Diabetic Christmas Dinner — Appetizers & Sides

Before everyone gathers around the table for Christmas dinner, give friends and family a delicious, and healthful, taste of good cheer with these delightful appetizers crafted with those watching their blood sugar levels in mind.

This list of 11 diabetic-friendly appetizers includes classics like deviled eggs and fresh cranberry relish, alongside some other old favorites, albeit with a few twists. For example, our creamy brussels sprouts call for caramelized brown sugar, adding color and flavor to an otherwise staid side, while our tangy green bean salad calls for Dijon-style mustard and red wine vinegar for some zest.

Read on for some Christmas menu inspiration!

Diabetic Christmas Dinner - Roasted Parsnips, Carrots and Red Onion[1]

Roasted Parsnips, Carrots and Red Onion[2]

Full of flavor and a cinch to prepare, these balsamic-coated root vegetables are a hearty side dish that is sure to hit the spot at your Christmas table. For this recipe, be sure to choose parsnips that are firm, unblemished and small or medium in size, about 8 inches long.

Diabetic Christmas Dinner - Fresh Cranberry Relish[3]

Fresh Cranberry Relish[4]

If you’ve only ever had cranberry sauce from a can, this no-cook combination of fresh oranges, apples and cranberries will be a Christmas revelation. Sweetened with sucralose, this relish weighs in at only 13 grams of carbohydrate for a generous half-cup serving.

Diabetic Christmas Dinner - Angelic Deviled Eggs[5]

Angelic Deviled Eggs[6]

Filled with cottage cheese and seasoned with fresh chives, these tasty angelic deviled eggs are the ideal centerpiece of any appetizer spread. With deviled eggs, presentation is everything, so be sure to take the time to dress up this dish with some paprika, chopped chives or cilantro.

Diabetic Christmas Dinner - Creamy Brussels Sprouts[7]

Creamy Brussels Sprouts[8]

A dash of hot sauce and some sour cream add a delicious and unexpected twist to these Brussels sprouts. From start to finish this dish takes less than 20 minutes to prepare, leaving you plenty of time for entertaining friends and family.

Diabetic Christmas Dinner - Tangy Steamed Green Bean Salad[9]

Tangy Steamed Green Bean Salad[10]

This low-carb dish is packed with nutrients and full of flavor, with red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, garlic powder, black pepper, onions and cherry tomatoes all in the mix. A smart choice, this Christmas appetizer has only 123 calories, 12 grams of carbohydrate and no cholesterol per serving.

Diabetic Christmas Dinner - Green Bean, Walnut and Blue Cheese Pasta Salad[11]

Green Bean, Walnut and Blue Cheese Pasta Salad[12]

Vinegar, thyme, mustard, lemon juice and honey all help dress up this pasta salad. It’s hearty enough to make it as a main dish and healthy enough that no one should feel guilty going back for seconds.

Diabetic Christmas Dinner - Apple-Cinnamon Popcorn Crunch[13]

Apple-Cinnamon Popcorn Crunch[14]

Guests will be gathering around this fun, tasty and festive side. It’s easy to make, but a little time-intensive, so give yourself at least 90 minutes to pull together this sweet treat.

Diabetic Christmas Dinner - Leigh's Sweet Potato and Egg Casserole[15]

Leigh’s Sweet Potato and Egg Casserole[16]

Is improving meal preparation a habit that you’d like to start in the new year? Get a head start with this healthy protein- and vegetable-filled Christmas side, which was created by Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator Leigh Tracy, RD, CDE, LDN.

Diabetic Christmas Dinner - Stuffed Grape Leaves[17]

Stuffed Grape Leaves[18]

This recipe for a classic appetizer from Greece is stuffed with brown rice (not white) and calls for mint leaves, fresh parsley and dill weed. Stuffed grapes leaves do take some time to prepare, but they are certainly worth the effort.

Diabetic Christmas Dinner - Hot and Spicy Nuts[19]

Hot and Spicy Nuts[20]

Make these nuts if you want to bring some heat to your Christmas table. Cumin, curry, cayenne pepper and a dash of white pepper add a ton of flavor to this spicy side.

Diabetic Christmas Dinner - Garlic Chive Mashed Potatoes[21]

Garlic Chive Mashed Potatoes[22]

Here’s a recipe for garlic chive mashed potatoes that uses reduced-fat cream cheese and half-and-half instead of heavy cream, making a light, sensible choice, without sacrificing too much flavor. This recipe comes from Diabetes Nutrition Specialist and Certified Diabetes Educator Tami Ross.

Looking for additional diabetes-friendly dishes? Check out our library of more than 900 recipes[23]!

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