What We’re Reading: Product Design Contest

This week, the blog Diabetes Mine announced its second annual "DiabetesMine Design Challenge." Cosponsored by the Internet journal MedGadget, this is a contest to see who can design the most elegant, forward-thinking, and practical device for diabetes management. It is open to all individuals and groups, and one winner each will be chosen from "under 18" and "18 and older" categories. Read More “What We’re Reading: Product Design Contest”

Exubera May Be Linked to Lung Cancer

Drug manufacturer Pfizer has changed the labeling on its inhaled insulin, Exubera, to warn that a few cases of lung cancer have occurred in people who have used the product. Although Pfizer announced that it would stop marketing Exubera last year (see "Exubera Inhaled Insulin Discontinued"), it is still available by prescription and is being used by about 4,000 people worldwide. Read More “Exubera May Be Linked to Lung Cancer”

What We’re Reading: Health At the End of the Rainbow

We’ve all heard the old adage "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." But this advice can be difficult to follow if just thinking about apples makes you cringe. As diabetes blogger Birdie Loo admits on Aiming for Grace, knowing that fruits and vegetables are healthy doesn’t necessarily make incorporating them into your diet any easier. But for her, inspiration to adopt a healthier diet came from an unlikely source: a project by Malaysian-born artist Tattfoo Tan. Read More “What We’re Reading: Health At the End of the Rainbow”

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