National Diabetes Month, Week 3: Around the World

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting singer (and season 5 American Idol finalist) Elliott Yamin. Yamin, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 16, is currently lending his voice to Inspired by Diabetes, a project cosponsored by the International Diabetes Federation’s (IDF) Unite for Diabetes initiative and pharmaceutical corporation Eli Lilly and Company. At the center of this project is the Creative Expression Competition, a worldwide contest "which seeks expressions of the challenges and triumphs of the diabetes journey through art, essay, poetry, photography and music." Read More “National Diabetes Month, Week 3: Around the World”

National Diabetes Month, Week 2: Employees

It’s the second week of National Diabetes Month, a month devoted to increasing public awareness about diabetes management and prevention. Last week’s blog entry, "National Diabetes Month, Week 1: Caregivers," focused on tools that can help people who care for others with diabetes understand the condition and avoid "burning out." This week’s focus is on diabetes in the workplace. Read More “National Diabetes Month, Week 2: Employees”

Priming the (Insulin) Pump (Part 6)

This week, Eric returns to writing about his insulin pump. In his next three or four entries, he plans to take you through his morning with the insulin pump. Or, as he says, he’ll lead you on a roundabout journey with him as he wakes up and goes about getting ready to change his infusion set. Eric can often find it difficult to be succinct when writing about his insulin pump, so sit back and enjoy the narrative of Eric and Pump. Read More “Priming the (Insulin) Pump (Part 6)”

“Thimk” Before You Act

Sometimes I’m a ditz-brain. (To be fair, there are those who disagree, asking, "sometimes?")

For example, I needed to call somebody to get some information, but couldn’t find the notebook I’d jotted his number down in. Then I remembered: I’d called him from my cell phone only a week before. Scrolling through the calls, I found one that looked kind of familiar, pressed "send," and got an answer from somebody whose voice I didn’t recognize.

Read More ““Thimk” Before You Act”

National Diabetes Month, Week 1: Caregivers

November is National Diabetes Month, which also incorporates World Diabetes Day on November 14. It’s a month dedicated to raising awareness about diabetes and advocating for its prevention, cure, and management. Events are scheduled around the country and the world—keep any eye out for happenings in your area, or enter your ZIP code into the "Local Events & Information" box on the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) home page. Read More “National Diabetes Month, Week 1: Caregivers”

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