Actos May Help Slow Heart Disease

According to a new study, the Type 2 diabetes drug pioglitazone (brand name Actos) appears to slow the progression of coronary atherosclerosis, or narrowing of the heart’s arteries due to plaque buildup, better than an older diabetes drug, glimepiride (Amaryl, also available generically). People who have diabetes are at increased risk of developing heart disease, and coronary atherosclerosis can lead to angina or heart attack. Read More “Actos May Help Slow Heart Disease”

A Year of Helping Medical Students

Last week, Kathryn and I had our final meeting with Andrew and Megan, two University of Michigan Medical School students assigned us as their volunteer family for the medical school’s Family Centered Experience (FCE) program. One of the goals of the FCE is to help students understand that a person’s illness isn’t confined to the hospital or doctor’s office; that the daily life of a person with a chronic medical condition more often than not consists of a constant navigation through, around, within, and with whatever condition that person has. Read More “A Year of Helping Medical Students”

Keeping the Weight Off

A new study has highlighted some methods that can help people who have lost weight keep the pounds off over the long term. In the longest and largest study of this nature yet published, researchers found that person-to-person interaction with a weight-loss professional worked best, and that using an interactive Web site also helped people keep weight off over a period of two years. Read More “Keeping the Weight Off”

Looking Back

Sunday(ish) marks the unofficial one-year anniversary of my diabetes diagnosis. “(Ish)" because I haven’t done any detailed review of my journal to find the precise date when the doctor told me that diabetes was what it was. "Unofficial" because a few weeks prior to—let’s just say March 23, 2007—the doctor’s visits and blood tests had commenced but I hadn’t yet heard anything conclusive about why I felt the way I’d been feeling. Read More “Looking Back”

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