Where to Find Carbohydrate Factors

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No master list of carbohydrate factors has been published, but the USDA Nutrient Database can provide much of the information you need, and some partial lists have been published. However, because different lists may use different sources of nutrient information, you may notice slight variations in carbohydrate factors.

USDA Nutrient Database
This database lists nearly 9,000 items, including processed, packaged, and fresh foods. To find carbohydrate factors using this database, first search for the food you want and select an amount of 100 grams. Scroll down the resulting table to “Carbohydrate, by difference” and note the “Value per 100 grams.” Divide that number by 100 (or move the decimal point two places to the left), and you have the carbohydrate factor for the food.


The Pocket Pancreas;
Pumping Insulin;
Stop the Rollercoaster

These books, all coauthored by John Walsh, PA, CDE, contain lists of more than 300 carbohydrate factors for various foods. They can be purchased in bookstores or ordered through The Pocket Pancreas and Pumping Insulin can also be ordered through

Originally Published August 4, 2006

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