Addicted to Your Self-Management?


I planned on writing today’s blog entry about a program I’ll be volunteering for at the University of Michigan Medical School. It’s called the Family Centered Experience (FCE)—which, by the way, was cofounded and is directed by my endocrinologist, Dr. Arno Kumagai. It’s a wonderful way for medical students to gain an understanding of illness from the patient’s point of view. Read More “Addicted to Your Self-Management?”

The “Heart” of Diabetes: More Than Just Blood Glucose


I downloaded data from my continuous glucose monitor on Sunday and checked my average blood glucose level. Surely, I had told myself, with a reading every five minutes, my average would be lower than the one on my blood glucose meter, which I use…well, much less frequently. To my chagrin, it was higher. By about 25 points. Oops! Read More “The “Heart” of Diabetes: More Than Just Blood Glucose”

The Ubiquitous Garden Metaphor


This summer I’ve been gardening. Lots. Hours in the yard on weekends and in the evening. See, I’ve always wanted perennials—a flower garden thick with coneflowers and black-eyed Susans and daisies (among the 20–30 other species I covet). So I’ve expanded and refreshed a few neglected beds out back and for the past few weeks have been digging two sprawling beds in front. Read More “The Ubiquitous Garden Metaphor”

On Keeping a Diabetes Journal


I’m looking through the green, spiral-bound notebook in which I journal and keep track of most things diabetes. For the first few months after my late-March 2007 diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes, I kept diligent track of the time of day and my blood glucose readings—highlighted in blue—in the left-hand margins. I also wrote a paragraph or two about what I’d eaten (if I had eaten), its carb content, as well as what activities I was up to, how I felt, and any thoughts, questions, or fears about my diabetes. Read More “On Keeping a Diabetes Journal”

More Trouble for Avandia; Alternative Drugs Reviewed


It hasn’t been a very good year for Type 2 diabetes drug rosiglitazone (brand name Avandia). First, in December and January, studies came out linking the drug to an increased risk of bone fractures in women (see "Diabetes Drug Linked to Fracture Risk”). Then, in May, the drug made headlines when an analysis of multiple studies found a link between rosiglitazone and increased risk of heart attack (see "Type 2 Drug Avandia Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Attacks”). Now two more studies have been published, one of which links the drug to a slew of adverse effects and the other of which ties it to an increased risk of cancer in women. Read More “More Trouble for Avandia; Alternative Drugs Reviewed”


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