Diabetic Christmas Dinner — Appetizers & Sides

Gather friends and family around your Christmas table with these appetizers designed with diabetes in mind

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Christmas table -- Diabetic-Friendly Christmas Appetizers

Before everyone gathers around the table for Christmas dinner, give friends and family a delicious, and healthful, taste of good cheer with these delightful appetizers crafted with those watching their blood sugar levels in mind.

This list of 11 diabetic-friendly appetizers includes classics like deviled eggs and fresh cranberry relish, alongside some other old favorites, albeit with a few twists. For example, our creamy brussels sprouts call for caramelized brown sugar, adding color and flavor to an otherwise staid side, while our tangy green bean salad calls for Dijon-style mustard and red wine vinegar for some zest.

Read on for some Christmas menu inspiration!

Diabetic Christmas Dinner - Roasted Parsnips, Carrots and Red Onion

Roasted Parsnips, Carrots and Red Onion

Full of flavor and a cinch to prepare, these balsamic-coated root vegetables are a hearty side dish that is sure to hit the spot at your Christmas table. For this recipe, be sure to choose parsnips that are firm, unblemished and small or medium in size, about 8 inches long.

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