My Diabetes, My Family Centered Experience

About three months, ago I began a blog entry ("Addicted to Your Self-Management?") about a program my wife and I are participating in at the University of Michigan Medical School. It’s called the Family Centered Experience (FCE)—cofounded and directed by my endocrinologist, Dr. Arno Kumagai. I never followed up on that teaser entry because, while writing it, the topic veered off in another direction. Typical. And, after that, I became sidetracked as I typed in entry after entry about my insulin pump. Read More “My Diabetes, My Family Centered Experience”

National Diabetes Month, Weeks 4 & 5: At-Risk Populations and Youth

As November draws to a close, so does National Diabetes Month, which has been devoted to increasing public awareness about the management and prevention of diabetes. Each week so far has focused on a different "face" of diabetes (see previous blog entries "National Diabetes Month, Week 1: Caregivers," "National Diabetes Month, Week 2: Employees," and "National Diabetes Month, Week 3: Around the World"). The final two weeks of the month are focused on at-risk populations (Week 4) and youth (Week 5). Read More “National Diabetes Month, Weeks 4 & 5: At-Risk Populations and Youth”

Deadlines Eat Into Food Choices

Happy Tuesday! It’s supposed to hit 72° today where I live and the neighborhood is almost back together again after all of the construction. What a great day it would be to wash the car, rake the leaves off the front porch and hose it down to get rid of all the construction dust, or just ride my bike.

Alas, I can do none of those things. Instead, I’ll be hunkered over my computer, frantically trying to meet deadlines.

Read More “Deadlines Eat Into Food Choices”

National Diabetes Month, Week 3: Around the World

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting singer (and season 5 American Idol finalist) Elliott Yamin. Yamin, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 16, is currently lending his voice to Inspired by Diabetes, a project cosponsored by the International Diabetes Federation’s (IDF) Unite for Diabetes initiative and pharmaceutical corporation Eli Lilly and Company. At the center of this project is the Creative Expression Competition, a worldwide contest "which seeks expressions of the challenges and triumphs of the diabetes journey through art, essay, poetry, photography and music." Read More “National Diabetes Month, Week 3: Around the World”

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