Regarding the Diabetes

This week marks one year since I started writing a weekly blog entry for That’s 51 articles (almost 40,000 words!), or blogs, or missives, or whatever you want to call them, about what it’s been like for me (for the most part) living with Type 1 diabetes. This week, I’d like to share some modified portions of an e-mail I sent to a friend a few days ago as a response to her asking how the diabetes was going. Read More “Regarding the Diabetes”

Diabetes Linked to Hearing Loss

If you have diabetes and have trouble hearing, you’re not alone. A new study has found a higher rate of hearing loss in people who have diabetes than in people who don’t. While other small studies have found links between the two conditions in the past, this new study has found that hearing loss is quite common in people with diabetes. Read More “Diabetes Linked to Hearing Loss”

What We’re Reading: The Benefits of Keeping a (Food) Diary

For many, the term “diary” conjures up an image of a closely guarded book filled with ruminations about school, siblings, and adolescent crushes. But diaries are not just places to gush about the newest pop star—as data published in the August edition of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows. When they are used to keep track of food intake, diaries can be effective tools for helping people lose weight. Read More “What We’re Reading: The Benefits of Keeping a (Food) Diary”

The Problem with Responsibility

I’m not a child, so I do not have a parent who makes healthy diabetes meals for me and gets on my case about doing this or that to make sure I grow up healthy in spite of my Type 1 diabetes. Although I’m married, my wife is not my keeper; she loves me and she’s concerned about my health, but it is not her way to nag or pester or check in with me about my diabetes care, so I do not live with someone who asks me if I’ve exercised or if I’m watching what I eat or if I’ve checked my blood glucose or if I should really be out gardening without shoes on. Read More “The Problem with Responsibility”

Tight Control and Cardiovascular Disease (Part 3): VADT

The VA Diabetes Trial, or VADT, was the third large study of tight blood glucose control and cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk in Type 2 diabetes that was presented at the June 2008 ADA Scientific Sessions. You can read about the results of the other two major studies in this vein, ADVANCE and ACCORD, in "Tight Control and Cardiovascular Disease (Part 1): ADVANCE" and "Tight Control and Cardiovascular Disease (Part 2): ACCORD." Read More “Tight Control and Cardiovascular Disease (Part 3): VADT”

What We’re Reading: CGMS Denial Week

Many health insurance companies routinely deny coverage to people who are prescribed a continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS). This device allows people with diabetes to know their glucose level, and whether it is rising or falling, at one- or five-minute intervals. Although it can be particularly useful for people who experience hypoglycemia unawareness and can detect an insulin pump malfunction, some insurance providers classify a CGMS as unnecessary and “experimental.” Read More “What We’re Reading: CGMS Denial Week”

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