Burning Calories


This list shows the number of minutes you would have to perform various activities to burn 150 calories.

0–15 minutes
Climbing stairs
Shoveling snow
Running 1½ miles (10-minute miles)
Jumping rope
Bicycling 4 miles

0–20 minutes
Wheelchair basketball
Swimming laps

0–30 minutes
Water aerobics
Walking 2 miles (15-minute miles)
Raking leaves
Pushing a stroller 1½ miles
Dancing fast (social dancing)
Bicycling 5 miles
Shooting basketball

0–35 minutesf
Walking 1¾ miles (20-minute miles)

30–40 minutes
Wheeling self in wheelchair

30–45 minutes
Gardening (standing)
Playing touch football

0–45 minutes
Playing volleyball

45–60 minutes
Washing windows or floors
Washing and waxing a car or boat

Source: www.cdc.gov/nccdphp/dnpa/physical/recommendations/calories_text.htm[1]

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