A Trip to the DMV With My Diabetes Man-Purse

Yesterday, I went to the New York State DMV on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn to get my driver’s license renewed. My license expired two weeks ago on my birthday, and ever since then I’d been dreading this day. I tried to keep my hopes up that the turnaround would be quick, checked my blood glucose (82), ate a granola bar, and shuffled out the door with my mp3 player clipped to my belt loop. Read More “A Trip to the DMV With My Diabetes Man-Purse”

What We’re Reading: Obesity Arguments

This week, we’d like to direct your attention to this post at entitled “Better Fit or Fat? The New Republic’s argument for obesity.” The post examines the controversial argument that it isn’t body fat per se, but a lifestyle that includes little physical activity, that is the real threat to Americans’ health.

The Close Concerns weblog is written by the team at Close Concerns, a diabetes consulting firm founded and run by Kelly Close, who lives with Type 1 diabetes. Read More “What We’re Reading: Obesity Arguments”

Cheese Cookies and Christmas Memories

I was in a cab at 5:15 AM this morning, heading to LaGuardia Airport to catch a plane back to my old Alabama home for Christmas. I grew up in a small town in the southeastern corner of Alabama, where peanuts are not only monuments around town but also a reason to celebrate. I encourage all of you to experience the National Peanut Festival towards the end of October at some point in your life.

One of my first family Christmas responsibilities is to make my family’s world-famous cheese cookies. Read More “Cheese Cookies and Christmas Memories”

Diabetes Reversed in Mice Through Nervous System Treatment

Studies of mice performed by a Canadian-led research team have shown that the body’s nervous system appears to play an important, but previously unrecognized, role in triggering diabetes. This discovery led the researchers to develop a treatment protocol that reversed diabetes in mice and may have potential for treating humans. Read More “Diabetes Reversed in Mice Through Nervous System Treatment”

What We’re Reading: Diabetes Year in Review

This week, we’d like to direct your attention to this post at entitled “2006: Diabetes Year in Review.” In the post, blogger Amy Tenderich offers a comprehensive recap of the year’s diabetes research, news coverage, and new drugs and technology, complete with links. She also summarizes her own experiences and accomplishments as a writer with Type 1 diabetes. Read More “What We’re Reading: Diabetes Year in Review”

Lousy Beat and the Lyrics Are Rotten. I’ll Give It a Zero.

When I agreed to write about diabetes once a week, I thought surely I’d run out of things to say in a short period of time. It hasn’t happened yet, although I was beginning to think this week that I would have to write about blowing up my stove.

Anyway, when I read the first couple of comments on the blog entry I wrote last week, I began thinking about Dick Clark. You know—host of American Bandstand, America’s oldest teenager, etc. Read More “Lousy Beat and the Lyrics Are Rotten. I’ll Give It a Zero.”

Diet vs. Exercise for Weight Loss

As we reported a few weeks ago, recent research has shown that any kind of exercise can help people with diabetes improve their blood glucose control. Now, a new study has shown that diet and exercise can be equally effective at stimulating weight loss and improving Type 2 diabetes risk factors. However, data from the same study also shows that dieting without exercise can increase a person’s risk of bone loss. Read More “Diet vs. Exercise for Weight Loss”

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