Back From the Honeymoon


After reading Joe Nelson’s August 17 blog entry, I thought I would also comment on “diabetes in the bedroom.” I just got back from my honeymoon, and it’s safe to say I’m no longer a virgin and my wife has not contracted diabetes from our interactions. Score one for “the Brimley.” (In case you don’t know, “the Brimley” is the new nickname for diabetes since the term diabetic is obsolete. If folks ask why you have to take shots or wear a pump on your stomach, tell them you’ve got “the Brimley.”) Read More “Back From the Honeymoon”

Tendon-cy for Injury


I’m a klutz. No, no, don’t argue—I really am a klutz.

Somehow I managed to injure my Achilles tendon. I don’t know how. I just know that, all of a sudden, my heel hurt. Then, as I was painfully (remember the Achilles tendon?) going up the back steps to my house one night, I fell. How? I don’t know. One second I was on my feet; the next I was splayed out all over the steps. Luckily, I fell up the steps and not down the steps. Read More “Tendon-cy for Injury”

When a Camp is a Support Group


We—my husband, our grandchildren, and one of their friends—recently returned from our annual week at the lake with friends from here and there from across the country. It’s more than just a gathering at the lake, however. It’s a family gathering in more ways than one. That is, entire families come and, together, we form a larger family. We also have a couple of things in common. Read More “When a Camp is a Support Group”

Airline Carry-On Rules Slightly Relaxed


As you probably know, a terrorist plot foiled in the United Kingdom on August 10 raised the threat level in the United States and prompted the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to ban passengers from carrying liquids and gels onto aircraft. At the time, the only exceptions were baby formula, breast milk, and prescription medicines that had the passenger’s name on them. Read More “Airline Carry-On Rules Slightly Relaxed”

Sex and Diabetes


I just finished reading an article in a consumer magazine about sex and diabetes. In my experience as both a diabetes psychology specialist and a sex therapist, the article was what I expected. The issues discussed were related to physical problems common in men and women who have diabetes. The solutions offered in the article were fairly simple and focused on medical treatments. These are definitely important areas for people with diabetes to be aware of and important solutions for them to understand. Bravo to this article for addressing such a sensitive area. However, I do have something to add. Sex, whether or not someone has diabetes, is not a simple topic. Read More “Sex and Diabetes”

Terrorist-Inspired Diabetes Terrors Weigh on Mind


When I sat down to write this, I was listening to breaking news of a terrorist plot to blow up airplanes on flights between the United Kingdom and the United States—and subsequent tightened restrictions on what could be carried aboard aircraft. (Which would be…practically nothing.) Ironically, I was checking airfares to Europe in anticipation of visiting a friend overseas, albeit not in the United Kingdom, when the news broke.

And what’s the first thing I thought when I heard the news? Nope, not that I needed to cancel my plans. More like: "Blasted terrorists! Betcha it’s going to get rough for people with diabetes!"

Read More “Terrorist-Inspired Diabetes Terrors Weigh on Mind”


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