Holiday Recipes From Top Chefs

While every family has its favorite holiday dishes, something new and different is always welcome at this year’s family feast. In effort to increase diabetes awareness, Diabetes Self-Management asked four talented chefs—some of whom you may recognize from their TV shows—to share healthy and tasty recipes. Top chefs Anne Burrell, Rocco DiSpirito, Charles Mattocks and Jennifer Stack, offer tips to brine a turkey, a recipe with Jamaican flare, an Italian-inspired dish and more—straight from their kitchens to yours.

Chef Anne Burrell[1]

Anne Burrell

Charitable Chef

With her rock-star-like personality, Anne Burrell has used her celebrity chef status to raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes research in honor of her nephew, who was diagnosed at an early age. She supports the diabetes community as an ambassador for JDRF through charity events and social media. Interested in food and cooking at an early age, Burrell started her culinary career in New York City, working at some of the top restaurants, including Lidia Bastianich’s award-winning Italian restaurant Felidia. Burrell, author of several best-selling cookbooks, is currently the host of three Food Network shows: Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, Chef Wanted and Worst Cooks in America. In 2017, she opened her first restaurant—Phil & Anne’s Good Time Lounge—with her long-time friend Phil Casaceli in the Cobble Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn. Burrell says the holiday season is a treasured time of the year. In honor of the upcoming holiday feast, Burrell shares her favorite Big Brined Herby Turkey recipe.

Big Brined Herby Turkey[2]Try Anne Burrell’s Big Brined Herby Turkey[3] • Twitter: @chefanneburrell[4] • Facebook: @ChefAnneBurrell[5]

Chef Rocco Dispirito[6]

Rocco DiSpirito

Celebrity in the Kitchen

Before he was named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Chef,” Rocco DiSpirito wasn’t always as fit and healthy as he appears now on his TV shows. A few years ago, his doctor diagnosed him with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the start of heart disease and prediabetes. DiSpirito started working out, eating healthy and participating in triathlons to lose weight. He had already written six cookbooks, but he was inspired by his own health crisis to write one with low-sugar and simple carbohydrate recipes. His book, Now Eat This, rocketed to the top of the best-seller list and led him to host and produce a show on the Z Living cable network. DiSpirito went on to write several more cookbooks, including Rocco’s Healthy + Delicious, which featured more than 200 mostly plant-based recipes for everyday life. DiSpirito is recognized for his inspiring weight loss journey and is committed to proving that healthy and delicious are not mutually exclusive. Rocco’s recipe for “Pappardelle of Chicken with Winter Pesto” will make any holiday table shine.

“Pappardelle” Of Chicken With Winter Pesto[7]Try Rocco DiSpirito’s Pappardelle of Chicken with Winter Pesto[8] • Twitter: @RoccoDiSpirito[9] • Facebook: @RoccoDiSpirito[10]

Chef Jennifer Stack[11]

Jennifer Stack

Flavor-first Chef

After training at the Culinary Institute of America, Jennifer Stack, MS, RDN, CDE, was determined to create healthy meals that tasted delicious without sacrificing flavor. She perfected many recipes as a student and later as an associate professor at her alma mater. She also drew upon her years as a dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator in New York City, where she worked with many individuals living with diabetes on their dietary and nutritional needs. A collection of well-tested recipes is captured in her book, The Diabetes Friendly Kitchen, which includes more than 125 recipes, ranging from hearty meat entrees to vegetarian appetizers, Asian-inspired soups and desserts like dark chocolate-glazed oatmeal cookies. The book was inspired after Stack spent time in the world of “foodies” and noticed the lack of a flavor-first approach to cooking for those living with diabetes.

Cauliflower Almond Soup – Stack’s Holiday Favorite[12]Try Jennifer Stack’s Cauliflower Almond Soup[13]

Chef Charles Mattocks[14]

Charles Mattocks

Reality-show Chef

Despite being an advocate for healthy cooking and authoring a line of cookbooks, Charles Mattocks was shocked when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2011. Knowing very little about the condition affecting over 30 million Americans, Mattocks set out to lose weight, eat healthier and change his entire outlook on life. After his diagnosis, Mattocks traveled to countless countries to meet and interview people living with diabetes. This led him to produce The Diabetic You, a documentary film that explores the condition and why it’s become a worldwide health issue. Recognized as a strong voice for change in the diabetes community, Mattocks created a new reality TV show called Reversed on the Discovery Channel.

Mattocks grew up in Jamaica. When celebrating the holidays with family, his Ackee and Salt Fish and Jamaican Red Peas Soup recipes have all the familiar flavors of home.

Ackee and Salt Fish[15]Try Charles Mattocks’ Ackee and Salt Fish[16] • Twitter: @CMattocks1[17] Facebook: @Charles.mattocks.7[18] • The Budget-Friendly Fresh and Local Diabetes Cookbook[19]

For more healthy and easy-to-prepare diabetes-friendly recipes, visit Diabetes Self-Management[20]’s Diabetic Cooking[21].

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