Safe Exercise Tips

• Consult your health-care team before you embark on an exercise routine, especially if you have been inactive for a long time or have specific health concerns.


• If you have diabetes, always carry some form of fast-acting carbohydrate, such as glucose tablets or gel, in case you develop hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

• Do some kind of warm-up, such as slow walking, for five minutes before your actual workout. Take another five minutes to cool down after you’re done.

• Drink plenty of water throughout your workout.

• Avoid exercising outdoors on extremely hot or cold days; opt instead for some type of indoor exercise.

• Be sure to wear clean socks and well-fitting shoes to protect your feet from injury.

• If you have a medical condition, wear a medical ID bracelet in case of emergency, and carry a cell phone in case you need help.

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