, Android and web users. The app allows you to establish personalized weight goals and offers tailored advice on how to achieve them. The diabetes tracker section of the app counts carbs for those of you who use an insulin-to-carb ratio[10] to dose your insulin. Visit[11] for more information.

Want to learn more about weight management? Read “Tried and True Weight-Loss Techniques,”[12] “Strategies for Weight Management,”[13] and “Why Can’t I Lose Weight?”[14]

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