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From old-fashioned pedometers to new-fangled personal trackers and reminder apps, there’s a device or gadget that can help you get and stay more active.

Fitbit One. The Fitbit One is a wireless device that clips onto your belt, shirt, or waistband and tracks the number of steps you walk, stairs you climb, calories you burn, and distance you cover. It also monitors your sleep and tells time. Learn more about Fitbit products at

Fitbit Flex. The Fitbit Flex has the same capabilities as the Fitbit One but has a wristband instead of a clip, so you can wear it like a watch. It is water resistant.

Fitbit Zip. The Fit Zip is a scaled-down, less expensive version of the Fitbit One that records steps taken, distance covered, and calories burned.

Nike+ Fuelband. The Nike+ Fuelband is a bracelet-shaped device that tracks sleep and daily activity, allows you to set activity goals, and lets you know where you are toward reaching your goal. It can sync with a computer and phone and also tells time. Learn more at

iPod nano. The iPod nano has a built-in pedometer and can also wirelessly connect to a heart-rate monitor. The nano can be synced with to track your daily activity and goals. Learn more at

Many pedometer apps use GPS (global positioning system), which is not necessary if you are walking in place or using a treadmill. It can also eat up your battery.

Pedometer Free. Pedometer is a free app that you can upgrade for a few dollars. It is available on the App Store.

Moves. Moves is another free app that you can upgrade for a few dollars. You can find it at

These are apps that will remind you to take a break.

Break Time., $4.99

Workrave., free

Big Stretch., free

New N.E.A.T. Science Reveals How to Be Thinner, Happier, and Smarter
James A. Levine
Crown Archetype
New York, 2009

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